‘Making a Murderer’: Steven Avery’s Ex-Fiancee Calls Him a ‘Monster,’ Says He’s Guilty

Jodi Stachowski Steven Avery
Courtesy of HLN

Jodi Stachowski, the ex-fiancee of “Making a Murderer” subject Steven Avery, is speaking out, appearing on “Nancy Grace” Wednesday night to call Avery guilty of killing photographer Teresa Halbach.

Stachowski, who appeared in the Netflix documentary, also calls Avery a “monster,” and says he “beat her all the time.”

“He told me once, all bitches owe him, because the one that sent him to prison the first time,” she says, referring to Avery’s wrongful conviction for sexual assault in 1985, for which he was in prison for 18 years. “We all owed him. And he could do whatever he wanted”

“Steven’s the one person I can’t trust,” she went on. “He’s a monster.”

Stachowski also said she originally didn’t want to be on “Making a Murderer,” apparently telling director and writers Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos that she wanted no part in it. “Steven called me and told me that if I didn’t say anything good and nice about him, I’d pay,” she says. “He’d beat me.”

Asked if she believes that Avery is guilty of the murder of Halbach, Stachowski says, “Yes, I do. Because he threatened to kill me and my family and a friend of mine.”

She also describes incidences in which Avery allegedly threatened to throw a blow dryer in the bathtub while she was taking a bath, along with other stories of abuse.

The “Nancy Grace” interview marks a change of tone for Stachowski, who appeared as a supportive fiancee at the time. But she says “it was all an act.”

“He told me how to act,” she says. “Smile, be happy. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to get hurt.”

Stachowski goes on to say that she intentionally poisoned herself to get away from Avery: “I ate two boxes of rat poison just so I could go to the hospital and get away from him, and ask them to get the police to help me,” she says.

Stachowski and Avery were engaged when Avery was arrested on suspicion of killing Halbach in 2005. They broke up before his 2007 conviction.

Grace has been open about her skepticism of Avery, previously debating New Kids on the Block member Donnie Wahlberg about it. Stachowski’s interview comes one day after Avery filed an appeal.

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  1. CRAIG says:


  2. kelsey nicholson says:

    Crooked cops paid her off. Without a doubt in my mind!!!

    • Kay says:

      Why do you claim that? He’s already been convicted and still sits in jail with little hope of getting out anytime soon. Your claim makes no reasonable sense.

  3. Shweta says:

    Wow Jodi what a fake story you come up with. After all these years did Police authorities threathen you or paid you to say all this??
    Beacuse it is very very clear on the documentary”making a murder” that you strongly stood by Steven and suppoted him. Never at one point it felt like you were supporting steven because you were afraid of him? You didn’t wanted to be intorogated by police, you were the one to bring up phone record and convience he sounded normal, those buble bath n rose petels phone conversation romance didn’t sound it was forced. We never saw any scar, mark in yoyr body, steven was always calm, polite and positive. jodi if you were so afraid of steven back then, you would drive and leave immideatly after he was held in prison. Why would you stick around so long?? I mean what harm could a guy do from prision? He were afraid of him beating you? What a joke?! How would he beat your from prision?
    Well lets say for once you pretended to beleive in his innocency back then because you were scared, but then what made you drag that act for so long?? If you were going to drive and leave eventually and you were not scared to drive off, why didn’t you drive away any earlier?? Everthing you said in this current interview doesn’t add up at all. A scared women seeks police helps, looks panic, worried in the documentary you were surely happy holding hands. You not one second looked confused, worried no body language no non verbal sign That links to your interview this day. He made you give up on alcohol, he was helping you to be at your best, he beleived in family and marrige. Truth is jodi” you are a liar”

  4. Andy A says:

    If, as Jodi Stachowski claims, that Steve Avery called her and said “Steven called me and told me that if I didn’t say anything good and nice about him, I’d pay,” she says. “He’d beat me.” Since all prison calls are recorded, it would be pretty easy to either confirm or deny that statement. All calls from the prison are recorded, so wouldn’t this be available if it actually occurred?

