Joy Reid Gets Weekend Slot on MSNBC

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Joy Reid will return to hosting duties on MSNBC when she gets a new weekend perch on the NBCUniversal-owned cable-news outlet.

Reid, who had hosted an hour Monday through Friday for parts of 2014 and 2015, will host a new show that airs between 10 a.m. and noon on Saturday and Sunday on MSNBC. This show fills the time slot formerly held by Melissa Harris Perry, who parted ways with the network in a very public fashion over disagreements about being pre-empted for breaking news.

Reid will tackle the important  topics of the week and tap a rotating panel of journalists to explore how the issues shape the national discourse.  The program will premiere next Saturday, May 7 .

“MSNBC viewers crave not only the facts, but also in-depth discussion and analysis from a range of perspectives,” said MSNBC President Phil Griffin, in a prepared statement.  “There is no one better equipped than Joy to lead this new project, and create a place for the kind of unique discussion our audience has come to expect.”

Saturday and Sunday mornings will be a place to talk politics and do good journalism while bringing diverse, smart, and accomplished voices to the table,” Reid said in a statement.

Reid was named a correspondent at the network after her program, “The Reid Report,” was cancelled following a decision to shift the network away from progressive-themed news programming and tilt it more toward breaking news. Her show followed one anchored by Ronan Farrow, and both were replaced by live coverage anchored by Thomas Roberts.

Reid is a former talk radio producer and host for Radio One and a former managing editor of, a daily online news and opinion site aimed at African-American audiences.

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  1. SYLVIA CANTEY says:

    I enjoy watching both you Joy and Rachel Maddow very much. It’s a pleasure to see a black women represent us who is intelligent and articulate and knows her business. Please keep your eyes and ears on the backroom deal on healthcare that is going on right now by Mitch. He seems very sneaky and is reportedly trying to push a backroom healthcare deal thru while all the attention is focused on all of these hearings. They think no one is paying attention.

  2. moving away frpm Progressive themes? I think MSNBC means moving TOWARDS propaganda and failure to report the least we can watch Joy on the weekends..the rest of the MSNBC week is just repetitive talking heads, MSNBC long ago stopped reporting the news.

  3. Ken Moser says:

    Boycotting all of Trumps businesses could hurt him in the WALLET & maybe get his attention.

  4. Ken Moser says:

    A boycott of all of Trumps businesses could hurt him in the wallet & possibly get his attention. Hotels, etc.

  5. Patricia Phill says:

    Joy enjoy you tremendously…sad when day time was cancelled.Present ones aren’t as good as you.One question Joy…why aren’t hosts and pundits not talking about no Afrlcan-Americans being nominated? ben carson doesn’t count.

  6. janeschott says:

    Joy has long deserved more exposure and each show just increases my regard for her. Someone who asks the right questions and disregards the double-talk and gets an answer…if they have one.

  7. Thank you for your excellent program. I look forward to watching your show. Emily Jameson 91 year old white lady that understands from N Y. Now in Florida.

  8. Valerie Smith says:

    I was so afraid AM Joy had gotten cancelled. She along with Rachel Maddow are two of the most intelligent correspondents on tv and I love watching her show. Keep up the good work Joy!

  9. Dar says:

    Joy, I heard you for the first time this Sat. AM 8/6/16. You are very biased and you REALLY let it show. Your lone conservative was not allowed to finish his comment. Your continually interrupted him by calling his name. He did continue his line of thought. You made it very hard for that to happen. Why are you so obviously biased? What has happened to true journalists? They are not to be found. On either side of the front. You are a very pretty lady, and I wish you the best. Just be a little more moderate in your views. It could happen. God bless you. Dar

  10. Please keep doing what you are doing Joy. You were the only commentator at the Republican Convention who spoke for the African American Community. You were the only one to raise the issue of the “code words” being used by both Donald Trump; how reading a prompter correctly is no excuse to lower the bar standards in giving anyone an A+ rating; how the entire media community was protecting Melania Trump who admitted that she stole the words from Mrs. Obama’s speech when we all know they would have tried to hang Michelle Obama if she had tried something like this. No one in media wants to hold the Republican party accountable for the different standards that are assigned to Melania Trump and the entire Trump family for the horrid naked pictures of Melania Trump that are circulating and how this would be a representation as our First Lady. In every scenario, everyone should be thinking, how would they have treated Michelle Obama had she done these things. We all know the answer. So I say to you Joy, keep doing what you are doing. Continue to highlight “the elephant in the room”. To give this country a “pass” on these issues is the same thing as agreeing with them.

  11. 1984marc says:

    What a nightmare, she constantly mugs at the camera when she disagrees with her guests and seems to have studied at the school of Chris Matthews interrupting your guests and being rude.

  12. No one watched her former show. How will this show be any different? She will end up in the ratings basement again. TM

  13. Irma Polney says:

    How can I get the June 5th 2016 show 2 replay?

