‘Marco Polo’ Canceled By Netflix

Marco Polo netflix cancelled
Phil Bray for Netflix

Netflix has canceled “Marco Polo,” Variety has confirmed. The Weinstein Co.-produced series streamed for two seasons on the digital service.

Originally developed at Starz, “Marco Polo” premiered in 2014, with its second season debuting earlier this year. It becomes one of only a handful of original series to be canceled by Netflix, including “Bloodline,” “Hemlock Grove,” and “Lillyhammer.”

The series starred Lorenzo Richelmy as the titular Italian explorer and Benedict Wong as Kublai Khan. It was also among the more ambitious and costly efforts in the history f the company’s original series. Season one cost a reported $90 million. Production for that first season included a construction crew of 400 and an art department of 160.

In his 2014 review of the first season for Variety, Brian  Lowry wrote, “While ‘Marco Polo’ possesses scope, scale and an inordinate amount of exposed skin, the series exhibits only a sporadic pulse. That leaves a property that can be fun taken strictly on its own terms, but deficient in the binge-worthy qualities upon which Netflix’s distribution system has relied.”

“Marco Polo” was executive produced by John Fusco, Dan Minahan, Joachim Ronning, Espen Sandberg, Harvey Weinstein, Bob Weinstein, Ben Silverman, Chris Grant, Dave Erickson, Peter Friedlander. The series was produced by Electus and the Weinstein Co.

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  1. Billy says:

    I’m saddened by this.it was a great show

  2. Jakob says:

    Not binge worthy? I just finished watching seasons 1 and 2 for the third time. I just googled season 3 and this is what I find. So damned disapointed. This sucks.

  3. Mark says:

    I am a fan of Marco Polo since season I. Honestly, I didn’t like TV series until I watched Marco Polo and Games of throne. It’s really disappointing to see that it’s let go. Thought at least I’ve got 2 TV series to follow.

  4. Don Jones says:

    Con’on man! That was such a great show. I was looking forward to it ever season. The spin off with Thousand or hundred eyes was good. I understand the money aspect, but you guys should of figured that out before got your customers wrapped in the show. I can’t stand when the cancel and leave you hanging. Sad, very sad!

  5. allenalien says:

    One of my favorite shows. It was epic in all ways, so can’t fault Netflix for balking at the cost. But as far as ‘having a sporadic pulse,’ this reviewer is out to lunch. Can’t call someone out for his preferences, but I found this a multi-layered feast with twisting sub-plots and fascinating characters. I’ll miss it.

  6. Netflix never ceases to let me down! I just finished watching MP seasons 1&2 and was eagerly expecting season 3! I got rid of Netflix back when you thought you could charge us more and may I remind you what happened?!!!! We the People spoke out and walked away! How much money did you lose back then?!! Keep this shit up and you will find us dropping you like a bad habit! Xiè Xiè

  7. Jacob says:

    This is horrible news​ one of if not my favorite series on Netflix truly sad and upset this amazing series is cancelled. The fact it has some historical events to base it on is the cherry on top how can you compare 100% fictional​stories to this amazing take on historical events from the Mongolian empire and it’s rise and fall.

  8. Lyn says:

    Nettflix has no idea of what is excellent entertainment instead hosting some weak crappy programes . I do hope another service will take over and see the merit in running series 3. This was an amazing story and you have dissappointed thousands of people who love historical TV series. YOU need to finishe what you start. This is not the first time. Why bother to invest in a story and create a series if you cannot finish it?!! NO excuses! Just do it – otherwise you will loose many people using your service.

  9. Phillip Espejo says:

    Netflix please bring back this show and complete the story. It was enjoyed by a great deal of people, and it is a disappointment to hear that it is canceled.

  10. Geraldine Lopez says:

    There must be a way to make the 3rd season available. It is soooooo intriguing!!! 😀

  11. James says:

    Go to this Netflix page people and if we all suggest it you never know hey. I put Marco Polo Season 3 as all of my suggestions 😊


  12. James says:

    Gutted to hear this is cancelled, I’ve been waiting what seems like ages for season 3 after a brilliant first and second season! So so disappointed!!