  5. Mviclair says:

    Anyone who thinks Jodi just changed her mind because she lied 10 years ago, look up her criminal and court case records. Maybe Nancy Grace paid off her fines….11 cases at the tune of 17,000.00

    • Mviclair says:

      Also if you look up her record take note of the judge where some charges are dropped…… OH MY it is Patrick Willis same judge that oversaw the Avery trail…..just saying

  6. Naci says:

    Julie Johnson: Prosecutor must prove guilt beyond responsible doubt. Not shadow of a doubt.
    Can also prove guilt by preponderance of circumstantial evidence.
    Nancy Grace is so entertaining!! Great hair and makeup, speaks clearly that’s about it.

    Anishnabe: Are in in law school? With your detailed documentation, you’re hired!

    Jodi has issues. Not a credible witness. Psych case as evidenced by consuming rat poison, addictions, etc. Not to say that someone who has issues that their testimony shouldn’t be investigated.

  7. Karen says:

    Nancy Grace you are an idiot!! You interview Ken Kratz a womanizer and this Alcoholic lady and new kids on the block Donny Whalburg whoever watches your show is just as much of an idiot a you, She has no proof of any of this please where are the hospital reports and taped phone calls of him saying hes going to kill her etc etc etc. Boycott Nancy Grace!!!

    • Mviclair says:

      I agree, said he was going to kill her from jail prove it, 2 times rat poison, hospitals have records prove it and as Nancy says “he beat her to a pulp and almost killed her” pictures, police reports prove it….none of the above was shown in the joke of an interview why?

  8. Shirley says:

    That alcoholic would say anything if she got enough money from the police to do so, Steven Avery is an innocent man , all because a family member didn’t like him and knew the right people and it snowballed from there. She will go to hell for what she did. Steven may have suffered in this life but he sure won’t in the next….

  9. Anishnabe says:

    No matter how loud Nancy Grace is, it does not make her right. How can anyone believe Nancy Grace when she, as a prosecuting attorney, was guilty of misconduct for withholding evidence that the defense was entitled to? As anoher poster stated, and is well put: “This is pathetic. She is basically outraged that the public looked into something for themselves instead of taking her word or large scale media’s word for it. Yes, Nancy Grace, we the people are also capable of rational thought. In fact, a good majority of us are probably better at it than you. So instead of standing in its way, please let justice take its due course.

    I believe Stephen Avery is innocent, 100%. That is my point of view. But his innocence/guilt is not my only motivation for supporting an investigation of this case. There are so many unanswered questions that SHOULDN’T be left unanswered. For example, WHO put a syringe in the vial of blood? Why? This deserves some looking into. Besides to extract Stephen Avery’s blood, why would someone need to put a syringe into this vial?

    Besides the syringe, WHY was the blood put in a safe, by itself? This goes against any and all protocols, normal or extreme. The only circumstance where doing this would be logical or rational was if someone wanted to hide it.

    WHY is there no blood anywhere on the property, save the blood found on the mysterious bullet? The confession from Brendan Dassey that brought all this to light made claims of savage rape, a sliced throat, handcuffs/leg(?)cuffs, and eventually a bullet wound. Once that confession was made, all the details of the confession were ignored. They simply looked at “Stephen Avery did it!”. They built the evidence around the case, they didn’t build a case around evidence.

    **EDIT** I forgot about one piece of evidence involving blood, but it helps my case anyways. Halbach’s blood was found in the trunk of her Rav4. This was the primary blood evidence used. Why would she EVER be in the trunk of her car? If she was chained to a bed, raped, stabbed, then shot, then burned right behind Avery’s house, WHEN was she EVER in her car? And, if all of this savagery happened, where is the blood in the house, blood between the house and the car, blood between the house and the burn pit, the blood in the bedroom. etc etc

    WHY did Brendan Dasseys lawyer blatantly misrepresent him? No lawyer wakes up and is like “Im gonna send my client to jail today”. He was caught RED HANDED, via emails, conspiring with the prosecutor to send Brendan to jail, yet this fact was never looked into. It was acknowledged that he misrepresented him, and he was taken off the case and shunned as a lawyer, etc etc, but no ever actually looked into it. WHY the hell did he do that? Someone had to talk him into it, or he had to have some sort of incentive. Does no one understand how incriminating this really is for the prosecution?

