Jimmy Fallon’s Donald Trump Interview Draws 2,324% Increase in Twitter Hate for ‘Tonight Show’

Jimmy Fallon-Donald Trump Interview Nets 2,324%

How much did viewers hate Jimmy Fallon’s interview with Donald Trump on “The Tonight Show” Thursday? About 2,324% more than they normally hate his work.

Language analytics company Canvs found that Fallon’s sit-down with the Republican presidential candidate drew a massive emotional reaction on Twitter. The company, which analyzes social-media data from Nielsen, detected 22,152 emotional responses generated by Thursday evening’s “Tonight Show” — a reaction volume 627% higher than the average for previous season-three episodes of the late-night talker. Of all “Tonight” tweets captured by Nielsen on Thursday, 43% expressed some emotional response.

Of those emotional responses, 20.2% expressed “love,” with the number of “love” responses up 240% from the season-three average. But although it accounted for only 12.3% of all emotional responses, “hate” conquered “love” in terms of growth, with the “hate” reaction volume up 2,324% from the rest of season three.

Other emotional responses measured by Canvs were “good” (17% of responses; 752% increase from the season-three average volume), “dislike” (16% of responses; 2,708% volume increase), and “crazy” (6.3% of responses; 284% increase in volume).


Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Donald Trump Ratings Bump

Should Late-Night TV Hosts Grill Presidential Candidates?

Fallon has been widely derided for his softball interview with Trump, in which he failed to challenge the candidate on any of his recent outlandish statements. During the appearance, Fallon thanked Trump for providing the show with so much good material to crack jokes about, and engaged in a gag in which he mussed the candidate’s hair.

“If Trump becomes president, that image of Fallon ruffling Trump’s hair will be the moment when the tide turned,” Variety critic Sonia Saraiya wrote Friday. “The gesture was so affectionate and grandfatherly that Fallon provided Trump with a seal of mainstream approval that he does not deserve.”

Fallon is scheduled to interview Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton on Monday’s show.


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  1. Tim says:

    Here are Trump supporters. Aren’t they classy??

  2. rena small says:

    I hate the word hate

  3. Jaketee says:

    Democrats and liberals have gone off the deep end. I remember when these groups were still normal people, not anymore! Now they are totally consumed with hate. It’s their only theme: “who do we hate now?”

    Wake up! Your candidate is a corrupt corporate puppet who doesn’t give a $hit about anyone other than herself!

  4. KarynMcS says:

    Disappointed in Jimmy Fallon. This is shallow, even for you, Jimmy.

  5. dumbassgreg says:

    please it is jimmy fallon. he like jay leno. he wants everyone too like him. he is like watching white paint drying. boring bland waste of time.colbert myers etc no better.

  6. Brenda SueThompson says:

    OMG one appearance on Freaky Fallon’s show does not a POTUS make! as usual, hyperbole abounds!

  7. Donald if you want to win big Pa. repeat your going to change trade agreements with China and make them fair for us.in Pa alone lost half million jobs and that alone will win in Pa

    • Martin Pal says:

      You know, William, this is why people really don’t like partisan supporters like you. If you wanted to learn something you’d know that since President Obama was inaugurated in 2009, the United States has filed 20 enforcement complaints at the World Trade Organization (WTO) – the chief world forum for trade enforcement. That’s more than any other WTO Member. And the United States has won every single one of those disputes that has been decided by the WTO so far. The Obama Administration has brought 11 trade enforcement challenges against China, three against India, and several other complaints against a series of major economies including Indonesia, Argentina, the Philippines, and the European Union. And, I repeat, won every single one of them. Look it up on the USTR site.

      Beyond fair trade agreements, why aren’t you calling for your shaggy wonder to stop making products he’s trying to sell to you in Mexico and China etc. and have them made in your state of Pennsylvania? You sorry excuses for an electorate.

  8. Bill B. says:

    Well, it shows just how hated this vile demagogue is, but I think this might also be a tad damaging to Fallon. I’m not sure I will ever look at him in the same way again. I hope their was a ton of hand sanitzer around before he touched another.

  9. pickles says:

    Sonia Saraiya Who are you to say who deserves what? The grossest thing her besides you comment is we don’t know where Fallons’ hands have been.

