‘Marco Polo’ Canceled By Netflix

Marco Polo netflix cancelled
Phil Bray for Netflix

Netflix has canceled “Marco Polo,” Variety has confirmed. The Weinstein Co.-produced series streamed for two seasons on the digital service.

Originally developed at Starz, “Marco Polo” premiered in 2014, with its second season debuting earlier this year. It becomes one of only a handful of original series to be canceled by Netflix, including “Bloodline,” “Hemlock Grove,” and “Lillyhammer.”

The series starred Lorenzo Richelmy as the titular Italian explorer and Benedict Wong as Kublai Khan. It was also among the more ambitious and costly efforts in the history f the company’s original series. Season one cost a reported $90 million. Production for that first season included a construction crew of 400 and an art department of 160.

In his 2014 review of the first season for Variety, Brian  Lowry wrote, “While ‘Marco Polo’ possesses scope, scale and an inordinate amount of exposed skin, the series exhibits only a sporadic pulse. That leaves a property that can be fun taken strictly on its own terms, but deficient in the binge-worthy qualities upon which Netflix’s distribution system has relied.”

“Marco Polo” was executive produced by John Fusco, Dan Minahan, Joachim Ronning, Espen Sandberg, Harvey Weinstein, Bob Weinstein, Ben Silverman, Chris Grant, Dave Erickson, Peter Friedlander. The series was produced by Electus and the Weinstein Co.

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  1. Ira says:

    Very disappointing

    • Luke Lowe says:

      Yes what a disappointment. I watch a lot of shows. And marco polo was wonderfully made acted and directed. I’m am disappointed to read stupid comments about the show but people love to hide behind there computer and talk trash and that’s ok. Netflix made a huge error on this one. Perhaps the best show they had. I really believe most people are to worried about the next episode of the cheesy super hero or modern mystery bs or vampzombie crap to enjoy a show with greatness. Yes most people are to dumb to watch marco polo. You have to think and be interested in history but also know great acting and directing to love this great epic. Kublie khan ruled more territory than Alexander the great and the to man empire combined. What’s more interesting than that. Great disappointment Netflix. Please don’t make these type of shows if u can’t at the very least end it without a hundred questions. And I love Netflix but this is the worst decision ever made. I never thought in a million years marco polo would get cancelled and end in such a cliffhanger. Beings to mind the HBO show deadwood. You don’t have to make a hundred shows Netflix. Just ten or so good ones. Horrible decision. Back to sifting through the garbage that most shows offer I guess but know this you messed up big time for every intelligent show on your network.

  2. Amy says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a season 3 of Marco Polo!! Its fantastic!!!

  3. Debbie says:

    R u kidding me another good series I start watching & Google to c when season 3 starts & u cancel….uggggghhhhh…let’s just make some more of stupid zombie flicks……hate this…2 days watched the series & I could not wait for season 3 to start so Google to find out & find it to be canceled…u people r crazy……please rethink this , if u would promote it more, u would get even more viewers.

  4. Kate says:

    RIDICULOUS!! I DON’T ACCEPT THIS!! I have been waiting patiently because they usually release seasons around this time of year and now I google and uncover this LUNACY?!!? I am in utter shock that they are cancelling one of the best shows to ever grace any screen!! How dare they!?!?! Netflix would rather smear every awful crap that Adam Sandler takes on a screen, but they won’t stand behind the best, most profound and interesting historical drama ever???? I’m floored!! WHO CAN I WRITE ANGRY LETTERS TO?!?! WHO IS RESPONSIBLE?!? Why does this world favor over-sexualized, mind-numbing CRAP and neglect or CANCEL well-crafted narratives replete with three-dimensional characters and good intrigue?!!?? Ughhh seriously considering canceling subscription. Stop making all these rubbish all-white cast shows and bring up back to the diversity of Mongolia and China!!!! It was so wonderful seeing an American show that underscored the beauty, ideas, and strength of Asian culture!! SO rare!! Exactly what I’ve been waiting for!! All those handsome, rugged men…. :((((( I hate this. HOW WILL WE EVER KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO MARCO THE KHAN?!?! AND BYOMBA?! AND JINKIM?!? AHHHHHHHHHH I’M IMPLODING SO DEPRESSED

    • Luke Lowe says:

      I agree with everything you said and I feel your pain. I want to start a protest to bring marco polo back. Truely the best show I have ever seen. Intelligence is what made this show so brilliant. Everything about it was great. I imagine the cast is pretty upset with this travesty.

