Iowa Voter Drops F-Bomb Live on MSNBC, Brian Williams Apologizes (VIDEO)

Brian Williams, in his first major prime time assignment of 2016, had to apologize Monday night after a young voter slipped an f-bomb into MSNBC’s live coverage of the Iowa caucus.

When asked about Bernie Sanders’ stance on veterans’ healthcare, the young woman chimed in: “The VA is more screwed up than it has been in a while. I am a vet, my mom’s a vet,” adding: “The fact that I haven’t gotten benefits in three months because the VA is so f—- up.”

The audio was quickly turned down as Williams took to the air and apologized.

“When you listen in to caucuses, you take the good with the bad,” he said. “People often talk the way they do on the street.”

“We apologize for a bit of French that snuck in to our French to English translation there.”

Williams, joining MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, was making his first primetime news anchor appearance since his six-month suspension from NBC for fabricating war stories. He most recently worked on MSNBC’s breaking news desk, where he led coverage of the Paris attacks and the Pope’s recent trip to the United States.

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  1. Deez says:

    Who cares about a word. Grow up and stop being so sensitive America.

  2. Greg says:

    It goes without saying that the VA is jacked right now. They constantly under-pay vets with injuries and disabilities. My brother has 10% hearing in one ear, 25 in the other from running the printing operations on a carrier. They offered him $125/month. Obama took $400 million from the Social Security fund to pay for Obamacare. If we cant stop them from legislating financial gain, the party’s over.

  3. Melee says:

    I have been waiting 5 years for ONE appointment. Three months? Aw poor baby weekend warrior goober.

  4. Great Canuck says:

    Lame. At least Canada had a FHRITP live during a newscast during it’s election night…

  5. Confused says:

    Um, what would that young little snit be getting “benefits” for? Is she a retired vet herself, injured vet unable to work now? Or is she wanting other peoples’ money just because her mommy is a vet?

  6. Kyle says:

    So Brian Williams is now relegated to working with Rachel Maddow? Now THAT is what I call punishment!!

  7. whatever says:

    Another gutter mouth obnoxious clueless greedy little liberal

  8. norman ginsel says:

    Democrats just keeping it classy,, as they define the word.

  9. American politics is as corrupt as Zimbabwe politics

  10. Christopher says:

    Take your pick people.

  11. Christopher says:

    So what? When talking about Obama’s VA I’d use filthy words to describe it also.

  12. Jack says:

    In the spirit of the New PC, I must say: Brian just insulted the French there, didn’t he? French is synonymous with profanity?

  13. Christopher says:

    So what? With those candidates, I’d have a dirty mouth to describe them also.

  14. I understand why Williams apologized to his viewers for the bad language, but WHY did he then need to disparage the good citizens of France?

  15. Manners maketh man. You kiss your mother with those lips?

  16. Jojo Johnson says:

    It’s a cable company, not a regulated broadcast station; who cares if someone says a “bad” word? The meaning of the word is how Webster Hubbell became Chelsea’s father.

  17. James Becker says:

    Aren’t there more important things to give a fuck about?

  18. Chan says:


  19. attilashrugs says:

    I couldn’t care less about the “F-word” (in fact it is pathetic that as adults we must speak as children do when parents are in earshot). But I’d like to know when that squeaky-bird served own the military. She is not old enough.

  20. The French will love hearing that “F Word’ attributed to their language. Brian, get ready to apologize for that if you don’t get suspended again.

    • Michael says:

      the term pardon my French, to excuse profanity has been a common English phrase going back a couple hundred years. It’s nothing new, I’m sure the French have been aware of this common English phrase for some time now.

  21. “So, we considered ourselves quite fortunate to have a donkey and a wagon to carry us on our journey, but nonetheless we wished that we could be much better off. It was then that I turned to my traveling companions on this journey through Flemish lands and launched the first F-bomb.”

    -Brian Williams

  22. “If you can’t afford to support the troops then don’t send them to war?” Really? Stupid kids for the Bern…So tell it to George Washington during the revolution. Tell it to General Marshall at the ramp up of WWI AND WWII. Friggin little commies…We do things in this nation many times because its the right thing to do, whether we can afford to or not. If Jefferson hadn’t spent many times over the entire national budget, Iowa, the state their standing in, would not even be on the map! Morons.

    • Austin says:

      Guess you forgot about the bonus army genius. 17,000 ww1 veterans marched on dc due to cuts made to their pensions and benefits. They were ordered fired on by fdr. That’s right the U.S.government fired on 17000 veterans.

    • True, however, we would have the money to spend on our vets if our politicians werent so insistent that we spend taxpayer’s money on the non-citizen first.

  23. phil says:

    kids, ya gotta love ’em

    • Rick Thunderwood says:

      Wonder if those stupid kids will call for the military when the haji’s are whacking off their heads in football stadiums???

  24. Well, that young woman DOES have a valid point.

    • Confused says:

      Yes, the VA is screwed up, big time, depending on which location you are stuck with. My in-laws get great service, yet my parents, just 150 miles away, are basically left for dead! They’ve known about my dad’s cancer for the last few years and have done little to nothing to help him – I guess it’s just let the ol’ geezers die off, right?

      So yes, the little imp has a point. The problem is WHO she is supporting. They obviously don’t teach true history in school anymore – not politically-correct anymore – or she would know that socialism is the final step to communism, and NEITHER form of “government” is desirable or allows freedom.

  25. Eve says:

    Here’s some news: Passionate people will sometimes swear. And it’s a WORD, do we really want to spend our “offended” currency on THIS silly (and appropriately used in this case) word?

