Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys Join ‘The Voice’ Season 11 as Pharrell Williams, Christina Aguilera Depart

Miley Cyrus Alicia Keys The Voice

Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys are in and Pharrell Williams and Christina Aguilera are out as coaches for the next season of NBC’s “The Voice.”

NBC confirmed the new panelists for the show’s 11th season in the fall on Friday evening.

“The musical expertise and energy these two incredibly talented women will bring to the show is remarkable,” said Paul Telegdy, NBC’s president of alternative and late-night programming. “We’re thrilled that they’ll be joining Adam and Blake in what we know will be a magical 11th season.”

Cyrus and Keys will join “Voice” mainstays Adam Levine and Blake Shelton when the show revs up its winter cycle in September. Williams and Aguilera may well be back for future editions of “Voice” as the show has a history of bringing coaches back, with an alumni roster that includes Usher, Shakira, Gwen Stefani and CeeLo Green.

Before NBC could get the official word out, Cyrus let loose with the news via Twitter Friday evening.

Cyrus is already set to appear on the current tenth season of “The Voice” as a mentor to all the contestant groups. Keys served as a mentor on the show’s seventh season in 2014.

Season 10 of “The Voice” premiered Feb. 29, drawing a 3.4 Nielsen rating among adults 18-49 in live-plus-same day numbers — down 17% from its debut the previous February. The most recent episode Tuesday drew a 2.5.

While “The Voice” has seen its ratings creep downward, it remains NBC’s highest-rated non-football program and a key programming piece for the network, which is first among all broadcasters in 18-49 ratings thus far this season. NBC has routinely deployed the show as a lead-in for its most promising new series, helping to launch programs such as “The Blacklist.”

Cyrus’ most recent album, “Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz ,” was released in August. The singer rose to prominence as the star of the Disney Channel series “Hannah Montana.” Cyrus recently celebrated the show’s 10-year anniversary with an Instagram post in which she encouraged “Hannah Montana” fans to “Get real drunk and remember #HM4EVR” as a form of celebration.

R&B superstar Keys stormed into the music business in the early 2000’s with the smash hit “Fallin’.” She has collected some 15 Grammy wins to date, including best new artist in 2001 and song of the year for “Fallin’.”

Keys’ has also been seen in the current season of Fox’s “Empire.” Her acting work includes roles in 2008’s “The Secret Life of Bees” and 2007’s “The Nanny Diaries.”

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  1. Sarah Morgan says:

    I’ve never missed season of the Voice but will not watch as long as Miley Cyrus is on.She’s like nails on a chalkboard.Extremely irritating!

  2. D Scanz says:

    Miley Cyrus is horrible!! Alicia Keys is trying to hard to be liked…….this season is horrible and I will not be watching! Too bad because I really enjoy Blake and Adam’s banter

  3. Ladyelf says:

    It’s really sad. We’ll give it one show and if we don’t like it we’ll stop watching. I loved the chemistry between the judges they had. Sure Blake and Adam are still there, but it for sure won’t be the same. I’ve never liked Miley, she’s classless and a brat…..Alicia is boring so good luck.

  4. Kelly K. says:

    As Julia Roberts says in Pretty Woman, “BIG MISTAKE, HUGE!!!”

  5. Kelly K. says:

    My family and I have not missed a season; however, we will not be watching this season.
    Alicia is boring even when she is sing, I have no idea how she has won so many Grammys. Obviously I am missing something with her.
    BUT I am not missing a thing with Miley. She’s a dirty little tramp. No talent. How did this even happen and who is the idiot that suggested her in the first place?
    Blake, I am sorry, but I do not like Gwen. I am happy she is not on the show. You two do not make a good couple. She needs to go!
    I am also glad to see Cee Lo Green gone.
    Shakira was great on the show, better than Christina. I love Christina but not on the show.
    Just for one season I would love to see Adam, Pharrell, Usher, and Blake. Now that would be a great season!
    i would have given anything to see Prince on the show, but too late now. My heart is still very heavy with his loss.
    Kelly Clarkson would be great.
    Carrie Underwood would be great.
    Adele would be awesome.
    Adam Lambert would be beautiful.
    Bruno Mars!
    Enrique Iglesias!
    Kellie Pickler!
    But NBC had to go and put Miley Cyrus on. My family will be sitting this season out. Thanks for ruining this season for us.

