Fox Sports Reporter Fired Over Racist Comments

Fox Sports Reporter Fired After Racist,
Courtesy of Fox Sports

Emily Austen, a 27-year-old Fox Sports Reporter, was fired today after making insensitive remarks about Mexican, Jewish and Chinese people.

Austen’s troubles stemmed from an appearance on Barstool Sports’ “Rundown” Thursday where, according to Deadspin, she disparaged Mexican and Chinese people after being asked about a high school valedictorian who used Twitter to brag about being an undocumented citizen.

“I didn’t even know Mexicans were that smart. …That’s f***ed up,” Austen said. “I didn’t mean it like that. You see, you guys know that the Chinese guy is always the smartest guy in math class.”

After that the Tampa Bay Rays and Orlando Magic reporter added some Anti-Semitic remarks when talking about her work experience as a server in Boca Raton, Florida.

Watch the video below:

“The way I used to talk to the Jews in Boca. I just didn’t care,” she said. “They would complain and b***h about everything. I gave a guy, delivered his beer, and he was complaining to me that there was too much head. I knew that he was a stingy a** and he wasn’t going to give me a tip.”

Early Friday, Fox Sports sent out a statement regarding Austen.

“We were made aware that Emily Austen appeared in a social media video unaffiliated with FOX Sports in which she made insensitive and derogatory comments. She was not speaking on behalf of Fox Sports, nor do we condone any of the statements she made in the video,” Steve Tello, the network’s senior vice president, said. “Emily has been advised that her comments were unacceptable, and she is not scheduled to appear on any upcoming Fox Sports Florida or Fox Sports Sun broadcasts.”

The writing may have been on the wall even before the statement. At the end of the show Thursday, host Dan Katz joked, “we might have to hire you because you’re gonna get fired.”

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  1. Stephen Glahn says:

    Give her a break. She apologized for being a little more politically incorrect than the guys.

  2. Antonio says:

    as a Mexican, I feel very offended by a blonde being surprised not all mexicans are stupid but I’m also surprised she was smart enough to realise she was done.( being that she is blonde) see what I did there?

  3. Maria says:

    wow ! seriously ?? people are incredible . thats all im saying !!

  4. David says:

    Doesn’t sound like she said anything that wasn’t standard stereotyping that everyone does. The media and other corporations are hypocrites.

  5. J Kepka says:

    she must of been high. super funny

  6. Jose Roque says:

    She is 27 years of age and still just a sports reporter. Bob Costas and Joe Buck were already announcing full games before that age. Need I say more.

  7. Robyn Williams says:

    They are singling out the girl??? The whole group was just as bad-damn racist, sexist jerks.

  8. Neecie says:

    Just goes to show you, “Blondes ARE DUMB”!!!!!!!

  9. Marlaina says:

    Unacceptable. Race has absoultely nothing to do with a persons intelligence, morals, standards, or integrity. We are all equal in the eyes of ‘God’, and we are all human beings at the end of the day. Shame on her and her family for raising such a racially intolerant bitch.

  10. lenox says:

    I loves it how all white people Defense her, that shows how racism is still alive, the fact that she actually believes that she Is better Or smarter then Mexicans or Hispanics even crossed her mind, you can tell right away she is a typical middle class family everything came easy for her, all she did was go to college and got a job and got hired for being blonde and cute, said all the right things in her interview, obviously she didn’t get hired for her brain, your just like everyone else . . . not even recognizing that others don’t get the same education, live in good towns, surrounded by support Or even fortunate to be born in this country, Her world is so small In her little blonde head

  11. Christine west says:

    She never needs to get a job..voiced her racist, prejudiced views on air.
    If one wishes to stereotype…you could say she is a ‘dumb blonde’ but no need to stoop to her level.
    She did well on her own. Kudos to her station for their very appropriate decision.


