MSNBC Sets Former Fox Business Executive To Oversee ‘Morning Joe’

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Kevin Magee played an instrumental role in the formation of Fox Business Network. Now he is moving to a different pursuit: overseeing the operations of “Morning Joe,” MSNBC’s flagship A.M. program.

Magee was named the new Executive in Charge of the program and will work alongside Alex Korson, the show’s executive producer. He replaces Michael Weisman, a veteran of TV-sports and late-night TV’s “Pat Sajak” program, who joined in February of last year as MSNBC President Phil Griffin began to articulate a strategy of having anchors Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski travel more often and report more frequently from the road.

“As we enter a fascinating and historic election year, we are thrilled to add Kevin’s knowledge of news gathering and morning television,” said  Griffin, in a prepared statement.  “’Morning Joe’ is the most influential news show on television and Kevin’s insight and experience will be a huge asset to our team.” Weisman, who executives revealed Tuesday was slated to stay in the role for just a year, will “always remain a critical part of the ‘Morning Joe’ family,” said Scarborough, in a statement.

MSNBC is in the midst of a transformation. Once focused squarely on presenting the liberal view of the news of the day, it has quickly transformed itself into a breaking-news operation and has served to draw more attention to the assets of NBC News. Both MSNBC and NBC News were placed under the aegis of NBCUniversal executive Andy Lack last year and he has steadily worked to give more of a spotlight to NBC News talent, including Kate Snow and Brian Williams. The network’s primetime lineup, which features hosts with a progressive point of view, has been left untouched.

“Morning Joe” is an important piece of the MSNBC schedule. The hosts don’t report the news, per se, but analyze it in lengthier segments than one expects on the typical toast-and-coffee forum. While the show doesn’t capture the viewership of, say, ABC’s “Good Morning America,” its higher-level discussion caters to policymakers and politicians, and the program has appeal among Washington, D.C., audiences and high-income viewers. Time Warner’s CNN has in recent years pitted its “New Day” against “Joe,” and the CNN program has won more viewers in the demographic most desired by advertisers – people between 25 and 54 – for the past two years.

NBCUniversal executives have considered expanding hours for “Joe,” so that West Coast viewers would tune in for their morning shot of news and analysis. At present, the show airs between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. Eastern.

Magee  previously served as executive vice president for Fox Business Network and Fox News Radio.  Prior to that, he was the head of programming for Fox News Channel between 2001 and 2006.  He was also an executive producer at CNBC and a senior producer for “Good Morning America” at ABC. He will begin in the new role immediately.



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  1. Betsy says:

    My husband and I stopped watching MJ this summer. Joe Scarborough is positively obnoxious and has ruined the show. Mika has turned into someone we no longer recognize. The coverage of the presidential election in our eyes was disgusting on every level.

  2. Jon Peterson says:

    Morning Joe has gone severely downhill in recent months, in my opinion. I have read that it is an open secret that Joe and Mika are “an item” and that explains a lot. There used to be some heated exchanges between the two, but now Joe seems to fall all over himself to agree with her. The word “whipped” comes to mind.

    Interestingly, Mika is away this week, and suddenly Joe is more like his old self.

    One of them needs to leave the show to restore its appeal. Logically, that would be Mika (unless they rename show) but I don’t really care which. Just have two hosts that represent differing points of view and aren’t sleeping together.

  3. lakehelen says:

    Can you do better than Nicole Wallace? Surely there are much better informed than Wallace…I can hardly understand what she is saying….I usually mute her, or turn to CNN whilst she is blathering on

  4. afellow1432 says:

    Is anyone watching MSNBC?

  5. Peter says:

    Well, they’ll be getting rid of Mika soon and replacing her with Nicole Wallace…

  6. John Fontana ll MD says:

    “Morning Joe” needs a make over. Get rid of Scarborough and have someone to complement Mika and you will have a winner. Joe is bad, real bad and needs to leave, and soon. There won’t be anyone watching the show if Joe stays .And by the way—Nicole Wallace???Where in Hell did you get her???

    John F
    Chelmsford, Ma.

  7. Well get ready for that show to lose any credibility, will be turned into a sideshow like most Faux new’s political show’s. No Thanks.

  8. S. Bond says:

    We stopped watching MJ a long time ago. It has become boring. Joe is rude and treats many of the guests with utter contempt. Mika is a silly woman, in spite of her insistence that we women should “know our value.” Now that it provides Mr. Drumpf with unlimited free advertising, it has become a sideshow. MSNBC would do well to take the show off the air…It is no longer interesting to the “mainstream” audience.

  9. Neal Norvell says:

    Morning Joe needs looking over. Joe Scarborough never is prepared and he starts ranting on topics and doesn’t let anyone get a word in edgewise. Time to change the name of the show to Mica in the morning!

  10. John Vargo says:

    Mika is getting more and more pathetic. She sits there looking like a deer caught in the headlights. Totally out of touch. Joe thinks it’s all about him and Mika is in total agreement. Get rid of both of them.

  11. It’s the substance not the cosmetics

  12. Tom Jones says:

    So you need some help from FOX Good luck you need more that. Need to fire everyone and start from scratch

  13. OMFG! I only watch this idiotic show to understand where the crazy right stands. Murdock must have bought into there programming…otherwise, they are sooo F**KED!