  6. David H says:

    Feel like the show will lose all respect if Mileys a coach. Will not be watch next season. So many wonderful people to chose from and we get Miley and Alicia? Please rethink and get Kelly Clarkson, Gwen Stefani, or even Selena Gomez.

  7. Vicki DiNitto says:

    Aww crap. One of the FEW programs I watch on TV. This narcissistic piece of “bad (worst)art ??will nix The Voice from my viewing., I couldn’t stomach her as Hannah Montana–and the few sessions Miley Cyrus appeared in on season 10–the CONTESTANTS are supposed to be the focus, but as a coach SHE sang with each one–(ok, ok so some people think you can sing, shut the frig up and let the contestant sing) and WHAT can such a young, obviously disliked “artist?” actually offer someone trying to advance in their careers? I’m sorry NBC, but I hope your ratings PLUMMET! Her dress, (What IS it with that hair and that damn huge HEART on her dress?!?!?!?)her mannerism–nope– Season 11 is a no-go for me, and many others–what a HUGE blunder NBC has made–are you freaking SERIOUS?! Do you actually think–does SHE actually think America can STOMACH her–tell me when she is GONE!! But no Season 11 for me. Tell me when she is GONE! What a BLUNDER NBC, are you that out of touch with your watching audience?!

  8. JRH 55 says:

    So, this is my last season of watching the Voice.
    Miley Cyrus; the personification of trash has been selected to be a coach on a respected show.
    She’s bad enough, but some one had to suggest it another had to approve it! They think ratings are down, wait till next year.
    What a shame.

  9. janet says:

    Why in the world would NBC do these changes with the voice being one of the biggest watched shows there is. I have watched every season but this is it for me. The ratings are going to go down i can almost bet. I just cannot believe that NBC would not get sherika or gwen back at least. I am so upset about this and i dont think i am the only one.

  10. Angie says:


  11. Mimi says:

    Miley Cyrus??? Nooooo! Bad move NBC. She’s a no talent, low class, has been. Alicia Keys definitely. She has class and credibility. Miley is irritating and just plain stupid. You will definitely lose viewers. I’ll be one. Too bad. You just ruined a great show. So sad.

  12. Rose Palmer says:

    Its supposed to be a family show, and with Christina and Miley, the show has turned it into a joke, my family loves it but will not watch anymore.. Come on people, Miley Cyrus Really ??? The show will lose ratings, if NBC reads reviews from all over the place, people are seriously complaining. season 11 will not be a good one ..

    • pamela paciorek says:

      I will no longer watch the voice if Miley Cyrus is going to be on the show. I had to change the channel when she was on as a advisor. I have watch the show since it started, I will miss Blake and Adam. Please don”t let this happen. GOOD – BY TO THE VOICE (so sad)

  13. Patti F says:

    Unfortunately I will not be watching The Voice any longer! Miley Cyrus, seriously!?! Why they would bring her in is beyond me! I don’t have a problem with Alicia Keys other than she’s a little on the boring side but I cannot stomach Miley! Think NBC just screwed the pooch, jumped the shark, ridiculous! Terrible decision! Oh how I am going to miss Adam and Blake!

  14. Missy McElroy says:

    Well, this is my families last season for watching The Voice. I cannot believe that as producers of a popular family show that you are excited about Miley Cyrus being a judge. Have you not done your homework on her? As parents, we decide what shows our children watch, follow and support. I think the sponsors need to pull their advertising and let the producers pick up the check for season 11. I know I will not support the sponsors who support the producers decision on this matter. “Thank you” so much producers for turning our Monday and Tuesday evening family show into classless trash for season 11. I stand behind Adam Levine about the wrecking ball destroying the show.

  15. says:

    What is the Voice thinking of all the people available to coach they are going with a cheap, classless performer. So now behaviour like hers is being rewarded as acceptable. The bantering amongst the coaches has been entertaining and the knowledge the coaches share with contestants unbelievable yet we are to believe her very limited experience is going to help them. Some contestants are going to get the short end of the stick that season. Compare her to Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey of Idol, the show will end. This has been my favourite show to watch, I will not be watching the next season. Whoever decided to hire her needs their head read and demoted. Pharell is going to be missed so much. What a classy, kind, intelligent man.

  16. tony says:

    I haven’t missed any seasons but I will be sitting this one out . Why , because I don’t want to watch a nasty , bad example , who has no class miley cyrus . NBC SURE SCREWED THIS ONE UP !!!