  10. Burro b says:

    All you twitters are a bunch of losers. LOSERS. I MEAN LOSERS. You sit and tweet and tweet and tweet all day. You probably have no social skills, lack any arguments as to why you hate trump other than what the biased media provided and complain about no equality but hate anyone else with an opinion. Trump maybe be the most PC person but compared to his sick, over privileged rival……

  11. amake says:

    I’m a female millennial from California, registered democrat since age 18… At this point, I could never vote for Hillary. Nothing about her campaign makes me think a single positive thing, it’s all about hate. It has made millions of people think of millions of other people are sub-human deplorable monsters because they’re not voting for the right candidate. That’s incredibly dangerous.

    • Tim says:

      Boy, are you an idiot. Now who are you in this video???

    • Sean says:

      as opposed to thinking millions of people are sub-human deplorable monsters because of the color of their skin? i’m so sick of this narrative that calling out hateful speech is somehow on par with (or worse) than the hateful speech itself. white nationalists support trump; do you NOT consider them “deplorable”?

      • Rick Lothian says:

        …How about we stop calling people sub-human monsters, period? Hatred isn’t holy. And every indignant, self-righteous screech is an opportunity lost to show each other our common humanity and desert of empathy, rather than re-enforcing the worst suppositions of those who demonize us. At the end of the day, we’re still going to have to LIVE among each other, tomorrow. Even that tomorrow in November. We’re not going to make the people we choose to hate go away by being insufferable.

  12. Kek says:

    100% butt hurt liberals. LMAO

  13. Sylvia says:

    The liberal media is in panic mode as Hillary’s campaign collapses from their unbridled hate & open biased reporting. Who is Sonya Saraiya to say if Trump deserved affection or not? She’s a half-assed liberal shill working for Variety. It looks like 90% of the hate is coming from the libs and Democrats these days. Independents are sick of their snide comments.

  14. Al says:

    How about those hard hitting corruption questions that the late night hosts hurl at Hillary? The myth that Trump is any worse is over. They both have their extreme areas of disgusting behavior that both should get ridicule for. Not just Trump, you dummies.

  15. Jacques Strappe says:

    Twitter is free and open social media, NOT main stream media. An overwhelming majority of Americans on free, open and unregulated social media giving lightweight Fallon thumbs down for his fawning interview with deplorable Trump, restores faith in the goodness of America. Nothing more predictable (and sad) than Trump and his lobotomized, deplorable supporters playing the victim card: EVERYONE is out to get them and the system is rigged. blah, blah, blah. Time to hide under those white hooded sheets. Poor babies.

    • Burro b says:

      Oh yea cuz liberals dont complain ? Freebies. Freebies freebies. Perhaps the people who do work and pay Medicare are tired of giving it to the criminals unemployed and minorities who refuse to work or get educated.

  16. BillUSA says:

    Liberals going after liberals.

    Few things in life are ever more beautiful.

    • WhackyABC says:

      I too, LOVE to see liberals implode with their own hatred. So blinded by hatred are they collectively, that they eat their own for merely acknowledging anything deemed “unliberal”. What a pathetic species, but this Fallon hatred thing is hysterical.

    • Jacques Strappe says:

      Few things in life are more predictable and sad than Trump’s deplorables complaining that liberals are out to get them and are rigging the system at every turn.

  17. Teresa McLaughlin says:

    Oh….um ask him about WHITE supremistist or his love of Putin, his hate of women, his gun loving rhetoric….and he is the ONLY one who (without explanations) can make America grea…so instead of a dialogue, you muss his inplanted hair and act like he is a normal american? BOOO HISSS FALLON – you just lost me as a viewer.

    • Ken says:

      Let’s face it, Teresa: Jimmy Fallon has never been much of an intellect. He’s incapable of engaging the mind, or conducting a decent interview. What he IS is an overgrown kid who prefers playing stupid games with his guests. He’s empty calories..

    • Burro b says:

      You are a sap!!!! Go back to your star bucks you liberal. He has a job to do. God you people can’t think or see things for what they are

    • BillUSA says:

      Yours is only an opinion. Just be truthful and say you don’t like Trump because the Democrats get your vote no matter what. Oh, my bad, you’re a woman to boot. Must have a woman President in your lifetime.

      • Jayne says:

        So true. Liberals can’t even see how hateful they’ve become. I’m waiting for them to demand gulags for anyone who disagrees with them. Stalin would be so proud of these political attack dogs.

      • Not BillUSA says:

        Yeah, that wasn’t misogynistic at all.

  18. Bobby J says:

    Nothing against Mr. Holloway, who looks to be a nice young man… But I remember when Variety covered the business of television. Now, all it does is chase other outlets’ exclusives and then post click-bait trash like this. As Trump would say, “Sad!”

  19. John says:

    That photo almost look like Jimmy Fallon is patting the head of a golden retriever.

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