Watch: Jesse Williams Gives Stirring Speech About Racism at BET Awards

Jesse Williams BET Awards
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“Grey’s Anatomy” star Jesse Williams used his platform at the BET Awards to discuss race relations and equal rights in America.

The actor, who received the network’s humanitarian award from BET chairman and CEO Debra Lee, for his prominent role in the Black Lives Matter movement, dedicated his award to “the activists, the civil rights attorneys, the struggling parents, the families, the teachers, the students that are realizing that a system built to divide and impoverish and destroy us cannot stand if we do.”

The former history teacher, who sits on the boards of civil rights and social justice organizations The Advancement and Sankofa, also honored “black women, in particular, who have spent their lifetimes dedicated to nurturing everyone before themselves. We can and will do better for you.”

Williams, who portrays Jackson Avery on the hit ABC medical drama, said the African American community will reclaim their country in the face of police brutality.

“We know that police somehow manage to deescalate, disarm and not kill white people every day, so what’s going to happen is, we’re going to have equal rights and justice in our own country or we will restructure their function and ours,” he said.

He also questioned how much progress African Americans have actually made and whether they’re truly “free” (“‘You’re free,'” they keep telling us. But she would have been alive if she hadn’t acted so … free”).

“I don’t want to hear anymore about how far we’ve come when paid public servants can pull a drive-by on a 12-year-old playing alone in a park in broad daylight, killing him on television and then going home to make a sandwich,” he said, citing the deaths of Tamir Rice, Rekia Boyd, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland and Darrien Hunt.

Williams concluded his speech on a poignant note by taking aim at those who exploit black culture.

“We’ve been floating this country on credit for centuries and we’re done watching and waiting while this invention called whiteness uses and abuses us, burying black people — out of sight and out of mind — while extracting our culture, our dollars, our entertainment like oil, black gold, ghettoizing and demeaning our creations then stealing them, gentrifying our genius and then trying us on like costumes before discarding our bodies like rinds of strained fruit. The thing is that just because we’re magic doesn’t mean we’re not real.”

Watch the full speech below.

Justin Timberlake received social media backlash for his response to the speech Sunday night on Twitter.

Journalist Ernest Owens asked “So does this mean you’re going to stop appropriating our music and culture? And apologize to Janet too,” to which Timberlake responded “Oh, you sweet soul. The more you realize that we are the same, the more we can have a conversation.”

After being accused of being dismissive, condescending and dodging the question, the pop star — blamed for leaving Janet Jackson to take the bullet for her Super Bowl “wardrobe malfunction” — tweeted an apology.

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  1. Colette says:

    I am white (actually French / Indian) never raised to see color. At 55 years old I am sick at the division of this country and very saddened. Whoever you are Jesse Williams, we both have red blood and the same color eyes. You want to feel superior to me, I guess that is your prerogative. However I refuse to be a racist. Was never a Grey’s Anatomy fan and will not be a future follower/fan.

  2. Anthony dozier says:

    So this is what’s got figuratively everyone’s panties in a bunch! I’m just now hearing it. He only said what the average adult African American believes, and, quite eloquently thank you! Sorry if it’s too much for you, but he told the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

  3. Napoleon Bonaparte says:

    To really understand the racism we need to know first which Jesse Williams was speaking. The African-American or the European -American.

  4. Jeff B says:

    I reckon MLK, Jr. is spinning in his grave right now. His message, as opposed to Mr. Williams, was to “unite” not “incite.”

  5. Bliz says:

    Aside from the fact all african american music and sport was fused with white cultural invention and innovation (i.e. every instrument, technology, sport game and rules first created by whites–baseball, basketball, football etc–and things like jazz/blues/gospel are results of fusing african with white instrumentations, classical music, folk, and white christian church…not to mention other things like, say, the internet and phones and social media…and the english language)…aside from all “that”, whats even more ridiculous is the fact that “white privilrge” is what specifically pays for his cheques and watches his lame popular white show–hip hop heads and sports dudes dont even watch greys anatomy…white people and women do lol

    Also, in general, the notion of “white privilege” in a currently white majority society (65-70%) that was settled, developed, controlled by white people for three hundred years during a period of world history where everyone were brutal inhumane people and empires practicing allllll similar brutality and power seeking of any nation or tribe where present day morality doesnt apply, and then operates in a power structure determined by democratic majority rule and constitution, …is shocking and outrageous somehow that “white privilrge” exists and is some exception to the rule of every other nation of peoples ruling by majority via democracy…or, worse, violent toralitarianism and dictatorships. Lets get beyond even devating whether “white privilege” even exists or is wrong: it does exist and its right by vurtue of democratic rights of voting and ruled by majority. Every majority has privilege in their respective spheres–even white boys in black ghettos are the minority in that sphere…from local to national to global, majority generally have privilege, and those with historically long periods of power and majority rule even more so. However, we dont need to be dicks about it. If anything, minorities should be surprised by the fact we willfully relinquish our privilege and create things other cultures use as standard things in their culture yet we dont get all uppidy and possessive about it.

