Megyn Kelly to Host Primetime Special on Fox Broadcasting

Megyn Kelly Fox special
Courtesy of Fox New

Megyn Kelly will, for at least an hour, jump from Fox News Channel to Fox prime time.

The Fox News anchor, whose stature has grown during the most recent election cycle as she has tangled with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, will host a one-hour prime-time special on Fox Broadcasting.

Bill Geddie, who helped lead ABC’s “The View” for 17 years alongside creator Barbara Walters, will serve as executive producer. The program will be produced by his company May Avenue Productions.

During the one-hour special Kelly will interview celebrities from the worlds of politics, entertainment and other areas of human interest. She will also discuss the year she has had covering the 2016 presidential campaign.

The special has been in the works for some time. Roger Ailes, chairman and chief executive, disclosed last June that executives were contemplating a series of prime-time specials for Kelly, whose Fox News Channel program “The Kelly File” has drawn notice due to her ability to act as a maverick, sometimes challenging Republican politicians like Jeb Bush, Dick Cheney or Mike Huckabee. Her show is the second most-watched program in cable news, averaging 2.5 million viewers.


MEGYN KELLY Variety Cover

How Megyn Kelly Became the New Star of Fox News

In 2015, Kelly demonstrated an interest in moving beyond coverage of politics and news of the day. One of her more notable interviews was with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, the heads of the reality-show clan who, during an interview with her on Fox News, broke their silence about reports that their son Josh molested their daughters as a teenager.

Kelly has not been shy about her ambitions. “Barbara Walters has retired,” Kelly told Variety last year. “Diane Sawyer left her anchor role. Oprah has moved to the OWN network and is doing a different thing now. So why not me?”


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  1. johndgriffiths says:

    When will it air?

  2. Theresa Lipuma says:

    Megyn Kellys do us all a favor and STAY HOME AND RAISE YOUR KIDS!!

  3. anonymous says:


  4. anonymous says:

    fuck ya! she’s awesome she’s got that sexy eyes look that makes u watch her

  5. TallTan22 says:

    We Are “Done” With M. Kelly !!!!

    She stepped out of line, asking Trump stupid questions….trying to upset him. Glad Trump is winning big time. You can’t stop or slow a great man down who’s on a mission to “Make America Great Again” !!!!!!

    M.Kelly…..You Missy, need to treat ALL the candidates with dignity and respect and most of all apologize to Mr. Trump.

    ●●●●● Trump To The White House ●●●●●

  6. Herb says:

    Bill O. let Krauthammer “spin” Monday night…had to turn him off also.

  7. Herb says:

    Ever notice how she would stack the panels….with anti-Trump people. She was assuming she could deceive.

  8. Alex White says:

    Wake up Variety – we’re not watching Meghan Kelly anymore. She is the classic “dumb blonde news anchor.” Her 15 minutes are up. Okay, her 45 minutes are up.

  9. Take the USA back from the Ruling Elite says:

    So it’s ok for the Ruling Class and the News Networks to diss Trump supporters as “Poor & White” used as a Slur. Yet the Democrats, and the Rino GOP Establishment are ok with Uneducated People who Speak Spanish or Chinese coming to the USA to live on the Taxpayer funded spending $$ spree!

    I’ll tell you who’s POOR! The Ruling Class Establishment in both parties have POOR SOULS! They lack Integrity, Patriotism and Emotions. So they sell out the Working Poor and the Middle Class. There is nothing wrong putting Other Citizens first in the USA! Instead of the Bank’s, Special Interest or Illegal Aliens. George Bush II was a friend of La Raza so is Obama. Bush was ok with Dubai Ports World. And right now Obama is IMPORTING RADICAL MUSLIMS into the USA! That is not Ensuring Domestic Tranquility! Forced Immigration puts a STRAIN ON THE ENVIRONMENT ALL YOU HYPOCRITE LEFT WING TREE HUGGERS! Our USA only has Finite Resources and Carrying Capacity! So while you preach about the poor Mother Earth and fly around like Obama. Everyone else has to put up with paying for Illegal Aliens schooling and Medical Bills! It’s the ILLEGAL ALIENS WHO SHOULD PAY BACK THE TAXPAYERS! Along with the Fed Reserve, who spends the USA into Oblivion!

    It’s about time there is a TRUMP! Because that’s the USA needs! Not another Ruling Elitist who only looks out for themselves!

    • Toomuchsense says:

      Trump is not conservative. Second, you are very naive. Third, those of low intelligence are very gullible.

