‘NCIS’ Renewed for Two More Seasons as Mark Harmon Signs New Deal

NCIS Ratings CBS
Courtesy of CBS

CBS has renewed “NCIS” for two more seasons, which will keep the show on air through Seasons 14 and 15, the network announced Monday.

The renewal comes on the heels of executive producer and star Mark Harmon signing a new two-year overall deal. The renewal will keep the show on CBS through 2018, with no word yet on whether plans are in place for the show to end after Season 15 or continue.

“It’s extraordinary that in its 13th season and with over 300 episodes to its credit, ‘NCIS’ continues to excel at such a high level on a global scale,” said Glenn Geller, President, CBS Entertainment. “It is testimony to an amazing cast, led on and off the screen by the exceptional Mark Harmon, for skillfully bringing this universally appealing team of heroes to life; and to Gary Glasberg and his writers for crafting compelling stories that feature ‘NCIS’s’ signature blend of mystery, quirk, drama and comedy every single week.”

“NCIS” is the top rated broadcast drama in the U.S., averaging 20.47 million viewers in its 13th season. For the past two years, the show has been awarded the International Audience Award by Eurodata TV Worldwide and The Monte Carlo Television Festival for being “the most watched drama series in the world.” The show currently airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS, having spawned two successful spinoffs, “NCIS: Los Angeles” and “NCIS: New Orleans.”

While Harmon will remain with the show for at least two more seasons, “NCIS” will bid farewell to star Michael Weatherly after the conclusion of Season 13. Along with Harmon, Pauley Perrette and David McCallum, Weatherly has starred in the drama since it premiered. His exit follows the departure of co-star Cote de Pablo, who left after Season 11. Sean Murray, Brian Dietzen, Rocky Carroll and Emily Wickersham round out the cast.

Harmon is repped by Paradigm and Barry Axelrod.

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  1. Bryan says:

    I watch re-run after re-run on Roku and it never gets old. Hoping it stay available on Netflix. I’m not usually home when it airs but I will continue.

  2. Andy says:

    It’s still a great show and popular here in the UK.I love the banter between the cast and the writing remains consistently good.It looks like there’s still plenty of mileage left in it yet.

  3. Drew says:

    I’ve been watchin this show since I was a little kid. It’s my absolute favorite. Can’t wait for this 15th season I hear about and hopefully more.

  4. Ramona Meza says:

    NCIS Mr. Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly, Miss. Cote De Pablo, Pauley Perrette, Sean Murray, Rocky Carroll, David McCallum, and Brian Dietzen to the wole NCIS Family. I have watched and rewatched your show for years. I hope to meet everyone of you before my 45th B-Day on May 22, 2018. I Love You All so Much! Thank You for this show! I am your Biggest Fan!!!!!!! I will bake you the best cake You have ever tasted!

  5. Nev Parker says:

    Love ncis can’t get enough have all the series keep up the good work.

  6. Bernard Andris says:

    NCIS is the best show on the TV . Too bad the background music is so loud a normal person can’t understand the actors. I am ready to turn it off.
    I guess the sound people haven’t won an Award yet????

  7. Farida Khan says:

    I only watch NICS because of he present team headed by Mark Harmon. Been watching it for years, the ONLY programme I watch………..

  8. Steve Otto says:

    I enjoyed all episodes and will continue Mark Harmon is the show. Thank you for the number one show on TV.

  9. Joe Whitehead says:

    OMG! This Wilmer Valderama guy RUINED the T.V Series for MINORITY REPORT.. and NOW I HAVE TO GIVE UP MY FAVORITE T.V SERIES EVER… (yes it even beat NCIS L.A, COPS, CRIMINAL MINDS, and FIRST 48).. BECAUSE you have NOW hired (a favor, blackmail, out of pity, why?) A D-LIST Celeb.. no..no.. a HAS-BEEN COMEDIC ACTOR (he was pretty good at that) FOR A TRIPLE AAA CLASS T.V SERIES! Why Would You Do That? His Acting Is Atrocious And He Has Zero Charachter or Charisma,
    Not To Mention You Can’t Understand A Freakin’ Word He Says! We Try To Watch It With Closed-Caption, but 70% of The Time They Either Skip Words Or Write Jibberish-Crap Because THEY HAD ZERO CLUE What He Was Saying Either!
    P.S- THERE ARE 17 Of Us Who Have To Watch Something Else and reading a local blog, DOZENS of folks over 60 who are not watching NCIS because they cant understand Mr. Valderrama or believe his acting!!

  10. Bev Turpin says:

    On NCIS I want Michael back miss him very much

    • Jim says:

      I have watched every show of NCIS cense it came on CBS in place of JAG witch was a great CBS show too. but the 3 new character s this year àre a big dud there all bad actors even the one that came from a blue bloods she is so bad that I can”t remember name but I no she played in blue bloods also
      Valderama also no way like I said get rid of all 3 of new ones I still like the show just not the new actors.
      Harmon makes the show work year in year out but loads of CBS have got to get two new actors that have some kind of better acting abilities.