  12. V Burns says:

    We live in an “F”‘ed up far too Politically correct world. A Mexican comedian could make the Jewish comment, A Chinese Comedian could make the Mexican comment, and the Jewish comedian could make the Mexican comment, all because these races have been oppressed. God forbid a white person makes a derogatory remark, then she gets hung out to dry by the liberal media and politicians. People used to make Polish, Irish, Scottish, Chinese, Japanese, etc. disparages and jokes. Get over it. Grow some thicker skin. Why don’t they get fired, banned, or ostracized? No they get HBO specials. Why are there no protests to avoid HBO or the Improv. Money, that is why. Or, we can’t ban a minority comedian, only a pretty little white girl who said the same offensive remarks. Wake up people. The liberals are saying the same jokes and laughing behind closed doors while publicly shaming this young woman.

    • jerry says:

      not true V Burns — when comedians make jokes on race that get a pass, the pass is based on the fact that the joke actually points the finger at the bigoted ideas. Dave Chapelle’s jokes about race were funny and accepted because the ultimate point was against the bigotry.

      If comedians make racial jokes that are in fact designed to simply make fun of people due to race, they do NOT get a pass.

    • Joy says:

      Um, as true as your statement may be, they are Comedians. We all know they get an “observational” pass…js

    • Noel says:

      This dumbass is actually sticking up for her. that made absolutely no sense btw xD

    • Regina Ricklefsen says:

      They went on and on about Mexicans. She deserved to be fired. Have the whites not learned from the black white situation on racism?! That’s what is
      dumb…not learning from past mistakes! Idiot’s!

  13. russellsvocation says:

    Well, let’s hope she can go back to that serving gig she had to be able to pay her rent.

  14. V says:

    She’s an idiot, but… seriously Fox? You fired her because she didn’t represent your beliefs? Who are you kidding, you created her.

  15. Remember, it’s freedom of speech… well, as long as you don’t offend anybody. WTF? Randy McDaniels, TLC.

    • M Louise says:

      She exercised her freedom of speech. No one stopped her. Fox exercised their freedom to fire her.

    • Red Cedar says:

      Not just a “lazy” comic, a dumb one too. Freedom of speech applies only to the government persecuting you. It has no bearing on anything else.

    • Super Sumerian says:

      Not if she was working as a representative of a public company, and she FREELY signed their contract that stated she abide by their standards. That contract is what kept her away from her hated server job. Freedom comes with the responsibility of self- awareness and consequences of one’s actions. Sacrificing one’s journalism career to spout bottom feeder remarks is about as vapid as it gets.

  16. Patrick Callahan says:

    I wish fix news would denounce trump the same way, for the same offense. Especially as he affects so many more people and puts us all at risk.

  17. Mr. White says:

    People on their high horses here bitching as if they themselves don’t talk this way when around their peers. This goes double for the brothers in the hood. Just as “racist”.

    • Yashewah says:

      You can’t equate everyone in the same indignant catorgery! I’m from the hood and in my nake of the woods no matter what your skin pigmentation we don;t play that. This is why the mislead truly continues to mislead!

  18. Scott S. says:

    I suppose it’s back to Orlando Hooters for her where she can continue to give bad service.

  19. Mary Johnson says:

    Aren’t there far more important things to worry about than this? Some people should get a job or a hobby!

  20. Come on Fox get a grip .your messed up. She didn’t say anything people weren’t already thinking haven’t you seen the minni cans then Mexicans drive they are always dented up their not that brilliant

  21. issac says:

    oh come on… whatever case may be y’all going tell me UV never said a blond jokejoke or blonds r dumb comment …. whether she meant it or not as a Mexican american I actually find her comment funny lol n rest she was sharing some experiences doesn’t mean every Jew Mexican or Chinese are what she has experienced…

  22. RyzeGuy says:

    Chris Rock used Asian kids to make a joke on a Major Network EMcing the Oscars and that was OK? Not saying what she said was right or smart but why the double standard? If she did it as a stand up routine she would be fine I guess.

