‘Real O’Neals’ Star Noah Galvin Calls Colton Haynes’ Coming Out ‘F—ing P—- Bulls—’

Noah Galvin
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UPDATED: “The Real O’Neals” star Noah Galvin apologized for his comments on “Arrow” actor Colton Haynes, Bryan Singer and Eric Stonestreet, issuing a lengthy statement on Thursday after generating headlines for some controversial comments in an interview.

“I sincerely apologize to Bryan Singer for the horrible statement I made about him in the interview I gave to New York Magazine,” read the statement. “My comments were false and unwarranted. It was irresponsible and stupid of me to make those allegations against Bryan, and I deeply regret doing so. I have never been to Bryan’s house, and I admit there is no basis for any of the things I said or implied about Bryan in that interview. I understand now that my statements were not at all funny and have serious implications. I am very sorry and I hope that Bryan and everyone else who read that interview can forgive me for my serious lapse in judgment. I have contacted New York Magazine and the other publications that republished my statements and asked them all to print this retraction and apology.”

“The entire interview I gave to Vulture has hurt the LGBTQ community and the industry I feel truly fortunate to be a part of,” the statement goes on. “My only intention was to try and empower and promote honesty, but I fully understand that comments I made were brazen and hurtful. To Colton Haynes and to the LGBTQ youth, especially those who have embraced our show, I have no right to dictate how or when anybody comes out of the closet; I know how difficult and scary the process of coming out can be, and the last thing I would ever want to do is make it scarier. For anyone. Lastly, as I said in the interview, I think Eric Stonestreet is a wonderful actor. I apologize to everyone that I’ve hurt with my comments and understand the damage that has been done. I am new to this and will certainly commit to being more thoughtful and wiser as I navigate all of this moving forward.”

Galvin had slammed Haynes’ method of coming out in a controversial and candid interview with Vulture.

Galvin, who plays a gay teen on the ABC comedy, didn’t hold back, calling Haynes’ announcement that he’s gay in a recent EW interview “f—ing p—- bulls—.”

“That’s not coming out,” Galvin said when Vulture noted that “he didn’t actually say he was gay.” “That’s f—ing p—- bulls—. That’s like, ‘Enough people assume that I sleep with men, so I’m just going to slightly confirm the fact that I’ve sucked a dick or two.’ That’s not doing anything for the little gays, but giving them more masturbation material.”

ABC didn’t respond to a request for comment.

The actor also said everyone in the “glass closet” — the closeted gay community in Hollywood — should “stop beating around the bush” and be honest about their identities.

“There was a kid who guested on our show. He was flirting with me so blatantly, to the point where he asked me out a few times,” Galvin recalled.

“At one point I turned to him and was like, ‘Are you gay?’ And he was like, ‘Well … I don’t know. I’m more like, go with the flow.’ And I was like, ‘Shut the f— up. Get out of my face with your wishy-washy bulls— answer. You’re a f—ing f—ot.’ Like, I know you are. You know you are. Stop beating around the bush. Just go make out with me in my dressing room.”

The digs continued with Galvin taking aim at “X-Men” director Bryan Singer, who was accused of sexual assault in 2014 by Michael Egan, who claimed he was raped, as a teenager, by the filmmaker. Egan later dropped the lawsuit.

“Bryan Singer likes to invite little boys over to his pool and diddle them in the f—ing dark of night,” he said, laughing. “I want nothing to do with that. I think there are enough boys in L.A. that are questionably homosexual who are willing to do things with the right person who can get them in the door. In New York there is a healthy gay community, and that doesn’t exist in L.A.”

Galvin also attacked the character played by fellow ABC family sitcom star Eric Stonestreet on “Modern Family.”

“I think as wonderful of an actor as Eric Stonestreet is — I’ve never met him, I assume he’s a wonderful guy — he’s playing a caricature of a caricature of a stereotype of stereotype on ‘Modern Family,'” he said. “And he’s a straight man in real life. And as hilarious as that character is, there’s a lack of authenticity. I think people — especially young gay kids — they can laugh at it, and they can see it as a source of comedy, but like, nothing more than that. And I want Kenny to be more than the funny gay kid.”

At 22, he said he’s still “figuring out my own bulls—” and therefore doesn’t “have time to be your f—ing soothsayer.”

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  1. Charles mercuri says:

    Opp! I’m old…that should have been 1973n

  2. Charles mercuri says:

    Gavin, your a hero to this queens guy, who at 18 came out to his classmates very PUBLICALLY a t a Jesuit Colege in Kansas City (19)3).
    I know you HAD to apologize, but BRAVO.

