John Legend Slams ‘Racist’ and ‘Divisive’ Donald Trump: ‘We, As a Nation, Can’t Go Back To a Dark Place’

John Legend is not one to shy away from vocalizing his opinion about Donald Trump.

The Grammy and Oscar-winning musician and “Underground” executive producer has lashed out at the GOP nominee on social media, previously engaging in a Twitter feud with Trump’s son — and today, Legend slammed the presidential hopeful again.

“We are in a moment now where we have a major candidate for office that is being very racist and divisive. I feel the need to call that out all the time because I don’t want us to feel like it’s impossible for our nation to go back to another dark place,” Legend said Tuesday afternoon at Variety’s TV Summit at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, Calif., where he discussed his WGN America series “Underground,” a period drama about the Underground Railroad.

“We, as a nation, can’t go back to a dark place, and it could happen if we let the wrong person into office and impose the wrong regime on this country,” Legend said. Referring to the time of slavery, as covered in “Underground,” he added, “I’m sure people in 1800’s didn’t think they were evil people, but they allowed an evil institution to last for quite a long time.”

Legends continued, “We, as people who believe in equality and diversity and believe that every human being in this life matters, we need to be vigilant in making sure that we don’t elect leaders who are contradicting that belief.”

During the keynote discussion, Legend was asked by moderator Variety’s Debra Birnbaum about being so vocal on Twitter.

“Some people want me to shut up and sing…I can’t just sit by and watch,” he said about his haters. Referring to Twitter users with no profile photo, Legend cracked, “Most of them are eggs on Twitter. Or they have a Trump icon on Twitter.”

“I can’t sit by and let this stuff happen without trying to influence people,” Legend said. “It’s worth it to me. “

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  1. CKinTX says:

    You do realize that it was the DEMOCRATS who held on to slavery, right?

  2. Jack says:

    John Legend: “Trump Supporters are Like People Who Allowed Slavery to Happen in 19th Century”

    Hmm, supporters of Slavery.. oh, you mean like Democrats-the party and people of Slavery, Jim Crow Segregation, the KKK for over a 150 years.. hmm, Facts of Evidence – historical documented reality Truth does not support your propaganda narractive lie.

    Funny thing about “projectionism- accusing others of what you yourselves were and are guilty of.. Truth, Facts incontrovertibly refutes and indicts the propaganda lies, revisionism, projectionism.

    Take notes Mr America hating Truth hating indoctrinated leftist ideologue-aka Democrat John Legend- Protecting the Nation and populace from Islamo-Nazi terrorist evil is not being a racist, it’s being an American Patriot. You should try seeking truth, instead of attacking it

  3. Jimmi says:

    I am absolutely disgusted with these comments. I hate to break it to John “Legend,” just because you’re famous and people are stupid enough to pay to see you, doesn’t mean you have one single brain cell. He is a complete moron.

    I’m completely OFFENDED by this tripe. So, because people support Trump we support slavery? Really? Trump is divisive? And what we have today is not?

    What a talentless turd. Him and that brainless wife of his. Their collective IQs wouldn’t total 10.

  4. Sysop says:

    Quoting Charles Hurt on President Crybaby”s term in office:

    “The man who had an answer for everything and a solution to nothing is now also out of excuse”.

  5. Gahan says:

    We live in “The Dark Place” today, under Obama and his Islamic and Illegals invasion. Trump will win the Presidency and leftist can eat it.

    • Jess says:

      Trump wants to build a big wall. He also wants to ban Muslims from entering America. And he wants to have sex with his daughter.

  6. Bilk says:

    Hard to find anyone more racist and divisive than the left.

  7. BillUSA says:

    Well, if my concerns for improving the border security of this nation make me a racist, then I’m a racist.

    If my concerns for improving the economic strength of the United States makes me a racist, then I’m a racist.

    If my concerns for the ease in which a known terrorist can pass through DHS screening makes me a racist, then I’m a racist.

    Check ‘Legend, John’ off my list of respectable personalities because he revealed himself to be a true racist.

  8. Nanny Mo says:

    I’m speechless and will the race baiting that Obama, the Academy and the Arts have done this year, I can’t find anything that Trump has done or said that deserves this smug, self-righteous attitude. Truly unbelievable.

    • Bob says:

      Nancy — ” I can’t find anything that Trump has done or said that deserves this smug, self-righteous attitude.” We’ll take up a collection for you, dear. You’ll have a new hearing aid and a seeing eye dog in no time. Sadly we can’t reverse your lobotomy. The Tangerine Tyrant can’t reverse is either. So you’re in “good” company.

  9. S. Solomon says:

    If you’re trying to defend your racist candidate, you would be more effective if you didn’t do it with racism. It’s just sad.

    • Nanny Mo says:

      It’s racists who only see race. Young men like this will never understand it. They themselves are the problem. It is tragic that they can’t see it.

      • Nodrama says:

        No Nanny Mo it’s blind people like you who refuse to see the truth. If you have never experienced racism of course you don’t know what it is. If you have no empathy for those who are not yours or don’t belong to you then you don’t know what racism is. And just because you don’t “see” or recognize it does not mean it doesn’t exist.

  10. jeff says:

    What did Trump say about Black people that made him a racist?

  11. JOE S HILL says:

    Another attack on Donald Trump by the liberal media,accusing the man of being Racist and Divisive,which of course,is pure liberal bullshit! we,as a Nation may certainly not want to go back to a “Dark Place” as John Legends put it,,but there are still Americans in our Nation,who don’t like the liberal left’s ridiculous ideas,which,thanks to Obama,has made an extreme mess of our country! now this singer wants to add his two cents into the ring-and why not,being that this is what the liberal media is good at doing! but attacking Trump,who’s only speaking up for the many Americans who are fed-up with the left’s out of control ideas,is a typical low blow,and especially on the eve of the Presidential Campaign in Nov,where it’s hoped that Trump will win this Election,and bring America out of this one way liberal feel good fantasy that Obama is responsible for contributing to! John Legend should just stick to his singing,and leave the politics in more professional hands,considering the mess this country is in!!

    • Bob says:

      Joe — You are so out of touch with reality you should be The Toxic Tangerine’s running mate. EVEN THE CONSERVATIVES IN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY ARE ATTACKING HIM. He’s a scam artist (Trump “University”), a crook (cheating vendors, employees and tradespeople out of an estimated $69 million at his Taj Mahal and other properties, a sexist (how many women has he insulted for being “ugly,” “fat,” shrill?”), a racist (Mexicans, Muslims, Chinese), besides being ignorant about global warming and foreign policy.(Because he brought his beauty pageant to Russia he “know[s] how to deal with Putin.” Putin?!?!?! With a beauty contest?!) The man is a fool and he will never, never, never, never be President.

      • BillUSA says:

        Hey stupid, the Republican Party is attacking him because he doesn’t play the party game – something I’d think you liberals would be all for. Everybody is taking shots at him and he’s still in there giving ’em hell. You don’t like him? Tough. His attitude is what this softened country needs right now because America has become the world’s welcome mat for all the wrong purposes. And a sarcastic thank you to all the liberals for that.

  12. nohw says:

    Really John? How are race relations working out under Obama, the most divisive President ever? Fool.

    • Nodrama says:

      Racial issues don’t. Exist because Obsma is in office. But it is because he is in office that the racists felt the need to reveal themselves. And it’s mind numbing to me that most Republicans can present an argument without trying to make it an insult by name calling. All that says is you have no arhument and you know it.

  13. Stanley says:

    Just sing, John. Leave the running of the world to the big boys.

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