‘Meredith Vieira Show’ Ending After Two Seasons

Meredith Vieira show cancelled
Courtesy of Mike Coppola/NBC

NBCUniversal Television Distribution has pulled the plug on “The Meredith Vieira Show,” canceling the syndicated talk show after it finishes out its second season in May.

The daytime series was centered around the veteran journalist and former “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” host and premiered in early September 2014. A month and a half later, it received a second-season renewal.

However, “Meredith Vieira” was averaging about 1.1 million viewers this season, down about 25% from the previous year, according to Nielsen. It was the second least-popular of the 15 current syndicated talk shows on the air (the first being Disney-ABC’s “FABLife,” which recently lost co-host Tyra Banks).

“I am so sorry to see our show come to an end after this season, but I am also incredibly proud of the work our staff has done and forever grateful to our supportive viewers. We promise to spend our final weeks producing the best broadcast we know how. And have a blast doing so,” Vieira said in a statement.

Vieira will finish out production on the current season of the talk show before heading to Rio to work on NBC’s coverage of the Summer Olympics.

The news came soon before it was announced that NBC-owned stations had renewed Warner Bros.’ “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” through 2020. The show already had a pact that would keep it on those stations through 2017.

On NBC-owned stations, Vieira’s departure will result in the addition of a 4 p.m. newscast on NBC stations in New York and Los Angeles and two other markets.

Rick Kissell and Cynthia Littleton contributed to this report.

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  1. Betty Piscitelli says:

    I was very sad to see merideth show not on the other day. I cannot believe that I will not be able to see it anymore , I really liked this show . UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mondo says:

    Best news ever

  3. love love love your show. Wish I was not afraid to fly as I could have been at one of your fabulous shows.. but I depend on the tv to watch you! I would have loved to have been there to win the Im obsessed prizes. How exciting and how lucky for all your guests!!

  4. Delanie Lee says:

    Just watched her segment on “what’s hot now” and was irritated about the food stamp part. First of all those gals including the gal who was on food stamps “years ago” don’t have a clue what’s going on in the real world now. I believe that New York person is on track in curtailing some high end foods. Since sodas are now obsolete in our state schools I firmly believe that any processed foods containing at least 30% sugar should be banned from the program.
    I just retired from over 25 years of being a grocery cashier and some of the worst experiences have been to wait on whiny food stamp customers who think they are owed the world. Food stamps were originally a “hand up” program, now it’s just a “screw you” program designed to allow people to live off of those who work. Not all, as people I work with are on the program but who also hate all the abuse in the system. Ask yourselves why the high end meats are always “on sale” at the beginning of the month – it’s to wring food stamps dollars why they still have “fresh money”. And although some get very little, mostly older people, the young collect a lot.
    Ten years ago rarely did one see a food stamp card with over 400 – 500 dollars a month. Now, it’s common to see 800 – 1500 dollars monthly. Plus many now get a cash supplement also. Many of us working grocery wonder how so many can get so much, while others get so little. It’s in the paperwork, and there is a lot of scamming going on.
    What also bugs us working people is that food stamp participants got more in benefits than we did working. As one 20-something told me last year, “You’re stupid for working, you’re so old now that you should be able to collect on something”. This sums up the mentality of so many of the younger generation. They have been given so much and don’t think they should have to put time or effort into their own care.
    One of the remarks the black gal on the Meredith show made was also very telling. She said there was a time that she was short of food and she didn’t want to ask her family to help her out so she got food stamps so she could be ‘self sufficient’. Really, and where does she think food stamp money comes from. It comes from working people who are attempting to become self sufficient and it doesn’t help us any when lawmakers keep whining that they need more money and programs for the poor people. Cast your town sometime and dig to see how many programs help poor people and count all the people who oversee these programs and see how much money they make “administrating” to the poor segment, their wages being paid with government dollars. I would like to see all these programs housed under one roof, no overlapping services, and fire all the people who are also taking a free ride on the working man’s back using “government money”. Put them back to work other jobs besides the ones who pull money out of the system through government grants.
    Last year someone was asked where government money comes from. The guy cocked his head and said “What do you mean where does it come from? The government prints it as we need it.” Can you tell he’s never had a job?