    • Tomas says:

      I completely agree with Pilar. I’ve learned more about the historical Kahn dynasty by way of the artful, story telling skills of John Fusco, than I ever did in grade school or college. Who ever is calling the shots at Netflix should step aside; especially after also cancelling Tyrant! Another show that conveyed the struggles of the modern-day middle eastern people in a way that was factual and intriguing, but using fictitious characters and plots that parallel current reality. UUUUGH!!

    • pilar says:

      You’re an excellent writer, Kate. It seems to me that you’re an interesting person. Although I feel just as you do, I laughed while reading your comment. Very expressive.

    • Tan says:


  5. Rachelle Izard says:

    So sad it was cancelled. This was a beautifully shot and well written show.

  6. Lisa says:

    Additionally, shows like Marco Polo are hugely educational as well as entertaining. I have a renewed interest in Chinese culture again. I remember studying some of it in college & forgot how much it intrigued me. After watching this series, I’m craving more knowledge…. these types of shows are actual quality… we have so much crap out there today…Marco Polo just needs to come back…

  7. Lisa says:

    Extremely sad & disappointed. I was drawn into this show immediately & it became my favorite, even more than the History channel’s Vikings. I remember Rome (HBO) being cancelled for being quite costly as well. I find it hard to believe anyone who attempted to watch this wouldn’t find it absolutely amazing. I think it’s sad for people like me who are captivated by history & are drawn to shows like this don’t get to enjoy it for more than just a blink of an eye. What a let down. Loved the entire cast, such excellent acting. I want more shows like these…

  8. David Reyna says:

    The only thing wrong with Marco Polo was it lacked an initial draw. I am midway through season 2, and is addicting. The writing is great! By far the best series I have seen on Netflix. Canceling it was a mistake. As more people stumble on it, they will only be disappointed by the fact that there isn’t more. What a tragedy. This cancellation was a bad call. It needed more promotion. That is all. I hope it gets picked up or sold to another Network.

  9. John says:

    Great show that I binged watched so not sure what the reviewer in the article was talking about. Sad to see it go.

  10. Daniel Jahn says:

    Best show netflix had going. Horrible decision. Maybe they needed to save their money to produce yet another dumb zombie show. Ridiculous.

  11. Star says:

    Why wouldn’t you make a third season?

  12. my says:

    NEED TO MAKE A 3RD SEASON!!!!!!!!!

  13. karel says:

    I wish to know what was the real reason for this decision because Marco Polo by far was one of the best series ive watched. this series has all the elements which in my opinion captivated the attention of its fans and to anyone who dared venturing in this world of pure creativity and the perplexed variations of human nature and our expressions. the hardest part for me is seeing all these wonderful characters become lost in the wind. you guys should reconsider…

  14. Sandy Heck says:

    I am so disappointed to find Netfix is not returning with more seasonings of Marco Polo. It is the best original series that they have. How is this decision being received by your audiences? I want start any interesting series for fear it could end at any time. Please rethink what you are doing and how many of your faithful viewers will be affected.

  15. Nikos Mountain says:

    I can’t believe it was canceled! It was a masterpiece and I was furious with myself for burning through the seasons so fast. It was Netflix best work. Very sad.

  16. jensen says:

    I Just went 2 seasons in mach 2 speed. It is one of the best tv series out there, and then of course I googled it to see, when I could expect the 3rd season.

    I can’t stand when good shows are cancelled. I will never start to see another netflix production again, unless I know, that all seasons are there to watch!!!


  17. bigmama11kidz says:

    wow i love maro polo what idiots to cancel it. i like to know how they make their choices

    • Alicia Hicks says:

      I agree. My husband and I were upset to know there would not be a 3rd season. I have shared this series with many people and EVERYONE loved it. I applaud Netflix with finding great talent to write the originals. But seriously… “Flaked” gets another season and Marco Polo doesn’t.

      1 of many irritated viewers

  18. Mark balkan says:

    I can’t believe you’ve left your viewers hanging in Mongolian and Chinese history. Marco Polo deserved an ending. I’ll think twice about net flix as a reliable source of entertainment. To spend this kind of money and not finish the idea is nuts, especially if you loose viewers who now will only look at completed series, or not at all.

  19. Mike says:

    Bring it back

  20. knightowl123 says:

    Wow, I can’t believe they cancelled this. Fantastic show. I was hooked the first time I watched this. I get the production cost were high, yet, fans loved this show. This happens with televised viewing all the time. All the good shows get cancelled. Sad really. So what if the critics didn’t like it. I’m glad I don’t pay attention to critics if I did, I’d never watch anything. I hope the producers change their minds and decide to bring this show back. I’d classify this show right up there with Game of Thrones.