  13. twan mucznik says:

    This series is really a nice series and a must see. but I hear that there will be not a new season I’m sad to hear that.

  14. thompsonmove says:

    Just finished seasons 1 and 2 can’t believe it’s cancelled. Loved it. One final season would be great.

    • Northlight says:

      Completely agree!
      Very well made, interesting and rarely used historical setting and characters with dimensions.

  15. Marilyn says:

    I was really looking forward to seeing the rest of the series. It really is a shame it was cancelled. I binged watched both seasoned so to say it’s not binge-worthy is truly false. Give us one final season. Don’t just leave us floating in the endless blue sky.

  16. SKay says:


  17. ed says:

    In every review I read about Marco Polo, it seems that the critics hated it but the fans loved it. Me included. Marco Polo was one of my favorite shows ever! I am so sad they cancelled it!!! I don’t think it received the proper marketing it deserved :(((

  18. Bob Fastner says:


  19. Gail Swearngin says:

    I really liked the first season. But season 2 was off. Unlike the first season which was a show unlike all other shows. Season 2 to me seemed like they were trying too hard. The added misplaced humor interjected where it doesn’t belong. They went over the top with the f-bombs and foul language. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a huge fan of the f-word and use it often. Lol. But when it’s every other word it takes away from the story line. Maybe I was disappointed because I waited so long for season 2. Over a year and a half between the seasons. I can see why Netflix cancelled such an expensive show due to poor ratings. I never got personally attached to any of the characters. I wouldn’t have been sad to see any one particular character die off more than the other. Maybe instead of spending so much money on the shows surroundings and stupid minor details. They should have focused on getting the audience to fall in love with the characters more than trying to get the audience to fall in love with the background.

  20. Ron Whelan says:

    I can’t believe that they are not renewing this show. This was 5 star throughout. All characters were incredible, photography and Art work phenomenal. This is the type of programming that should continue. What are they thinking? I can name several other shows that can’t hold a candle to this that continue on. Netflix you blew this one!

  21. MICHAEL MCATEE says:

    Wow I just signed up for the free 30 day try out since I am cutting the cord and had planned on keeping it, until I go any search for when the next episode is going to show, and this???


    Yes I binged watched the show, and that is something that I have never done before, ever in all my 60+ years, so whoever said that it’s not binge worthy is just not right in the head. Yes it’s every bit as good as Thrones and better than any other series IMHO and I didn’t think that it was possible for me to say that.

    I might reconsider keeping the account, but I don’t know if I want to now..

  22. Jay Ohara says:

    This is so unfortunate for the fans of the show, disappointed Netflix couldn’t find a budget to at least finish a story without letting the fans down.

  23. Darryl S Bierly says:

    This is so so so disappointing. One of the best pieces of film art ever produced, definitely on par with Game of Thrones, and better than almost everything else Netflix does decide to funnel money into. Such a tragedy if this series doesn’t go on. Artistic, historical, intellectual, sensual, dramatic, sexy, and provocative. Yes, clearly Brian Lowry should stick to reviewing more lowbrow selections. This is like canceling Lord of the Rings after the second movie. Maybe HBO will pick it up, they have proven to have better taste since clear back when Netflix was renting DVDs…

  24. Terry says:

    I agree – such a shame, such a great series….I only came across it by accident (sadly it wasn’t strongly promoted) but I’m glad I did. I hope others will discover it too and enjoy this marvelous production.

  25. Cat says:

    Such a shame.. now it will be wasted money completely.. i love these series and am very dissapointed it is left with open endings.. why the hell put on shows on netflix when left like this.. this is not the first time.. not the second time even.. Why even try a new netflix show now when not sure if it will continue..

