‘Mike and Molly’ Officially Canceled: CBS President Glenn Geller Confirms Sitcom Ending After Current Season

Mike and Molly cancelled
Courtesy of CBS

It’s official. Following multiple cast members sharing the fatal news on Twitter last year, “Mike and Molly” has been canceled by CBS.

Newly minted CBS president Glenn Geller made the announcement Tuesday at the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena, Calif.

“‘Mike and Molly,’ listen, these decisions are really challenging and I have a tremendous amount of respect for Chuck [Lorre], Al Higgins, Melissa, Billy — the whole cast and crew,” he said. “But I can confirm that this will be the last season of ‘Mike and Molly.'”

As for the final episode of the sitcom, Geller said, “I think the fans will be very satisfied with what Chuck and Al have planned.”

Though the cancellation was a sure thing, no official axing came from the network until now. The final season, which began on Jan. 6, will wrap up this spring. The show is currently in production, with two more episodes to complete filming.

In early December, Rondi Reed, who plays Mike’s (Billy Gardell) mother Peggy on the long-running sitcom, shared on Facebook that the show had been canceled.

“Before you hear it elsewhere (and some already have) this is the final and 6th Season of ‘Mike and Molly’ on CBS,” she wrote. “It is also a shortened season (13 episodes) after the announced full renewal of 22 episodes back in March by the network. We are done taping as of January 27th 2016 and I am not sure exactly when/if the episodes will all be aired.”

Gardell also shared the news on social media, tweeting: “Mike and Molly returns Jan 6, it will be our last episodes. There are 13 of them. Thank you everyone who supported us.”

Melissa McCarthy, who’s shot to superstardom since the show’s 2010 debut, also took to Twitter with an emotional message, regarding the cancellation. She tweeted: “I was shocked and heartbroken when CBS canceled #MikeAndMolly. I would have shot this show for 50 more years. I’ll miss my 2nd family.”

Before the sudden news of cancellation, “Mike and Molly” landed an early Season 6 renewal this past March. However, the show was not placed on the network’s fall schedule, as it hadn’t been for the 2014-15 season either.

McCarthy and Gardell starred as the title pair, a couple who met at an Overeaters Anonymous group and fell in love. During its run, the series was nominated for many People’s Choice and Emmy award with McCarthy winning the statue for lead actress in a comedy at the 2011 Emmys.

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  1. Dee says:

    Just started watching reruns,I think it’s the funniest sitcom I have watched in years!They finally find the perfect actors that click together 2make A good sitcom &cancel it.Figures,they never listen to the ppl🙄The only bad thing about it was the fat jokes!Just2many constantly!Overweight ppl probably didn’t like the sitcom!

  2. Teresa Rodgers says:

    I hate to hear that they have been cancled. that was such a cute show, funny too. i hate the shows like Big brother, and others that are not comedy. CBS use to be my favorite channel, but not any more. I will change my channel and not watch anything on CBS from now on, this judt left a lot of viewres just hanging. thats rude and very unfair. they were good like two broke girls, bet they are next. your taking all the good funny shows off to replace with stupid live shows of people shearing thier private lives on tv, big deal who cares. i hate to see people argue, we have enough of that in real life already. it was nice to relax and re-wind with a funny cute show. very dissapointed…….

  3. Shirley says:

    I have been watching Mike & Molly as long as it has been on (on channel 26) I think you are out of your minds to cancel the show. Is it so much to ask that there is a good variety of TV programing? I am sick and tired of drug programs, outer-space programs and criminal minds programs. I realize that I am not a young person but don’t you think that we deserve to enjoy watching decent programs? After all, we pay our bills too. Think about it. ! Mike & Molly is a great program. Up there with Golden Girls, Last Man Standing and Hallmark Programing.

    Appreciate your consideration in not cancelling this show.

  4. Bonita Petersen says:


  5. Mimi Watkins says:

    I will really miss the Mike and Molly series. Was TV at its best! 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

    • Dee says:

      Just started watching reruns,I think it’s the funniest sitcom I have watched in years!They finally find the perfect actors that click together 2make A good sitcom &cancel it.Figures,they never listen to the ppl🙄The only bad thing about it was the fat jokes!Just2many constantly!Overweight ppl probably didn’t like the sitcom!

  6. Anita Jensen says:

    Why cancel one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen? My husband and I watch the reruns everyday and constantly are busting up laughing…BRING BACK MIKE AND MOLLY!!!

  7. Susan says:

    Love Mike & Molly!!! You axed it !!’ Just so disappointed .. show is hilarious & draws in real people you get this show please bring it back … for humanity

  8. Bonita says:

    True comedy and great shows, always gets closed out!! But ALL those boring talk shows with uninteresting topics and unknown people stays on the air!! I like entertainment, and in today’s lifestyle, someone always has an upper hand to go ahead and close it out. To me, it’s VERY unfair!

  9. Jumjum says:

    I’m 2 is devistated. I just looooved this show. How come they cancel all the good shows?!?!?!?

  10. Kelle Treharne says:

    I’m absolutely gutted love Mike & Molly why do They cancel all the good programmes and leave us with rubbish

  11. Keith LaForgia says:

    What a shame!!!!!!!!!