    Honestly, I’m about done watching tv period. I’m tired of getting into a really great show and having it cancelled. I’m sick of it.

  21. Alex k says:

    Fuck u Netflix, all you have on Netflix these days are the most boring Nazi documentary is the most boring animal documentaries black-and-white movies that are parents probably watch the movie theaters when they just came out awful horror movies and comedy specials that are absolutely trash with the exception of Dave Chapelle. I remember what I had Netflix a few years ago you had so many better TV shows and movies but as the years go on you slowly started taking away all of the good shit on Netflix. There’s a reason that Hulu is starting to kick ass and Amazon is starting to become an absolute power house in the digital movies streaming business. step up your game quit being a little sensitive girls about everything like the rest of the world is is there’s an atlas just put another freaking season or Marco Polo because the way that season 2 ended you’re going to get a lot of people are more pissed off that I am. In the next few years are you just going to have children’s movies?

  22. Dale Ethridge says:

    I hate Netflix! Great show show and was only getting better. Left loyal fans hanging just to dropped the hammer. I hate Netflix!

  23. Jacob maier says:

    Extremely disappointed in Netflix. You can’t just abandon a show like that. Atleast make an ending b4 abandoning the show.

    Very upset here

  24. Mickey Holm says:

    Well, I guess this show wasn’t feminist enough or something…. I am SO disappointed with Netflix right now! They make so much shit with Adam Sandler, and have air boring shows like The Crown, but beautiful and epic shows like Marco Polo doesn’t deserve more than two seasons?! I loved this show, because it was so different than anything else shown on TV at the moment. The locations, the timeline, the costumes etc. It was all amazing, plus the cast was among the strongest I’ve ever seen Netflix put together. Im cancelling my subscription, and hoping that someone else might pick up Marco Polo where Netflix left it -Maybe Starz could get it back? now that they have ended Black Sails….

  25. Janice Dougherty says:

    There is little hope for anything that is well produced, well acted and historically accurate with fully developed characters. I am not surprised but VERY DISAPPOINTED. So much of Marco Polo was key to understanding human history. I am suspicious that there was a major political bias in this cancellation. We all know how $ rewrites history and facts.

  26. Can someone please give us the name of the asshat that thought this one up, so we can take it up with them?

  27. Tiffany Durham says:

    This news regarding Marco Polo not returning for Season 3 is devastating ! I have been so eagerly awaiting this new season after the incredible first and second seasons. This is shocking ! While financially I can understand the costs of production, it is still such an incredible portrayal of the times. The historical content with their own poetic license, is still, by far one of the finest stories to be shown for so many viewers, myself included. If there is any way to get it back, PLEASE …GET IT BACK !!!! The actors were absolutely incredible, it was binge worthy from the start ! The depth of characters was inspiring and the levels to which the costume designers went was unsurpassed by even the most highly acclaimed of blockbuster films on the big screen !… Honestly, this was one of my most favorite shows to date ! Please find a way…

  28. dragonkatet says:

    Really disappointed to hear this. Marco Polo was one of the few amazing series that Netflix had available. The characters were deep, the landscapes breathtaking, the action thrilling and the stories were intense. WHY would you cancel it? /smh I don’t know who makes these kinds of decisions in the company but they need a pink slip. Seriously, you offer a crap ton of B movies that no one watches, and one of the best series you produce and you cancel it after 2 seasons? Ugh. It’s becoming not worth watching ANY of your original series and becoming invested in them because you’ll likely just cancel them and leave the fans hanging. Stupid, stupid move, Netflix.

  29. KhanofKhans says:

    Fix this. Marco Polo must return. Where is the Khan? What of that bloody Christian scepter left on an unmarred, empty encampment? Netflix cannot do this to so many viewers. Please, listen to the people, give us some sort of closure.

  30. Frank phukyu says:

    Wow netflix just keeps fucking up. Make 10 movies with adam sandler where he doesnt even try but netflix donesnt care, in fact they just pay him more and make another 10 terrible movies with him. A series people on your service actually really like and you pull the plug super early cause someone there fucked up royally and we have to pay the price as consumers?? Fuck that as i type im canceling my subscription and moving to hulu. I sincerely hope everyone else who loved this show does also. Cancel your accounts and move to hulu and show netflix how much a fuck up really costs.