    • Jodi Cokl says:

      I think the difference is that she didn’t do it as a stand up routine. She was supposed to be journalist, not a comedian.

  23. P says:

    Is so funny to me that Americans think of themselves so smart and educated, and they’re actually the dumbest more ignorant people I’ve ever met.
    I mean. Donald Trump is a serious candidate…. what does that say about this people?

    • Billy Grabarkowitz says:

      As an American living abroad, I couldn’t agree with you more. Ignorance has become a badge of honor on the right. Trump started his campaign to promote his brand, he wasn’t a serious candidate, but the idiots loved the hate speech and now he’s stuck. He will be pushed out at the Republicon Convention and blame it on the RNC – the only way he might save a bit of face. In the meantime he has lost millions as a result of his bigotry, but it’s everybody else’s fault. He will forever be the victim!

      • Melissa compton says:

        Your deported bitch that’s what it means, your ass is back were it belongs once Trump is president

  24. P says:

    I’m glad they fired her ass. She sounds more stupid than racist but I’m glad she’s out.

  25. He-Man says:

    >Fire for acting like a normal human being

    • Super Sumerian says:

      Human beings come in all shapes and intellect. In this case, she did not meet the cutoff journo standards of her employer on one of those two. She can still say whatever she wants, just not as a professional journalist for that company.

  26. My guess is either Austen realized this was a bad look and begged the video be taken down, or Chernin has done the unthinkable, and removed racist content unbecoming of his media group. The answer is hopefully the latter, as I assume Austen had some understanding of what the hell Barstool is before she agreed to appear.

  27. Lin says:

    That idiot is fulfilling every blonde stereotype with her ignorant comments. How did she ever get the job? The guys are no better and the girl with the 4.5 is probably 4 points smarter than all of them.

  28. BillUSA says:

    Blondes aren’t known for their mental prowess. Too bad, she’s kinda hot.

  29. Ryan says:

    Did you really just say “undocumented citizen” in your article? What on earth is that? He is a documented citizen in another country, probably Mexico. There is no such thing as an undocumented citizen, he simply is NOT a citizen of the U.S. By the way, he isn’t “undocumented” either. He has a birth certificate, national security card, etc., they just aren’t from the United State because he is here illegally. Maybe I should break into your house, claim the couch for a few years and when you ask me to leave, I’ll say no and refer to myself as an “undocumented invited guest.” Your PC is over the top Variety.

  30. Mike Smith says:

    She should have no problem, Trump campaign would be a great fit and they are hiring soon!

    • Bri_bri_swaggart says:

      When you can’t tell the TRUTH, which is that Jewish customers ARE often nasty and DO often look for any excuse to deny a tip, political correctness has gone too far. Truth is truth. Stereotypes exist for a reason – b/c they have more than a little truth to them.

      • Red Cedar says:

        Maybe they don’t tip you because you’re an ignorant bigot.

      • calwatch says:

        It’s not political correctness, it’s about not pissing off one third or more of your viewers who can choose not to watch, and about not annoying advertisers who already feel they are paying too much to advertise on your network.

      • “Political correctness” has gone too far when blatantly bigoted BS that you agree with causes someone to lose their job?

        The hilarious part about the loons railing against “political correctness” is that they only do so when the bigotry they agree with is challenged. No doubt, if whatever ethnic, religious, or ideological group you identify with was called “cheap” or “dumb” or “rapists” or “murderers”, you would be irate.

      • Debi says:

        Is it possible that you simply assume that the people who give you good tips are not Jewish?

    • BillUSA says:

      Or secure a gig at some liberal college…

      • AJ says:

        Actually, judging by her comment, she’d be more welcome at one of the *prestigious* right-wing loony-bins, like Pat Robertson’s Regent University.

  31. Conscientious Objector says:

    She seems like a fun gal.

  32. Spider says:

    What a bunch of insensitive, rascist assholes!

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