  3. olenholm says:

    Everything he said is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT TRUE – that’s why there’s a problem. The Industry doesn’t like being called out. Money is the root of that insecurity. He actually IS a fucking soothsayer. How ’bout that? His Millennial bluntness and lack of filter is freaking Hollywood out…and look at the press it generated for his show and his career…so hey.

  4. Sarah says:

    The way Hollywood protects Bryan Singer is disgusting. Too many stories out there by too many people to ignore it.

  5. joesweeney13 says:

    I think Noah is a hot 22 actor! i could have dated him!! there’s nothing to be worried about.

  6. Jenny J. says:

    If Noah was heterosexual people would be shouting to the hills for him to get fired, for sponsors of his show to boycott until they forced a cancellation. SMH

  7. Every word Galvin said is true. Stupid to express in an interview, but 100% true, especially the facts about ultimate sleazebag / chronically alleged pedophile Bryan Singer. Hollywood pedophiles are a disgrace. The powerful straight agents, attorneys and producers who protect them are worse. Why does Variety allow Singer to get away with it?

  8. Jason says:

    This is a typical example of a young boy in the industry trying way to hard to be funny and it biting him in the ass. He probably hasn’t done many interviews and doesn’t know you have to keep your bogus opinions to yourself. As for his comments about coming out, he must really live in his own little fabricated fairytale where people are not persecuted or abandoned or killed for their sexuality but what would a privileged little shit know about that anyway.

  9. jimmy woo says:

    The King of Gays speaks.

  10. jeff says:

    who the shit is this little munchkin, Arsenal would straight up destroy this kid. Who cares if he’s closeted, openly, undecidedly gay or not. Comes off sounding petty, probably got shafted by Haynes at some point and used a c-dump..nah prolly just rejected his even stevens lookin ass

  11. Boes says:

    He’s got a point about Eric Stonestreet’s character. He’s become progressively less funny and more of a one-note retrograde character, screaming at us from an uninformed idea of a gay man. He’s 1970’s unfunny. Not Stonestreet’s fault, it’s the writing, but the character stinks.

    • H.M.L. says:

      “Modern Family” may be funny (though less now), but the stereotypes have always been heavy handed and a tad insulting. Latin, gay, old or Clare as a hormonal shrew-pick ’em.

    • You do realize that Noah’s character on The Real O’Neals is even MORE stereotypical and effeminate than Eric’s character right?!

  12. Fred P Ott says:

    Sadly, the truth will not be well received in (un) Holywood.

  13. Sean says:

    Sounds like this kid is REALLY desperate for attention. Perhaps if he were not so weird looking, talentless, and emotionally immature, he could find a friend who would be honest with him and remind him what a worthless POS he is at the very core of his being. Unfortunately, there is no recovering from that state of mind. He will be like that for life.

  14. Kt. says:

    “At 22, he said he’s still “figuring out my own bulls—” and therefore doesn’t “have time to be your f—ing soothsayer.”

    Galvin wants time to figure himself out, but won’t allow others the same courtesy?

    He’s not a self-appointed prophet, but the whole “keeping it real” talk GUNS, MOCKS others (who AREN’T at all criminal) for it?

  15. Cassie says:

    What a disgusting, stupid little prick. Hope this is the last year for its show. The ratings stink, but since it’s ABC and a show featuring a homosexual, it’ll get another chance, even with sub 1.0 rating. Sickening.

  16. John says:

    This spoiled little brat should just keep his little mouth shut and stop worrying about what other people are doing. Not everyone need to scream form the rooftop that they are gay. To some people its not an important characteristic. Guys like Haynes just live their own lives and don’t worry about that other say or don’t say. There isn’t any need in confirming anything or turn everything into a big political statement. The little boy should take a good old look at the utter inconsequentiality of his very existence and stop worrying about others.

  17. AlysonElle says:

    When your PR team has to scramble to fix your mistakes to make you not sound like a terrible person after your original comments…

  18. Dennis Boyer says:

    Thank you for your honesty and frankness. Haters will always hate.. you didn’t do it right you didn’t go far enough you went to far.. as someone that has gone through much more than jus the superficial … where coming out would mean death or ostracized at best.. keep up the good comments and hold the iron to their feet

  19. Ken says:

    His bluntness and honesty is totally refreshing…but he needs to improve his vocabulary.