    So much hypocrisy and misdirected thinking by this idiot being praised–and even when whites praised him they get insulted and discluded from the prause, like timberlake. Seems more “black privilege” behaviour to me: dont yse OUR culture; dont speak or listen to US; dont praise US. Etc etc bs bs.

  6. The phrase “White Privilege” irritates me to no end. Considering that I’m on my 4th week of overtime with no end in sight, with insurance that barely makes the grade and wages that are pretty much poverty level in any other state than NC, perhaps Jesse Williams, you should get down here with ALL of the impoverished folks. We are every color.

    • Nat says:

      I think people misunderstand white privilege to mean that they’re privileged in EVER aspect of their lives. White privilege doesn’t mean you can’t be poor, gay, disabled, underpaid, unemployed, or any other number of disadvantages.

      Having white privilege doesn’t mean you’re well-off or that you’re exceeding comfortable rolling around in pools of money. It’s not a commentary on anything other than the fact that most white citizens don’t have to face racial prejudices.

      • Napoleon Bonaparte says:

        You said “I’m white”. You mean European-American, right? So what?

      • Nat says:

        @ Napoleon Bonaparte.

        I’m white. So.

      • Napoleon Bonaparte says:

        How do YO know what they have to face?

      • Bliz says:

        Well of course…any majority society faces less racism…from africa to asia…and theyre even more more brutal over in their ancestors land where majority tribal powers commit inhumane things rather than just micro aggressions of “appropriation”….it shoukd be called “majority privilrge” rather than some exceptional more sinister phenombenon thats some shocking incongruent reality of majority rule society based on democracy where majority rule would set norms and more ppl in jobs of power…theres 65/70% white america so of course theews a privilege of eace and of course most power and authority positions are occupied by whites…its not shocking nor an inustuce especially considering just how much past privilege has actually been reformed and continues—even the very notion of “civil rights” for minorities didnt exist for 10,000+ years of human evolution and is very new on a scale of human history so all things considering all i can do is yawwwnnn

  7. Greg says:

    This guy should be fired. He is doing nothing but breeding hate in others. He is just as racist as the KKK. I wish everyone could treat each other equal and be one big happy family. But as long as there are people like him or companies like BET “Black” Entertainment Television, “Black”. History Month, the “Black” Panthers, “Black” Lives Matter etc there will be no u unity. Black people get so caught up I. Getting “equal” treatment and having their own everything that they actually create diversity in the progress. For instance if there was a “White” Entertainment Television station everyone would say that’s racist and that u can’t do that bc it is ensinuating that it’s for whites only, But black people can, is that equal? Does that spread the word that both blacks and non blacks are the same? No.bwe may not be perfect, but no one can say we have not come a LONG way. When this country was founded black people were “equal” to cattle or equipment and were not even classified known as humans. NowThe President of The United States of America is black. Does that mean we are perfect now? No. We still have a lot of work to do. But racism is NOT just a white thing, and we as a nation need to realize that speeches like this are not just “informative” speaking the truth as the speakers would have u believe, They do nothing but breed hate. And make everyone subconsciously put each other into a box, white, black, Hispanic, Indian etc. Statistics actually show the opposite of what he was saying in this speech also, more white people die from police related deaths than blacks, bc there are more white people in the country. And lastly a big key in ever becoming completely “unified” is coming together. And that requires forgiveness. I hate slavery ever happened, and I hate racism whether it is from black or white. But we must apologize as a whole and then ask the black community to “forgive and forget” before we will ever be truly 100% racist free. There can be NO progress without turning over a new leaf and as long as resentment, hate, and entitlement are in our thoughts, none of us will ever be truly equal in our minds.