  14. Frederick says:

    I’ve always admired your intellect and expertise concerning current political issues; keep up the pressure on the Republicans who fail to recognize the changing demographics of the nation and want to retain the OLE way of life.

  15. Kathleen JOhnson says:

    Joy I hope you keep it real. everybody knows Bernie is done, but your network keep acting like he has a chance, Bernie has screwed the democratic he is independent republican. and I want somebody to ask Jeff Weaver where has Bernie won any minority votes, and how does person with 3.2 million more votes do not deserve the nod. big crowds for Bernie does not mean anything. also Bernie is very very negative and he is so republican I will never vote Bernie I goggle him and his has lots of garbage everybody giving him a pass on all that violence he associated with starting.

    • 1984marc says:

      Yes continue to push for democratic propaganda which really is your function, why not call this show the Clinton surrogate show.

    • dont fall for the bannana in the tailpipe says:

      Thank you Kathleen Johnson for speaking the truth. And anyone who supports Donald Trump and he ends up winning the Presidential Office, I say you all will reap what you sow. Trump has no experience to run a country. He has yet to share the platform he runs on. And when Trump says “Make America Great Again”, you must learn to read between the lines. As for Bernie he says Hillary is the establishment, when he himself is not far off himself. He continues to fill young people with these pie in the sky pipe dreams.We as a country have given Trump as pass on his rhetoric as someone who is a tough negotiator, but when our President spoke out in support of Trayon Matin, many were ready to have him impeached.

  16. Linda says:

    I will not be watching the weekend show, I will not be watching any show she is on. I do not like her or her opinions. I stopped watching MSN before and I will continue if she is on a show.

    • Phillip Hayes says:

      MSNBC disrespected Melissa and they will do the same to Joy! I vowed never to watch MSNBC again after the “tearing down” of Melissa when she dared to expect the same respect and consideration as her other MSNBC colleagues. Furthermore, since MSNBC does not appreciate Melissa’s audience, I will continue to encourage my family, friends, and co-workers to join me and never watch MSNBC again. Because of what was done to Melissa, I have made a complete switch to CNN and BBC news.

  17. Nettie Davis-Cooper says:

    Congratulations Ms. Joy Reid!!!! I’ve been following you since 2008. We’re Excited you’re Back, you’re one of the Greatest of Greatness on MSNBC, an in All You Do!!!! We Just Love You!! ♡♡♡♡

  18. barbara jones says:

    I’m thrilled that Joy Reid is coming back. She brings a much needed honest perspective to current events relating to all citizens, including African Americans May she be with us for many years to come.

  19. Tattie J says:

    So excited to hear that Joy will be having her own show again. She debates with facts more so than opinions. Love me some Joy Reid! 😃

  20. Michelle Brooks says:

    I 1st remember Joy as a commentator on Chris Mathews, Hardball and she always brought depth to any conversation. The Reid Report, 2:00pm slot did not work for me. I will be joining her weekends with my morning coffee.

  21. Barbara Chennault sr says:

    Great decision! Joy Reid is such an intelligent, smart, bright and delightful person to watch in this time slot. Looking forward to her reporting. Thank you, MSNBC!

  22. mj moore says:

    Joy Reid’s return to anchoring her own show on msnbc is applauded! Joy is one of the most intellectually and politically astute commentators on the political scene today. I will, however, encourage Joy to speak slower…I know this will be difficult…I do hope she takes my advice. Additionally, she should know that her viewers think that she is a beautiful black woman!


  23. A. Walden says:

    Joy Reid is horrible. She is not a host but a highly opinionated commentator who expresses her left wing views in a sanctimonious and self-righteous way very popular with MSNBC personnel.

  24. Sharon Verbos says:

    Thrilled for Joy….

  25. Charlie says:

    Well, I’m glad that got someone black. It’s really hurtful to me because I would watch MSNBC always. But when you guys decided to go all white I stop watching and went to CNN. I will never watch FOX. But as it stands I want be watching you guys either until you get some additional diversity.

  26. Gail Case says:

    Joy Reid is very intelligent, and a very talented journalist! I’m thrilled MSNBC has given her a slot.

  27. Cheryl Y Blanks Scott says:

    Touche Joy. Really enjoyed you stopping Republican in her tracks in her attempts to dirty Hillary Clinton, by accusing her of using paid participants at her rally. You so nicely reminded her that the Tea Party actually did pay people and provided transportation to their fake grassroots rallies.

  28. Hurray! An authentic African American Voice on MSNBC — I found the lisp and the victim-hood really insipid with Melissa Perry Harris. Joy is a JOURNALIST.

    • mj moore says:


      We should all stick to ability…and not focus on someone’s physical characteristics. I am sure that you nor I …is physiologically perfect! As for the victim-hood, it all depends on how one initially entered these original 13 colonies via slavery or free-will.


  29. Hope Joy will be able to go in depth on subjects that really matter – that don’t always get covered.

  30. Lottie Hunter says:


  31. Mary LENKERSDORF says:

    Awesome choice ! Everyone loves joy ! Everyone loved Melissa to though.

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