‘Fuller House’ Renewed for Season 2 at Netflix

Fuller House renewed Season 2
Courtesy Netflix

Fuller House” has been renewed for a second season at NetflixVariety has learned. The pickup comes just days after the “Full House” revival series debuted on the streaming giant.

“Fuller House” opened up to polarizing reviews from critics and mixed reaction from fans, but the renewal hardly comes as a surprise. Aside from Netflix’s knack for renewing their original shows for many seasons, “Fuller House,” being in the pop culture zeitgeist, has had an overwhelming amount of social-media success, trending ever since the project was announced.

Netflix, of course, does not release ratings, so besides the heavy Twitter reaction over this past premiere weekend, there is no way to know how many viewers “Fuller House” has drawn since its Feb. 26 launch.


Full House Auditions

‘Full House’ Creator Jeff Franklin Shares Audition Memories of Olsen Twins, John Stamos, Others

“Fuller House” hails from “Full House” creator Jeff Franklin. The 13-episode series is a modern-day spinoff of the beloved ’80s and ’90s family sitcom, revolving around the widowed D.J. Tanner-Fuller (Candace Cameron Bure), who is raising her three sons with the help of her younger sister Stephanie Tanner (Jodie Sweetin) and Kimmy Gibler (Andrea Barber).

Cameron Bure, Sweetin and Barber lead the series, which drew back most of the original cast including Bob Saget, John Stamos, Dave Coulier and Lori Loughlin in recurring roles. The only cast members who did not return for the initial season were Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Now that the series has been renewed for a second season, there’s hope that the Olsen twins could return, according to Franklin, who said earlier this year, “I tried. We all tried to persuade them to come and play. They decided not to at this time. We’re hopeful at some point in the future, they may change their minds and reprise Michelle. We only need one of them!”

Speaking to Variety, Franklin admitted that he had pitched a “Full House” sequel series for nearly a decade, before it landed at Netflix, but many networks passed. “I knew that this kind of excitement was going to be there, but nobody else seemed to get it,” he said. “I was pitching to networks that ‘Full House’ reruns were beating every night … For some reason, a whole bunch of networks didn’t understand the hunger that was out there for this show. It was baffling me. Netflix finally stepped up, and that’s why it’s happening now.”

Franklin added that he’s happy the show ended up on Netflix — and with a second season renewal, he’s probably even more thrilled. But there is one one thing he wishes he could change.

“Somehow Netflix makes it more exciting. I love that it’s on Netflix now because I don’t think there would be the same kind of excitement if it were just going on some cable channel every week,” Franklin said in a recent interview. “The only thing I’m going to miss is knowing exactly how many people are watching this thing — cause Netflix isn’t going to tell me.”

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  1. Just curious when it will be back on? T
    The first season was really funny :D

  2. Nikki says:

    I just got done binge-watching Fuller House…. sooooooo in love with this series. MORE! More more more, please!!!

  3. I’m enjoying the fuller house show but no one should recast the Olsen twins. Either they decide to come on the show or not. Either way the show is doing fine whether they decide to do show or not. Recasting the twins would be ridiculous becasue we all know who they are so it would really take away from the validity of the show and just general love of the original girls. I do however think if the twins decide not to come on the show they will look back at their opportunity and regret it later in life.

  4. Joanne says:

    I’m watching and wondering when season two will hit netflix. Waiting…..

  5. its not important how many viewers it has present. its going to increase and people are going to watch even after many years repeatedly

  6. That was not helpful to figure out when season 2 is coming out for fuller house

  7. Britt says:

    Yay I Absoluetly Looove Full House!! i grew up kind of watching it and thought I’d give it a try at 25 lol and fell in love with it iv watched all seasons like 5 times and when I heard Fulller House was coming I was soooo excited and it did turn out to be a really great show.. Super funny.. Many laughs :) I do wish Mary Kate or Ashley would come back tho!! Yah can’t wait for Season 2!!!

  8. Amy Carter says:

    My husband and I live watching fuller house!we grew up watching them,and now there grown as we are,and it’s just awesome..so glad there back.thank you Netflix!!!!

