‘Marvel’s Most Wanted’ Not Going Forward at ABC

Marvels Most Wanted cancelled
Courtesy of ABC

Marvel’s Most Wanted” will not be going forward at ABCVariety has learned.

The pilot, which was designed to be a spinoff of “Agents of SHIELD,” had been in contention for a series order for the 2016-2017 season.


Agent Carter cancelled

‘Agent Carter’ Cancelled, Hayley Atwell’s New Series Greenlit at ABC

Starring Adrianne Palicki‘s and Nick Blood, the project would have centered around the popular “SHIELD” characters Bobbi Morse aka Mockingbird (Palicki) and Lance Hunter (Blood). The news of the pilot was first reported by Variety.

“SHIELD” producers Jeffrey Bell and Paul Zbyszewski co-penned the pilot for Marvel and ABC Studios and were set to serve as showrunners and exec producers together with Marvel’s head of television Jeph Loeb also exec producing.

The news comes just after ABC cancelled another Marvel show, “Agent Carter.” On the other hand, “SHIELD” has been renewed for Season 4 for the upcoming season.


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  1. Loki100295 says:

    I think another Network like Netflix should take on Most Wanted, Cause I think it might turn out to be a good Spin-off.

  2. Rick says:

    I think it would be cool if they did an anthology series where each episode was its own self contained story, and they focused on a different character each episode. That way they could introduce a lot of new characters and maybe build off of the most successful episodes.

    Each episodes would be new and fresh . . . maybe call the series Marvel Comics Presents or something like that.

  3. I would rather they take minor superheros and give them an origin story as a single season (with some characters crossing over) and then bring them all together in a movie. That way each season is fresh and new and when it’s movie time you already know the characters well.

  4. hornacek says:

    It was a good think they already wrote these two characters out of Agents of SHIELD weeks ago, knowing that the Most Wanted series was a lock.

    Yes, the way they wrote them out left it so they could be returned if MW didn’t work, but it was dumb to write them out when they didn’t even know if MW would be greenlit for the first season. They didn’t even get to film the pilot before ABC said no!

  5. Bill says:

    Well, that stinks. The Agent Carter decision was expected, but it would have been nice to at least give Most Wanted a chance. Well, I’d be okay with it if Netflix would do a Dominic Fortune series, but utilizing the classic Howard Chaykin retro version rather than the updated one they were going with for Most Wanted (although Delroy Lindo is one of my favorite actors).

  6. Chris says:

    Is anyone going to make a show about Fred/Illyria from Angel? The whole Buffyverse could be a part of this kind of show. Yo, Joss Whedon, think about it, besides Acker still can pull off Illyria’s make up and costume.

  7. Jacques Strappe says:

    SHIELD and Agent Carter are by far the best comic book inspired series on television. Both series feel like they were written by adults how love comic books for adults who love comic books. That CW crap with cheesy costumed superheroes is suitable for Saturday morning but not prime time television–just wretched. FOX;s Gotham started out interesting but just stayed too dark and funereal which became a slog to watch.

    • myth420 says:

      Your out of your mind. The best comic book based TV show is The Flash, hands down. While I do think Agents Of Shield is the 2nd best, it’s not even close to The Flash. Agent Carter was ok, but it was too slow. The Green Arrow is another show that’s ok, but it’s hard for a hero with no powers to be the star of the show. So after a while it gets monotonous. Gotham is a show that has its moments, but it makes no sense as established storylines go. But Flash and Shield are above and beyond the others, with The Flash wearing the crown.

    • I think the ship for anything Buffyverse on TV has long sailed. If they ever go back to that, it’ll likely be a reboot.

      • Don Lynch says:

        I would love to see joss whedon’s Fray made into a movie or TV show. Would be a great way to continue the Buffyverse

  8. Glad to hear this. I’m a huge fan of these characters and of Agents of SHIELD, but they really worked as part of the ensemble. I had no interest in seeing them going off on their own, and I felt the way they were written off was handled very poorly just to jump start their new series. Hopefully we’ll see them worked back into SHIELD next season. With SHIELD now the only Marvel show on abc, I bet we’ll hear of another spinoff in the works sometime soon. My money is on a Secret Warriors series.

  9. John Ender says:

    sorry for Wonder Woman… I mean Mockingbird not to have the spin-off series but Oh well… NOW to contradict a prior post the Best Series from Marvel was Agent Carter… Shield has gone from a slow burn to ‘lumbering on’ case in point the ‘pilot’ for this series was so hard to watch.

  10. Agent Carter simply sucked,just by watching the 1st episode i knew it wasn’t going anywhere the same as Shield, but i understand they needed it to further elaborate plot line in the marvel movies which is fair enough. Im glad the did not go ahead with this spinoff because it wasnt going anywhere.

  11. djpetemarriott says:

    Incredibly bad move ABC…

  12. Scott says:

    If they don’t pick up Marvel’s Most Wanted, I at least hope they will write Bobbi and Hunter back in on Agents of Shield. AoS just doesn’t seem the same since they were disavowed.

  13. Ernest says:

    How about Netflix? Or go back to Agents of Sheild. At least this is the two safe bets.

    Carter got boring it needed something else other then one main villain.

  14. Fred Mertz, Jr says:

    Another woman-led series goes away at Marvel. And still no movie about their most popular character with the fans, Black Widow. It sucks to be a woman in the Marvel Universe.

  15. EricJ says:

    I remember Mockingbird from the 90’s West Coast Avengers print-comic. Lord, what a bee-yatch.
    She was supposed to be the arrogant loose-cannon “Character everybody hates”, and oh, did we ever. Finally got kicked off the team for unnecessary roughness, and the comic picked up considerably after that.

    • Are you kidding, this is the best time to be a woman,women these days can get away with murder!

    • Mark Behringer says:

      Picked up considerably? After Byrne’s run, in which she played a key role, it was all downhill in the sales until the book was cancelled. Never once, after Mockingbird was written off the book, did the sales go back up even a little. It was literally the beginning of the end.

      You are living proof that anyone can say anything on the internet like it’s true, just to finally know the feeling — however artificial — of what it must be like to be right.

      • EricJ says:

        Didn’t mean sales, just that it READ a lot more smoothly after they finally worked out the neverending arc-griping about Bobbi letting Whats-his-name go over the cliff. Byrne’s run was a major overhaul, and maybe it is clouding my memories of whether she was involved in it, but it was always destined to be a B-team, though.

  16. anonVar says:

    Really disappointing to hear. I was looking forward to this.

    I hope they can work Bobbi and Hunter back onto AOS now.

    Any word about Marvel’s Damage Control series?

    With no Agent Carter and now no this, it leaves Agents of SHIELD as the only ABC show I watch.

    • myth420 says:

      I know, I was lookout by forward to those show, but I was really interested in Damage Control. This is not a good sign for that show. I still hope they go forward with it. Damage Control is a comedy, so it might go forward because it’s different from what’s on now. Here’s hoping.

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