‘Fear the Walking Dead’: Alycia Debnam-Carey on Becoming a Leader in Midseason Return

Fear the Walking Dead Recap
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When “Fear the Walking Dead” rolled the credits on its midseason finale back in May, the show’s dynamic was much different. Up to that point, “Fear” had been largely a family affair. Now the group has been split into three separated factions, each struggling to survive in the burgeoning zombie apocalypse. Star Alycia Debnam-Carey, who plays Alicia Clark, says this new structure opens the show up to further explore the individual characters in the back half of Season 2.

“What was nice is it gave us a little bit more of an opportunity to feel the characters individually as opposed to a group,” she tells Variety. “While working in a group is great, on-set especially, it means you just don’t get to see the characters one-on-one. We finally get to see these characters grow on their own a little more.”

Debnam-Carey says fans can expect to see Alicia become more assertive in latter half of the season — likely a welcome evolution for fans of Lexa, the hardened warrior queen that Debnam-Carey played on “The 100,” which proved to be a breakout role for the 23-year-old thesp.

“She’s the one person that hasn’t lost as much as everyone else,” she says of Alicia’s position in Season 2. “It’s the first time she’s been able to step into that leadership role. She’s putting down the role of daughter, the role of the child, and proving herself as an equal.”

Despite the potential similarities in her characters’ post-apocalyptic circumstances, however, Denbam-Carey is hoping to keep Lexa and Alicia separate.

“I’ve tried to steer clear of any sort of parallels,” she says. “Lexa is an amazing warrior character and I adore her, but I definitely don’t want that to seep in because that’s not what Alicia is.”

According to the Aussie actress, Alicia wants to focus on what’s ahead, which leads to more tension with her mom Madison (played by Kim Dickens) who wants to go back and look for the rest of her family — especially Alicia’s troubled brother, Nick (Frank Dillane).

“Alicia starts to take control and think what’s important is what’s in front of you,” Debnam-Carey says. “Their dynamic has been filled with tension for a long time, because of the fact that Nick has been running off, and fueled by Travis becoming part of the family, and the two of them finally come head-to-head.”

She adds, “They’re both focusing on different things. For Madison it’s for everyone to be together and be safe while Alicia [is] adapting to this new world and it’s about how to actually survive with what’s in front of them and with what they have … They’re both strong characters, and it leads to a lot of tension.”

“Fear the Walking Dead” returns with its midseason premiere Sunday, Aug. 21 at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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  1. SureJan says:

    Completely cannot stand this woman anymore. Besides her coming across as too fake in her interviews. This Alicia Clark completely sucks. I did not follow her to Fear to watch some teenager be a follower to others. I mean really how do you go from Lexa to this? The only appealing thing the Alicia Clark character possess is her wardrobe. And even though if this Alicia Clark turns out to be the lead badass of this FTWD show. Unfortunately this girl’s personal life is a mess. I cannot support a woman who chooses to stay with a homophobic, racist, cheating, verbally abusive spoiled brat. And on top of it all Jesus he is ugly. What a human disaster he is. Call it what you want. But a woman who is this weak in her personal life it would be next to impossible to support her doing anything close to a Lexa again. I would find her performance too hypocritical. It’s a shame that arguably one of the greatest TV characters was portrayed by such a weak..fake..sad little girl. She has hinted quite a few times her interest in the Lara Croft character, if there is a God keep that legendary, badass, strong role away from this weak, sad little mouse. Give her roles that will probably require not a lot of acting skills. Such as a verbally abused, pretty girlfriend who is dating the douchebag spoiled brat fratboy who shows his respect for her by cheating on her constantly. More up her alley. The only sad thing about Lexa is that she will always be associated and linked to this sad case of a woman called Alycia Debnam-Carey. What an insult to such a great character. Alycia Debnam-Carey can you please take yourself off our TV screens or any screen for the matter till you learn some self respect. Because the last thing we as fans need is another hypocritical, fake celeb being forced into our faces. Or is it that she stays with that human disaster called her boyfriend, because she might still be in the closet? And that’s the reason she is keeping him around to hide away in the closet because of her career? Because I don’t get the reason to keep this ugly, unknown douchebag in her life. Get some self respect Alycia Debnam-Carey.

  2. Jane says:

    I can’t stand this girl anymore. She’s gotten a very big head lately, she moans about trying to shake off the 100 in interviews (the show that gave her a chance and a taste of success), is unkind and harsh to her fans (the ones who are keeping her in a job btw) and shows little respect or acknowledgement for the fact Lexa was the one who was popular in the first place. Also Alicia Clark sucks and Alycia’s acting in this makes me nauseous and plain disappointed, very cringy in comparison to the 100. Just pathetic ADC. Cancel please or better yet find a replacement for Alicia Clark. This girl thinks she’s it now, she should get a reality check. Bad role model.

  3. Rooting for Alicia, her mom and Strand to make it to season 8. :)

  4. Dot says:

    Not sure if I’m willing to give this show any more of my time. Alicia like the mom, Madison, aren’t very likable and they tend to overact when the script calls for toughness.

  5. Michelle says:

    There’s a typo in “–however, Denbam-Carey is hoping to keep Lexa –” :P I think it should say “Debnam-Carey not Denbam :))

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