  26. Dave Pastore says:

    Wow, the apologizer in chief, Brian Williams, is really a polished apologizer. Big F’n deal. An F bomb. The bigger deal is that half of the dumbass democrats voted for the Liar in Chief. That be Hillary for those of you that voted for her. And Brian Williams doesn’t apologize for their stupidity. Idiot.

  27. Cliff Clavin says:

    I am sure that Williams offended the French in his comments. It is probably from his head injury on Iwo Jima when the Japanese grenade blew up near him in 1945.

  28. Michelle Delacre says:

    Excuse me Mr. Williams but I do believe you made a “faux-pas”. Though “excuse my French” is an old American expression, it is nevertheless extremely prejudicial and no better than using the “F” word.

  29. I forgot ole lyin Brian was pmsnbc.

  30. Doug Davis says:

    A vet at a Democrat caucaus is like ISIS fighters attending a pig roast. Every decent American needs to wake up right now, this election is only about saving our nation, we have a duty to all of those who gave their life to ensure that a vile criminal like Hillary or a socialist oppressor doesn’t win this election.

  31. Hendrik Vaandrager says:

    Want to know what single payer healthcare will look like, then look at the VA. Single payer healthcare is what Clinton and Sanders want.

  32. snickit says:

    As a vet, I hear her loud and clear but she is way off the map if she thinks Killery is going to fix the VA!

    • Auntie Vyris says:

      Snicket, then you know she despises the military and gets her cues from Henry Kissinger, who says “military are dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy” (paraphrased).

  33. Huntley says:

    Brian Williams resurfaces in a cesspool.

  34. sailordude says:

    I’m surprised a military family is so Democrat voting. Iowa is full of white whack jobs.

  35. Burnet1187 says:

    Only a liberal would apologize for free speech.

  36. DC says:

    Now he should apologize to the French.

  37. John says:

    The fact that this girl could not comport herself knowing full well she was on television speaks to the loose, crass and base attitudes of today’s society. That aside, the other thing that speaks volumes about how scary it will be when these kids are in power was her decision making. Neither of these little girls has any idea what they are even talking about. That girl changed her vote based on one flimsy platitude. We are in serious trouble.

    • Auntie Vyris says:

      I’m concerned about the fact they actually believe what a politician says, John. The ignorant are easily led.

  38. Lance says:

    So if the VA is your big concern what the hell are you doing at a Democrat caucaus????

  39. Brian Newman says:

    Perfect “journalist” for the Hiliary campaign. They are both adept in imagination, tale-telling, and narcissism.

  40. Betsy Heckman says:

    I am sooooooo bloody sick of people blaming OBAMA for the VA nightmare. Obama has messed up lots of stuff, but the VA is NOT one of them. The VA has been a nightmare for vets since the Vietnam War…those are facts that are verifiable through research. Every president has endured a VA scandal that is NEVER solved…this country is way tooooo concerned with creating more WMDs than in helping those who endured hell for us…I guess this woman forgot or wasn’t around during Bush 43rd term as we saw the horrid pictures inside parts of Walter Reed hospital…I could go on and on

    • Jeff says:

      As a disable Veteran for the last 45yrs I can say the VA has been a mess…BUT
      Under President Obama it HAS gotten
      WORSE!!!! Way worse…Veterans died while on a secret waiting list!!! Something like that has ever happened before and I think Obama was our president

  41. jack says:

    Gee, big f***ing deal … Brian Williams apologizes … big f***ing deal.

  42. Warren Peace says:

    The girl communicated like a true lib. Why did the MSLSD network get so panicky over their favorite word?

  43. TaterSalad says:

    Typical Brian Williams BS interview. Was the women lying also just like Lyin’ Brian?

  44. Sam Dennis says:

    Brian is full of apologies …. well, words are just words, and there is really no need for him to apologize because of the words used by another person. I doubt that there’s anyone over the age of 12 who hasn’t used, or heard the so-called “F-Bomb. Was anyone physically injured by the use of these words?

  45. LightyKD says:

    It’s freggin cable news! It automatically gas a rating of TV-MA according to Comcast. Why the hell are they apologizing?! They’re reporting on REAL life. Real life is messy. No apologies were needed and if people are too delicate for a F-bomb then you shouldn’t watch cable news!

  46. edbarbar says:

    So, what is worse. A messed up VA system, or someone using an expletive to describe it?

    Regardless of who the guy supports, the expletive doesn’t bother me a bit. It’s as it is, and a travesty.

  47. Jack Meehoff says:

    What do you expect from a liberal? Manners? The President of the United States, along with Robert C Byrd, Senate Majority Leader have said worse. No? How about using that infamous N word on national television or in interviews. Both get a pass because ones a black liberal and the other is a Klan member liberal

  48. whatever says:

    Maybe the foul mouth little b^$%#% should go hide in her little safe place before she has another panic attack lol

  49. Toby Black says:

    How ironic that a diatribe against the VA would come up in answer to a question about Bernie Sanders. Bernie is the Democrat’s self-avowed socialist, which means that he favors government ownership of the means of production. The VA just happens to be America’s 100% socialist health care system, complete with socialism’s universal waiting lines and zero accountability to the customer. Bernie’s idea of social justice perfected …

    • Jess Thinkin says:

      Toby, you got it! The irony is palpable. Only those who are ignorant enough not to grasp it, are the self- same people who will moronically pronounce it – for all to see and hear – and never realize the implication of what they are stating. …. Liberals!… Socialists! ….. And then they consider themselves more intelligent than the rest of us. Silly, deluded people!

  50. Roy Frontu says:

    Without reading the title on the video, you knew it had to be demorats by the nature of their angry display.

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