  8. Dee says:

    Truth hurts !!!! The speech was A star and most spoken in decades !!! Leave the man alone !!
    It’s the racist that want him gone

  9. Napoleon Bonaparte says:

    It’s really terrible how this actor was treated. Not much different from his ancestors. He has to slave in the movie industry sometimes for hours on end. Comes home and worry about where to put his money. It’s still all legacy of the slavery. Without it he could enjoy leisurely life without stress, in quiet peaceful stone age.

  10. Jesse Williams… plain and simple, you are a bigoted race baiter. The mere fact that you participate in a racist enterprise (BET) shows it. It is people like you that ferment the ongoing alleged class struggle between Blacks and non-Blacks. It’s time you change your narrative!!

  11. Sharon says:

    This was neered. Wake up black people.

  12. JCB says:

    “while extracting our culture, our dollars, our entertainment like oil, black gold, ghettoizing and demeaning our creations then stealing them, gentrifying our genius and then trying us on like costumes before discarding our bodies like rinds of strained fruit.”

    ~ You may have misheard the last bit. Pretty sure he said “strange fruit”, not “strained fruit”. Strange fruit being a reference to the poem by Abel Meeropol (and later song adaption by Billie Holiday) of the same name, published in the 1930s as protest anthems against lynching. I might have heard wrong, but please edit if he actually did say “strange fruit”. The message is much more poignant and powerful.

  13. Ell Gold says:

    Overall, this is a great article. I’m a teacher and I used both the video and this article in my class. However, there is a pretty glaring error in the transcription of Williams’ speech: “…discarding our bodies like rinds of strained fruit” – it should be “STRANGE Fruit” – it’s an allusion to Billie Holiday’s song, “Strange Fruit”…disturbingly powerful song about lynching…

  14. Keely Connors says:

    As a British person it’s really sad to read all these comments. My great grandfather was from Jamaica but I am white and live on a small island where being black is not something even thought of as an issue. I don’t know if this is an American thing more than anywhere else because it seems that racism is constantly brought up and I’ve never had to deal with it where I am from and it saddens me to hear it spoken about both against not just black people but also white and so vehemently. Life is so short embrace it and stop the hate on both sides.

  15. Naturally, prepare yourself for the barrage of self-justifying, racist, ignorant and asinine comment vomit that’s about to follow…

    • Napoleon Bonaparte says:

      So Trenton, why do you post “self-justifying, racist, ignorant and asinine comment vomit”?

  16. David says:

    Wow what a powerful message from Jesse. I am a middle aged white male, and the justice and bravery in his words left me emotionally moved and teary-eyed. If the same words were spoken by even the fictitious and animated characters in the movie Pandora, white audiences would cheer. Now many will react with indignance and self-justification, all too typically.

    The trampling of rights and murder of black Americans by authorities has yet to be reacted to or corrected in any meaningful way. Truth to power is one thing, truth to white people seems somehow to be quite another. Being white in this nation of America is beautiful, fortunate and blessed. Why are we increasingly chained to hate, fear and violence? All our one people need to respect the rights and dignity of each other, and ourselves. We have hard work to do and much more practice to feel in our hearts and behave in our acts as if we do. Let’s open our hearts and minds, and have the ears to hear.

    • Napoleon Bonaparte says:

      You said: “murder of black Americans by authorities” What the hell are you talking about? They are murdered by other blacks. Look at the stats in Chicago for example! Seems you can’t deal with facts. Just like racists the Jesse Williams, Al Sharpton or Farahan caliber. Can you explain why for example Jamaica have TEN times the homicide rate of USA? But what do I as a Bohunk know :)

  17. kevin says:

    stop letting this stuff bother you, people.

  18. The Viewing Public says:

    The blacks continue with their boring lectures demanding ALL other races give them special heed …. but the facts are … other races don’t give and hoot and there is no need for them to do so. They got plenty on their plate with their own people.

    I am a huge advocate for blacks to be doing for blacks. They can begin by dropping the lectures to any other peoples and just concentrate on themselves. That’s advancement and no beggar bowl required

    • As Black people, I’ll agree that we should work on helping ourselves out. However that’s a lot easier to do when you don’t have to be worried about getting killed, shunned or messed with every five seconds. The clear reality is though that both sides, blacks and non-blacks alike, need to stop making things tough on blacks. Neither side can claim 100% blamelessness.

      Sidenote: we don’t demand “special heed”, we’re just asking EQUAL heed in terms of treatment, systematic oppression, etc. Again, this will take work on both sides though to make this a reality.

      • Napoleon Bonaparte says:

        OK Trenton, in which country do you see “oppression” and in which country you don’t see it?