  9. Jamie Warnke says:

    I what fuller house it is so good

  10. Margeaux says:

    Are they going to make a season 2 of fuller house or not

  11. Kim Boucher says:

    Notifie me when season 2 of Fuller house will be on Netflix

  12. Mary says:

    I love fuller house

  13. Laina says:

    Yes! I am extremely excited about them coming out with a second season, hopefully many more future seasons/episodes. I always loved this show growing up as a child, and now love Guller House. Its great seeing everyone together again. Why not consider recasting, for Michelle? They are adults now, so it wouldn’t be that noticable…

    • Megan says:

      +Lania:I think they will recast her they probably just want to make sure one of the Olsen twins won’t change their minds about not being on the series before they recast her. Because sometimes stars just want to take breaks and Mary Kate would
      Of came back if it worked with her job schedule.

    • Laina says:

      Ment ***Fuller House

  14. myaisha smith says:

    I love fuller house yess love them they all grew up into beautiful women/men im just in love hopefully the twins rejoin

    • Megan says:

      ^or they could recast as a last resort if the twins keep declining to be on the series it would be a lot faster and the producers would not have to keep bugging the twins getting the same answer over and over again.

  15. penny says:

    Love the show. The girls have really grown to b beautiful. I couldnt get over how beautiful jody is. Hopefully the twins will join soon

    • Megan says:

      +penny:true but if they don’t it would be better to recast the role as a last resort instead of bugging the twins to see if one of them changed their minds and it would be a lot faster.

  16. Bethan Goodwin says:

    They don’t NEED the Olsen twins, if they refuse to return then just recast.

    • Megan says:

      +Bethan Goodwin:Iam sure they will do that after they make sure one of the Olsen twins won’t change their mind about Saying no to being on the show and Mary Kate would of done it if she was not busy with the fashion empire.because right now it would look kind of stupid to recast when there’s a chance Mary Kate
      Could change her mind about not being on the spin off series.it is probably better to consider recasting as a last resort just Incase Mary Kate decides not to do the series again.

  17. Jessic Britton says:

    i’m glad that there’s gonna be a second season. I watched season 1 in one day and loved. wasn’t sure I would but I do. I watched orginal series and love seeing all of them back. look forward to the second season maybe dj will get with steve again. they were a good match. but the question still remains when exactly is it coming back?

    • Megan says:

      +Jessic Britton:no one knows yet it could be sometime late this year or January 2017 it has not been given an exact release date for season 2 yet but they
      Have 10 scripts finished then they can start production so it should not Be that long of a wait since they are almost done writing the scripts for season 2. plus they are probably just waiting until Steve and Dj are ready to be together but Iam basically on team whoever the heck stays on the show and does not leave. Plus it probably does not help dj’s decision when her three kids
      All like Steve and Matt and when Ramona likes Matt and maybe even Steve I have not decided where he stands with Ramona yet since the tv series makes it seem like Steve and Ramona have not met yet. But Iam fine with whoever stays on the tv series as Dj’s love interest for the rest of her life.

  18. George says:

    When will it come out email me when you read this please thanks! Bye

  19. Tammy says:

    I am 29 years old and of my friend watch it and that is about 400 so please bring up more seasons it’s a good show to watch especially when you’re trying to raise a family that lost somebody

  20. Ruby Villanueva says:


    • Megan says:

      +Ruby Villanueva:have you see the parent show full house? Because Iam sure fuller house will be just as succesful if not more since fuller house is being made by Netflix the one company that does not care if the tv series gets hated by people with no sense of humor.plus full house has 8 seasons so fuller house 1 is like full house season 9 and fuller season 2 is like full house 10.

  21. I love your show will and how long will it be on Netflix

  22. Mary Gibson says:

    I started watching it today and ended up watching all the season 1 13 episodes from 8 o’clock this morning until 2 o’clock this afternoon I really really love watching it again hopefully they continue to make new episodes can’t wait

  23. Kelli Meckes says:

    I’ve been watching full house since I was a child, grew up with that show, absolutely adored it. When it ended abruptly I was disappointed. To see fuller house I got excited. Actually watched every episode in one day, but I need more. I’m so addicted! I hope there are more seasons to come. Always a fan😊

  24. Nakeya grace says:

    i full house and fuller house when is season 2 coming.