  20. Tom Bestor says:

    Cameron (Eric Stonestreet’s character on “Modern Family”) may be stereotypically gay in many ways, he is also the antithesis of gay stereotypes – he’s handy with tools and knows football well enough to coach it, for starters.

  21. the7thdoctor says:

    Dear young people. Cursing a lot does not make you (sound or seem) “grown-up”. It actually makes you sound like a VERY LITTLE kid who is being “bad” now that there aren’t any adults around to stop/inhibit them…

    “F— yeah! Now we can cuss and smoke and drink and nobody can stop us!”

  22. Jocko says:

    So straight people can’t play gay characters cause it lacks authenticity? That’s why it’s called ACTING. Like, does he want gay people to only play gay roles cause if they played straight roles it’d be inauthentic? And he clearly hasn’t watched much Modern Family. Neither of the gay characters are stereotypes on that show. They both have a mix of different gender-associated traits. Sounds like he’s just looking for a reason to bitch at this point.

  23. Pete says:

    There is a healthy gay community in New York but in Los Angeles that doesn’t exist? Typical New York elitist crap, if its not in New York its not good. If that was so important to you why come out to Los Angeles, you can always turn down a job, especially if it means having to relocate to an “unhealthy” place.

  24. Usher says:

    What a confused little effeminate idiot. A disgrace to humanity.

  25. I don’t mind his use of curse words, I love the f* word, but I do question call out Colton Haynes, and whoever was hitting on him, it’s not being wishy washy, it’s just not wanting to make a big deal about something. It’s kinda like a woman not actually wanting to make a big deal about having a baby. Doesn’t mean she’s not happy to be having a baby, not all people want to a big deal about things.

    A lot of gay actor have never really came out, but we all know they are gay, Victor Garbo, I him, didn’t know he was day until he got married, but that’s fine, I didn’t need to know. And apparently a out people knew he was gay, but he just never publicly said. I totally respect that, I respect way someone wants to deal with whatever is happening in their life as long as it’s healthy and makes them happy.

    Obviously, Noah is still grow as person, it’s refreshing that he’s a straight shooter and isn’t trying to just say thing he thinks people want hear. But I do think he find a little more tact when talking about people that choose to do things differently than he would or did.

  26. Edward Kowalski says:

    Yes, some people may be gay and not admit it fully, but most people are on a scale from gay to straight. Perhaps that young man asking him out wasn’t 100% gay, but still had homosexual feelings. That’s normal and called bisexual. Growing up in a straight world, some people can’t identify their feelings as being gay from the start, that’s why he said that he was going with the flow. Perhaps one day he’ll explore himself fully and realize that he is all gay or only part gay. Who cares? Be yourself, be authentic, don’t put other people down for experiencing their own personal journey. Don’t judge others by your journey.

  27. mercedesofaman says:

    There is a HUGE price to pay for SIN. You are doing young people no favors by saying its ok to be gay…..IT ISNT! Your lustful feelings will pass……your youth will flee and all you will have for yourself is a few moments of pleasure with several sex partners who only wanted you for how you looked. RUN FROM THIS KIND OF DEATHSTYLE!!!

    • DefJawThePoet says:

      Gooooooooooooooooo eff yourself with your “it’s not okay to be gay”

    • proud bay man says:

      Time for a new song. The one they’re still singing from the pagan reboot is sickening.

    • Eli says:

      Has insulting and browbeating people into submission ever worked to convert someone to religion? Get lost.

      • Melvin says:

        Has insulting and browbeating people into submission ever worked to convert someone to homosexuality or its acceptance? Get lost.

    • Paul Hiatt says:

      STFU – No one needs your right-wing religious judgement. Peddle your religion somewhere else.

    • lefoi falemalama says:

      yes the lustful feeling will pass because they will grow old and die. Otherwise the feelings will be forever present just like yours granny. Or did your lustful feelings for the same sex wither away giving you first hand knowledge?

    • Usher says:

      mercedesofaman you have every right to evoke the name of God. Ignore these sinners.

    • Michael Anthony says:

      So says the Lord God, typing as mercedesofaman. Save your tripe for the religious media.

    • sammyglick says:

      Please — stop with the false religious nonsense. You only disgrace yourself and Christianity’s teachings.

  28. Scott Karas says:

    His messages are getting lost in his childish use of vulgar language. How about just live and let live and don’t judge others for the way they conduct their lives? And a big NO on his criticism of Eric Stonestreet’s characters on “Modern Family.” As a gay man, not only am I not offended by the character but I LOVE him. The fact is there is often truth in stereotypes and we all know that there are many gay men like Cam. If you can’t laugh at yourself, you’re missing out on the joke.