  5. M B Tompane says:

    Sorry to see show cancelled. But I did not enjoy most of the round table segments.

  6. Dee Hoffman says:

    Meredith and her wonderful cast and staff will be really missed. She is so intelligent and compassionate. I wish further success and happiness for all of them.

  7. Denise says:

    This show was all about attacking Christians, conservatives and anyone else who didn’t take to having uninformed, hateful, leftist views shoved in their face every day. The show was just like all the other shows that feature hysterical lefties that make zero sense, all mind-numbingly boring

    • Catherine Woodward says:

      wow, were you watching the same show i was? i found most of their discussions totally relevant and interesting, and the diverse personalities (Lance Bass, Lily, ‘the black chick’, and the cute blond barbie-looking soccer mom—-they were all interesting and entertaining. Or, alternatively, maybe i need to “get a life” lol. Hate that phrase. regards, catherine

  8. Diasy says:

    Glad it gone, it all started to go downhill when some fool decided to have that round table discussion where Christian’s and conservatives were put down on a regular basis and all the panel were just plain freaks, buffoons and stupid. Thank God this show is gone, I wish more of these types of shows were cancelled. Today MVS, tomorrow The View and The Talk.

    • Carolyn Everett says:

      I am so sorry to see this show cancelled. This was one of my favorite, especially the roundtable discussions. Meredith was an excellent host; have followed her since she was on 60 minutes.

  9. Colleen Dougherty says:

    I just logged on …not knowing the show was cancelled…but I feel it’s due to the big mouthed woman who sits on the far right. She refuses to let anyone else talk and is constantly talking over everyone. I love Meridith and feel she will always have a place on the Today show… They are hiring everyone!!!
    Good luck Meredith!!! I love you and to the woman who doesn’t like Steve Harvey… he is so funny!!! Love him too!!!

  10. Sandee😇😀 says:

    Meredith was one of the better ones, though I am not a fan of most of them…get rid of The View and Steve Harvey.

  11. Jackie says:

    how long do we have to wait for the freaking show to end????? I hate it!!! Too many talk shows

  12. Alex says:

    I can’t believe they cancelled this, shame on NBC. Yeah it was hit or miss but what show isn’t? Really enjoyed the “what’s hot” panel and the overall laid back vibe of the show. Big loss. Really hope NBC reconsiders at some point. Much love to Meredith!

  13. Suzanne pollock says:

    Wish nbc would have given her a chance. One of the few talk shows i enjoy. Merediths show is the best!

  14. Ms. Terry Weyganddt says:

    The person or persons responsible for ending the Meredith V. show, should be thrown out of the business.
    Terrible idea to get rid of quality, intelligence, ..great interviews..question asked and then sitting quietly as guest had the spotlight..The panel bringing good thoughts, a cross section of ideas and experiences that encouraged discussion and perhaps tweaking one’s core or level of taboo that seems to rise/change everyday….or validate other ideas for their merit..
    OK..now let’s see what one dimensional, shallow, immature, little-or-no-class show will replace one of few left that I felt worth the time to stop and listen and applaud….

  15. Barbara Chase says:

    You’re making a big mistake!

  16. Maria Muzyka says:

    The Meridith Viera Show is not only entertaining but informative & most of all heart warming. She helped so many well deserving children, adults & organizations. I can’t believe you would cancel a show that brings happiness to our lives only to make room for another news show. It’s just ridiculous, 12, 5, 6, & 11 isn’t enough times to hear the same depressing news & don’t forget the radio news all day. If anything important really happens they break into the show anyway, so why another news show? I guess we’ll have to go to cbs or cable at 4pm to be entertained until we’re ready to turn to the news in the evening.

  17. Deborah Harper says:

    The Meredith show was to me better then the Talk or the view it was fun and touching to watch not sure what will be on in it spot but it won’t be as good as Meredith and her crew there is two much court shows hope non of them are on who needs the dumb drama I can’t help feel that end the show was wise and now many have look for jobs

  18. Pam says:

    Boring show ever !!!!!!!!! what’s hot now every day with people I have never heard of talking about people I have never heard of ???????? where is the entertainment? Songs? laughter?? it is just a tabloid show? can read all that at the supermarket checkout line for free !!