  25. mangafee@outlook.com says:

    Funny how first version was pro family values, funny how a must not watch reiteration of the show pokes fun at family values.. Keep making fun of trump, see what that gets you.

  26. Justice says:

    I heard that season 2 of fuller house was suppose to come on Netflix today but it has not I looked every where on Netflix and had not found it

  27. K says:

    When will season 2 start

  28. hope says:

    When is season 2 going to start im addicted i check for it everyday

  29. Sjc says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who got a little teary watching it!! Full house was my favorite show as a kid. I’m so happy to see the ‘Tanner family’ back together again!!! And that kid Max is hilarious!!!!

  30. Kelly says:

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. Its so funny. and I love both full house and fuller house I can’t wait until the next season!

    • Dennis says:

      This show is the best ons Netflix!!!!

      Jodie sweetin , was always my favorite of full house , they are all Great , but I still like jodie so much , happy she is back I have miss her on the screen:)

  31. Ron says:

    Absolutely horrendous. I grew up watching “Full House” and loved it at that time. The jokes were funny and it spoke of good values. The jokes on “Fuller House,” if you can call them jokes, are stale, unfunny, and when you have Stephanie wearing a shirt that practically has her huge “assets” falling out, you have to wonder where the values are. The Olsen twins and Elizabeth were smart for passing on this show. If they’re smart they’ll do the same for season 2. Let’s just hope Netflix doesn’t decide to do “Family Still Matters.” Jesus, leave nostalgia where it belongs…on TV Land and Nickelodeon in it’s original form. It was great once but that time is long past. If you’re looking for a family value show on Netflix that actually got it right, Disney did it MUCH better with “Girl Meets World.”

    • Michael says:

      Your a moron it is 2016, I think the new version of fuller house still dose very well with family values, but has a more modern version of actual situations that happen in this everyday world we live in that can be very scary at times, but our kids will have to run into and deal with as they grow into adults

  32. Yazmin says:

    Netflix ratings are over the top, by midnight the day it was going to be on Netflix was already at 5 star EVERYONE is watching and excited for season 2 and hopefully more seasons to come.

  33. Hailey says:

    When does season 2 come out

  34. Carrie DeArmond says:

    This show is the only reason I ordered Netflix I was so excited to watch it and I’ve watched all the episodes it is great! Can’t wait for the next season !! I’m glad to see a family oriented show back on !!

  35. Corbin says:


  36. Holly Heffron says:

    Loved season 1, can’t wait for season 2!

  37. I used to love full house and now me and my son watch fuller house its great cant wait for season. 2 and hope Michelle will be season 2

  38. Brooke says:

    I love watching Fuller house I got so in to it I forgot to fix dinner one night. Haha I can’t wait for the 2nd season! I hope Mitchell comes back home! This was a great idea:)

  39. I love watching Fuller house I got so in to it I forgot to fix dinner haha I can’t wait for the 2nd season! I hope Mitchell comes back home! I don’t want to be the one saying “ahh nuts!”

  40. Sanna says:

    I loved it. Hope season 2 comes quick. I would have happily watched on tv also. Though I got to watch it over a couple days since it was on netflix.

  41. Tee says:

    My kids and I absolutely love this show. Thank u sooo much.

  42. Daniele says:

    I love watching this show it is really good I watch this with my nice and nephew

  43. autumn maray says:

    Hurry up and make season 2 I love watching this show reminds me of my childhood 😍😍😍

  44. Dalia Anik says:

    Thank you for bring Fuller House back!! ❤️ It feels comfortable and wonderful, to be able to sit back and visit with “old friends”. i binged watched the first season and am waiting for season two. Thank you again

  45. taleah proctor says:

    im lovving fuller house its amazing im so happy to see the show is havving a come back

  46. Sandy says:

    I’m loving it feels like the old days

  47. Ikee says:

    The show is awesome. I just got finished with the first season. I’ve been around since Full House started and I love seeing how everyone has grown and developed. I’m hoping for another eight seasons tbh. That’s the type of show that can evolve even after the Fuller House children get older.

  48. Darrel says:

    Well ( HOW RUDE ) season 1 is over now on with season 2 HAVE MERCY

  49. Amalgamate says:

    guess the mindless will watch anything…this show is horrible

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