    • Michael Anthony says:

      “Truth in stereotypes”? Only in the minds of bigots. TV is littered with gay stereotypes and almost all of the gay characters that play on Modern Family are stereotypes.

      • Dane says:

        Stereotypes come from somewhere and not from the minds of bigots. They only think that EVERYONE acts like stereotypes.

  29. Louis says:

    What pure unadulterated filth. He is a lost little boy, just disgusting. I am quite sure ABC doesn’t care however.

    • proud bay man says:

      Just because he doesn’t think the way you do does not mean you have to use your ignorance to berate the guy.

  30. Rigs-in-Gear says:

    Judging by the majority of the comments, Noah seems to have struck a nerve. Of course, what he said was true and made sense. But, the public prefers their celebs, especially the hot ones, in the “don’t ask, don’t tell” comp. I guess they make better fantasy material if their sexuality is ambiguous. And I’m glad he doesn’t want any work from the Hollywood predator club; I doubt he’ll be getting any offers.

  31. Ozy says:

    I’m sorry, I thought the LGBT community always fought for the idea that your sexuality doesn’t define who you are as a person? Isn’t expecting gay people to think/act a certain way just as prejudicial as when it’s applied to race/gender? This kid needs to gain some wisdom and life experience before opening his mouth in a public venue again.

  32. Michael T. says:

    Since freaking when does a person choosing to bore us with their sexual orientation, has to do so in a preapproved method meant to satisfy the expectations idiots and asshats. No one should have to reveal one of the most intimate facts about themselves to satisfy someone’s curiosity or even help bolster another’s broken self-esteem. If your sense of self is dependent some celebrity,straight or gay you have much bigger issues.

  33. Reek O'Suave says:

    What a tool.

  34. Kate Durham says:

    Noah Galvin is a prime example of the BS and bigotry that exists WITHIN the LGBT community. Someone’s decision to come out, when and how, is up to them and only them. Colton Haynes doesn’t owe you anything, dude. And despite what many gay and lesbian people seem to believe, there ARE a lot of people in the community that don’t fit neatly into categories, and still need time to figure themselves out. These comments aren’t helping the community at all.

    • If we were talking about the real world, I would agree with you completely. Hollywood isn’t the real world and most of the closeted actors in Hollywood don’t need time “to figure themselves out.” He made it pretty clear that he was referring to those living in the “glass closet”, those people who openly fuck members of the same sex but who choose to deny and stay closeted because money is more important to them than their dignity. Nick Jonas has been lambasted by people in the gay community for being a dick-tease and for taking full advantage of his gay fans’ obsession with his body and looks. Colton, on the other hand, has been doing exactly the same thing for years but chose to come out because his star was falling and he needed there to be some intrigue once again. His coming out was a PR stunt and nothing more. Calling him out for doing so is not bigotry in the slightest. I took more issue with his characterization of Cam’s character on MF. In that respect, I found his comments to be bigoted. There is a ton of bias in the gay community against feminine men and I find it maddening.

      • Kt. says:

        “…for being a dick-tease and for taking full advantage of his gay fans’ obsession with his body and looks. ”

        Learn what performance and performers are. These people provide a service of entertainment, sometimes explore cultural issues through performance if they’re lucky to get such jobs. There is no promise to “fulfill” your “obsession” or “consummate” your reaction to the “tease”, just like a woman performing for the straight male gaze is not the man’s possession or property. We as audience members need to understand there is no obligation or contract beyond choosing to watch, or ignore the performance. Trying to force some real-life “consummation” from performers, based on the EFFECT of their performances on you, is wading into cautions for security.

        Before you check others, check yourself to NOT add to the wreckage.

      • Kt. says:

        Not everyone’s self-discovery falls neatly into Jonas or Haynes categories. Whether someone “openly fuck” or are severely repressed, IDENTITY STRUGGLE, COMING TO TERMS WITH ONESELF TOWARDS A HEALTHY SELF-IMAGE AND EMPOWERED AUTONOMY IN A HETERONORMATIVE WORLD, is a FRAUGHT *JOURNEY*. This experience doesn’t need your extra, messy moralizing from a “superior” standpoint, where you yourself may have already found good support system, a viable career plan of job security etc, and enough psycho-emotional maturity to deal with the world’s potential hostility. If you’ve long found your peace and courage, why not have the decency to ALLOW OTHERS FIND THEIR OWN?

