Destination America Greenlights Comedic Paranormal Investigation Series ‘Ghost Brothers’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Ghost Brothers
Courtesy of Destination America

Destination America has greenlit “Ghost Brothers,” Variety has learned exclusively. A comedic take on ghost hunting, the unscripted six-part series showcases the first African-American paranormal investigation team on television.

“Ghost Brothers” is set to debut April 15 at 10 p.m.

The series follows best friends Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass and Marcus Harvey on a mission to uncover whether some legendary “haunted” houses are the real deal. All raised in religious households, Spratt, Mass and Harvey were taught that messing with the dead is dangerous business, but their own unexplained experiences piqued their fascination, driving them to find out how spooky the supernatural can be. “Ghost Brothers” is described as blending the group’s natural curiosity with comedic flair, offering a fresh, funny and unique take on the spirit world.

“We’re excited to join the Destination America family and prove that there can be a little humor in the unknown,” said Spratt. “But the best part about ‘Ghost Brothers’ is that this time, the black guys make it out of the haunted house alive!”

“Destination America is the leader in paranormal programming, and we are excited to bring diversity to this space with the very first African American ghost-hunting team on television,” said Jane Latman, general manager of Destination America. “Dalen’s, Juwan’s and Marcus’ personalities shine through in ‘Ghost Brothers,’ wearing their emotions on their sleeves in an incredibly relatable way during all of the fear, thrills and chills of investigating things that go bump in the night.”

Taking a jab at the recent uproar over lack of diversity, sparked by the Oscar nominations, Henry Schleiff, group president of Investigation Discovery, Destination America, and American Heroes Channel, added, “Anyone boycotting the Academy Awards because of the absence of minorities represented might well find a kindred spirit in ‘Ghost Brothers,’ featuring the first-ever African American ghost-hunting team … At Destination America, we make a concerted effort to create programming that reflects the diversity of all Americans, everywhere.”

“Ghost Brothers” hails from Pilgrim Media Group, the producers behind the hit series “Ghost Hunters,” which airs on Syfy in association with Crybaby Media. Craig Piligian and Mike Nichols are exec producers for Pilgrim, and Danny Passman for Crybaby. Destination America’s Fay Yu is also an exec producer.

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  1. Courtney says:

    This show is a hit and for those who do not like it, oh well, change the channel to your same old, same old…why even negate their ability to produce a television show when you barely can produce a paragraph. Moving along…This show is taking the average ghost-hunting (which you see on almost every other channel) to an entirely new fresh level while keeping the integrity of the logistics of paranormal investigations intact. Mixing humor, good looks, and a great on-camera filming aesthetic while still being able to freak you out all at the same time…how is that even possible?!?! It is just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G what these gentleman have accomplished with their series and their talent and what chemistry on set they have as long time child-hood friends is seemingly undeniable…make up your own mind while watching an episode instead of reading tasteless reviews, which say “sucks” and “worst group” with zero references to any credible commentary they actually watched saying why they feel this way…duh. <—they will understand this better. SMH. :)

  2. Janet says:

    Absolutely the worst paranormal group out there. The show doesn’t deserve even 1 star. It needs to go away Destination America. Wasted air slot. Give me Amy Allen any day all day.

  3. karen Mulhollem says:

    We have been watching the Ghost Brothers since their first show, and have found them funny, but serious when necessary! but lately we have been disappointed because the t..v. promos promise a ‘NEW’ season starting Friday uh, that was three Fridays ago folks! We get the popcorn all ready and showers out of the way, but then disappointed to see it’s another REPEAT! Come on DESTINATION AMERICA we want MORE OF THE GHOST BROTHERS

  4. dwsimy says:

    I have been investigating and studying the paranormal for a long time, and it is nice to see a new face and take on a subject near and dear to my heart. I get the humor, and I really hope the best for the new guys on the scene.

  5. Is this “for real” or just a joke? There are no EVP’s, Clear Sightings, Unknown Sounds etc. mentioned in the program. But…it is a good laugh!

  6. Deneen Girgin says:

    I love ghost brothers, they are funny, they get good evidence, and they get scared. They are adorable. Plus I believe they are good Christian men.

  7. Joseph Smith says:

    Me my Wife and kids Love Ghost Brothers, its one of the only shows we sit down and watch together. It’s really nice to enjoy my family for that 1 hr. Please bring it back for a second season, We would really appreciate it. Thank You so much.

  8. Alisha says:

    Please bring this show back with another season. I was go googling it in hopes of seeing a link titled: “Ghost Brothers to Return with Season Two”. I need more. Its such great tv!

  9. Joann says:

    You need to be aware that a doppelganger is a demon in disguise. Don’t underestimate them.

  10. Linda Nino says:

    Love the Ghost Brothers. Please bless us with more episodes.

  11. Marion says:

    Ghost Brothers are so talented and comical and real. I look forward to watching them. The show needs MORE EPISODES. THEY ARE TOO FUNNY. THIS IS A GREAT SHOW. PLEASE CONTINUE – NOT ENOUGH EPISODES.