    • Stephan says:

      I love the show and really can’t believe that they have cancelled it. I am in agreement with the previous comment – the movies of Adam Sandler sucks and they cancel Marco Polo – really!
      Bring it back guys – truth with fiction – Loved every moment.

  31. Skull says:

    Good. Just another phony feminists historical rewrite. Why can’t they just make a show that reflects the truth? I mean a naked Chinese court harlot battling three fully armed and armored Chinese warriors and she handily defeats them??? Total bullshit! It lost me right then and there.

  32. Marsean says:

    I hope they get it back goin this show is pretty damn good somethin i really us watched a season of in 3 days.. Great show cancel something else damn so many lame series this is not 1 of those promote it better shit

  33. Cheryl Everill says:

    Boo. (Hoo)

  34. Damz says:

    Darn it! Marco Polo is one of the best series on Netflix! You got alot of crappy movies there but removed this one?! Seriously?? Atleast give an ending to be fair with the viewers. For all goodness sake!!!

  35. John says:

    This was perhaps the BEST SHOW on Netflix, and I just don’t understand why they would cancel it, or why they even lost $200 million on it! Yeah, thats right.. according to hollywoodreporter.com, Netflix lost $200 million on this show and thats why they cancelled it. Makes absolutely no sense at all! How could they have lost so much on such a hot and popular show! I am stunned, and terribly disappointed with Netflix for this!

    I saw we teach Netflix a lesson about REAL PROFIT LOSS and CANCEL OUR ACCOUNTS, and in the box where it says what reason you’re cancelling for? Answer “Because you cancelled Marco Polo, so we’re cancelling your PROFIT!”

  36. Valley says:

    Extremely disappointed. Was my favorite show on Netflix. Out of all the other “CRAP” they could of canned and saved money on they cancelled a brilliant open ended show such as this. Safe to say i wont be renewing my subscription again once it finishes this month. RIP

  37. Maja says:

    I just can’t believe it! Discovered Marco Polo lately and watched two seasons in one week which for single working mum of two is an amazing achievement. Great capturing exotic show! Very very disappointed as there is so much rubbish going on on Netflix and something good is just thrown in rubbish. Definitely unhappy!!

  38. Justin Searls says:

    I just finished binge watching Marco Polo and I think it is an amazing show!! I fully understand that some shows don’t make the cut and have to be canceled but if that’s the case it would really be appreciated but the thousands of ppl that do like those shows for them to maybe put out a movie or even a final season to wrap up the story’s here we dedicate our time to watching these shows and becoming a part of the story’s only to be left hanging with no closure of what happens to the story and characters we’ve come to love and hate!!

  39. John McGee says:

    Strike three, Netflix. My patience for the filth you perpetuate was already running at its end, but shows like Marco Polo helped balance the scale.

  40. Elti says:

    great show, feeling very sad hearing canceling it, that is a very bad decision

  41. Ben Murphy says:

    Just watched the 2 seasons in a week and was absolutely amazed by the show. Great depth, great character’s and brilliantly written with so much more to tell. Has everything you want in a tv series. Haven’t been this dissappointed since i found out Rome was cancelled after 2 seasons. Netflix by cancelling this show you are confirming to me and a lot of other people that you are just completely stupid. Think I might go to a different provider. Change this decision now.


    Loved the show …..So sad :( that they had the bad ideea to stop it

  43. Phil says:

    If Netflix intents are to make people binge-shit eating they’re on the good way… seriously canceling Lillyhammer and Marco Polo? WTF?!

  44. Bryce Fregin says:

    Such a great show.

  45. Gavin Roberts says:


  46. Jim Renschen says:

    How very sad. I just discovered MP and was wowed by it. The production left me stunned. It was so rich in every detail. Sadly it appears a star that burnt twice as bright, but half as long. Next to House of Cards this is only the 2nd show on Netflix that I absolutely loved. I’ve been a Netflix member since the beginning when it was launched. This is the first time I’ve been utterly disappointed by Netflix. This is a story that needed to be aired. It’s so different from what many come to expect on television shows.

  47. Andy Diluvian says:

    cancelled the best show you guys have put out in favour of crap like Bill Nye. Yeah I think I will cancel my subscription. This is a terrible idea. I guess it wasn’t quite feminist enough or something. Disgraceful.

  48. Monique says:

    There was so much left untold. So many untied ends. I was really looking forward to another season *😢

  49. Steve boxsell says:

    Loved that series….. why cancel?the acting,costumes,locations were brilliant
    So disappointed

  50. tom says:

    how do you cancel one of the best shows ever ritten??? this is pathetic

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