        Your views about Hollywood’s “real vs fake” doesn’t refute the fact, many people remain human beings and are subject to NEGOTIATING the power structure within their industries. Why reduce a complex systematic bias against LGBT (read the academic surveys linked in Deadline: there ARE discrimination against LGBT in hiring, treatment on the jobs), to simply “money is more important”? Somehow women and POC wanting equal pay and better job opportunities, and working to amass their own support system and clout as self-sustaining, independent agents in the biz aren’t stigmatized, but LGBT desiring job security commiserate with their skills, are often shamed by conveniently rehashing homophobic slurs and demonized under the guise of SJW agenda?

        Ultimately, your’re talking about a complex process of embracing self-truth and identity, that is uniquely for LGBT, always CONFLATED with “obligations and duties unto ‘Your Own Community'” – or what Galvin refers to as “little gays”. Guess what, not everyone has what it takes to lead social movements or promote and lobby effectively as activists. Your exasperation in foisting demands of change on people with celebrity, needs to ask if people are EQUIPPED or READY for the task – because being out as average citizen with internet access, and out with public profile, carry different social pressures and intensity of harassment and criticism.

        Enable progress by working together with kindness and understanding, not by ripping people to shreds. You really do not know (if only for the time-tested adage: Do not judge a book by its cover.)

  35. Jeff says:

    I like The Real O’Neals. I think it is a funny show…although I don’t see it surviving past the 2nd season. However, I just lost respect for Noah Galvin. He comes off sounding like a young “entitled” punk. Does he really need to talk like that? Does he think it makes him sound tough? Newsflash! It does not. It makes him sound ignorant. So much of what he was rambling on about made zero sense at all. And another thing…why does he think his way of “coming out” was any more real than what Colton Haynes’ has done? Each LGBT person has to come out in their own way and time. Noah Galvin is definitely not a good spokesperson for the LGBT community.

  36. John W. Ford says:

    I think Noah Galvin is simply sick of hearing obviously gay men trying desperately to hide who they are because of the belief that the entertainment business won’t tolerate homosexuality. It is absolutely true that the powers that be want to keep gay men and women cowering in the closet so that they can prey on them without fear of exposure. It sounds like Noah (who drops the f-bomb a little too often in his zealous effort to demonstrate how passionately he feels about this issue) is of the belief that if everyone just presented their authentic selves to the world, the movie industry (as a microcosm of society) would just have to deal with it. I grant you that his belief is slightly naive, but it’s also not totally without merit. And when all is said and done, his message may seem overly simplistic, ill-informed and politically unwise, but it got your attention, didn’t it? As P.T. Barnum reportedly pointed out to detractors, “‘There’s no such thing as bad publicity!”

  37. Stephen says:

    Noah is awesome, love the show, love the actor.

  38. Jon Daly says:

    he seems to have a LOT of anger issues. Tip for young TV “stars”: You don’t need to say anything about other actors. Sometimes, it’s better just to keep quiet rather than to telegraph to everyone that you are an insecure, angry, immature drama queen.

  39. derrek says:

    This kid IS a Fuc@&ng DUMBASS!!!

  40. robertmoretti100 says:

    What a crass, crude, offensive person.

  41. Gary Douglas says:

    This guy appears to need some anger management.

  42. Truthseeker says:

    Talk about biting the hand that feeds him. If he keeps saying crap like that he’ll soon be out of a job. HE CAN BE REPLACED BY ABC!!!!!!!! There are a lot of young actors who can

  43. Eddie says:

    Who died, and put Noah in charging of judging how other people find their truth?

  44. Utah guy says:

    this guy is exactly the reason people are still not revealing themselves. everyone has there own way of admitting there feelings. he should of been flattered a kid was flirting with him instead of just being an ass to him. its people like you that make people who wanna come out double think there plan. and people wonder why i dont follow anyone or watch tv anymore

  45. Jack says:

    Another 15- minute nothing…

  46. Shawna waldron says:

    he’s sounds like an idiot.

  47. Eric Kane says:

    I now love this guy – PUH-REACH it!!!

  48. Jesse says:

    Who the f— is this Z-list loser?

  49. Leona says:

    Granted he’s entitled to his opinion, but who the f*** is he to dictate other people’s interpretation of their sexual identity? This boy is really full of himself, especially since NOBODY watches his show. He swear he’s on Game of Thrones or some big show that people actually watch. Settle down little kid no one has ever heard of!

  50. kat0711 says:

    His honesty is refreshing.

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