Jesse Jackson Invokes Slavery in Slamming Dish’s Decision to Stop Carrying WGN America

Underground WGN TV Review
Courtesy of WGN

The Rev. Jesse Jackson invoked slavery in condemning Dish’s decision to stop carrying WGN America, which is home to the critically acclaimed “Underground,” over retransmission fees.

“Is Dish using the same kind of math with ratings that the old south employed when enacting laws that counted African-Americans as three-fifths of a man?” wrote Jackson in a letter released by his Rainbow Push Coalition.

“Underground” chronicles the story of the Underground Railroad that helped many African-Americans escape the South, one that Jackson calls “inspiring” and in need of retelling.

“For far too long African-Americans have been underrepresented and unfavorably portrayed on television, silencing the significant contributions they have made to this country. ‘Underground’ is a crucial part of a brand-new day of diversity on television that sheds a bright light on the bravery, ingenuity and power of the African-American experience, and is being used as teachable moments in homes and history classes around the nation at a time when we need it most,” he wrote.

In a statement, Dish wrote: “We are skeptical that Rev. Jackson is truly interested in finding a fair deal for Dish customers.”

WGN America is airing an “Underground” marathon on July 2 and Dish consumers will not be able to view it.

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  1. Hey Jesse I like “white” Oreos, does that make me a racist ????

  2. Tom Cheatham says:

    Has the audacity to call himself a Reverend after an affair with a staffer, Karin Stanford, that resulted in the birth of a daughter Ashley in May 1999. Has the Rainbow Push Coalition pay Stanford $15,000 in moving expenses, $21,000 in payment for contracting work and promised a advance of an additional $40,000 against future contracting work which was rescinded once the affair became public.

    You may have started out as a advocate for Civil Rights but you turned into the thing you fought against, you like Al Sharpton, Black Lives Matter, Obama, Holder and all the rest are nothing more than racist yourselves. You preach hate against white people, blame everything on white people, keep pointing the finger at white people and claim we are the reason black people commit crimes and sell drugs, etc. etc.

    It’s time for blacks to own up to their problems and fix them and stop using race as the excuse for everything.

  3. Jdub says:

    I’m confused… I thought this was an article about Jesse Jackson slamming Dish because they stopped carrying a channel, but there’s almost no info on that… It seems that is is actually a cleverly disguised ad for the show “Underground”

  4. steve says:

    Come on Jesse. Unbelievable race bating BS. Its called business. You want to be treated like everyone else? Well sometime shows you like get cancelled or moved. The mean ol’ white man was not sitting in a board room making this decision based on one show. Try your “its racist” blackmail on the next target.

  5. Doug58 says:

    so why doesn’t BET pick it up? they only show Black shows and no-ones seems to care …….. and from the trailers I’ve seen the show does NOT tell the true of slavery, but of what the writers wish what would have happened …… teaching lies and bull is what Jackson is all about

  6. Dean says:

    The Jesse is the Racist one

  7. MK Johnson says:

    So he is only concerned with ONE show on the network and DISH is racist for dropping the channel? F-that!

  8. Ron Rex says:

    Today we lost Pat Summit and Buddy Ryan and countless other useful people in this society but yet Jesse Jackson still walks and talks.. Where is the justice?

  9. I wonder if their would of been any slaves that would’ve agreed that I this is the same thing…geez

  10. slimdan says:

    Jesse Jackson is a joke. I’m thinking he shouldn’t use toilet paper because it’s white and must be racist.

  11. umm, dish always threatens to drop a channel due to cost. so now thats racist? jj is a moron

  12. Shirley Knot says:

    The only racist here is the one doing all the fussing. For DISH, its all about the money, and if you weren’t so busy stirring shite, you would realize that. Grow up.

  13. JEREMY says:

    There was a time when Jesse Jackson’s speeches packed some punch.
    Lately,with what’s been happening with him and his family(he had an outside child with his secretary,his son and daughter-in-law jailed for misuse of campaign funds),you have to wonder if he’s really into the issues,or just looking for a photo-op. He DID seem so enjoy the media spotlight a bit more than he should have.

  14. bandit1 says:

    Bring back the Duke boys on CMT…………..

  15. August111871 says:

    Jesse Jacksons words carry NO WEIGHT! He is Al Sharpton Jr and is a race huckster! DISH hold your ground and don’t give into this extortionist!!!!