    • Vicky Velarde says:

      Why not Pink instead of Miley Cyrus to do the Voice next season
      Yes I’m going to miss Pharrell

  17. Debbie underwood says:

    You are one dumm ass, Christina is one of the best female coaches that this voice has ever had what is wrong with you first you put that nut case Gwen on there that about Rick The Show her and Blake acting like lovebirds all the way through it that is not what this show is made of it’s about people and their voices not makeovers and Blake and her so many people are about fed up with what you’re doing you’re running the show

  18. muzikadik says:

    How disappointing:( good bye Voice!

  19. Sandy says:

    Well this show is off my watch list now that they are actually including Cyrus. What are they thinking?!!!

  20. Majic says:

    Dear Voice, “7 Things” I need to say to that “Fly On The Wall”. I “Adore You” but she “Can’t Be Tamed”. So I am going to “Do My Thang” and just be “On My Own” cause I’m “Feelin’ Myself” “As I Am” with “Forgiveness & Love”. “Everybody Hurts” but “We Can’t Stop”. So if we “Don’t Walk Away” “Before The Storm” I’m afraid that “Wrecking Ball” will be more than just “A Day In The Life” of the Voice. “Maybe You’re Right” and the “Full Circle” is not “Good & Broken”. “I Hope You Find It” and prove that “Evil Is But A Shadow” so you can heal our “Achy Breaky Hearts” “See You Again” (maybe). For now “Goodbye”

  21. Beverly says:

    Cannot believe it! Why fix something that is not broken?! I have seen Miley guest mentor and I was impressed with her feedback. However, a small dose of her is enough. Alicia Keys although talented is boring when not singing. Plus, how are these two going to relate to Adam and Blake.? I don’t see any chemistry there at all. i had thought Pharell was quite subdued this year so maybe he knew this was going down. Sad. He constantly talked how he loved being on this show and he added so much with his arrangement ideas. Would like to know their take on this but sure not a word will be spoken unless it is phony positive talk. Last year when Blake wanted Gwen still on he said in one of their chats :why can’t we have two female judges?” Meaning Christina and Gwen. This sounds like the producers trying to draw a younger viewing audience which may work but I don’t think so. Now it is like starting all over having to follow a hard act like the last two seasons. Stupid is as stupid does. I do not think in any way this will bring in higher ratings and serves them right. Stupid is as stupid does one more time.

    • Jean says:

      Maybe, just maybe Pharrell and Christina have other projects in mind?? That’s why Gwen left and why Christina left previously. Geesh, give the gal a chance. She certainly has the expertise in the music industry. What’s mind-boggling is that The Voice hasn’t produced any real ‘biggies’ (Jordan may break that curse) like American Idol has; even though The Voice won an Emmy last year!

  22. Lisa says:

    I am very disappointed in the choice to bring Miley Cyrus on the show. Will no longer be my show of choice. I can’t imagine her doing the show and being willing or able to keep it a clean family show. Not that it matters but you lost me!

  23. Denise darnell says:

    Nooooooo say it isn’t so, Alicia keys and Miley!! Keep pharrell and Christina! Christina is soooo much better this go around than her previous times, but no comparison with Miley and Alicia! Miley just talks because she likes the sound of her own Whitney voice, and what kind of role model is Miley going to be for the kids! I hope NBC can tame her, because she is just plain nasty! And Alicia has only had a handful of hits, nithing compared to Gwen or Christina! This just totally is wrong! You’ll definitely lose viewers with those two, it’s going to be like Idol when they had Mariah and Nickie! Bad bad move NBC!!!

  24. What happened to the wholesome good talent show you have been putting on for the last ten seasons? Miley Cyrus is a loose cannon who will bring down your show to her level which is far below what most normal people want or need to go. If she is a judge, you just lost a lot of viewers from my house and several of my relatives house as we all read this article together! I’m sorry because I used to look forward to your new season every year to see what great new talents you could develop over the weeks leading up to the finale. Sorry to say the Voice will no longer be on my DVR recording list after this season concludes! JRK

  25. Virginia Bernhardt says:

    I will not watch The Voice if Miley Cyrus is a judge. Terrible choice.