  11. Jude Pittman says:

    Why is Emily Wickersham still on this show. I’m going to watch this season premiere but if it’s as bad as most of last year I’m done. The only reason I’m giving it another chance is the two new characters. Maybe, just maybe, the Bishop character will be left in the closet.

  12. Kat says:

    I’m glad NCIS is back for another two seasons. I’ve watched the show from the beginning. But it won’t be the same without ziva and Tony. Wished they didn’t go. They should have brought them 2 back for the new seasons. That would be awesome. I’ll be watching every episode.

  13. Jackie Evans says:

    I’m proud to know that Mark Harmon is gonna be with ncis for two more season. I’ve watched from the first one. I cried when Coto de Pablo left the show at the same time I knew that her and Michael was gonna have a baby.. I won’t be able to dysnd it when Gibbs leave

  14. Joan hunter says:

    Glad the show continues. Love it and the cast.

  15. Debra Frisbey says:

    I am so happy that the show will be on for at least another two seasons. I have been a fan of Mark Harmons since I was very young. I fell head over TV heals for him in Moonlighting. Sexiest man alive :). NCIS is an incredible show and I watch it every week.

  16. Lou says:

    I have been an NCIS fan for many years BUT the background music keeps getting louder and louder and blocking out too much dialog!!!! The sound mixer should respect the dialog so important to the story!!

  17. Naomi Post says:

    Ziva is not dead . I would like see Tim McGee get married to Darrl m .

  18. I have watched ncis from the start and long may it continue Gibbs is superb an the team also Magee I love you all

  19. Vickie says:

    So glad all the NCIS shows are renewed.

  20. I can’t wait for season 14 and 15, I watched NCIS from the first episode all the way up to the end of season 13. Although I was sad to see Cote de Pablo leave the show in season 11 as well as Michael Weatherly in end of season 13, though I’m sure they had there reasons in doing so. Maybe Michael will come back in some episodes in the up coming seasons, who knows for sure, though I would like to see him in the cast at least a few more times. Either way I’m looking forward to seeing what happens to the NCIS team when the next two seasons kick off.

  21. Andrea Pass says:

    Hooray! Mr Harmon my husband and I have not missed one show and love watching the repeats! When Frank’s died it was one of the best shows!also when you went back home and we met your Dad on the show the first time! Love our Ducky and Abbe! Thanks for the great job and entertainment you give us weekly!

    • Nicholas Basson says:

      Great Show. Will not miss it for one week. They are all my favourites but I have a particular leaning towards Dr Mallard. His English is impeccable and so are his manners ! Watched him in previous oldies like The Great Escape – magnificent. All the characters are very well chosen. Miss Ziva though. She had a special flair which was appealing.

  22. Suria Sparkes says:

    Can’t wait for Season 14 & 15

  23. Judy Austin says:

    Thank you mark Harmon for not leaving I will miss Tony.but you are my hero!!!! Please get ziva back.

  24. Sally Kilkenny says:

    Mr Harmon, besides being intolerably handsome & clever, is the brilliant impressario behind the hugely successful NCIS “Franchise” that has made “Gibbs” an American Tough-Love Hero! In fact, “Gibbs Rulz” have a following of their own, you know; enthusiasts who hang on every word re every rule then compile and discuss in on-line chats the amazing LIST – It’s a Hoot!
    Michael Weatherly will sure be missed -along with his handsome, devilish dad! – I remain hopeful that someone with Cote’s energy & presence will replace Wickersham who can’t deliver a line in tempo to save her life “Low Energy”! Agent Boren would be a great foil to Gibbs as might Jamie Bamber or other Jason Bourne-Type. We Adore “Ducky” & Dietzen, Perret & R. Carroll and could never forget “Tim” & “Mr FBI”!….NCIS is some show! ThankYou Mark H. for your excellent work…tons of fun while hanging on edge of my seat. A great run for a wonderful cast & story-tellers w/ high production values/sets/contemporary story hooks. I do so look forward to the next few seasons…& re-runs for ages. Many thanks! Sally K.

    • Carole Taber says:

      You nailed it, Sally Kilkenny! And I too think Agent Boren would be great; she was always my first pick to fit into the opening left by Ziva’s leaving.

  25. Rebecca Sturgeon says:

    I won’t be watching after Tony is no longer on the show. After Ziva left I only watched because of Tony. That Bishop is too immature to be an agent. She’s like a little kid. I wouldn’t think she would be a good partner. Poor Abby never gets out of the lab. So long NCIS.

  26. Don Daugherty says:

    Thank you, Thank you, CBS NCIS my Fav. was afraid it was going the way of MASH. MarkHarmon does a great job, as well as the rest of the cast. At 91 yrs old and a ww2 vet, hope I last thru their renewals.

