Michael Smith, Jemele Hill Will Take Over ESPN’s 6 P.M. ‘SportsCenter’ as Co-Hosts

Michael Smith, Jemele Hill Will Take
Courtesy of ESPN

ESPN’s early-evening edition of “SportsCenter” will soon become a “His & Hers” affair.

Michael Smith and Jemele Hill, who have co-hosted “His & Hers” on ESPN2 since June of 2013 and the show was known under a different title, will take the hosting reins at ESPN’s 6 p.m. “SportsCenter” on February 6, 2017, the day after Super Bowl LI. They will replace the broadcast’s current anchor, Lindsay Czarniak, who  will go on maternity leave in early November and return next year in a new role that will be announced later. Both hosts have signed new, multi-year deals with the Walt Disney-owned sports network.

The switch shows ESPN continuing to try to create “SportsCenter” broadcasts tailored for the times at which they air. Last year, ESPN  launched a late-night version of its flagship program, with host Scott Van Pelt offering a more spirited take on the plays and match-ups of the day, and took steps to keep the overnight version of the program steady, re-upping Stan Verrett and Neil Everett to anchor the program from Los Angeles. All daytime versions of “SportsCenter” that run through 1:30 p.m. have been tweaked, with the network launching “SportsCenter AM” last February at 7 a.m.



“One thing we do know is that people watch differently over the course of the day,” said Rob King, ESPN’s senior vice president of “SportsCenter” and news, in an interview Tuesday. “They have different needs.”

Smith and Hill will place emphasis on putting sports headlines in context, King said. “By 6 p.m. and 3 p.m. on the West Coast, we understand that audiences have pretty much come across the headlines that have happened in the course of a day, either through social content, or through mobile or digital content,” said King. “What they actually really need is a sense of why it matters, and a sense of context, as opposed to just news.”

The format of the new “SportsCenter” edition is expected to be more conversational, and feature commentary and opinion from Hill and Smith. The show will continue to set up big sports events of the night with newsmaker and analyst interviews.

“His & Hers” has its roots in a podcast the two hosts continue to produce. Their ESPN2 show was originally known as “Numbers Never Lie,” and was co-hosted by Smith and Charissa Thompson, The idea was to dazzle fantasy-sports fans with stats and analytics. Over time, the program evolved and Smith and Hill hit upon a unique chemistry that King says will be very evident on ESPN at 6 p.m. “We think it’s a pretty good model to match up a unique point of view, a unique voice, with a time of day,” he said.

Hill and Smith will host their final “His and Hers” episode at some point in the coming weeks, with a date to be determined. ESPN will make an announcement about new programming at a later date.

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  1. Sean McDermott says:

    I watched the six tonight and could not believe the racism that is occurring first hand. They spoke of Michael Vick commenting to Colin Kapernik regarding cutting his hair. Michael Vick is black and yet this was made to be racism on the part of the NFL teams. The NFL teams did not tell him to cut his hair. Oh by the way if you go by his numbers he would not be on an NFL team that was truly competing for a playoff spot. If you watch how many times they bring up racism it is incredible. Jemelle even brought it up with Lynsey from the bachelorette!

    Bring back the former announcers please!

  2. Charlie Benson says:

    You can see why ESPN is circling the drain giving any type of lead role to these 2 mopes.

  3. Al W Moe says:

    said King. “What they {viewers} actually really need is a sense of why it matters, and a sense of context, as opposed to just news”

    This is why your rating are terrible and you are sending out pink slips. What viewers want are sports stories, scores and videos – we don’t want social commentary, i.e. “a sense of why (sports) it matters.”

  4. peter says:

    Someone who isn’t entitled will say that the problem is the people don’ t need to hear story about the teams anymore. Just the general information. Like who was hired? Who was traded. ESPN is dying.

  5. kirkjrsj says:

    Funny, many comments display a dislike of the format because it features black people as opposed to content of material. The prejudice and ignorance from entitled idiots is transparent.