  12. Susan Daniels says:

    The show was on from 6-7 p.m. All they talked about was sex, drugs and drinking, It was totally inappropriate for that time of day.

  13. Lisa Germano says:

    So so sad to see this show was cancelled. Why?? I have watched all the reruns and am feeling so sad that there will be no new season to look forward to. I agree…best show since All in the Family and I Love Lucy. Classics like this don’t come along everyday. I think CBS blew it big time.

    • Suzie P. says:

      Took the words right out of my mouth!!! So disappointed in you, CBS!!! I watch all the re-runs!!! Over & over again every day!!! Better than watching most of the shows you have on!!! BRING IT BACK!!! I fractured my back while having a seizure & am bedridden!!! Watch the re-runs all the time! What’s next? Removing “Survivor”? Bad move, CBS, BAD MOVE!!!

  14. Linda Mara says:

    So miss this show. One of the all time best!!! I guess I’ll just watch reruns as long as I can. Too bad no one else was smart enough to pick up this awesome show

  15. Pat parent says:

    Huuuuuuge mistake. Has to be the best comedy around since everybody loves raymond. Laugh out loud funny. The characters were hilarious.The idiot who decided this shud be axed, not the show. Too late now to restart. Ppl have moved on to other commitments.I still watch the reruns, never boring

  16. Tammie armstrong says:

    It’s BS that these idiots are canceling the show!! I love these people!! The show was AWESOME and Funny!! Just because she lost freakin weight doesn’t make the damn show! The people ALONE do that!! Weight has nothing to do with the shit!!! I’m pissed and sad!!!

  17. Denise Butler says:

    I will truly miss this show I love this show it is so funny days when I’m feeling down I can turn on Mike & Molly and just laugh until my stomach hurts.

  18. Julie Whent says:

    Very sad BEST show on tv ! It was amazing and I looked forward to seeing it every week! Very disappointed in Cbs! Wrong choice:(

  19. victoria says:

    Mike & molly show is one great show since I don’t know when. Love it. Very sad if no more are to be made.

  20. Vicki says:

    Loved the show, was a favorited. Know one actually says why it was cancelled. Can’t be cause of know wasn’t watching it cause they did.

  21. I am EXTREMELY UPSET at the cancellation of Mike & Molly. I have watched since the onset of this show and looked forward to future programing, such as & Molly have a baby – imagine the characters
    Mike a nd for of this baby! what Fun!!Molly and all of their friends & family trying to get in on the act of preparing a

  22. Peggy J Moreno says:

    What a bummer. They cancel that but then give Mike another show with a skinner woman on it. Well I definitely won’t be watching Kevin.

  23. Kathi says:

    I can’t believe this is even happening! One of the greatest shows ever written. Modern, funny and very down to life show with everyday ups and downs we could all relate to! Very sad day for all of their fans. I seriously think, they need to re-think their decision. What a let down! :(((((

  24. Michael says:

    Just like everything else in this country, when there is something good,let’s get rid of it.

  25. This is so stupid. They take the really good shows of the air and leave the bad ones like, Dancing with the Stars, Survivor – Voice and of course the Bachelor. So who cares if Molly lost weight, the show was really funny and we need that in this day and age. BRING IT BACK!!!!!!

  26. Ruth says:

    This was one of the best shows I really wish you would know when you have a great one


  28. Migita says:

    Going to miss Mike & Molly. It was a great show, and funny. You can’t find those shows on TV anymore. Now there are only a few shows left worth watching. Sad.

  29. Sorry they keep the stupid shows like the odd couple and get rid of the best show on CBS. What’s wrong with these people. They are going to be sorry, you wait

  30. Mike says:

    I believe that its all Melissa McCarthy, fault. For dropping the weight, when it supposed to be mike & molly

  31. Lizzie Andrews says:

    I just absolutly absolutly love this show..I’ve never laugh so hard since All in the familyfamily..I loved the actors I just wish CBS hadn’t cancel the show..this country needs love and laughter instead of all the killing and hatred in the world you see.. On tv,..Shame on you…

  32. Joanne Boyd says:

    She jumped the shark when she went out the classroom window

  33. Bonnie Ellis says:

    Funniest show on TV for a very long time. Melissa McCarthy is the funniest person on TV. What moron would cancel this Show?

  34. NOOO! WHY??? I LOVE this show! It’s one of my VERY FAVORITES & I have seen every episode at least twice. If Melissa was shocked & they didn’t want this, then WHY??? It’s one of the few very funny shows that still uplift my spirits while basically living in bed! It’s a shame!