  27. Glad I will get to see Mark Harmon and NCIS longer. Im sad Michael Weatherly is leaving. I was sad when Cote de Pablo left. If she cant come back for Tonys exit perhaps Tony and Jeanne could have an exquisite wedding and Tony will be with hef as a Doctors across Borders. As for a new person I would like to see either AJs husband from Criminal Minds or Callen from NCIS Los Angeles be the new guy. They are both great actors snd very handsome. I hope you will consider my ideas. I watch your shows so much I remember what is going to be said! Best of luck Michael

    • Kevin says:

      Holy crap I can’t believe I forgot about Callen. I haven’t checked in on LA in some time… But we already know he and Gibbs have a past – they touched on it in the Season 6 story arc! I doubt it will happen though as far as him becoming a regular here, because he’s already got a show and a story of his own… That’s a great idea though. If it happens, it would be awesome

  28. Mark Harmon. I am one of your greatest fans. I watch your reruns also. I was sorry yo hear Michael WeWeatherly is lezving the show but I am sure he has his reasons. He will be missed. If Ziva cant be in his exiting show msybe Jeanne and Tony could get msrried and he leaves to go ehere she goes. his replacement I feel should be AJs husband on Criminal Minds. I eould certainly wstch him. pls think aboutnit. Tell Pam hi. Excuse typos. Im hzving glaucoma surgefy in May.

  29. josh says:

    mike weathrly please dont leave ncis you and bishop and the rest of the team are my favorite and the show wouldnt be the same with out you

  30. Lora says:

    I am so happy that NCIS will continue for at least 2 more years. Have enjoyed this show as well as the people in it. I will miss Weatherby as I enjoy his character.

    • Paula says:

      I agree entirely. Fast forward every time — not interested in anyone’s love life. also, really liked the character portrayed by Cote de pablo. i watch even the oldies during re-run sessions.

  31. missnanse says:

    We are so lucky to have at least 2 more years of NCIS thanks to the dedication of super star Mark Harmon
    The #1 show and most watched show around the world is NCIS!

  32. I wish they’d get back to solving crimes and drop all the soap opera persoal drama. More and more time the writers resort to the equivalent of ‘filler’, obsessing over who is sleeping with whom, whose relationship is in trouble, and what someones ex is doing, instead of dealing what what is supposedly the main focus of the show – solving military related crimes. I stopped watching last season, tried one episode this season and changed stations after about 15 minutes. They had a dead body in a land fill and came up with about a dozen different sub plots to be sorted out later, wasting time which could have been used in developing a meaningful plot.

  33. joe says:

    bring back cote de Pablo now that Michael Weatherly is leaving. the show needs her back.

  34. wes says:

    Love the show. Bring back agent Born as a regular.

  35. Sha M. says:

    I’m excited that NCIS will continue but there’s something about Bishop that I still don’t like. I haven’t been able to get on board with her as part of the cast. She’s incredibly blah to me.

    • Kevin says:

      Her character has no story and thus no substance. She joined as nothing more than an NSA analyst who found another job… The characters that surround her have of course had many years to see development in their stories – Gibbs is the biggest one, his family being taken from him has driven him to what he is and the force he has become, yet he struggles with his own demons every day… Tony we just saw the pinnacle of his, and his story was one that never stopped changing despite the constants of his character traits remaining more or less the same (we love him for them)… McGee was the nerdy guy who overcame his insecurities to become a force of value – I still have to remind myself of the porky MIT grad he started as, and he’s got a real great story to live too… Ducky’s an elder, a cosmic mentor with endless wisdom to offer… But Bishop’s just been “there”. She was happily married, had her quirks but had no demons whatsoever. Naturally the writers recognized that and tried to give her some, but even her divorce didn’t define her in any substantial way. She just survived it and moved on. She needs a story, something that you discuss her character and prototypically mention about her – something to struggle with. Smiling at touching moments is great, but smiling at the characters overcoming their demons in thoughtful, meaningful ways is what makes this show great. I just caught up on weeks of episodes I’d missed and I must say I felt exactly that with Tony’s departure. While I will miss him, I teared up when we learned what happened to Ziva, and then met their daughter. And by the episode I was grinning through a haze (I swear I wasn’t crying – my… eyes were sweating, yeah!) like this show is so good at making us do. I want to do that for Bishop – and I haven’t lost the intrigue that one day she’ll get a story and I’ll feel connected to her as a viewer.

  36. Dunstan says:

    This show reminds me of all the pedestrian one-hours from the 60s and 70s. How this show and its spin-offs have lasted is beyond me.

  37. Sue says:

    I love this show, I am watching reruns all the time. I will miss Michael, but I’m sure the others will do well.

    • Jean Gray says:

      I agree 100% with Sue about missing “Tony” & “Ziva” and “Tony w/ Ziva”. That said the show is fabulous and combining these stars and regulars with new faces is a recipe for success.

  38. Correction. Ms de Pablo, other than appearing in a few minutes of Season 11, left the show at the end of Season 10.

    Congratulations to the Cast & Crew at “NCIS” for their 2-season renewal.
    Although Michael Weatherly is departing as a series regular I hope to see him recur in the 2 seasons to come.

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