  26. Joe says:

    It was very good. Only show I was looking forward to other than Vikings. I would also put it on the same level as Game Of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Mad Men. I can tell netflix got cheap and didn’t want to continue. I can see why with the recent boycott against Netflix. But the costumes have already been made, many of the sets can be reused. Most of the cast aren’t even that well known or famous to demand high salaries for their roles. They would rather spend their money on shows like “Dear White People”? Now I really hate Netflix.

  27. Upset says:

    We the viewers apparently know this show was among if not the best of a tv series. I put it beside “The Game of Thrones”. Whoever picks this show up will get great rating. Netflix you have made a Dumb Mistake. I hope some other network gets it Hey Crackle, HBO, Paul Allen, somebody listen to your viewers

  28. I disagree that its not binge worthy. I binged it so hard.

  29. Arif Shaik says:

    Oh come on!! Thats soo bad….been waiting for season 3 for so long..

  30. T.J. Carelsz says:

    Damn….. Every single one of my friends and colleagues was waiting just like myself for season 3! Not one of us was even remotely considering that the show would be cancelled. Crazy…

    • The truth says:

      The series was shit you and your friends have no taste sorry it’s true ! I regret that I watched it I admit with shame and blame it on my OCD.

  31. Drewmon says:

    This is an awfully ending for a fantastic series. Who ever said this lacked bingeworthy elements is a complete idiot. Netflix Starz please revert this decision. The show must go on!

  32. Delvicco snyder says:

    When I read this I felt as if I was left with a part of history untold. This this series on Netflix is very exclusive but at the same time I learned a lot,about betrayal, honor, and the meetings behind family. if anything at least and the season at three there’s too many unanswered questions in this television series and I know I am not the only one that ponders about the Kong dynasty,to who ever this may concern this story takes place a very long time ago in the story was told to somebody that told another person and another it is the stories that generations of people grew up hearing and now have the privilege to watch them and watch his store cool battles and families seen by people that that praise them and their culture me myself I am not of Asian dissent but if they would write or make a story about native Americans preferably my tribe madiu and pit River then I would gladly enjoy watching my people and hear their stories once more thank you for your time and please respond to this comment or share your thoughts .

  33. Paul Martasian says:

    This is a very, very sad situation This series in my opinion is on equal turf, as “Games of Throne” if not better……
    It was apparent that it cost a lot to produce this series (Marco Polo) as it was so well done!!!! Any word as to who might take Nexflix’s position?????? This is wrong, wrong, wrong…………….
    Paul Martasian

  34. JC says:

    Well that sucks. This was one of he best series I’ve seen on any channel, let alone on Netflix. It’s too bad some studio exec didn’t see it as a success.

  35. Patricia McDonald says:

    Please don’t cancel Marco Polo!
    Anyone who has spent any time in China and Mongolia would attest to the authenticity of the sets, the costumes, the styling and makeup, & the heartfelt belief in the historical legacy of Ghengis Khan!
    The actors so deftly portray the attitudes, personal relationships that exist even today in Mongolia.
    I found all of the acting to be so convincing, and the different accents were not only delightful, but complemented the envelopment of me as onlooker, rather than just a viewer!

  36. Rich says:

    What are you guys smoking there at Netflix? What a terrible decision to cancel Marco Polo.

  37. Jose Collado says:

    This is tragic. Marco Polo is truly a great show. If Netflix does not want to continue the series then maybe it should go back to Starz who was originally going to produce this. Don’t leave this story with out an ending.

  38. jim says:

    can’t believe they cancelled this series!! what a disastrous decision. this was great story line and very solid acting. Neflix are you going to be the new NBC…?? string us along and drop us just when the show has developed into a solid set of characters? come on..

  39. SingingAlways says:

    It was getting so good, why cancel it without an end. It defiantly was one of the top Netflix series. Couldn’t they have gotten one more season like Hemlocks Grove did.
    It makes me sad that we won’t know what happens next.