  12. Jodi says:

    Loving this show!! The boys are fantastic!


  14. Tracie says:

    The show is great so far, hilarious with their reactions to a creepy voice or sounds they hear. I love all their personalities all 3 are different but balance this show out. The phone calls from “the girlfriend” to Marcus during their investigating is annoying& not sure if he really wants to be an actual ghost hunter since he freaks out& wont go to certain locations or stay in an active location alone.

  15. Donna says:

    LOVE this new show. More, please.

  16. Crystal says:

    I love this show. I am hoping for more seasons to come!!

  17. Kathryn joan cortese says:

    The absolute best Ghost Hunters show there is or has been ever! I tell everyone I know to watch it. These guys are hysterical! The fact that they come out of a haunted house without killing each other is hysterical too! And of course it doesn’t hurt that they take the shirt off once in awhile. Throw some eye candy in there for the ghost, boys! I love you all!

  18. Marie Bragg says:

    When are they coming back?

  19. Babs says:

    I enjoy the show for the comedy of it. I do not for an instance take it seriously.

  20. Janie says:

    Love the Ghost Brothers! Best paranormal investigation show on tv, by far!


    Dalen I love your eye’s and friends are right you need to offer things to the dead it’s just respect.

  22. I think Ghost Brothers is a fantastic change. But I would like to offer a few suggestions if I may. Marcus: you wearing that t-shirt “never sold dope” saddened me . You are a small business owner and did not need to make any statement like that. I was watching the Allen house episode and there two things that were wrong. The first one where Juwan and Damon are in the attic and asked Laddell to sit with them, then when she does, one jumps up and runs. Sorry my friends, that is bloody rude. The second one where you were in the room with the coffin and asked Mr. Allen if he would like the cigar you had brought him. He indicated yes by lighting up the meter and he did not get his cigar. Again, sorry my friends, that was wrong too. Get the current owners permission and light up a cigar. I visited the old haunted hospital at the former Clark Air Force base in 2015. I took a tiny bottle of alcohol and some really good cigars to give as an offering to the dead solders spirits. In 90 minutes there, the three people with me received hundreds of mosquito bites but I did not receive a single mosquito bite.
    All-in-all, I love your show.
    Jerry McFadden

    • Kathryn joan cortese says:

      Oh lighten up. I love his never sold dope shirt. I also love loved the phone call in the middle of an investigation when everything was supposed to be quiet. That cracks me up. They are a bunch of screwballs! That’s why they are so attractive. They do find ghost I believe, but they do it in such a light-hearted way.

  23. james says:

    I need to know how to get a episode in a big lots store,ghost was verified as a presence,and on may 13th there was action after hrs.

  24. Heidi Thomas says:

    its a joke! wanted to like it but they no equipment and use there phones i mean he got a text while hunting!!!! come on !! and fyi if you shine a light at a ???ghost??? and then it still stays in thermal its not a damn ghost!! and another good bit of info…… YOUR NOT SUPPOSED TO RUN WHEN YOU WITNESS SOMETHING!!!! your supposed to be hunters not runners sucks need more ghost shows not enough good ones

    • Kathryn joan cortese says:

      First Heidi take an English course. Second lighten up this is not supposed to be a serious show this is supposed to be a show to enjoy. If you seriously want to go hunt ghosts go hunt them yourself. Because guys are just out to have some fun. They are enjoyable to a lot of us I hope they come back

  25. Jerry Wedebrand says:

    Guys I know a spot right in Atlanta that’s haughted. I have had two experiences there myself and witnessed a murder there and know of a suicide there. If you let this beginner paranormal investigator accompany you I tell you the spot. I love your show. Also I have not made this offer to anyone else. Hope to hear from you

  26. georgia says:

    It’s great see sit and Enjoy a Funny series for once. I usually hate what is called “reality TV. But these
    guys are fun! No adultery. No fighting. Just good fun. Lighten up America. Enjoy the boys.

  27. Fred Kidd says:

    This show is about as fake as you can get. I just watched the “Delta Queen” showing. I used to work on the Queen during the summers as a Porter while in high school (1970’s) when it was docked out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Never heard or saw anything during my four summers there. The haunting rumor was for the tourist.

  28. Cherie Dunaj says:

    Attn. Ghost Brothers, you complain about the woman taking 90 minutes to tell you of her house. You did it in 90 seconds. This woman is allowing you in her house to investigate. You should be ashamed for speaking ill of her.

  29. Tyrone says:

    Enjoy it while you can, there will be no next season.

    • Cherie Dunaj says:

      Agreed, they did show disrespect for the woman who allowed them in her house

    • Nancy White says:

      Why not another show? I enjoy the show. That guy said you was a p would be scared to so would he do it with out being scared.

  30. Jessica says:

    This show is absolutely ridiculous, by far the worst paranormal investigations I’ve ever seen!!

