Marvel ‘X-Men’ Series from Matt Nix, Bryan Singer Lands Put Pilot Commitment at Fox (EXCLUSIVE)

Marvel Matt Nix Fox
Courtesy of Marvel

Fox is entering the Marvel universe.

The network has made a put pilot commitment for a new “X-Men” action-adventure series, hailing from writer Matt NixVariety has learned exclusively.

The untitled series will focus on two ordinary parents who discover their children possess mutant powers. Forced to go on the run from a hostile government, the family joins up with an underground network of mutants and must fight to survive.

20th Century Fox Television and Marvel Television will co-produce the series with 20th handling physical production. Nix will serve as exec producer with Bryan Singer, Lauren Shuler Donner, Simon Kinberg, plus Marvel’s Jeph Loeb and Jim Chory.


Legion Hellfire Marvel TV Shows

Marvel Co-Producing ‘Hellfire’ Series for Fox and ‘Legion’ for FX

“Developing a Marvel property has been a top priority for the network — and we are so pleased with how Matt Nix has led us into this thrilling universe,” said David Madden, president, entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Company. “There’s comic book adventure, emotional and complicated relationships and a rich, existing mythology from which to draw. With the brilliant production crew behind this project, it has all the makings of a big, fun and exciting new series.”

The project would mark the first Marvel series at Fox, which has had success in the comic book genre with “Gotham” and “Lucifer,” both of which hail from DC Comics. The network recently put a “Hellfire” series from Marvel into development, but Variety has learned that project is no longer moving forward.

“Working with Marvel on a television series for Fox has been a professional dream for our head of development, Michael Thorn, and all of us at the studio,” commented Jonathan Davis, president, creative affairs, 20th Century Fox Television. “Matt, Lauren, Bryan, Simon, Jeph and Jim are a powerhouse team of creative artists, and we can’t wait to get started on what will easily be one of this development season’s most exciting new projects.”



‘Burn Notice’ Creator Matt Nix Taking Over Fox Drama ‘APB’

Loeb, Marvel’s head of television, added: “Marvel Television is thrilled to be co-producing with 20th Century Fox Television on our first project. Matt’s a huge fan of ‘X-Men’ and his take on ‘X-Men,’ with its rich characters and high-stakes adventure, is exactly the show we want on Fox. It’s a great team of creative producers who will be making something entirely unique.”

As for other Marvel properties, the studio has a large presence on broadcast, cable and streaming with ABC’s “Agents of SHIELD,” Netflix’s “Jessica Jones” and “Daredevil,” plus new upcoming shows “Luke Cage” at Netflix, Noah Hawley’s “Legion” at FX and “Cloak and Dagger” at Freeform. ABC’s “Agent Carter” was cancelled after two seasons, but the network is developing a top-secret John Ridley Marvel project.

The untitled Marvel project furthers Nix’s relationship with Fox. The “Burn Notice” creator is co-showrunner and writer on the network’s upcoming drama “APB,” which will debut midseason.

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  1. Wow says:

    And Oprah you right you ain’t my friend but with friends like you who is in bed with my kidnapper who needs friends.

  2. See says:

    this is total proof that even if you give these people $9bn dollars they will still be murdering abusive bastards.

  3. Mike Davenport says:

    I decided to come up with my own idea for an X-Men TV show. It’s a work in progress.

    X-Men start out as members of a kids show (think Power Rangers).

    Scott Summers – 17
    Jean Grey – 16
    Hank McCoy – 18
    Warren Worthington – 17
    Robert Drake – 14

    Xavier creates the X-Men TV show to get young people comfortable with the idea of mutants believing that soon the truth would get out.

    Mutant age slower than humans. Two-to-one for the average mutant. Longer for more powerful mutants.

    There are only a few thousand mutants world-wide. All mutants hid their powers out of fear.

    Mutant sightings are like Bigfoot sightings, but quietly governments of the world take the idea more seriously.

    Xavier and Magneto were members of a secret society of mutants (The Hellfire Club). The Club has been in existence for hundreds of years, with the masknof being a reputable social club for the very wealthy. Xavier quits after realising that they are using their abilities for wealth and power. Magneto stays on longer only to be oustered for petitioning for mutants to come out of the shadows to conquer humanity.

    The Hellfire Club had been actively covering up the existence of the mutant gene, but when a Scottish geneticist discovers that MI-6 had a mutant operative, the secret gets out on the internet (ala Wiki-leaks). The public becomes panicked and fearful. The backlash is immediate and it turns neighbor against neighbor with a new word being used…”Mutie”.

    To make the best of the situation the Club organizes the murder of two young mutant children and blamed it on anti-mutant radicals. These deaths enrage Magneto into action. Magneto appears before an anti-mutant rally and begins tear down nearby buildings, flinging cars, and threatening to kill them all. An unexpected group appears to stop him, teen heartthrobs and actors, the X-Men.

    For a moment, the police and national gaurd begin to turn their weapons on the X-Men when some children in the crowd begins to cheer. The X-Men attack, but are hopelessly outmatched until Jean senses a hair-line fracture in Magneto’s psionically shielded helmet and with the help of Xavier they are able to get Magneto to drop his shields. That is all the team needs to press the advantage and defeat Magneto.

    In a secret prison, it is revealed that it was the Hellfire Club that order the murders and the anti-mutant rallies, all to manipulate Magneto into becoming the face of the “evil mutant” to the public. Unknown to Magneto, it was also the Club that tampered with his helmet allowing the X-Men to defeat him.

  4. EricJ says:

    Wait, we’ve got Marvel’s Legion AND Fox’s X-Men? Only one of the two is going to be allowed to use the M-word…

  5. solletaire says:

    Will this be part of the FauX-Men universe? If so, I’ll pass. If not, I might check it out although the premise does not sound too interesting

  6. Tony says:

    Typo: a put pilot

    Whomever writes these terrible press releases should read them out loud to hear how contrived they truly sound.

    • OneOfUsIsWrong says:

      Don’t see it. This is a trade publication for the entertainment industry, and they use trade language with which to communicate with their target audience.

      To wit: put pilot — A deal to produce a pilot that includes substantial penalties if the pilot is not aired; a virtual guarantee that a pilot will be picked up.

      Don’t see the typo, sorry.

  7. LOBO says:

    Lets hope Singer as much to do with it, anyway awesome news, we need this FOX Marvel deal! ;)

  8. NH says:

    This sounds pretty awesome, not gonna lie. Will Singer direct the pilot?

  9. ONIT says:

    Wasn’t it a TV show based on the Hellfire Club, not the character Hellfire?

  10. LostIllusions12 says:

    But what mutants are in it? I’m pretty tired of everyone’s obsession with Wolverine.

    • Probably wouldn’t be Wolverine. It sounds more like an Agents of Shield type cast with little interference from the movies. “Underground” sounds a lot more like they’re basing this off the Morlocks than the X-Men anyway.

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