‘Mozart in the Jungle’ Renewed by Amazon for Season 3

Mozart in the Jungle renewed
Courtesy of Amazon Studios

Amazon has renewed “Mozart in the Jungle” for a third season.

The comedy is returning, the streaming site announced on Tuesday, following its Golden Globe wins last month for best TV series (comedy or musical) and best actor in a TV series (comedy or musical) for star Gael García Bernal.

Bernal’s conductor character Rodrigo and the show’s other musicians will head to Europe in the new season, which begins production later this year.

“‘Mozart in the Jungle’ bursts with creativity and passion, and offers audiences something truly unique,” said Joe Lewis, Amazon Studios’ head of half-hour series. “Amazon is proud to have two of the most risky and enthralling comedy series on television today.”

Based on Blair Tindall’s memoir “Mozart in the Jungle: Sex, Drugs and Classical Music,” the show is exec produced by Roman Coppola, Jason Schwartzman and Paul Weitz.

It follow the New York Symphony, where artists have to engage in politics to survive the competitive industry. “Mozart in the Jungle” also stars Lola Kirke, Saffron Burrows, Malcolm McDowell, Bernadette Peters, Hannah Dunne and Schwartzman.

“We’re grateful to Amazon for endowing our orchestra with another season,” Schwartzman said on behalf of fellow executive producers Coppola and Weitz. “We can’t wait to follow our characters through the vast world of music, whether performing on a subway platform or in the grand concert halls of Europe.”

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  1. Lucy says:

    Absolutely love this show. Only reason I purchased Prime was because of this show.

  2. Monica Carranza says:

    When, the serie is coming back, please really loved it my two daughters too

  3. Impressive combination of love for music and love for the characters. The two seasons had a rich flavour of comedy, team development, drama, and even surreal moments like the dialogue between the conductor and his imaginary mentors Mozart and Beethoven.
    I find it an honor that the filming for the third season will be on my beloved continent: Europe.

  4. JiminHayward says:

    I really love this show. It should have a year-round season!

  5. Denise Bellingham says:

    Finally…. This makes me very happy. Thank you Amazon.

  6. Sandee Barrowclough says:

    Excellent news! Such a smart, funny show. I love how the music becomes another character.

  7. Rick D says:

    This is simply one of the most amazing shows I have ever seen. I think it strikes a chord (pun intended) with classically trained musicians, like myself, casual appreciators, and non musicians alike. Season 3 just cannot get here fast enough.

  8. BAusborn says:

    It is so great to have a show that has a musical back bone to it! P.s. im a flautist.. So yeah, I know how to blow ;) lol! Great job Amazon!

  9. Mark Rouse says:

    If Jeff Bezos is as smart as I know he is.. this show won’t end for at least another 5 seasons.

    • Maaz Kalim says:

      Wow…!!! What an excellent-barometer to measure the “smartness” of ‘XYZ’ public-figure! 😌 👏👏👏

  10. Regulus Coeur says:

    Most excellent news! Mozart in the Jungle is everything television, and entertainment, should be. If this were the only show on TV, I should want for nothing more.

  11. Wonderful show. So glad it will be back.

  12. Dick Rolfe says:

    Great news!!! One of the best streaming series online. It’s clever, unpredictable, original, compelling. Nothing else like it anywhere.

  13. Consuelo says:

    Fantastic News! Love Mozart in the Jungle, and have turned so many friends onto the brilliance of the show😍. Every person I know who’s started watching it was hooked. Keep up the great work!

  14. Rena Moretti says:

    Amazing how the online players are copying slavishly the broadcast networks: Hunger for meaningless awards, bulk renewals of new projects regardless of success, fondness for ‘edgy” fare audiences reject.

    Of course with the added bonus of not having their viewership figures made public (which is for the best as unaudited figures would be worse than useless).

    • Maaz Kalim says:

      “Hunger for meaningless awards[sic]”: Agreed with only this point!!! 👍 ☺

      The disagreement with rest of the points are not due to either resentment or having an exactly-opposing view, but because they were ambiguous, not clear-enough. That being said, they needed elaboration (IMHO). 😊

      Would you want me to elaborate on my response too or just simply get offended and reply with a cliché-response such as “nobody cares”, “who gives a d–n?”, such and such…? 😐

      • Rena Moretti says:

        I’ll be happy to elaborate, but given I was not answering anything you wrote, I’m not sure why you think I’m offended by it…

        There is actually a “hunger for meaningless awards” going on with TV executives. (not sure what you didn’t like with the formulation) They love those shows with little to no audience that they can buy awards for.

        It makes no sense except that the owners of the conglomerates that control the networks incentivize them to do so rather than strive to get better results.

        Bafflingly bad management? Absolutely.

        The networks also do bulk renewals of new shows regardless of success. There’s been extremely few hits or even solid shows in the last ten years, yet more shows than ever get a second season, on cable, it’s become a rule rather than an exception to renew shows before they start airing (apparently on the idea that people will start watching if they know there’s a second season – it doesn’t work but they continue to do it!)

        As for the fake-edgy shows audiences reject, they are indeed legion. All those supposedly funny shows with weird unrealistic characters grimacing are beloved of network executives. They all fail in the marketplace, but that doesn’t stop them (again their owners apparently think it’s OK to waste their money that way!). Add to those the “dark, brooding” shows which are also supposedly edgy in their sameness. Sprinkle a hefty dose of incompetent directing (shakycam and zoomy-zoomy required) and you have 90% of today’s production.

  15. Dick Rolfe says:

    High class entertainment, as well orchestrated as the NY Symphony. Them ruled it’s being renewed.

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