  10. Debra Matthews says:

    I feel extremely insulted by your guest saying that it is the poor white people who support donald trump. I support him. I am not poor and i have college behind me. My husband is a Trump supporter he is a pharmacist. It is comnents like these that make us dig in more for Trump. Let me explain something. Last election we sent a message by electinh all republicans. Since then they have done nothing. They have let things keep going on the same. It is educated people like us that are willing to take a chance on Trumpbecause we have at least a chance of him doung something.

  11. Mahadeva says:

    Really hateful Bi__h! Wonder how many viewers Fox has lost due to her very large ego? I mean, she evokes such a reaction of dislike that, for me, I have to check myself from not throwing something at the TV when she appears on the screen. Even before she opens her mouth to spout her nasty rhetoric, my reaction is visceral. Really, really don’t like this woman. Tonight I will be watching mostly CNN for election results rather than to watch her on Fox. Roger Ailes you have created a monster. From now on you should be called “Dr. Frankenstein!”

  12. Cali says:

    Got to reach out to everyone regarding the Trump hate. The establishment is running full speed, 24-7. Donors, lobbyist, career politicians, world banks, globalist, etc… they are on guard!

  13. Jan Conroy says:

    Mistress Torquemada gets a new gig. I wonder if the professional S&M bondage queen will be wearing her black leather outfit and cracking her bullwhip? Enquiring minds want to know.

  14. I’ll be sure to miss it @@

  15. James says:

    I can’t stand her either. Thought was ok in the beginning, but became to condescending and full of herself, then the way she scolded and looked at one of the panelist after a debate one night. The guy brought up/mentioned about Obama being a muslim and she about come unglued. Snapping back at him, no he’s not, he’s not you know. So sure of herself, and the look on her face was disgusting. If she was any kind of a decent reporter she would have looked into it and found the truth. The truth is out there and easy to find. But I guess she can’t see or find anything past the nose on her snarky face. Let her get her own show and begone from Fox News. The ratings should go up when she leaves, and let Shaun get her spot. He’s the best and most intelligent on there.
    My mother used to always say about people like her, “they think they are s*** on a stick, but are really just a fart on a toothpick.

  16. Kate says:

    Please make her go away. Stopped watching Fox, CNN anyway. Ugh!

  17. Chad Whitney says:

    This is Trump’s world; he’s simply letting people live in it – FOX and Megyn, included.

  18. I gave up on kelly she is too about herself ! if her show was just on subject matter ..that would work.Also she has the same commenters that always agree with her. So overrated. My wife agrees so we will view someone else.

  19. Berti Louha says:

    Shocked she still has a show

  20. Colby says:

    Another good looking house but nobody’s home

  21. RobbieK says:

    Don’t let them lie to you, folks. Megyn Kelly has lost thousands of viewers since her antics and condescending attitude. This is why she is being moved to a show no one will watch.

    • Cheryl says:

      I absolutely agree with you concerning Megan Kelly and her ratings .. I don’t know of anyone who watches her anymore .. She definitely wasn’t ready for prime time .. Not on Fox cable or Fox prime time .. She sure shouldn’t put herself in the same lineup as such great reporters and journalists as Barbara Walters , Dianne Sawyer, and Oprah .. Really Megan your ego is way over the top … Hope they put Sean Hannity in that spot , then Martha McCullounand Bill Hemmer ..

    • barnarme says:

      She has the second highest rated cable news program after O’Reilly. Now, you can wipe that egg off your face.

  22. I don’t need to be reminded not to watch anything she does….we automatically reach for the remote when we see she will be coming on the air.

  23. TexanForever says:

    Someone, … please remind me not to watch. These comments are moderated so I can’t be as direct as I would prefer, if you get my drift.

  24. As first sea lord during World War One, Winston Churchil created a new way to rate the women passing by his outdoor table at lunch. Instead of the zero to ten system we know so well, he used the Helen of Troy (the face that launched a thousand ships) method. Thus, he would declare a beauty a battleship, s modestly good looker a destroyer, a woman with looks issues a sunken submarine and a real knockout as “his majesty’s navy! Megan Kelly deserves a space shuttle or Apollo.

  25. dick smith says:

    Just a very smart lady……….no need for STUPID comments !

  26. Richard says:

    Where does Kelly go for her eyelid strengthening exercises? It looks like she flutters three pounds of bristles on each eye.

  27. ROFL says:

    Megyn is not only a yellow journalist, she isn’t as pretty as she thinks she is.

    She looks like Max Headroom and her nose looks like is was crushed in a vice grip.

    Just nasty……

  28. Jack Williams says:

    Count me out….also betting The Donald is out next debate because of her….

  29. hawaiirules says:

    It’s on my list of things to watch, right after watching grass grow and watching paint dry. Her latest siding with Michelle Fields (and for that matter, even giving her air time) proves what a tabloid skank she is.