      • KM says:

        Thank you for your intelligent, diplomatic comments. You are rising above people attacking each other. Attacking others is never the way to solve anything. Thank you for demonstrating that.

      • Jessica says:

        Honestly, the race card has been overplayed now. If you work,you get paid, like everyone else. I’m guessing you have never been beaten and chained by the white man am I right? Never been asked to enter a restaraunt through the back door? Or told you weren’t welcome in a store because of skin color. No? None of that has happened to you? Then what’s the issue? Is it impossible for people to get over things they absolutely cannot change (like the past) and just start living and enjoying the NOW?

      • Jessica says:

        How can you ask for equal rights when you continually segregate yourselves by demanding special treatment? And do you think other races do not die to law enforcement? A solution to that is don’t be a criminal, or parents should teach their children respect for authority. It gets very tiring always having to walk on eggshells because everything seems to offend the black community. After a while people just say screw it… Get over it. And someone like JT who respects the African American culture, and who’s music serves as a bridge to bring people together, even he is accused of wearing the culture like a costume. There is no winning , African Americans want to be victims so they can get the attention they need.

  19. Robert says:

    Jesse, you are a naked racist. Your racism will create racism in others. #noplaceforhate

    • I originally wrote a long paragraph to explain things but it’s not worth it. Things are more nuanced that what you speak of in your comment. Maybe you’ll figure it out for yourself someday.

      And for the record, I thought JT’s tweets were perfectly fine…

    • Jessica says:

      I’m going to have to agree. Mediocre at best.

  20. Nice how he can straddle the race divide being his mother is Swedish-American and his dad will absolutely have European genetics (almost all American blacks do). He’s over half white in other words and biracial. Guess his mother is invisible and had no hand in his upbringing so its easy to ignore her and her cultured (sarcasm).

    • Way to ignore the message and focus on the speaker. His background is irrelevant – any other ethnicity who were to say the same exact thing would be just as accurate in his/her statements.

  21. Art Should Have No Boundaries says:

    Re: Mr. Williams’s assertion of whites co-opting black art and culture. Perhaps he, on behalf of the black community, should now apologize for the co-opting of The Wiz, Steel Magnolias, Annie plus many other properties and formats originally created by whites. His arguments, while interesting, seem specious, one-sided and rather racist.

  22. vm says:

    I thought Williams said, “…like strange fruit,” quoting the Billie Holiday song?

    • Simon says:

      For clarification, it was sung by Holiday. The song was composed by Abel Meeropol. A Communist, who coincidentally was white.

  23. Amy says:

    I do not disagree with some of what Mr. Williams said. However, as a mom I noticed his mother is white. My heart went out to her. How must it have felt to be thanked by her son and then told that, just because she is white, she has oppressed him? That she and all of those who are white are guilty of being racist no matter what we actually say, feel or think.

    • Yeah, nobody is saying “all” white people are guilty of being racist. No clue where you could’ve possibly gotten that from. Anyone who uses such encompassing declarations (like “never”, “always”, “all”, “nothing”) probably doesn’t know how to speak properly.

  24. West Hollywood says:

    A speech about racism at the BET Awards? Talk about irony. How many Asians, Hispanics or whites were nominees or winners at the BET Awards?

    Let’s let the black community have the BET Awards because everyone knows they certainly aren’t sharing with the other ethnic groups that work in the film industry.

    • Wow. It’s the B-E-T Awards. BET = Black Entertainment Television. Makes sense to talk about the plight of Black people at a Black awards ceremony for a mainly Black network. That’s like filmmakers getting upset they weren’t nominated at the Emmy’s (< that's a television award show, in case you're unclear about that analogy).

      • Napoleon Bonaparte says:

        So where is Asian Entertainment Television? Or Jewish Entertainment Television? White Entertainment Television? Imagine United Caucasian College. Or White Tigers, marching in the streets carrying guns.

  25. Savannah says:

    Hello I live in Mississippi the state with the most black people. Talking about racism is hard to put into words it’s better to speak about it but I’ll try to make a few points on the subject. I am in Jackson where I went to a public school system that is 96% black and the majority of my teachers were black and I was able to learn just as I would have had it been the opposite. Many times I was the only white person in my class. White people don’t oppose people while blacks are very inclusive. A big thing I don’t understand is their hatred of actual black people in school they gave the darker or truer black kids utter hell and praised the bright ones. My black 10th grade science teacher told the class anytime a black person doesn’t have brown eyes they have white in them no exception. Caucasians are the only race with eye colors other than brown, she was also my black high school principal’s daughter. Jesse clearly is half or more white. He falls into the fastest growing group in society.