    Remember that call to Officer Colborn? The call from the jail in another county, stating that Manitowoc County might have someone being wrongfully held in the Manitowoc County Jail for a rape they didn’t commit? If you’re Officer Colborn, it would be an easy mistake to overlook this phone call. It really would. The big question is : Why was the record of this call not filed for 18 years, and why was it filed the day Avery got out of jail? They would have been better off never filing it than to file it THAT day. They slipped up big with this, horrible decision making, and people still decided to ignore it.

    There are so many of these “Why?” questions that aren’t answered. Stephen Avery’s guilt is up for debate, and I can handle that, but its so obvious that corruption and scandals played a part in this case, guilty verdict or not. That corruption and those scandals are a COMPLETELY SEPARATE issue from Stephen Avery and his guilt. We need to reform the justice system, the police, and state government. I just believe that in proving all that, Stephen Avery and Brendan Dassey’s innocence will fall into place.

    The big update on this case is that the President responded to the petition that 300,000+ people have signed. The president cannot pardon Stephen or Avery. The president can only pardon federal criminals, but Stephen and Brendan are on the state level.
    Since the president cannot do anything, there are 2 options left:
    1. Appeal for a Federal Investigation (Already Being Done- Habeas Corpus on Brendan Dassey’s Case)
    – Filed under Magistrate Judge William E. Duffin of Milwaukee, WI
    2. Ask the Governor of Wisconsin to pardon Stephen/Brenden.

    The Governor of Wisconsin has already stated he will not pardon them, which means its all up to a Federal Judge to make this decision. We are all awaiting the day he comes out and says “They’re both innocent, God bless America, Send those policeman to prison!”, but we have to be realistic. At best, Brendan will get a new trial.
    But, lets jump to the future a little bit, what happens if that Judge says no to a Federal Investigation? What do us 300,000+ people do then? Who do we go to next? This is when this big decision making will happen. We will be left with no other option but to make another option ourselves.”

  10. Roman Buchak says:

    Are you kidding me? This bitch is lying. If he called her and threatened her to be in this documentary, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN RECORDED AND MADE PUBLIC AAAAAAAA LONG TIME AGO. Sorry for the caps. But comon seriously. I’ll say this …The Avery family is a bunch of white trash inbred degenerates. Brendan is a fat bumbling retard and Steve is a level above him. But there is no fucking way these two killed this poor girl. No fucking way. This whole case is atrocious.

    • Steve McKay says:

      Well you should know right, because you were there am I correct? You should go to the authorities and bring this new evidence since you seem to have some insight on this case. Seriously don’t hold back. Please tell us how you know this.
      Oh wait… you saw the Netflix documentary so that makes you an authority. Oh ok. never mind then. (insert eye roll here)

  11. Ummmmmmmm…………….how did he “beat her all the time” when he was out of prison for what? 6 weeks when they were together? And half that time she was in jail for drunk driving.

  12. Holly Mauk says:

    I wonder how much Manitowoc County paid her for this amazing tale?

  13. Sharon Dunworth says:

    I’m starting to believe this man is guilty. And not guilty of the entire story weaved by the county prosecutor but murder. not rape and all the prosecutor claimed that may have took place in the garage and/or trailer, there’s no evidence of rape and no dna but i do believe he murdered her on his property. the reason being everyone involved in this case is too stupid to be able to frame him. just like the idiotic sheriff said, it would have been easier to kill him then frame him. that is the truth. and what are the alternatives if he didn’t do it? talk about complicated, the brain cells needed to concoct and frame him, there’s no way. who else would it have been and then combine that murderer with the police then framing him, it makes no sense.

    • John says:

      It only took her ten years to tell the truth and she can’t even remember some of the details I think she might try to lie about someone for 10 years then tell the truth believe me she is trying to see what story will bring her more attention and more popularity she a drunken lying whore.