  35. Josie says:

    I’m so sad this is one of my favorite shows to watch and if you’re going to cancel the show just because she lost weight you’re a moron

  36. This show was really funny featuring “real” characters that people can relate to. Very sad to see this cut!

  37. Tina Wiebel says:

    It’s a shame that the president is so narrow-minded to think that people watch Mike and Molly because they were overweight instead of of the fact that they make people laugh about life and family and made us realize it’s okay

  38. Barbara Varaksa says:

    If they cancelled Mike & Molly because Melissa lost weight, that is ridiculous. After all, they were attending A Weight Loss Class when they met. Wasn’t it supposed to motivate them enough to lose the weight. I think they should use the subject to their best story line–about getting healthy and the weight struggle so many of us go thru in life. I think she is beautiful big or small, and I’m so proud of her loss. Please reconsider and keep her on the air;

    • The show was not cancelled because she lost weight. That is a clickbait ploy designed to look like a real story which is actually an ad for a weight loss pill, one that I believe both CBS and McCarthy are suing the manufacturers over for using the show and her likeness without permission to boost their sales. Dumb move–as no doubt this will be an easy case to win that likely will bankrupt the company that thought this would be a swell plan and that no one would bother to check. But then the purveyors of snake oil have never been considered the smartest people. After all, making a dishonest living draws the lazy, criminal, and incompetent from all walks of life. Why did they actually cancel the show? I have no idea. Sounds like they may want to spend the money they’re spending on their stars and producer elsewhere in hopes of making more money from other projects. Another reason why Broadcast TV is floundering of late–making bad content decisions in the belief they can somehow regain their glory days with some other tweak of their content development and presentation process. When theCBS new digital streaming network goes into full swing with the launch of the new Star Trek show available only on their non-broadcast network, by all accounts that project will tank hard, mainly because the network falsely believes that they can put content behind a firewall showcasing only CBS content and that enough people will pay for the service to make it viable. Such network-driven vehicles for content are doomed to failure precisely because people are only willing to pay for that kind of content from services like Netflix and Hulu that aggregate content from multiple sources, and sources limited to one network’s content are doomed to fail because people don’t love CBS’s content enough to actually pay for access to all of it when all they want to see is one or at most two shows. Basically, just because Star Trek has a following doesn’t mean enough people are going to be willing to pay for the show to make CBS all-access or CBS Digital or whatever they’re calling it viable, and nobody is going to pay for Mike and Molly or NCIS reruns. CBS is basically about to commit hari-kari in front of the entire nation by killing it’s successful broadcast content and putting the more interesting content behind a paywall that nobody is going to pay for. It’s kind of sad to see CBS do the opposite of what Bob Wright did with NBC.

  39. Debbie Emery says:

    I really love this show & think it should continue. They need to reconsider this decision. Very dissappointed!!! One of the few shows i really looked forward to watching.

  40. Barbara Farnsworth says:

    Please bring back Mike and Molly. It was a great show. I always looked forward to watching it.

  41. Catherine Domingos says:

    I can’t believe CBS cancelled the BEST sitcom on TV! I looked so forward to seeing Mike and Molly every week! The entire cast was fabulous! You cancel a great show to stick a mediocre show in it’s slot! Dumb move! I am hugely disappointed in this decision by CBS, and if the new president of CBS continues to make idiotic decisions like this I fear for the future quality of programming at CBS!

  42. Irma Toombs says:

    I will miss watching Mike & Molly. Good Luck to the cast. The show that needs to be cancelled is Those “2 Broke Girls”

  43. Malinda says:

    I am so mad that they took Mike and Molly off really good show made me laugh alot!:)*

  44. Daniella says:

    I’m really sad that Mike and Molly won’t be aired anymore.:( I’m really pissed off because I like melissa. She is really funny. Bring it back .

  45. Susan Fear says:

    Best show ever! I just watched the last episode and I cried because it was the last one. I heard it was cancelled because Melissa had lost weight. Come on people, bring it back. Nothing wrong with being healthy. Big mistake. If you don’t, then I will be able to see her in her movies. She’s awesome. Your loss!

  46. Suzette Frost says:

    Why not just suggest a little padding instead of cancellation!

  47. Sharon Asturi says:

    Such a great show! I don’t get why all the awesome shows get canceled. I’m positive some stupid show will be on now. What a shame. This is a show the entire family could watch. Again. A real shame. A Great cast. Billy is from Pittsburgh so we love it even more!!! We will watch the re-runs repeatedly. You will all be missed.

  48. Rhondagail Howard says:

    Why cancel such a wonderful comedy duo. I think it’s a mistake to take such a good show off the air, It was funny and very entertaining. I fear they will replace the show with something not as funny or entertaining. You should really consider bringing the show back. The chemistry with the actors are Great,comfortable, and inviting. Very upset at this news.

  49. sandy ducharme says:

    I am so upset about Mike and Molly being cancelled. I love this show and think it is the best sitcom on TV and look forward to watching it. There aren’t many shows like this on any more, most are Reality TV. It makes me and my family laugh and leaves us with a good feeling.
    I will surely miss Mike and Molly, Please reconsider cancelling this great show.

  50. Melody Cain says:

    I’m very disappointed too that show made me laugh all the time the whole crew were such an awesome team how can you end a show that was so funny all of them just worked so good together they were all funny. I will miss this show so much I usually go to bed at 8:30-9:00 o’clock, but now I stay up at 10:30 to watch reruns because it just makes me laugh and makes me happy I will miss it so much and CBS you so disappointed me, that’s been our number one channel but not anymore.

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