  40. The best rated series Netflix had to offer. Cancelled without a conclusion. Netflix is the biggest buzz-killer. They bait you with an amazing one or two seasons, then say, “hey, now that you’re DYING for a season three, f all you.” It’s like going to a strip club, you get all excited and you leave with blue balls.

    Thanks for the blue balls, Netflix… My wife is even more pissed than I am… Hulu? Anyone?

  41. Matt says:

    This was Netflix’s best show. It’s a shame that mainstream viewers would rather watch shows like the bachelor.

  42. Wendy Rocha says:

    Please bring the show back!! I binged watch and loved every minute of it! I need season 3 ASAP!! Can we start a petition and send it to Netflix? Who do we have to talk to .. let’s get season 3 going people!

  43. David says:

    Marco Polo was absolutely a fantastic series with STUNNING visuals. OK, I get it, expensive, maybe the ratings “appear” to be weak (never trust ratings), BUT….to just cut it….without a proper conclusion episode is just WRONG!!!! How can we trust Netflix to not hook us with another great series only to cancel it mid-story line???

    • Nikolai says:

      I agree with you 100%. Seriously, we need to start a petition or something, this show was amazing. Netflix will be crazy if they cancel this show. So disappointing….

  44. Sad Panda says:

    Goodbye Netflix FFS! Marco Polo (bad name choice btw, because it’s an overused name/term that has attachments already tied to it= not drawing me in. + A LOT more going on than just him. Though this is just 100% my opinion) AND Lillyhammer?? These were great shows! But hey at least they added Steven Seagal and other great movies to replace the void right?? Netflix made the decision for me to save my money & cancel. *drops mic*

  45. Jenni Suzuki says:

    Ive just finished Season two of this incredible series, “Marco Polo”. I was completely in awe of this production. It doesn’t surprise me that it was costly to make, it shows. Everything down to the most minute detail was so incredibly created. The story itself was so compelling, enlightening me each episode. I don’t know if words are enough…this series was magnificent in every aspect. From the wonderful, yet complicated characters which moved me so to the grandeur of the time and traditions of such an incredible part of history. I am sad to hear that there will not be a third season. Each actor brought out such believable performances! Praise to all of them> Thankyou Netflix for another, (too short) drama series. I was totally enamored.
    Jennifer Suzuki

  46. Edith M Irizarry says:

    Please bring it back!!! And I did binge watched it!

  47. Cedric says:

    Why? This is ridiculous and I hope this is joke from Netflix

  48. netflixsucks says:

    that’s sad! please bring it back, i promise i wont pirate anymore. :(

  49. Damn, this was my favorite show on Netflix. I was looking forward to a season 3 after the cliffhanger ending of 2. I always felt like this show was Netflix’s answer to Game of Thrones with the late night fluff, the amazing action, and storytelling that only a historical fantasy can give us.

  50. kevin says:

    Oh h-e-double-hockey sticks!! This show came back to my attention as it was seeming a bit long to premiere and I was thinking I should recap season 2 at least beforehand, only to learn its canceled. I’ll give that the first season was definitely a late night cable show, all fluff, that’s why I stopped at first. A friend was talking about it and I pushed through. Season 1 felt like more skin than story, which I don’t attribute as a positive necessarily…oh the days of NYPD Blues side boob and butt shots, so risque. I can still remember Dennis Franz rear, unfortunately. But I felt that season 2 cleaned up their act and told a better story. Plus the 100 Eyes short was awesome! Very disappointing development, I almost started to recap before I checked up on Season 3…frankly they could trim some other budgets like Sense8, OA(cringe) to make room or try a more for less approach. Period pieces are costly I suppose but this is a bummer. whats next? More old movies converted to TV….seems to be the newest copycat trend, Shooter, Lethal Weapon, Frequency,…I’m sure there are more since reality TV got run into the ground…whats better than no character script?, writing a script based on someone else’s script!! NOT!!. Luckily Amazon seems to have complementary release cycles with Netflix as whats on NFLX now is more trash than treasure.

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