    • Kay says:

      I believe Steven Avery is guilty as well. I think they got much of the how and where wrong, but if you read up on some of the evidence the documentary conveniently leaves out (Halbach’s discomfort around him, his sweat on the RAV4, allegations of sex*ual abuse of various people by Steven), it really does all point to Avery. I am not convinced about the challenged nephew having anything to do with it, though I lean towards no. The kid lies to suit whoever’s in front of him and there is no forensic evidence to back his claims on what took place in the trailer that day. But I haven’t finished the episode involving him yet, so perhaps something new-to-me will come forth and change my mind. I do think it quite possible there are some dirty cops in that bunch, but Avery being guilty of murder and dirty cops are not exclusive of each other. I can’t stand Nancy Grace, but I happen to think she’s right about this. As for Jodi, I believe her to a degree. Abused women put up with and partake in things the rest of us find ludicrous; it’s not unusual. That being said, I don’t believe everything she’s putting forth.

    • Alma says:

      My thoughts exactly. Also who the @!#/ takes “2 boxes of rat poison” simply to be admitted to the hospital, to get away, when you could lie, melinger, take something else that would be less lethal and painful like Tylenol, or say a bunch of over the counter cough syrup that would make her seem poisoned but would not really do any long term damage? It makes absolutely sense!!

      • julie johnson says:

        nancy grace was a prosecuting attorney.she makes alot of money doing what she does but i think its important to remember in this country to find a person guilty of such a horrific crime they must be believed guilty beyond a reasonable shadow of doubt.the defense clearly raises many questions.i cannot see jodi as a credible witness to anything.she seems to turn to whatever side of the coin brings her the most attention..pretty bad acting job.jodi left him when he needed her the most and now throws him under the bus for her moment in the spotlight.other than avery,halbach and the manitawoc justice system,no one can say with certainty guilt or innocence.perhaps we should leave the judging up to god,for in the end we will all stand in judgement including nancy grace.

      • Alma says:

        My comment was directed to Holly Mauk not sure why it isn’t under her comment

    • They are not too stupid to be able to frame him. Police no more about crimes and getting a case through in court than the average joe.

      • Sharon Dunworth says:

        Believe me, I’d like to believe that he is innocent. And certainly they didn’t prove anything “beyond a reasonable doubt.” However, there are a few things that do point to him that you can’t deny, one being blocked calls to her and then the phone call not blocked at 4:30 p.m. from him to her cell. Also, he didn’t take the stand, why not? What was he hiding? Another huge issue to me is what is the alternative to him? Her ex boyfriend working in conjunction with the police? That doesn’t make any sense. The family members that provided each others alibis? And then what? The cops framing Avery after the family members killed her? Or the family members killed her and framed him? Sorry. I just don’t think they could coordinate such a feat. What a whole host of complications, brains, coordination and details for this group of nimrods involved in this case.

  14. Ba says:

    shes scared of him but continued to visit him and live on his property???

  15. woynd60 says:

    I know… Maybe we should have her do it again to see if she’s telling the truth :-)

  16. woynd60 says:

    So… Only (2) box’s of rat poisoning? The least bit would have done some serious brain damage, which obviously, it did.
    Two box’s should have killed yourself. Too bad…
    My wife was almost murdered by (2), and I say this politely, “dark skinned (god, I wish I could say the word…) LOSERS and started her home on fire.
    In the hospital emergency room, after blood samples, they found arsenic, from rat poisoning in her system. The tracetrace, that they discovered, almost killed her, along with c/o poisoning, and serious nerve damage…
    So, (2) box’s of rat poisoning should have taken this girl (whatever) OUT.
    What a STUPID, false statement. I’d be ashamed to show your face (ugh) on TV.
    Seems to me, that the educational system, in Wisconsin, isn’t working to well. Maybe they could start there, and make that work first… It’s obviously “FAILING” !!!

    • Krystal S. says:

      Please help me understand how the implications you’ve made have led your own self-induced cowardice to believe you “can’t” say the word?! As if you give a shxt. So a horrible think happened to your wife and now the responsible party is representative of an entire race of people? Sure. Self denial is a powerful thing, as I’m sure statistically your own melanin void “kind” is more reprehensible to a us “nixxers” could ever hope to be.

  17. HeyLookAKey says:

    All I know if he ever gets out I want him to clean my house. A gun shot, slit throat and rape and not even a pin prick of DNA in the house. They probably have her a bottle of Jack before they interviewed her.

  18. Ben says:

    Phone calls were recorded and time stamped. They play the one during the day on question on the Netflix show.

