‘How to Get Away With Murder’: What Questions Will Be Answered in the Finale — Plus, Who Dies?

How TO Get Away With Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder” will wrap up another season Thursday night, and in typical “Murder” fashion, the episode won’t end without another dead body — or two.

In last week’s episode, Annalise (Viola Davis) finally learned the truth about Frank (Charlie Weber) killing sorority girl Lila back from the first season so she knows he was working for Sam. Viewers also learned what happened to Annalise’s unborn baby, who didn’t survive a horrible car crash — but was the accident really an accident? Wes (Alfred Enoch) also learned that his father is Wallace Mahoney (Adam Arkin) and that he’s alive and well (and wealthy) in New York City. And then finally, there’s the whole Hapstall murder case.

In the finale, Annalise escapes with a trip to her mother’s home, Frank has to come to terms with his past and Wes finds out more about his own past. So, will the Hapstall case be solved? Will Wes meet his father? Is there more to the storyline with Annalise’s car crash? And how will Annalise react to Frank, now that she knows the truth?

Here, Charlie Weber, who plays Frank, teases the shocking episode and tells Variety what questions will be answered in the season finale.

What questions will be answered in the finale?
With this one, you get a lot of reveal. Finally, the big question — what it is that Frank owes Sam? — that’s my biggest thing that we finally let up and get to that. It’s really, really devastating and crazy.

Can you tease what that moment with Sam may be?
You will see where [Frank] just completely loses himself, and what made him grow into what he is now — that monster that we see today.

So it sounds like we will really learn all about Frank in the finale.
It’s going to touch on the entire genesis on why Frank is the way he is and what even made him this way and why he is so blindly loyal to Annalise and what it is that he owes Sam. The whole thing wraps up into one event.

Will the entire storyline on Wes’ mom come to full closure? And what other lingering storylines will either be wrapped up or left unanswered?
You’re going to get more information on all of that. I feel like it’s a lot more reveal than raising new questions. There may be a little something in there that raises an eyebrow into what may happen down the road, but for the most part, you get a lot of answers.

I’m assuming the Hapstall murder case will close up in the finale?
We’re going to give you a little closure on that too.

Where does Frank and Laurel’s relationship stand now?
It’s really interesting. It’s a group of really talented people. We’re really, really spoiled and certainly, Karla Souza is in that category so when you’re doing scenes with other actors on the show, we find all this stuff. I didn’t know how Frank would proceed when she didn’t want to be with him anymore and she did that scene where she explains why, and Karla as Laurel was so honest and direct that it really ended for Frank. It was so finite and real, and because he does feel the way he does about her, he let her go. Now, this was before he jammed her up with Annalise and so that’s a whole other matter.

Right. Is Frank upset with Laurel for spilling about Lila’s murder in front of Annalise?
Trust me, he’s not happy about that, but he’s so consumed about Annalise and how to fix this that a relationship with a girl is not even on the radar for him right now. So we’ll see what the future holds, but Frank has pretty much a one-track mind right now.

How will Frank go about fixing this mess with Annalise?
This is his existence. He belongs to her in so many ways. He’ll go wherever he has to. He will do anything that it takes, regardless of who gets in the way of that. Whatever it takes to make this right or as right as it will make it, he will do.

There are a lot of theories out there that the car accident with Annalise, in which her baby died, was not a simple accident. Is there more to it?
I can tell you, you’re going to find out whether it was intentional or not so there will be an answer to that question.

The Season 2 finale of “How to Get Away With Murder” airs Thursday at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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  1. Bob says:

    Sorry to be so pedantic but there’s a typo in the interview. “Looses” is used in place of “loses”

    • Fred says:

      Hey Bob,
      In fact “looses” is correct here. The actor is saying he “looses” (sets free) his true character. Cheers!

      • Marilie says:

        “He’ll go wherever her has to.” Isn’t it supposed to be “wherever he has to.”? English is not my first language, maybe I just don’t get the meaning of the sentence. ;)

  2. Artiewhitfox says:

    People thinking they can get away with Murder deceive themselves. God sees all.

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