‘Kevin From Work’ Canceled After One Season at Freeform

Kevin from Work cancelled
Courtesy of ABC Family

Kevin From Work” has been fired at Freeform, as the network has opted not to go forth with a second season of the romantic workplace comedy, Variety has learned.

The cancellation marks the first show to be axed after ABC Family rebranded as Freeform.


Kevin from Work

ABC Family Taps Into 20-Something Mentality with Comedy ‘Kevin From Work’

“Kevin From Work” was well reviewed but struggled in the ratings. Debuting last August, the summer show opened to 580,000 viewers, falling throughout its 10-episode run to a series low of 120,000 viewers for its final episode.

Starring the likable Noah Reid, the comedy was described by Variety‘s Brian Lowry as “sweet and silly.” In his review, he wrote: “There’s enough here to like to put this ABC Family comedy in the ‘recommended’ column, with the understanding that keeping its balance might be a bigger job than Kevin can handle.”

The series was part of the ABC-owned cabler’s push into a slightly older-skewing millennial demo, along with other comedies, like “Young & Hungry,” which target twentysomethings and incorporate themes that are a bit sexier and more mature than in some of the network’s former comedies for family audiences. With the net’s relaunch to Freeform, more mature comedies are on deck, including one inspired by the life of singer Nicki Minaj.

Before “Kevin From Work” premiered, Reid spoke to Variety, saying, “You don’t expect an ABC Family show to be as edgy as our show is, and it’s cool to be in a show that’s at the forefront of that. Our audience is probably going to be around the 25-year-old mark like the characters, so ABC Family is playing it smart and they’ve figured out what it is that the age group thinks is funny, which is sex, body issues, shame — all of those things that we experience on a daily basis.”

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  1. Grad says:

    I’m so sad with everything, re, re, re And re watching the show over and over again trying to understand how teens didn’t like the show because it’s exactly what is happening to most of them. Give someone a chance to watch and enjoy the show.

  2. acurat says:

    Kevin at Work is a terrible show. Kevin is so insecure it drove me crazy. No guy with any self-respect would go after a woman like he does who shows interest but lacks the courage to try something different.

    I can relate. In school I fell for a woman and asked her out near graduation. She agreed, we had a good time and at the end of the date, she told me she was seeing someone else but wanted to stay in touch. We exchanged cell phone numbers and I promised to call later that summer.

    That summer I started my job in NYC and started dating a model. Problem was, she was not a match for me. So a couple of months later I contacted the woman I met in college and we agreed to meet at the Museum of Natural History. I was cordial with her, and then at the end of the date she told me she was not seeing someone else anymore and wanted to see me instead. So I broke up with the model and started dating this girl who is now my wife.

    I would never ever put up what Kevin goes through. I guess it is an okay comedy, but his lack of self respect is such a turn off. I guess that is why the last episode 150,000 watched it – almost no one.

  3. Shannon says:

    I really liked this show, and I don’t usually like shows like this. :( So sad to learn it was canceled.

  4. Dan says:

    The show was great! Bring it back

  5. Ria Lovell says:

    I for one LOVED “Kevin from Work” I put it on the list of my favorites…. Ive been waiting and waiting for the announcement of a second season of this truly hilarious comedy….. I used to look forward to Wednesday… Now what??!!! 😡 uuugghhh!

  6. John says:

    I just watched the entire season of Kevin from work and I became hooked, now I learn that there isn’t going to be a second season. I can’t stand watching something for a season just to have the network just take it off. I need closure, Netflix pick up this show please.

  7. mariahlover99 says:

    NO!!! They should at least do a couple more seasons on Hulu or Netflix. It is such a good show with great writing. I watched one episode of Young & Hungry and couldn’t do it.

  8. Josh Steinburg says:

    Please god no. This show is such a gem compared to the trite and cliche episodes of Young and Hungry. Something about the production of Kevin From Work is so flawless and comedic. This is a terrible mistake on your part.

  9. M.M says:

    I am very disappointed that the show has been cancelled. I watched it from day one and was super bummed when it ended but was excited to see the next season & they cancelled it! My gosh there is nothing interesting left on ABC Family/Freeform for me to watch. #Netflix please pick it up! Please!