  26. X-Tina never wanted to be on “The voice” all the time. She originally was slated to do the than “American Idol” knock off for one season. She is by far the most talented vocalist on” The voice”. With Alicia Keyes stepping in that is very good for “The voice”. Like X-Tina she can actually sing. Blake is a country twanger. Adam is OK. Obviously he has the show and his band is a secondary thought at this point. I find the show a little redundant. None of the winners have gone onto break into the real music world like say Kelly Clarkson has.

  27. MrsMomAZ says:

    NO!!!! Miley Cyrus, repulsive to the extreme.
    We are such HUGE fans of the voice and we discuss the show via FB and in person with numerous friends and family on a weekly basis and have for years. We decided to skip next week’s session featuring Cyrus already, she may have a voice but she is extremely vulgar and is repulsive in her manner. Debauchery may be her choice but it seems so out of character for the show that has been a refreshing departure from the amateur hour feel of other talent shows on T.V.
    WHY??? Gwen Stephani and Christina Aguilera have added talent and class to the show. They have developed their careers with discipline and talent. Miley may have a voice but she is seriously in need of private not public VOICE therapy. She has made her choices and they are NOT the ones for prime TV. You feature families regularly on the show. She is hardly the person for any of our kids or any of the contestants to look up to or emulate.
    Season 11 is off my watch list except for the videos without Cyrus.
    Best regards to Adam & Blake, Paul Telegdy owes them an apology. (Since when is the VOICE in late night territory? )

  28. Jeanne says:

    Some people like to keep their kids away from this kind of thing. I wouldn’t let my young kids watch. This was a family show.

  29. Gloria Collett says:

    I would not let you mentor my dog!!!! You are going to ruin the best prime time show… Why don’t you stick to porn since you already showed you liking the microphone !!!!!!! I have been watching this show from the beginning . Because of you the show will lose Thousands of viewers…. Get the hint???? Plus President Trump is going to win so you said you leaving ???? right please be a woman of your word and leave….

    • Jeff H says:

      Why don’t you try and stay classy? If they lose you as a viewer it won’t be a loss because the show doesn’t need your venom spewing hate like you are doing right now, I feel sorry for your children if you have any if this is how you show them to act like this.

  30. Barbara Janiszyn says:

    I don’t understand how The Voice could ever think Miley Cyrus could be a coach. It is a horrible idea. My family and I are going to boycott Season 11 and maybe it’s sponsors.

  31. Celia says:

    Alicia Keys welcome look forward to your input, but Miley Cyrus you are not. I don’t like nor appreciate your lack of self respect and are not a good roll model for young impressionable girls who watch this “FAMILY” show. You are not wanted by the majority of Voice viewers and if they keep you they will loose substantial ratings because people don’t want their kids looking at you as if you were someone to be like. Your talent or lack there of is not even a factor, it’s what you do that is the problem. Anyone who thinks its ok to climb on a wrecking ball naked just to sell records isn’t the kind of message I want sent to my grandchildren nor do their parents. Voice, love you love the show and hate what this choice is going to do to your fans. Please read all what they are saying on facebook. I would hate for you to go to pot over a bad decision. Thank you for your time Celia.

  32. Patrick says:

    Cyrus as a judge will be the end of TV for me. Have watched every episode since its inception, but no more if she is on there. She is “trash”, and the ratings will nosedive, betcha !

  33. loco73 says:

    Never watched any of these “talent” shows. But I love Alicia Keys and Miley looks hot…and if they put both, I’ll be “checking in” once in a while…

  34. witzshared says:

    Interesting gamble. Hope to bring in younger viewers but will in turn lose older viewers and pray the numbers come out in their favor.

  35. Pamela says:

    Will quit watching it if Miley Cyrus is a coach. I love Blake, Adam, & Pharrell. Gwen, Usher, and Shakira were ones I enjoyed watching as well. I will not tune in after this season.

  36. Jeff H says:

    The ratings are down because Christina Aguilera is back, she is the worst judge in the history of that show.

    • Michael Anthony says:

      No, the show is getting old and doesn’t produce winners who sell. Aguilera is miles ahead of some of the other judges in its history. Try to be objective next time.

      • Jeff H says:

        David it is clear you don’t watch this show and have no clue what you are talking about if you think they haven’t produced one star. IDIOT!

      • David says:

        The show has not produced one major star. Not one. They all pretty much fade into obscurity quickly.

      • Jeff H says:

        It is clear you know nothing about this show. Blake has a ton of his artists that won or come close on radio and selling albums. The other artists may not put people out there but Blake does.

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