  26. babarishka says:

    If Blacks would simply stop turning every neighborhood they inundate into Third World, gang banga sewers, THERE WOULD BE NO PROBLEM WITH RACE RELATIONS. That doesn’t apply to all Blacks, but a very large percentage of Black. After 70 years of entitlements/reparations, Blacks continue to ghetto-ize and destroy the entire country, neighborhood by neighborhood. That is plain to see for anyone who doesn’t have their head up their……….

  27. Lisa says:

    Uh oh. I think somebody offended some of the all knowing of the white folk. Black people better shut up or else they might start thinking that things aren’t as perfect for black people as they think we’re supposed to think they are! I mean we’ve spent so much time understanding them what would happen if they were asked to understand us? Or WORSE! what if we didn’t care what the racist, entitled think of black people at all! Oh no!!

  28. CC says:

    Lmao…..all these black celebrities raking in cash the average white person will never see, yet they still think they are on a slave ship just leaving an African port. Wow, the hypocrisy people get away within the US now is hilariously shocking. Shenanigans like this certainly won’t help race relations, but it’s impossible to get that through to a paranoid ilk LOOKING for ways to blame whites. If the races had been flipped here, blacks would be going absolutely ballistic burning down towns and demanding “justice” for whoever made the speech.

    Blacks whining and crying all the time sure won’t help fix racism, that’s for sure. Blacks are more racist than any other color, because they can’t get away from their paranoia that they’re always being targeted. They CHOOSE to be the victim and not take responsibility for their actions, therefore they will never learn how to do things for themselves. Sure, they’re loud, boisterous and appear to be finally “fed up”, but in the end they will always be dependent on aggressive displays such as this to manipulate gullible white people into giving them whatever they want just to shut them up. Fortunately for blacks, there will always be a large contingent of naive white people standing in line to lick the boots of blacks trampling all over them.

    White people could leave the planet and blacks would still find something to blame their shortcomings on. Can’t wait to ignore the replies to this, too.

    • You’re both right and wrong.

      Things you’re right about: We black people should help our own community more, be intentional about making a positive impact in our own so that we can further that positive impact into the non-Black community at-large, and do our best to stop having a victim mentality.

      Things you’re wrong about: Just because you’re a black celebrity raking in cash doesn’t mean you won’t get shot by the police for practically no reason, eyed in a store while window-shopping because someone thinks you’ll steal something, etc. etc. So black celebs raking in cash is irrelevant to how they would be treated by the general population. And for the record, we are literally being targeted. Police chiefs, politicians and other people have been captured on-camera, literally saying to target black people for varying purposes (money for filling up jail cells or improving police department arrest rates for example). So, you’re wrong on that one as well. And choosing a victim mentality is different from literally being someone who is prayed upon. And we won’t always be dependent on aggressive displays as an attempt to gain equal treatment – we come in many different formats and some of us choose to “fight” in more subtle and overt ways such as through voting, spending, or even being living proof that we aren’t always what people think we are (take myself as an example).

      And lastly, there will always be good people that defend those who are oppressed – so if you’re not helping the situation, you’re more than likely an oppressor. Think about that for a bit.

      • Napoleon Bonaparte says:

        You’re right Trenton. You could get shot. 99.9% by other blacks. Why is that?

  29. DaveC310 says:

    I think he said a lot of good things, but I didn’t love some parts of his speech. I guess I don’t see how the system wants black people to fail… or what he meant by “this invention called whiteness uses and abuses us.” Young black people are being told that America wants them to fail and be poor…. I don’t see that. Anyone can achieve greatness in this country, just like Jesse has. The government wants everyone to do well because that’s how they make their money… taxing the shit out of us. The better everyone is doing, the better the world is, which means we have less crime and fewer disenfranchised youth. As a white guy, all I want is to see everyone succeed and be happy. I think most people feel the same way. When people struggle and can’t get ahead… that means more crime on the streets and nobody wants that. (Except maybe the prison industrial complex, which definitely needs to be reformed. I could get behind Jesse calling out the prison system. We need to stop locking up so many non violent offenders.)

  30. Lisa Borges says:

    Every race and culture has been oppressed at some point in history . Every life matters for we are all children of God and until we recognize that and can truly put our differences that exist due to lack of understanding or private agendas aside . We will continue to be forever disunified.