  19. Kathy Malyevac says:

    I love the Meredith Vieira Show. Meredith is an amazing person and her show reflected that. I’m very upset it’s being canceled, but I wish her all the best.

  20. Robert Hartley says:

    I really don’t know how this hour of YOUS, will be replaced, Quiet time, as there is nothing to compare and way too much STUFF, that have no CONTENT. Your will be missed, and only want you to open another door., for YOU, Namaste

  21. Pamela Robinson says:

    I watched it every day n sorry to see it go, I thought it was very intertaining! Hate to see it go!

  22. Janice Carter says:

    So very sad to see this program end .. she is a class act. I watched it every day. I don’t understand why everything is based on money and ratings .. shame on you NBC .. all the crappie talk shows on but guess class doesn’t mstter.

  23. Alina says:

    This is my favourite of all daytime talk shows! Very sad to see you and the entire team go :(

  24. Jackie tindsll says:

    What a shame. Another good show being removed. I hope you have good future plans for Meredith Viera. She is the real deal.

  25. I am so sorry that the Meredith Vieira show has been cancelled because I think it’s the best talk show on TV. Meredith is the nicest of all the other hosts and I shall be sad to see her go. I shall not be watching much on Channel 4 again. I wish her all the best!

  26. Kristy says:

    I’m so disappointed, I would have them rather try a different time slot before letting her go . She was always full of heart and laughs. I loved her talk panel as well. NBC makes a poor decision on this in my book I don’t need more news . What I need is more Meredith! We will miss you Meredith and crew!

  27. Ellen Vecc says:

    What a disgrace that this fantastic show has been taken off the air just to “make room” for ANOTHER News show at 4:00 pm. The “best” shows are always the ones to be taken off the air. Meredith Vierra is a wonderful, down to earth person. Shame on NBC TV…..shame on all of you!!!

  28. Ellen says:

    Well that’s the pits NBC. I really enjoyed the Meredith Vieira show.

  29. susanne lamb says:

    I will miss your show so much. Your show was so refreshing and real. Your show would make me happy if I was down. The format was great. Best of luck to a fellow Rhode Islander.

  30. Dawn Stella says:

    Meriden: I am a 47 yr old single mother of three. I adore you and think your show was down to earth and amazing. This news is a big shock to me and I think they have truly made a big mistake in their decision to cancel your show. I have looked up to you for so many years. I admire and respect the inner strength you have and have shown throughout the years. You have given me the strength to plow through the obstacles I have had in my life. I have no doubt that the next thing that you decide to get involved with will be a great success. I hope I get the honor to meet you some day.
    Thank you and God Bless
    Dawn Stella from Cortland Il

  31. Debi Schulte says:

    Merideth… You are quite a gal. I’m so sorry to see you go. I loved your show, and I love you more, I’ll always be your fan. You are so real, Classy & So Pretty! So long for now, because I’m sure someone smart will pick you up to be on the air again. Good Luck and enjoy some much deserved time off! God Bless!
    Your fan from Albuquerque, N.M. Debi Schulte

  32. Rue says:

    I am so utterly sad and devastated. I almost NEVER watch Ellen. I LOVE Merideth…. now there is no one for me to watch. I guess it goes to show that no good deed goes unpunished. Merideth had more cass in her little finger than any of the other daytime hosts. I hope there is an outcry and you bring her back. I loved the concepts and the good will and the LACK of “sleeze”. I guess that is not popular these days though.

  33. Debra Osman says:

    I loved The Meredith Vieira show that was the best talk show on TV!!!! I’m going to miss her very much! 😭😭
    Bring her back!!!!!!!

  34. Debra Walters says:

    Makes me so sad. Why do you guys cancel thsee shows. I’ve had to retire due to health and I am sad because I have grown to love these people. Love Meredith and family.