  10. Nolan says:

    So what’s the point in giving anymore of these shows a chance. I hate getting into it, wondering how I will have to wait to the next season and ooo they didn’t become more rich so. Ya whatever. So disappointed.

  11. Sofia says:

    I’m soo freaking mad right now😤 I watched the first episode of this show on Netflix and couldn’t stop watching it and before I knew it, it was over and I was so hooked and ready to see season 2 and see what happened between Kevin and Audrey but there were no more episodes😭😭😭. Why would you do that to a person? I really hope it returns for season 2.

  12. Rosie says:

    Soooo disappointing to see this show cancelled!!! I watched it every week when it came out & looked forward to each new episode! Yes it was silly at times, but it was refreshing & charming, unlike 98% of the stuff on tv that’s total garbage. Someone else please pick this up & give the characters & story another chance!!

  13. Margaret says:

    Kevin from Work is amazing, it has to have a season 2

  14. Donny says:

    I believe this show has a lot of real world issues in it that every gender can relate too I feel as though it shouldn’t have been cancelled I really enjoyed it and am dissapointed that I stayed up watching this for god knows how long just to have it abruptly ended and cancelled

  15. Sasha says:

    I’m so freakin pissed right now! I fell in love with this show right from the first episode! I can’t believe they’ve cancelled it. It really resonates with me on so many levels and is all around so great to watch! I don’t understand how you’re gonna cancel Kevin from work yet make a show about flippin Nicki Minaj! Way to go, nice move freeform! 😒

  16. Jonette says:

    UGH I just finished the show on netflix and I LOVE IT!!! I’m so sad!!! I haven’t loved a show this much in a long time – I watched the whole thing in two days!! Please netflix pick it up…Or hulu!

  17. Shayan says:

    Netflix take the kevin from work thats great comdey drama stories in my life i ever seen if u guys leave this story like that its gonna be sooooooo baddds 😑😑😣😣😞😞

  18. Phillip m says:

    Well just got done watching. Great show if abc family won’t bring it back please Netflix original pick it up. More viewers are going for the streaming shows ( no commercials). You can’t have an ending like that and not bring it back!

  19. Christian says:

    So just about done watching this on Netflix I have never heard of it before but pretty pissed it is canceled. This would make another great edition to the netflix original programing I really enjoyed this show. Really fun.

  20. Denise says:

    I Am So Pissed To A Point Where If I Could, I Would Write A Letter To The Company. Now If The Ratings Are Low All You Have To Do Is Advertise It, Bring It Out To The World. Kevin From Work Is One Of Best Shows I Have Ever Watched And When I Say That, I Mean It. It Isnt Like Other Shows Where The Actions Going On Is Completely Unrealistic. It Portrays Real Life Problems And Is So Funny To A Point Where I Literally Almost Peed In My Pants. I Feel Such A Special Connection To Each And Every One Of These Characters That I Will Not Bear To See This Show Be Cancelled Just Because Of Poor Amount Of Viewers.I Understand That You Probably Think “Whats The Point Of Continuing The Show And Wasting Money If Barely Anyone Is Watching?” It Is Understandable But You,The Company That I Praise For Making This Show, Have To Understand That Every Show Has Its Downfalls. Not Every Show Is Perfect In The Beginning, There Are Some Complications In The Way But That Doesnt Mean You Have To Stop Trying. All Im Asking For Is To Be Willing To Waste A Little More Money On This Show For Season 2 And Watch How The Ratings Will Blossom. Do You Realize How Crappy The Shows Are Now? There Is Way Too Much Sex, Way Too Much Drama,Too Confusing,Too Stupid And So Unrealistic. Kevin From Work Shows None Of That. It Is Appropriate For Many Viewers And Has Realistic Drama And Reasonable Humor. I Love This Show To The Point Where I Used To Wake Up Everyday,Finish Anything I Had To Get Done As Fast As I Can, And Then I Would Get My Favorite Snacks And Watch The Show For The Rest Of Day. I Rushed Myself EVERYDAY Just For This Wonderful Show. Now Because You Quit On This Show I Have A Piece Of Me Missing. Sure Some Hundred Thousands Of People Stopped Watching But What About The Rest Of The 120,000 People That Were There For You And That Show The Whole Entire Journey? What About US?! Apparently It Doesnt Matter. The People That Stopped Watching Are People Who Rather Watch Crappy Shows But There People Like Us Out There That Appreciates Good Shows Like This One. Btw, Leaving Us At That Ending Is Plain Cruel. So You Expect To Cancell The Show Without Us KNowing What Happens Next? You Only Do That If More Episodes Are Coming Not If They Are ENDING. I Dont EvenKnow If The Producers Of This Show Is Reading This But If You Are, Just Know That The 120,000 Of Us Are Urging You To Continue The Show And We Will Support You All The Way.