  31. How ironic was this speech?? He is on the BET Awards (Black Entertainment Television), and awards program that ONLY awards blacks, yet talking about racism. Something doesn’t seem right with that.

    • babarishka says:

      I wonder how there can be institutionalized racism when we have had a Black president for 8 YEARS, and many politicians, police and judges in our inner-cities ARE THEMSELVES BLACK. As for exploitation, mostly White tax payers have been keeping a large percentage of the Black population alive for 70 years. What have been the results of Liberal policies regarding Blacks?

      Blacks have turned our schools into mini-prisons, continue to turn every neighborhood in which they become the majority population (or close) into Third World, gang banga nightmares. Blacks destroy neighborhoods (including two in which I used to reside) and still want more entitlements and reparations. Is the ghetto-ization of America our reward for fighting for their freedom during the Civil War, fighting for their civil rights in the 1960’s and giving them freebies that no other ethnic group before them ever receive?

      Delusional White Liberals/Communists believe that giving them even more free stuff and making evermore excuses for them is going to set things right. In fact, the opposite is true. Blacks commit half the murders in America although being only 13% of the population. 1 out of 3 Black males will be incarcerated at least once in their lifetime (which is largely due to their behavior). White flight is not about skin color, in and of itself, but BEHAVIOR.

      • Holy crap I don’t even know where to start with how illogical, inaccurate and misrepresented this is.

        – Having a black president and blacks in office doesn’t mean institutional racism will cease to exist. How is this not obvious? Do you think they could wave a magic black wand and all will be fixed?

        – Even if you were, by some insane logic, correct about blacks turning things into third-world nightmares, what are you doing to help the situation? Do you donate any time or energy to helping underprivileged youth? Have you taken time to try and understand how things have gotten (and remain) the way they’ve become? Have you given to organizations that directly support the improvement and enrichment of the people in such “gang banga nightmare” neighborhoods? I am 100% sure you have not, else you wouldn’t be making such asinine comments above.

        – And not all of us want entitlements and reparations (only a dumb portion of us do – you know, that dumb portion between 25-75% of every race that makes the other smart, normal side of the race look bad). The rest of us just want to not be killed for no good reason, refused jobs due to our race, singled-out because we’re black when we do simple things like drive, go out to eat or shop, etc.

        – Your stats… Let me just interject.

        According to the US Department of Justice, blacks accounted for 52.5% of homicide offenders from 1980 to 2008, with whites 45.3% and “Other” 2.2%. The offending rate for blacks was almost 8 times higher than whites, and the victim rate 6 times higher. Most homicides were intraracial, with 84% of white victims killed by whites, and 93% of black victims killed by blacks.

        Takeaways: white aren’t necessarily too far behind Blacks in terms of homicides… Also, pretty much all of those homicides, for both races, are on those of the SAME RACE. So the only ones killing you, primarily, are… your own. Same goes for us. So we all have some work to do in that area…

        As far as incarceration rates, it’s a lot easier to arrest black people when they’re targeted. Of course nowadays we’re just getting shot like dogs, so at least that’ll help free some jail cells…? << Sarcasm.

  32. Simon says:

    Don’t watch much television, so I am unaware of this gentleman. I was busy reading George Samuel Schuyler’s book Black No More. Now that would have been an entertaining debate between Mr. Williams with Mr. Schuyler or
    Bayard Rustin.

  33. Lulu says:

    I hope you all realize Jesse’s mother is white. So how racist is he really? lol

    • Amy says:

      Thank you! I was wondering how his white mother felt to be insulted and debased by her son. It must have been difficult for her to be thanked by him and then yold that just by being white she’s had oppressed him.

  34. Racist cant handle the truth says:

    Yes Jesse. Boy white people really hate hearing the truth based on the comments below. Always reverting back to the “don’t blame us for your shortcomings” missing the point totally as usual LOL!! Always showing their racist ignorance telling on themselves showing how racist they really are and don’t even realize it. Jesse, you were right and they hate you for it. Keep telling the truth!!

  35. wow that is one of the most angry hateful racist speeches i’ve seen in a long time. STOP BLAMING WHITE PEOPLE FOR ALL YOUR SHORT COMING!!!!!

  36. There’s nothing racist about that speech.He’s speaking about the entitlement that surrounds the system that works to oppress black people every single day. Williams speaks to taking back our power to create a better life for ourselves, and not waiting for someone to decide we deserve it.