    I find it interesting that she says that the police were supposed to let her out that day, but for some reason they didn’t.
    Wonder if they held her back so she wouldn’t get on the way.

    • Alma says:

      Good point. Also in the short clips that Nancy Grace selectively airs, Brendan is coerced into saying they planned it ahead of time!! So he planned to do a murder ahead of time. And he just so happens to schedule said murder to go down on the very first day in months he would actually have someone else living in the same house as him, and would no doubt be witness to the whole prearranged premeditated murder. But lucky for him the cops unexpectedly retain said girlfriend/housemate/witness, so the double booking of his premeditated murder, and his renewed cohabitation with his jailbird girlfriend works itself out on it’s own. I mean come on!! Either Brendan is credible when he agrees with everything that the cops accuse him of, including that Avery must have told him ahead of time what he was planning and they planned it for the first day Jodi would be home to complicate matters at the very least. Or, Brendan isn’t credible, and he is taking leads from what the cops are accusing him of, and just agrees when the cops say “you knew about it ahead of time didn’t you” so that the cops will be satisfied and leave him the hell alone! And if that’s the case nothing he says should be used as proof of anything and Brendan’s own confession shouldn’t have been used against him in his own trial!!

  19. Frank says:

    Well, he did say he bought the leg irons to use on her.

  20. Tatee says:

    Avery killed that woman

  21. DoubtingTom says:

    Just one question–“Steven called me and told me that if I didn’t say anything good and nice about him, I’d pay,” she says. “He’d beat me.”

    Called her from prison? Aren’t all prison phone calls recorded?

    Wouldn’t the police department or hospital file a report if she had taken two boxes of rat poison? Taking that much would surely result in a lengthy long-term hospital stay for which reports must exist. Even in brands including nothing more than brodifacoum, which functions as an anticoagulant, you run the risk of hemorrhaging.

    I’m not doubting her story, but in a case as muddled as this, I would definitely prefer hard evidence to substantiate her claims, and Nancy Grace hasn’t exactly been known as a reliable journalist.

    I don’t necessarily believe Avery is innocent, but I think the investigation was incredibly botched. I do believe he deserves a new trial, but I can’t speculate beyond that.

  22. Lana says:

    seriously!!! you CAN NOT say you know for sure he did it.. YOU WERE IN JAIL. because u change ur mind.. and maybe many will believe you as well.. but at one point… back when it was actual real time.. you were believing him. either way you and most (almost 99.97% of ppl) don’t know the actual truth. With technology it will come out eventually. But also NANCY GRACE… the pitbull prosecutor .. convicts ppl before a fair trial… will have your say (like we all are rightfully so entitled)… But the ppl whom watched the documentary are not asking to free him.. but give him and his nephew a FAIR TRIAL.. that is it.. and if he again is proven innocent.. i would love to watch u and nancy grace on tv.. saying you were wrong! if he is guilty…. well he is serving his time and will continue to do so… Just we the public feel that it was not a fair trial.. thats it!..every person deserves a FAIR TRIAL! point blank!

  23. Selam says:

    She is stupid she is say all this probably got paid by the people who accused Mr. Avery. No one will buy your stupid story now, lady go do what you are good at drinking and go to Jill.

  24. Jeannie says:

    This is bull …. Why she wait so long . Have a drink my love you need it !!

  25. Danette says:

    Two of them are stupid assholes!! Who paid Jodi to say what she’s saying?? She was in prison while he was charged, probably got out, got drunk again and the “so called” police paid her off, like half of them!!! (Maybe they were drunk/stonefd

    • Danette says:

      Drunk/stoned!! (Sorry hit the send button to quick) if I “slit” someone throat, I kinda think there would be blood on the mattress or sheets somewheres! Or maybe if I “tied/chained” someone to the bed, there would be fibers!!! Smarten the “F” up people!! I’m gonna hire this “Mr. Lenk” for my kids next bday party. Maybe I can find the missing block to his Legos, cause I’ve looked and it ain’t fuking there!!!!!!!! Peace out!!! Free Steven and Brendon and put them 2 sob’s behind bars and whoever helped in any way!!!!!!! :)

  26. Lindsey says:

    What a load of rubbish, obviously paid. She had a no contact order and she broke it a few times and was arrested. That was her excuse to stay away from him. The prosecution would of surely included threatening phone calls from prison in the trial. next she will be saying she drank to be put in prison to get away from him. Apparently there are reports too of his abuse to her, again not included in the trial. Plus she never came out and said I did speak to him that day and he did really sound sweaty. Technically she lied in his character statement then.