  6. Janet Cleaveland says:

    Jemele, just a note on Archie Miller. He was a great high school player as a point guard and three point shooter at Blackhawk High School near Pittsburgh. He was recruited by NC State to take care of their point guard position and shoot threes. He was not a walk-on. He also played and started most games, until he was faced with serious back surgery. He had a long recovery and simply couldn’t play for a long time. The reason he was so popular with fans was he was such a gritty player, even after the surgery. He comes to coaching quite legitimately. His dad was his high school coach at Blackhawk, as well as Sean Miller’s coach. Mr. Miller had published a whole series of videos on basic ball handling, shooting, rebounding, etc . using Sean and Archie as players when they were kids. So Archie has been around coaching his whole life and has proved himself at each assignment in coaching he has taken on. He’s a great choice for Indiana since they were apparently seeking some new blood. I’m not intending any disrespect by these comments, but I heard you say Archie was a walk-on and didn’t play much. It was only after the surgery that his play was limited. Anyway, I’m a Spartan, so I’ve got you back.

  7. Brian says:

    wont watch again ..its a sports channel not their personal racist vlog

  8. Rob king says:

    Totally UNWATCHABLE ! How are they even going to find business that will pay money to advertise during this anti white racist garbage

  9. Dale says:

    I want sports news, NOT POLITICS !!! Please bring Lyndsey back !!

  10. Matthew Hawley says:

    Been watching sport center for 30 years
    This is hands down the worst duo since I started watching, as much as I love sports these two are difficult to watch…

    Terrible choice espn

  11. Bill Fold says:

    Mike behaves as though he started watching Hip Hop and Rap videos at age one. His manic mannerisms transmit a lack of confidence and distract from anything that he may say that might be worthwhile. Not a good fit but perfect for ESPN brass.

  12. Wayne says:

    I am in total agreement with the other posters on the terrible job ESPN has done at the 6pm segment.
    It seems they have moved to a ” All black” format that does not appeal to me at all. I truely miss Lindsey,
    her interviews were great and she reported on the sports and stories that were current. You didn’t see her out shopping with her “home girls”. After Pardon the interruption, i just change the channel.
    Shame on you ESPN. Your killing sports one segment at a time.

  13. Don says:

    To much BLAH, BLAH,BLAH with these 2. ESPN has lost me at 6 p.m. Just tell the f’in sport news will ya!!!!!

  14. Jack Mathys says:

    Sportcenter has gone jive in conjunction with the end of football and the domination of sports news by the virtually all-black NBA. Michael is known as a race-baiter and white boy hater; Jemele is OK but WAY too black. The show is a ghetto paradise that has more to do with race than sports, and that’s always bad for business.
    Van Pelt’s show is a joke too. The guy has ZERO charisma and that show never got off the ground; plus his main buddy is a poorly-dressed nobody with nothing going for him but his own thoughts.
    What did they do with Lindsey Z? Did she have another baby and quit or did she get moved out? I really didn’t like her when she first started, but she grew to be professional and watchable.
    I’m with a lot of guys here–I haven’t seen the show and won’t. At 6 there’s usually a college game on so I’ll watch that. Neil and Stan do a great job later on if I want to check on the scores.

  15. shawn says:

    I stopped watching SC a while back. Just watch/listen to podcast that interest me. But these two? They are way too getto for me. And whats up with all the costumes? Just report the sports in a professional manner. Will not watch this show.

  16. Rob says:

    I have watched ESPN, since it started.I dislike the Sportscenter 6.I won’t be watching between 6-7pm.I have talked to most of my friends, who have similar opinions..Hopefully this latest bad idea, won’t last long,or your ratings will continue to suffer.

  17. Ralph says:

    Is SportsCenter think that Michael and Janelle are going to save their show they got a new thing, there’s show is an absolute joke have to show they talk about nothing that has to do with sports what happened to just what their station was known for SportsCenter not about the Grammys not about Bruno Mars not about Rihanna on how good she looked this is a joke I will stop watching sports center 6 as of today please post this because there’s a lot of sports center Watchers that just don’t want to leave a comment

  18. Jim says:

    I watched the show twice. The first time Michael made a positive comment about Obama. The second time he made a derogatory comment about Trump. This is a sports show and I don’t really care what Michael’s political opinions appear to be.