    • babarishka says:

      Excuse me, but as I mentioned above, how is there institutionalized racism when we’ve had a Black president for 8 YEARS, and many politicians, judges and police in our inner-cities ARE THEMSELVES BLACK?

      You want honesty? Save for White Libtards/Communists, most Whites are getting very tired of you blaming us for Blacks transforming every neighborhood they inundate into Third World, gang banga sewers. If you stopped doing that, there would BE ZERO PROBLEM WITH RACE RELATIONS. Blacks kill way more Blacks than White (or Black) police do.

      Stop acting like whining, pathetic children and stop destroying America. Hell, Blacks decimated two neighborhoods in which I used to reside. Frankly, Whites are getting extremely tired of your whining about racism while you get freebies that not other group has ever gotten, and when mostly White tax payers have kept a large percentage of your people alive for 70 years.

      What have the results been of mostly White tax payers footing the bill for endless entitlements to Blacks? Blacks continue to destroy our neighborhoods, turn our schools into mini-prisons and increasingly commit Black-on-White violence, as graphically illustrated in Colin Flaherty’s two books, “White Girl Bleed A lot” and “Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry: the Hoax of Black Victimization and those who Enable it.” The onus is on YOU to get your sht together.

    • AJ Johnson says:

      What an ignorant, pathetic example of an adult black male, unfortunately, he’s just the tip of the iceberg. There is no such thing as white privilige, and caucasians aren’t the ones killing each other, living in ghettos, proudly talking about all their kids by many different baby mamas –while raking responsibikity for no one. Oh no…that’s left to the decent, hard working citizens, like me, who have to pay welfare for all of you whiny losers. You’re too stupid to even realize you’re being bought by rich white people who will contibue to keep you on the dole simply to get your votes! Idiots!! Until Obama became president–and I voted for the aggorant nigga–I wasn’t prejudiced. However seeing a fat nigger boy who had just robbed a store and knocked over the clerk before attacking an officer who was 100% in the right, never shot tgat loser in the back….grrrr.,. It makes my blood boil just thinking of how many nigger criminals have been put on pedestals in the past few years. It is disgusting. Caucasians are not the racists. Fools like you are. And I for one am sick of it. I owe you nothing. I am embarrassed for all the decent black men who cringe when they hear illogical, indefensible diatribes such as yours. Instead of behaving like the lying, thieving Al Sharpton why not try emulating Steve Harvey, Dr. Ben Carson, etc.
      Go TRUMP!!! Let’s make America great again!! BTW… I know of only two actual African Americans, both of whom are natural blondes with blue eyes and fair skin. They left South Africa to become US citizens. And they think it’s odd that negroes consider themselves African Americans when actual Africans think you’re pathetic, spoiled, and dumb. I couldn’t agree more. Whew! Now that I finally had my say I can goback to my well earned and deserved comfortable life jnowing that your ubfounded rage will prevent you from ever achieving happiness. Ta ta! Mwah!! :-)

      • Arya says:

        I’m not even black and I took offense after reading your comment. I knew irational, illogical and ignorant people existed in the world but you my friendhave a serious issu. First of all you contradict yourself during your entire argument which is simply hilarious and yet frightening knowing ppl like u are able to vote in the american election wherein the candidates are a bunch of idiotic and racist men and women. Not because I live in America (I dont), but because I know how much influence it will have on this world to have a loser like Trump as president. Your whole argument is that your not racist but then you turn around and refer to african americans using such derogatory terms such as “nigger,” which came into popular use at the time in american history when black people were treated like dirt. You’re disgusting and your brain is corrupted because not only do you ignore the racism towards not only black people and other ethnicities ( muslims and hispanics especially since you support Trump) surrounding you, but have the audacity to turn around and defend yourself when called a racist and ignore the fact that you truly and wholly are just that–a bloody racist. The words Jesse has spoken come from a man who is tired of watching people that are like him suffer endlessly without anyone taking initiative. His anger is understandable and I think people who have been uses as slaves in the past by your ancestors and treated like dirt have the right to owning organizations like BET in order to protect themselves and try to reach succes for the people who have long been fighting the negative effects of being a minority, for all of you finding it IRONIC that he speaks of racism in a BET awards show. Do you take offense that there are radio stations which only play spanish songs or in Canada we allow Quebecers to promote french via laws in order for them to preserve their culture instead of TAKING OFFENSE at the fact that they are not assimilating like some of you americans are still pushing for all your minorities to do. Im not saying other countries or people are perfect, but when you have such power in the world its embarassing to find that people within your own borders are being treated this badly and marginalized. America is seen as extending a helping hand to other nations while you cant even seem to help yourselves and treat your own as equals…

    • Oppressing black people?? He gave the speech on a channel ONLY FOR BLACKS!!! How ironic is that?? I’m sorry, but I just don’t see it.