  27. Lorraine Roe says:

    Well, she was in jail then he went to jail/ prison during the doc. So wouldn’t those threats be recorded?

  28. Two boxes of rat poison? Come on…

  29. Dalila Valeri says:

    She’s so just trying get her 15 minutes of fame in and I’m sure she got paid to do this! She saying this for attention.

  30. Jenny says:

    I agree. Total B.S. job. She had plenty of opportunity to go to police if he was abusing her. She supported him for the longest time. Why all of a sudden is she now coming forward with these accusations? Follow the money. She is getting paid by someone. So many people in this case have absolutely zero integrity including the Manitowoc Sheriff’s. Dept, the prosecuting lawyers and now this person. Makes me sick how people can act this way and get away with it and send innocent people to prison. These people have no morals. What goes around comes around. And they will get theirs at some point when they meet their maker.

    • Dustin Ballentine says:

      Well put everybody. It’s just so sad to see someone railroaded like this. I just pray that the truth comes out and Steven Avery gets a fair trial. This is prime example of a imperfect justice system and some back woods crooked law enforcement. Makes me sick! FREE AVERY!

  31. Maxie says:

    While what she says today may be true, it doesn’t quite to add up for me. She says she wanted nothing to do with the filming of the doco, yet here she is voluntarily doing a high profile one-on-one.

    She says she was coerced to say nice things back then (by Avery) or risk facing strife. Yet now she opts to put herself back in limbo by coming forward all alone.

  32. Norma Jean says:

    All conversations from jailed are taped so if Steven Avery made the alleged threats, they would be on tape. Where are they?

  33. Loxi says:

    I’m no doctor, but wouldn’t you be dead after that first box?

  34. He is innocent says:

    Liar! Why now say something after Netflix’s Making A Murderer just streamed? This is utter bullshit, and whoever paid her to say these things can go and burn in hell! Anyone who believes this needs to go watch the documentary. He is innocent! Throught the 8-day search in their land, the police had planted the evidence! Its so obvious!

    • Naci says:

      Loxi: Depending on the rat poison chemical, type and amount eaten, the number of boxes eaten before you die and how fast you die, varies. Immediate medical attention is necessary for eating any rat poison.

      Here’s the deal, adult psychiatric patients may consume rat poison. It is far from average behavior for an adult who needs police assistance to consume rat poison to in order to talk to police. Its psych!

  35. liar says:

    This chick is full of s**t to some extent. Was he abusive to her? i have no idea. But the fact she was threatened by him while he was in jail is a load of s**t. She was defending his ass through out the series. how can u feel threatened when hes behind bars. Shes a liar trying to get attention. Manitowoc county probably paid her under the table to go along with their side. If she had plausible evidence or really felt this way why didnt she bring any evidence to the table or mention this to authorities. She is nothing but a junkie loser who turned her back on him to get some attention.

  36. Ain’t this some bullshit. Look, I’m not doubting that he was abusive to her. But, damn woman! If she had some evidence to prove that this man raped, murdered, mutilated, and burned Teresa Halbach, then she had every opportunity to tell the police and get away from her abuser. When she was release from jail, he was in jail. She went back to his home and confessed her loyalty to him. NOW NOW NOW that the Netflix documentary is a cultural phenomena, she wants to tell her $$$$$$tory? She is dishonest. The omission of the truth is a LIE.

  37. Brian says:

    Stupid hillbilly what ever she is told for money. Not credible at all and I don’t belive anything she says. He could be guilty but the is a lot of reasonable doubt in this case.

  38. SprechenSieDouche says:

    Yeah she sure didn’t seem forced when she was on the phone with him saying he better wait for her until she got out of jail, and asking if he kissed her picture while she was gone, and demanding he marry her. She has zero credibility.

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