    • AMT says:

      I agree. What I love / loved about ESPN and Sportscenter was the lack of politics, race based opinion, etc… This 6 pm broadcast is when I leave.

  19. George says:

    How booooring!! Great team for talk radio, not my 6:00 sports highlights! Please let this be over and give me mt Spotscenter back!

  20. Marguerite Wolfe says:

    Sports Center @ 6PM is terrible. Where is Lindsay Czarniak?

  21. First of all I would like to say that I have admired the strong n educated voice Jemele Smith for some years and of course Michael Smith in “Numbers Don’t Lie”….However I don’t know who put these together but as ” His n Hers” Co hosts I
    Love and Respect thier well researched and educated views in regards to updated sports news and also thier knowledge of our world news as well.
    By the way I honestly hope that they keep the since of humor and the spontaneous skits

  22. Raynard Sargent says:

    The chemistry of these two are “Undebatable”, I enjoy their show more than any in the morning lineup. They’re young, on point on issues and give a younger viewing audience someone they can relate to as opposed to the typical white middle age male. Haters are going to hate and racist love to attack something they don’t understand, but the demographics they are going to reach will Love it!!!

  23. Touche' says:

    “his and hers” show sucks!… and everyone knows michael smith is an Uncle Tom” he had the audacity to wear a “festivus for the rest of us” sweater on his sorry show, doesnt he know Michael Richards aka (kramer) went on a racist rant a few years ago at a comedy club in LA. Why the hell? would he wear that stupid sweater?? oh… he’s an Uncle Tom thats why.

  24. TheZuluKing says:

    WOW! Espn must be purposely trying to go bankrupt. Why in the WORLD would they think this will go over well with the NON BLACK people in America? NO one wants to hear their anti-everything garbage. Yeeecchhhh Thank GOD for FOX! The E continues it’s decline into the abyss – – FOR SALE in 2 years! You watch and see! And for the afro’s that will fire back and call me racist – – i would say, check out j hill on the google machine and write about that!

  25. Can’t wait to watch. They’ll have Melissa Perry Harries, Obama, and Kaepernick. Nothing like mixing sports with social issues and liberalism. Wilma, forget dinner, I’m watching Sports Center.

  26. Mike says:

    LOL go figure…. Nothing but white racist males giving their racist comments on the internet again. There is a reason why ESPN moved these two to that time spot. It’s because the majority enjoys them!! They have the same sexist mind state as trump

  27. yep just look at the filthy racists in the comments. typical white male behavior.

  28. Haywood Jablowme says:

    Sick of these monkeys

  29. jo says:

    Jemele Hill is a racist ahole. No more ESPN for me.

  30. Wentz11 says:

    Another dumb dumb female that doesn’t know sports..I thought she was pretty racist too..

  31. Frankie says:

    ESPN has really hit rock bottom now. I’ll be avoiding the 6pm Sports Center and watch something else when those racists start.

  32. Isn’t she the dummy that called out some guy for taking David Johnson number one in his fantasy draft? Real sports brain she’s git there.

  33. JB says:

    Wow @ the comments! ESPN showing diversity and all you guys is negative comments? Must be Trump supporters.

    • DW says:

      You must have never watched these two racist anchors, ESPN is garbage. But it was a Typical libtard response to think all republicans are racist. You should really look into the democrooks voting to keep segregation of blacks in the 50s and having high ranking KKK members in congress for the democrooks.

  34. ” Took steps to keep the overnight version of the program steady, re-upping Stan Verrett and Neil Everett to anchor the program from Los Angeles.” Probably the worst decision to make. These two are clowns. Too much goofing around and silly little catch phases and are generally just obnoxious. Making it unwatchable. Moving on. Buh-by ESPN.

  35. I swear its like ESPN is trying to turn viewers away on purpose

  36. Dirk Diggler says:

    oh great another reason to not watch ESPN

  37. Mac McCreary says:

    Awesome! I can’t wait to not watch that crap.

  38. JJ says:

    Awesome! Now I know I will def not watch.

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