  30. annie says:

    Flash for Foxnews.Not too many people like her anymore.I won’t be watching the hateful,non-journalist with the new Donald Trump haircut.She hates Donald but she has got his haircut.I quit watching her and Foxnews. Their ratings are in a sharp decline.

  31. rp says:

    I do not like her one bit..

  32. BobinNC says:

    **CLICK** ….absolutely ZERO interest in hearing her yuk, yuk, yuk ‘Look at me’ haughty laughing as though everything in the news is a joke to her and she’s just too cute. Her 15 minutes have come and gone….

  33. kvn says:

    CNN has a grand opportunity to fire just about everyone and replace them with solid Conservatives to capture all the viewers FNC lost after the horrible debates.

  34. Izula says:

    What’s longer, her hair or her chin?

  35. dannawanna says:

    This has to be driving o’reilly beserk…. frankly, i do not watch kelly anymore as i think she acted like a pig in the debates and she goes out of her way to act like a tough interviewer and it comesoff as obnoxious.

  36. help me says:

    I don’t think she should have gotten a short butch cut. It brings more attention to her giant ears and skin condition. The good news is it distracts some from her jacked up nose. She is standing over the trap door and doesn’t even know it. adios.

  37. Stopped watching her show about six months ago and never looked back. What started about good info and insightful interview turned into a show more about her, her husband, her hair extensions, her shoes, etc. Vanity Fair was the turning point.She turned from quality info to a skanky, snarky interviewer as soon as she got the $$$$$. Done.

  38. Make that another disgusted viewer that has turned off Megyn Kelly. Her coverage of the THUG violation of FIRST AMEND RIGHT to SPEECH and ASSEMBLY by BULLIES paid by George Soro’s Moveon . org was sickening . . . the reporter she had on the ground was a dishonorable biased troll. Her coverage of the THUG attack on peaceful ralliers at the Trump Rally was an act of degeneracy and dishonesty. The whole idea was to BLAME the VICTIM. If the THUGS have something to say LET THEM ORGANIZE THEIR OWN RALLY. But that was not their purpose . . . their purpose was to SILENCE their political opponents . . . that is SICK and Megy Kelly spinned it and spinned and spinned it to make the VICTIMS to blame. What could be in her head . . . so dishonest. I am finding something else to watch in her time slot.

  39. John Flentje says:

    Her hair was great but now it looks terrible. A few months ago it was fabulous.

  40. Lindy says:

    Kelly, Just the tip of anti-Trump spear at FOX NEWS. She doesn’t bash Trump without the approval of Roger Ailes with the approval of the Republican establishment e.g. Carl Rove. .

  41. Some times you just gotta wonder.. who’s D@#$ is she Suck^#@. I mean Foxes ratings are tanking yet she gets rewarded. Odd isnt it. almost as if they dont really care about the money, like they are just a tool that the establishment uses, and they money is really not the goal.

  42. Cyberties says:

    I like Megyn Kelly. She’s feisty and doesn’t take any guff. However, this move is going to diminish her credibility for me. I don’t care to see any “celebrities” being asked some saccharine question like, “if you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?” What a bunch of pablum! This is how we get Donald Trump as a candidate.

  43. tonyome says:

    I don’t watch Fox anymore since the bias against Trump surfaced. They are no better than MSNBC. Bimbo Kelly and her lesbian haircut would fit in well on prime time.

  44. Hans Peterson says:

    Fox News is there to control the right and their opinion. They’ve uncloaked and exposed who they serve by venomously bashing Trump and the millions supporting him. Go back into your hole dirty FOX.

  45. Exactly why I kept tweeting Bret that Kelly was a talking head and not a journalist for debate platform….I am sure he and wallace are glad to see her go

  46. Disgusted Viewer says:

    I no longer watch Fox finally quit watching Brett Behr with that quack Dr Krauthammer, so tired of his biased and vitriolic spew. Kelly is a nasty bitch that hates Trump. Finally see they are an Establishment Tool.

  47. No interest here or with anyone I know. First it was Juan and now, Megyn. We listen to the news, not someone who makes news and tries to be a star. Bye.

  48. TruthTeller says:

    I turned off FOX for the same reason I didn’t watch The View or Oprah. I think a prime time bitchfest would be perfect for Megyn Kelly.

  49. Nancy Wolf says:

    Megan Kelly reminds me of Katy Couric with her rudeness and trying to keep pushing for the answers she wants. She asks the same questions over and over with slight variations. When she first started in liked her with Bill, now she is so full of herself she thinks she can destroy people and push the election the way she wants it to go. Bad reporter with no redeeming qualities.

  50. Mr Tibbs says:

    I for one boycott anything Kelly does after her disgusting display at the debates.

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