  35. Delores Fry says:

    My daughter and I watched Meredith every day and enjoyed it so much. She is such a down to earth lady and I do mean lady. She really cares about her guest and is concerned about every one of them. We are reallyt going to miss her.

  36. This is truly SAD, out of all the women’s morning talk shows, Meredith’s was and is the best of the bunch. On the View and the Talk, you can’t hear most of the comments, everyone talks over one another, The same goes for the Real and FABlife. Plus, Meredith is the classiest of hosts. I also loved the format – unlike any other – where she spends time with a guest or guests in a one on one(or more) interview, and also has a nice diverse panel of regular women for a round table discussion, fun games too.. I see that FABlife has also been cancelled.. which I don’t care about, but if they do have fans, they have my sympathies. I hate it when you come to rely on one or two shows your really enjoy – and be left with the more promoted(usually that is the reason the best ones don’t get the best ratings). I know she will still have a career on tv after this, but it is a shame, because she is the best of almost any morning talk show host. I will miss this show.

    • Natalie Ihanainen says:

      I just starting watching the Meredith Vieira show and really enjoyed it! I was so happy to finally have found a talk show host with a brain. Meredith is smart, hilarious and a bit naughty…fantastic way to keep your audience on its toes! Her panel had great chemistry and, I especially loved that while they had differing opinions the panel handled their differences in a humorous non-contenious way. Imagine my surprise to tune in this morning and find the show cancelled. You will be missed Meredith!

  37. Tisha says:

    So…that was Gudunov, not Baryshkinov

  38. Pat Scott says:

    really over a million viewers and its gone.. I watch it every day and so enjoyed her and her guests.. she is vivacious, funny and so warm. come on.. bad move for sure

  39. Gay Williams says:

    big mistake it’s a great show up to date

    • robert silver says:

      well, you have moved me to cbs at 2pm! this household enjoyed the meredith veira show, especially the newer format with the “table” at the beginning. bad move!!!

  40. Monna says:

    This was not the right show or platform for Yaminika. Meredith was always a breath of fresh air and it’s sad it was canceled because of the wrong fit with such a loud and obnoxious response to almost everything. She belongs in late night comedy, not daytime, because she is funny a lot, but just not the right fit for Meredith.

  41. Betty says:

    This is one of my favorite talk shows. I’m sorry to hear that a show that brings happiness to my day is ending. Thanks all 5 of you on the panel for making my days a little brighter.

  42. Mike Manders says:


  43. Teri says:

    Her costars are annoying and LOUD.

  44. Slim says:

    Noooo it was refreshing to see honest people on air

  45. Slim says:

    It’s a shame this show is ending .It had talent and I missed seeing Meredith .I hadn’t seen her since Millionare .

  46. Dr. Gino lack says:

    The African American lady on the show is just rude. That is why the show is being cancelled. I was actually offended on her opinion with cops. In addition to not wanting to wait for the family who is late for the Disney cruise. Everyone is entitled to thier opinion but she is downright rude. You should have a topic about how much people tip at a restaurant. I’m sure her answer won’t surprise anyone. And that’s the reason she never receives great costumer service cause she doesn’t appreciate it.
    Fire her and keep the rest of the panel. Maybe they will get more viewers

  47. Vicki says:

    I’m surprised that Meredith’s show was canceled. I don’t know that the panel was the reason for the low ratings; however, I was offended today by the rants regarding all the bad cops out there. As usual, this subject was met with a lot of noise on the one side while the problem of the high murder rate far above the number attributed to cops, which is found to be justified the majority of the time, is rarely brought up in these so called discussion rants. Until that is addressed and taking personal responsibility is part of the solution, nothing will change.

  48. Karen says:

    I enjoy watching the show and surprised they would canceled it.

  49. I’m not surprised by the cancellation. Her panel may well have caused it!

  50. P. Stark says:

    I really hate to see Meredith’s show end. Her show is one I look forward to daily. There have been some occasions when the panel was a little over the top, but Meredith handled it with class. She has a great personality and expresses herself so well. I will look forward to seeing her join the Olympics commentators this summer. My best to her in the future; she’ll be missed by many. 💜❤️💜

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