  31. They are hilarious. Like the show.
    ChinaDoll of the Platters

  32. Claudia Williams says:

    I am absolutely a huge fan of ghost brothers! I really enjoy watching your show. Hopefully some time you will be in Oregon. Keep up the good work guys and you crack me up also

  33. Annie Davis says:

    Perhaps some of you people need to get over yourselves…there will always be ghosts, paranormal and those things we just want to know more about.. The unexplained…and those who are serious investigators have nothing to fear from people who have a lighter approach to looking for proof that they aren’t just plain crazy. Who cares if the show has a funny side? I have not laughed this I’mmuch in a long time, and it feels really good to find humor in the paranormal and i KNOW what is out there… I am not offended that they are funny and could not care less if they are black, red, green or any other color.. If you do perhaps you should take a good look at where that is coming from…Someone said something about valuable TV time…please, at least there is nothing sexist, dirty or just plain disgusting with big chests and big mouths on this one…no big ego’s or over developed self love… Don’t watch it if you don’t like it and give the rest of us a break from your “its not real” and. “They don’t know what they are talking about”..its TV…its supposed to be entertaining…. And it is refreshing to see people who don’t think they are the only Gods gift to the world…. I work in paranormal and I think this show could be just what the Dr ordered…you go guys…I hope you keep getting scared silly…Love It

  34. Peter Cayce says:

    Silly show. And I don’t buy the evidence. Bunch of amateurs. Ghost Adventures is still the best and most reputable of these types of shows — and I’ve watched them all.

  35. Melinda Covey says:

    i love these guy!! they are funny!! i dont see nothing wrong with Dalin being a lil scared.. lol.. im a paranormal investigator and sometimes when you go into a haunted place and something happens when your not excepting it.. it will make you jump.. and ppl react in defferent ways when they get scared from something you cant see.. i hope these guys make it.. i see nothing wrong with a lil humor in the paranormal.. LOVE YOU GUYS!!

  36. Frank dean Pesti says:

    When will you have the Wayans brothers on your show

  37. Wow wow says:

    This is the most stupidest show I’ve ever seen they are making no sense and half the time they don’t know what they’re talking about they need to get off the air and stop wasting valuable TV time

  38. David says:

    I’ll still watch hilarious!!!!!!

  39. Nancy says:

    Awesome show. I injoy it very much.

  40. I loved the show ! Harlirously funny , I loved the part when. They had a date wit Adele I was laughing so hard I look 4 ward 2 Friday nights

  41. Laurel Brueckner says:

    I love this show there is humor and a since of real people good going guys love watching the show.

  42. SeanX says:

    Good grief…another satire ghost show ? I want to see a SERIOUS ALL BABE/LADIES/GIRLS paranormal show….without the faked & bland music too….Plz be Serious if this show is in the works….folks,who’s with me on this ??? Aside from eye candy,shows like fact or faked & ghost brothers/ghost adventures do more harm & mix inform on 1of the greatest mysteries…the after life.

  43. Erin-CLaire says:

    Ghost Brothers rock!! I am so glad to see one of these shows where there is not only curiosity but humor too! I like some of the other ghost hunting programs but they are all very serious. There isn’t anything wrong with that approach, I just really enjoy this new take on investigating the paranormal. These guys are hilarious and it is just fun to watch. Never boring! Looking forward to my Friday nights!!!

  44. Diane says:

    Love this show…..gonna watch them all the time…Dee Geoegia 💜🇺🇸

  45. Annie Simpson says:

    You know after reading the posted comments I have to respond. I am very interested in the paranormal, being that I have had my own personal experiences. That said. People will accuse you of being crazy when you share an unexplainable experience. So most times I keep it a secret. And some people are just plain scared and don’t want to hear about what you have seen or heard. It is a lonely world for people who really have seen and heard things that no one else want to talk about. Other people may hear and see what you thought you heard or thought you saw, but due to their being frightened they will not admit it and it it swept under the rug. I like the show, the guys are comical.This, in my opinion is o k. What’s wrong with a little humor? It’s about time that we see some new faces and when we are talking about the paranormal. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but White people are not the only people who have paranormal experiences.I have had my share of them and most time I don’t share them with anyone because of reasons stated above, and I am not White.

  46. Vicki Schumacher says:

    I just love this show, its the best one on Friday the cast is wonderful and real and funny. Thanks for a great new show I’m hooked

  47. Shannygirl says:

    Bring this show back.. these guys are funny and honest and fun to watch… They are professional and funny…

  48. john watkins says:

    i like the show i want to know why yall dont use the geo box to talk to the ghost or spirits

  49. sheila says:

    I will enjoy watching this….being a little scared makes it more real to me and funny too. I love the show.

  50. Jesse says:

    Not really feeling the series . Seems like these guys are to scared to investigate ghosts. What did they prove in the Allen house investigation? The home owners already knew the house was haunted.

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