  16. Buck says:

    WGN used to be a favorite channel but nowadays it sux. They used to bring us Cubs games nearly every day, plus plenty of White Sox games too, but no more. It is a channel I never watch any more.; No sports at all, an mostly re-runs of crummy shows like “In the heat of the Night”, Walker Texas Ranger”, and “Blue Bloods”. As for Jesse’s comment, of course he always plays the race card when he does not get his way. Nobody cares anymore, since he has cried wolf so many times.

  17. Hodor says:

    Liberalism is all about finding the ultimate hysteria and making yourself the ultimate “victim.”

  18. OMG! Will you whiney blacks just stop already?

  19. Kwame Gorilla Dance says:

    Slavery ? That was two centuries ago. Jackson thinking that far behind as the rest of the civilized world ?
    The European Union is falling because of having to support parasites. Is this similar?

  20. Dan says:

    Jackson believes when a white person breathes it is racist. In other words if you are born white you are automatically racist. He is a black extremist filled with hatred. That’s my opinion.

  21. george says:

    You racist adultery…….Go away we are tired of this nonsense! Why does a private company have to carry a non moneymaking network just because it is Black? Its not like they have a Caucasian Entertainment Award show!

  22. Zingy says:

    WTF-thought he retired?

  23. Gate Way says:

    Typical start of a JJ shakedown.

  24. Peter says:

    Jesse Jackson has long been a racist buffoon.

  25. john j says:

    Jackson wouldn’t even make a good field hand .the only thing he might be good at picking would be his nose.

  26. Has he paid his back taxes yet? Has he paid child support? Race baiter.

  27. jimspen99 says:

    Poor Jesse. He doesn’t understand the 3/5 Compromise. In a representative government, the number of members of the House of Representatives is determined by the states’ population. The South wanted slaves counted as people (an entire person), only because it would have increased their numbers in the House, therefore giving them more power in the national government than the Northern states, while at the same time, those slaves had no vote or say in the government.

  28. twillo says:

    What better way to get your favorite show back on the air…

  29. Jnel says:

    Apparently Jackson’s revenues are down due to increased competition in the race-baiting business. An obvious move on his part to try to recapture his lost market share.

  30. S,. K. Jocoy says:

    Get a life Mr. Jackson. And no I didn’t call you Rev. for I have lost all faith in you.

  31. Really a SHAME that Jackson isn’t where the rest of his family is while “on vacation” in prison!

  32. wow, jesse playing the race card huh?
    that has gotta be the first time he’s ever done that!…..
    in the last 5 minutes.

  33. mohamed says:

    Black Americans need to get over this ridiculous insensitivity! They should instead concentrate their effort on raising funds to build a memorial in Washington DC for all the white families of white soldiers who lost their lives in the Civil War in order that Blacks be freed from slavery! #Black Lives Matter has so far raised some money towards this project, along with the Miss Black America Pageant… the Black Caucus…. black history month… B.E.T. Television.. the term African American… Affirmative Action, the NAACP Awards… the “Hip Hop Awards”… Escense Magazine… Ebony Magazine… The ESPY Awards.. MTV Soul,… “MTV Jams”… and others.

  34. The pot calling the kettle black. Have to laugh at a racist calling someone else racist.

  35. David Scott says:

    Saw that sharpton had more air time, so he comes out of the closet.

  36. millerfilm says:

    Jews always invoke The Holocaust, blacks always invoke slavery.

  37. Skip Gilbert says:

    He says AA’s are underrepresented and unfavorably portrayed on television, You mean the Wayans brothers, Jamie Foxx and the rest don’t honestly represent
    their lifestyle??

  38. Toni Anthony says:

    WGN? He’d really have a frenzy if BET/VH-1 was not going to be carried! All hell would break loose then. Messy Jessie may be able squeeze more camera time out of it! Such a shyster of a man!

  39. Jax Simon says:

    Do these eggplants just sit around all day looking for race infractions? Who cares?

  40. Carlos Shabo says:

    slavery…thats where he went…i feel like Jackson is inept. he cant do ANYTHING without race baiting..

  41. Sexracist says:

    Slavery should just be abolished already

  42. MM says:

    If homo-atheists can scream whenever a gay character gets KILLED off a show, then Jesse has every right to make his claims and scream victim as well.

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