      • E says:

        Wow. There’s so much hate oozing from your words I don’t see how you can truly be happy. Yikes! I’ll pray for you.

  37. defiant1 says:

    What a disgusting,abhorrent racist hateful speech from JESSEE Williams–he basically degraded and diminished his own character and his acting career–you have disrespected Grey’s Anatomy and as a loyal watcher, I will no longer lower my standards to watch you and contribute to either your salary and Grey’s ratings–adios you hateful little fool!

  38. Edmond Dantes says:

    The people that were offended by JT tweet are a bunch of loosers. While Donald Trump and his supporters are out there trying to take the freedom of everyone that is not a white male protestant, here they are fighting a tweet without any measure of bad intention. That is why SJW is now a four letter word, meaningless battles about irrelevant topics. Stop being so thin skinned, there are real issues to battle.

  39. Good Luck says:

    BET Awards are racist, but it’s OK to bash white people and accuse them of “appropriating their music”. No wonder there is a racial divide in this country. Justin Timberlake has worked with black producers & talent his entire career and is a villian? Such nonsense. Black lives blather.

    • ken says:

      Until you’ve been on the receiving end of Racism in this Country, STFU! Calling out racist for being ignorant, demeaning, insulting creatures is not racism. Unlike these racist idiots that occupy this Country, black people don’t walk around with chips on their shoulders, turning their noses up at people when they walk past them in the streets, stores or anywhere. The only reason a person like you would get mad at what’s going on in the BET world is because you are one of those racist idiots that people are referring to. Even decent white people know exactly what’s going on in this Country and they aren’t afraid to stand up for what they know is right. EQUALITY ACROSS The BOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRIVILEGE IS DEAD!!!!! It’s much more than “appropriating music”, it’s time to get educated about the “REAL RACIST ISSUES” in this Country, something you probably don’t give two F**** about!

      • Napoleon Bonaparte says:

        Please do tell “what’s going on in this country”, with specifics and names. Inquiring minds want to know. And which country on this whole planet is the best for blacks?

      • babarishka says:

        Blacks kill other Blacks far more than White (or Black) police do. I’m just a working shlub who wants to get along, like the majority of Whites. We don’t have the time, means, desire or energy to keep the Black race down – you people are doing a stellar job of that yourselves. I said it multiple times here and I’ll say it for the last time, if Blacks stopped turning every neighborhood they inundate into Third World, gang bang sewers, THERE WOULD BE ZERO PROBLEM WITH RACE RELATIONS.

        The decent White people who you are referring to are delusional Communists who think that giving you endless entitlements will stop you from ghetto-izing America. How has that worked out for you so far? Not too good from what I can see.

        Personally, I did ZERO to you people. Conversely, Blacks decimated two neighborhoods in which I used to reside. If Whites look at Blacks with suspicion or fear, it has absolutely nothing to do with your skin color, in and of itself. Color by itself means absolutely nothing. Behavior, on the other hand, means EVERYTHING. THAT is why there is White flight. That is why Blacks who actually have a brain and try to make something of their lives move out of the hood as soon as they can afford to – it is due to BEHAVIOR, NOT SKIN COLOR. It truly amazes me that the majority of you can’t or refuse to see that.

      • Sexracist says:

        Black people don’t walk around with chips on their shoulder? Stop kidding yourself

  40. JD says:

    Maybe we shouldn’t have race specific award shows….just saying

    • KM says:

      very true. at the same time, if they didn’t exist, many talented people would have gone unrecognized based on the opinions of a board of mostly a single demographic — elderly white people (this year’s Oscars, my primary example)

      • Angela says:

        This year’s Oscars wasn’t the issue – the industry was. The Academy had very limited options from which to choose because the major portrayals were limited due to financial interests and outdated modes of thinking reducing and marginalizing portrayals by black actors and actresses. But instead of pushing for the actual issue to be addressed and the “disease” to be diminished, the symptom became the focus. As a result, little will change save for the standards potentially lessening within the nomination process while the industry at large continues to marginalize people of color.

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