  14. Gustifer53 says:

    Joe Scarborough is a Pathetic human and might I say a pretty shady person when it comes to an incident which occurred in his Congressional office back in 2003 involving the death of a young lady. The other Pathetic one on MSNBC is Chuck Todd about as poor at both of the jobs he has with the Company as anyone could possibly be!!!!!!!!

  15. Bob says:

    I dont know who thinks that MSNBC is transforming. Must be happening too slowly for anyone to notice. That said, Scarbourough is the best news show on in the morning. They talk about Trump a little too much, but its still the most interesting.

  16. Junior Cleve says:

    In other words, we need to RUEpubliONize MSNBC. Fucking idiots!

  17. Butch says:

    Bring back Ed and Sharpton in the evenings if you want your ratings to increase.

    • Jim Aaron says:

      Ed and Rev. Sharpton are why the ratings were in the Crapper

    • John Sheley says:

      FYI – they were canned because they were losing money for the network. You get that right?? If not, they would still be there. You may be a liberal, but you have some sense, right??

      • Gustifer53 says:

        I’ve mentioned a few times this last year about MSNBC becoming like FOX LieWitness Noise and if that’s the case, then you can see me amongst many others leave your USE TO BE GOOD NEWS ORGANIZATION… Rachael is the only one worth watching at this time, everyone else tends to Kiss Donald “J”ackass Trumps ASS non-stop!!!!!!!!! I guess I shall move on from your New FOX LieWitness Noise Format acting RepubliKKK0n and Teabagger Propaganda Machine…

  18. adornoe says:

    It’s not the show that is the problem (though it has its problems). It’s not a new executive to oversee the show that is needed.

    What is needed, is a completely new attitude at MSNBC and NBC and CNBC. IOW, where liberals are in control, and where liberals move their lips, you know that all that follows is biased and lies and misrepresentations and butt-kissers for liberal politicians.

  19. Beverly Hope says:

    MSNBC: What are you thinking with Kate Snow and Brian Williams??? Are you thinking at all? They could both leave tomorrow, and what loss would that be??? I don’t want them to be out of work–so give them something on NBC.

    Don’t have Joe and Mika travel too much? Will be Great to see them in Des Moines, Iowa and in New Hampshire during the primaries and the election, and to the other important cities. Also have Willie go along always, along with Mark and John–also Mike and Nicole!!! Joe and Mika need to make more mention of Willie when introducing people on the show, when they first come on in the morning!!! Most of the time, they don’t even introduce him, which seems sort of rude–even through he is supposed to be part of the Morning Joe Team!!!

    I have noticed that I think Mark and John have a program on MSNBC. What took you so long to have them on MSNBC as a show???

    Have Donald Trump on as much as possible, especially on Morning Joe!!! You would be surprised at how many people out here are on the TRUMP TRAIN!!! You will be surprised at how many people will vote for Trump. You will be surprised how he will take Hillary down!!! He has already started!!!

    Women: Do not EVER vote for someone just because they are a “woman.” NEVER!!! We need huge help in getting this country back. Four years won’t be enough. We will need at least eight years of TRUMP!!! He will not have to answer to the Powers-That-Be, so they won’t be able to pull his strings. That is one of the biggest things that make people want to vote for TRUMP!!!!!! We want to stay out of the NWO, as we do not want to be a third-world country, with no rights and no possessions!!!

  20. Jim Martin says:

    “’Morning Joe’ is the most influential news show on television and Kevin’s insight and experience will be a huge asset to our team.

    Good one!

    • Linda Brown says:

      Beverly – You have got to be kidding me. There are several reason I will not be voting for Mr. Dump! He doesn’t have any respect for women. He didn’t have any respect for his first wife, his second wife and his current wife. The man is a “Rapist,” and no one wants to talk about it. This disgusting spices “brutally raped his ex wife Ivana.” And for some reason this story is just not getting the attention it deserve. Not only that; the man wants to “bang” his own daughter. The Dump makes an uber-creepy sex joke about his daughter Ivanka. He’s been known to have an extensive and unsettling history of hitting on his own daughter (what kind of man does that). Let me answer that question, a creepy, sexually predator? That man is disgusting. And then he has the audacity to talk about President Clinton (affairs), when we all know that he’s have several (affairs), as well. You people need to stop believing the bull crap that he is selling. Ever time he hits the air-wave he’s either talking about himself, or someone else. Oh, I forgot, how he’s going to make American great again. Well, “Newsflash” American is already great! You also stated, that he will not have to answer to the powers- that-be: Are you talking about Congress and the Senate? Oh my, running a corporation and running the country are slightly different. If he ever become President (wishful thinking on your part, because it will never happen), he will have to answer to the powers-that-be. Just because this person has made a personal fortune does mean he will know how to make entire nation more prosperous. Lastly, he is no match for Hillary, I can’t wait until she take that mop off of his head and clean that smirkie smile off of his face. Yuck!

  21. John Posing says:

    Yep. Just more evidence of the liberal media

  22. Julia Pullie says:

    Unless they are planning to drop Mr. Talk Over Everybody Joe and Miss I Hate Hillary Mika you can do anything you want …the ratings still will not improve.

  23. So the former LW MSNBC is trying to woo RW viewers by slashing liberal staff and bringing in #FoxNews employees to run shows. Good luck with that. The RW will ALWAYS hate your channel and the few remaining loyal LW viewers have scurried online. #idiots

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