  21. christina says:

    OMG I AM SO MAD RIGHT NOW!!!!!! This was the best show I’ve seen in a very long time. Excellent cast, i loved every character. Best sense of humor, i laughed out loud multiple times during every single episode. This is unbelievable that they aren’t continuing it. This is a show I believe every one would enjoy. I am so sad to find out they don’t have another season this is insane. This is such a great show and it needs to go on!!!!!!!!

    -Sincerely pissed off fan

  22. Rebecca says:

    Well I just watched this on Netflix and I had never heard of it before this weekend. i was actually googling the show because I wanted more and was hoping to find out info on when/where I could see season two. UGH!!!!! I am with the people who are hoping someone will pick this up. The show was funny, the characters were unpredictable and fun and as nerdy as this sounds i loved the multiculturalism because it was not stereotypical or forced. Okay spoiler alert for those who are still watching on Netflix. What the hell was up with the ending.??Okay Brock showed up, but how on earth could Kevin coordinate all that, Brock shows up at just the right moment by some freakish twist of fate and kevin just drives off. Why?? Doesn’t he think Audrey should know that this proposal she thinks she was getting was really something Kevin laid out and Brock walked into at the last minute? If i was Kevin i would have jumped out of the car and told her. i guess Audrey is going to figure it out because it already showed her questioning Brock about the dress. But I agree with Roxanne I am not sure Audrey is right for Kevin if shechose Brock over him for so long, and even lead him on at times. Also Audrey is the only annoying one on the show I hate the way she says “theenks” instead of just “thanks” if you know what I mean.

  23. We watch ABC Fam (FreeForm) about 8-10 hours a week and did not ever see 1 single promo for the show last season,, Have since watched in its 10 episode glory,, Had we seen promos and knew about it when it actually aired would have enjoyed it then and added 5 to its final Ep. rating total
    So F-FORM! PROMOTE your shows on your own network and really promote on NetFlix, Hulu, and other highly used platforms and sites. are the executive really new too ???

  24. SELENA HUDSON says:

    My ten year old daughter and I watched it together on Netflix. We really enjoyed it!!! This show was funny, relatable, diverse and I loved the wardrobe! I agree, when there’s a great show, they are always canceling great shows!!! I know they need ratings but give a show a chance!!!!! Netflix should pick it up and give it better advertising.

  25. David Bland says:

    This is exactly why I stopped watching network television and went instead to korean dramas. Network TV execs make the absolute worst decision when it comes to television series. They don’t give shows a chance with their short term thinking. As soon a s a new show’s ratings start to fall they yank it. Somehow they manage to yank everything worth watching and leave all the CRAP on television.

    That’s why I haven’t watched the networks in over 3 ears now. Pure crap on TV. I caught this series on Netflix and loved it. I was soo pissed when it abruptly ended at only 10 episodes, right at the cliff-hanger I wanted so much to see, but I just KNEW I never would because, if it’s worth watching, they’re gonna pull it. So I went to Google, entered “Kevin at Work Cancelled,” and sure enough, there it was.

    Bastards!! As long as I live, I will NEVER watch anything by ABC, CBS, or NBC again – Not even on Netflix!

  26. Tyshan says:

    This makes me sad. I just watched all of season one on Netflix and I want more…smh

  27. Weilin says:


  28. austin says:

    really enjoyed the show netflix!! pick it up somebody!!

  29. Shernada Theobalds says:

    I want a second season…Netflix?…Hulu?
    Someone pick it up!!!!

  30. Cheyenne Taylor says:

    So then… a new company can take over the series. Obvi there’s people like myself that enjoyed the show and would like to see more of it. Yea, ruin this for everyone cause statistically there isn’t enough views to keep it going. Well f*ck those people and keep your STILL viewers happy. DUH

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