ABC Developing Female-Centric ‘Magnum P.I.’ Sequel Series

Magnum PI sequel ABC
Courtesy of CBS

ABC is looking to bring “Magnum P.I.” back to television.

The network is developing a sequel series, based on the original, Variety has confirmed. This time, the show would have a female-centric twist, revolving around Magnum’s daughter.

The project, which landed a script plus penalty order, hails from writer John Rogers, who will executive produce with Eva Longoria, Ben Spector and Jennifer Court. Universal Television is the studio.

The sequel, first reported by Deadline, is described as a rebirth of the “fun, high-action” of “Magnum P.I,” as Magnum’s daughter, Lily “Tommy” Magnum returns to Hawaii to take up the mantle of her father’s PI firm. She and her tribe of friends mix tropical beaches with the seedy underbelly of international crime and modern espionage, even as she tries to unravel the mystery of the blown spy operation that ended her career in Navy Intelligence.


Tom Selleck Recalls His Start in Fox Talent Program

The original “Magnum P.I.” ran on CBS from 1980 to 1988, with Tom Selleck taking on the title role of Thomas Magnum. Selleck earned a Golden Globe and Emmy Award for his portrayal of the private investigator, and became a TV heartthrob.

The character of Lily was introduced on the original series as a young child. She was the daughter of Thomas and his wife Michele, who was presumed dead. After Michele and her second husband were killed, Lily and Thomas were reunited, but her fate was never determined. It’s unclear if the sequel series will stay true to the backstory.

This project is the latest reboot coming to television. Just this development season, projects based on “The Lost Boys,” “Varsity Blues” and “The Departed” have been put into development. And this current TV season is bringing back “Lethal Weapon,” “The Exorcist,” and another TV reboot, “MacGyver.”

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  1. Michael Wertz says:

    I agree with Regina Pittman in as comment.

  2. Regina Pittman says:

    This was one of my all time favorite shows and number 1 favorite actors, and I have always hoped it would make a comeback! But I’m NOT happy to see it come back without the star of the show. This is why shows that try to be reprised and then change everything about the original show, NEVER make it!! Just bring it back with Tom Selleck and leave the character and theme of show the same with Tom with a grown up daughter. If he’s not in it, I WON’T be watching! It’ll be another great show butchered, STOP IT!!

  3. John Bowman says:

    Maggie Q would be perfect as Lily. You also have to have a great new Higgins type character and the estate has to be back. Just the beginning. Please do this right. I could make this great.

  4. Rick Caird says:

    They never learn, do they. See Ghostbusters for another example.

    • Robin M. says:

      This is different from Ghostbusters though, in that the original characters still exist in the sequel series’ universe. Rather than pretending that the original characters never existed. As long as the original cast can make cameos from time to time, I’m cool with it.

  5. If you want a “woman centric show” a Moonlighting or Remington Steel reboot would make more sense. Then you could make the main character the daughter of both of the former leads. Why destroy a great show? Magnum PI died in 1988. If you’re going to bring it back then at least be true to the formula that worked. Don’t reanimate it as a “woman centric” zombie of the original.

    Or is this show actually going to be more of a Moonlighting/ Remington Steel reboot located in Hawaii?

    • JT says:

      Actually, Magnum didn’t die. From what I remember, he rejoined the navy. The last scene was of Thomas holding Lily’s hand while walking by the beach. And the article stated that it would be a continuation where his daughter takes over Thomas’s PI business.

  6. John Bowman says:

    This show can be a huge success, but only if it is done right. There are very specific things that have to be done right. If you want this show to be very successful and kick ass…. Then talk to me. You won’t regret it.

  7. Sylvester Brock says:

    Not interested.

  8. Yes, there’s always room for another fanfic series about the next generation.

    However… the character of Lily represented a sort of otherworldly purity and innocence, despite exposure to violence and grief. It is possible that Lily could remain such a complicated survivor character while being a private eye and a veteran. It is possible that Eva Longoria could play her. But I don’t think TV writers today are up to the challenge of writing a pure, goodhearted, virginal female over the age of five. Possibly they could study Captain Carrot and Due South, but even Due South couldn’t keep up a classic good guy character for its entire run.

  9. jmt says:

    Because if there’s one thing I constantly heard from women when Magnum PI was on it was, “I like it. But I wish there was less Tom Selleck and more of some random hot chick actress which would demonstrate inclusiveness.”

  10. Social Justice Warrior says:

    As long as she is hot then it’s all OK, just remember ABC no f*t chicks

  11. unmutualone says:

    Seriously? Who will get banned from Twitter for mocking this feminist reboot?

  12. John Bowman says:

    There are certain elements to the original show that were very special and should be Incorporated into the new show for it to be accepted and be successful. I won’t go into it here but as a hardcore fan and expert of the original show I am all for this. Please be respectful and make it great. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

  13. IT--II--IT says:

    The INTEL RUN Hollywood franchise slum’s ‘latest’ ?


  14. BillUSA says:

    A female-centric “Magnum, P.I.” re-boot, eh?

    How original…

  15. C bomb says:

    Couldn’t they just rip off the plot and call it something different? Why sully the name Magnum with the inevitable dreck that will be the result?

  16. jamiegreco says:

    Does anyone have an original idea?

  17. Thomas says:

    Horrible idea. Only the name Magnum who never even knew he had a daughter as far as I can tell is the selling point here. Ghostbusters in Hawaii.

  18. Sandra Wallach says:

    It is obvious that Hollywood no longer has any writing talent. All that spews from the current writers are re-hashes, re-boots and re-makes of every half-way decent idea that came before. The result being an abomination, at best. Is there no one with an original thought? Please stop with the reboots.

    • EricJ says:

      As I say about movie remakes, it’s not about “running out of ideas”: Ideas they got, CONFIDENCE, they ain’t.
      There’s an entire TV generation that wonders why we don’t watch TV anymore like our parents did in the 70’s and 80’s, and there are networks that wondered why they brought Dragnet, Ironside, Hawaii Five-O, Full House, and Magnum PI back in the 00’s-10’s and nobody watched -those- either.
      (Just like movie studios are wondering whether we’ll come back to movie theaters to see action movies again if they bring the Magnificent Seven back.)

      Basically, it’s the realization of No Light At the End of the Tunnel for broadcast network TV, and it took them too long to notice it and try to fix things back again.

  19. Marty Gillis says:

    OH………..MY…….GAWD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO NO NO NO !!

  20. cadavra says:

    And coming next year: DRAG-NET, in which the transgendered daughter of Sgt. Joe Friday kicks off a new generation of busting them damn hippies and pot-heads.

  21. Des says:

    Longoria’s involvement will ruin it, sucking the fun from it like alcohol sucks moisture from your body. She’ll make it a PC mess.

  22. Terrence Brachmanski says:

    No…just NO. Get an original idea like the folks at Netflix and Hulu.

  23. ross says:

    And it will failed like all the other classic show reboots like Charlies Angels, Bionic Woman and Knight Rider.

  24. I always wondered what happened with the daughter. I do hope they keep to the original backstory (including the fact that she’s half-Vietnamese). I don’t see any reason for doing a Magnum sequel that ignores what actually happened in the original series, since one would assume the whole point is to capitalize on the popularity of the original series. Otherwise, why not just do an entirely new series?

    Not that such logic has stopped producers doing stupid things with reboots and sequels before.

  25. Kef Farms says:

    Proving once again that Hollywood is completely devoid of original ideas. No wonder ABC has such lousy ratings.

  26. EricJ says:

    Well, c’mon, you can’t have a GUY be the main hero of an ABC broadcast series, now, can you?

  27. Bill says:

    This just continues to get sadder as Hollywood continues to prove they’re out of ideas.

  28. JOE S HILL says:

    Yet,another pathetic attempt to rip-off a classic TV series,with a meaningless revised version-how lame and futile! the original CBS/Universal Television series (1980-1988) was the creation of Glen A Larson and Donald Bellisario,,and whatever ABC is thinking here,it isn’t working! a female Magnum? are they out of their stupid minds,here!? to the people at ABC programing-stick to “DANCING WITH THE STARS” and “AGENTS OF SHIELD”,and leave alone any ideas of trying to rip off classic TV shows from other rival networks!

    • Dave says:

      She’s not a female Magnum per se, she’s the daughter, she’s her own character. She had a career in Navy Intelligence this is how awesome she is. Give me this reboot.

      • K S says:

        No reboot as you say. I grew up watching Magnum and I still hum the theme tune 30 + years later. Tom Selleck was the back then and he still is. Leave his legacy as the hottest PI alone. Give me that side head turn glance any day.

  29. Dave says:

    Someone suggested to hire Amy Acker to play the lead and I’m all for it. ♥_♥ Also, Tom Selleck. He needs to be on the show too.

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