‘FABLife’ Officially Canceled Following Tyra Banks’ Departure, Disney/ABC Picks Up ‘Right This Minute’

FABLife cancelled
Courtesy of Disney/ABC Domestic TV

It’s official. Exactly two months after Tyra Banks announced her departure from “FABLife,” the daytime talk show has been cancelled after just one season. The news was announced by Disney/ABC late Tuesday evening.

While the syndicated show will not return for second season, original episodes will continue to be produced and air for the remainder of the current season. Meanwhile, the 10 ABC-owned stations that had carried “FABLife” have picked up the viral video clip series “Right This Minute” staring in the fall, while Disney/ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution has taken over distribution of “Right This Minute” from MGM Television.

“We’re extremely proud of everyone involved with (‘FABLife’) and would like to thank them for all of their contributions and tireless efforts,” said Janice Marinelli, president of Disney/ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution. “We are especially appreciative of our talented and dynamic co-hosts Chrissy Teigen, Joe Zee, Leah Ashley and Lauren Makk, and we would also like to extend a huge thanks to our station partners for all of their support.”

The cancellation does not came as a shock, as the show experienced a major shake-up when Banks announced she’d be leaving the show at the end of 2015. No replacement for Banks was set either, indicating a lacking effort to boost the show. Paired with struggling ratings and mixed reviews from critics, insiders tell Variety “FABLife” was all-but-canceled at the time of Banks’ exit. The show ranked as the lowest-rated of the 15 daytime syndicated talk shows this past fall, averaging just 934,000 viewers, according to Nielsen.

Meanwhile, “Right This Minute” continues to be the rare little-show-that-could success story in first-run syndication. The show began six years ago as a local venture produced by a consortium of station groups: Cox Media, Raycom Media and E.W. Scripps Co. It was picked up by MGM Television for national syndication in 2013. The show had grown to 87% national clearance rate during the past four seasons. For the 2016-17 season, “Right This Minute” is renewed in at least 60% of the country, through the combination of the ABC O&O clearances and those of it partner station groups.

The ABC O&O clearances will be a huge boost to “Right This Minute,” which at present does not air in such major markets as New York and Chicago. In some of the ABC O&O markets, “Right This Minute” will move in the fall from incumbent stations including Fox’s KCOP-TV Los Angeles and indie WFMZ-TV Philadelphia. The series is produced by Phoenix-based MagicDust Television.

On “FABLife,” Banks’ departure, announced in late November, just two months into the series’ run was a surprise. Banks, who also served as an exec producer on the talker, stated that she decided to exit the show to focus on her cosmetics line, TYRA Beauty, which she did not realize would occupy so much of her time. Sources say other reasons came into play, namely the show’s weak ratings and clashing personalities on set.

In addition to Banks, the lifestyle show showcased a panel of “lifestylists” including resident foodie Chrissy Teigen, fashionista Joe Zee, interior designer Lauren Makk and DIY YouTube star Leah Ashley.

Shortly after Banks scaled back on “FABLife,” she spoke to Variety, saying, “One thing that I cannot do is run a business and be a talk show host. A talk show is so encompassing.” She added, “I thought that by having a team of people so that I wasn’t the only one hosting it would allow me to have more time, and it gave me some time, but it did not give me the time that I thought it would. So in the end, I realized that I have to put the oxygen mask on my company because it just wasn’t making sense.”

Asked if she would ever return to daytime television, Banks declared, “I doubt it.”

Banks’ long-running reality modeling competition “America’s Next Top Model” also recently wrapped up, after 22 cycles. However, Banks is still in ties with the Disney/ABC family, as she’s set to reprise her role as Eve in Disney Channel’s sequel to the fan-favorite TV movie “Life-Size,” which is currently in development.

As for Teigen, her hit show “Lip Sync Battle,” on which she serves as the commentator, was just renewed for Season 3 on Spike.

Cynthia Littleton contributed to this report.

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  1. Robin says:

    I hate that the show, the fab life. Was cancelled Banks & Teggin really didn’t do much for the show, Their are other cooks that’s better as well a models. Please bring the 3 co-stars and to to be replaced by the two that left. Please. I loved the show and recorded when I couldn’t watch. A friends loved it to.

  2. penny Bjorlin says:

    Bring it back! I miss it.

  3. Tammy Mistyurik says:

    I am Seriously bummed out about the cancelation of Fab Life. This is one of my most favorite shows with Amazing and talented host.
    All I can say is Damn!!!!

  4. CAT says:


  5. Claudia BLISS says:

    I did really like FABLIFE!!!! There were all the things I am interested in with makeup, fashion, and home improvements and just being creative! I will miss this show—I was hoping another network would take it up so it could continue!! other new shows on like Harry [Conick Jr.] is real blah to me!!! very contrived and boring and stupid huge band. dull dull dull

  6. Joyce says:

    The show needed some tweaking but I usually liked its content. I thought they had fun, playing game show likes games etc. I thought the subject matter was perfect for daytime. Who else is watching tv? I was surprised didn’t think I’d like. Not a fan of some of the hosts & the others I didn’t know but they all seemed likable. It didn’t need Tyra, she likes herself too much. It was much better than The Real! Anyway sorry to see it cancelled. The new show can’t remember the name? Right up to the minute? I’d rather watch CSpan.

    • Marie Barra says:


  7. Jennifer Azary says:

    I am disappointed. I really did love this show and will miss it. It was different and I loved all the tips and ideas. Didn’t need Tyra to keep it going. No offense but the cast could stand on their own without her.

  8. Jennifer Azary says:

    I am disappointed. I really did love this show and will miss it. It was different and I loved all the tips and ideas.

  9. Sara Tillery says:

    I loved that show, especially after Tyra left. Everyone else was wonderful and I loved the variety they brought to the audience.

  10. Mbrus says:

    I really liked that show especially WITHOUT Tyra. Too bad for the rest of the hosts they were the best!!
    Was looking forward to season 2 instead that stupid show who wants to be a millionaire is on – hate that show!! Guess it’s back to watching the talk

  11. cappuccinomama says:

    Enjoyed Fablife. Enjoyed it even more after Tyra Banks left the show. Now there is nothing entertaining to watch in the afternoons on my days off.

  12. Peggy says:

    Miss fan life

  13. Sally Welch says:

    ABC YOU SUCK, I’m not happy with you!

  14. Lori Van Den Bogart says:

    This was a good show. can’t believe they cancelled it. I like Harry but can’t say this was a good move. I also liked it much better when Tyra was off.

  15. Kathy Freeman says:

    I loved Fablife been on sick leave since May not a TV watcher but enjoyed this show everyday! Sad to see it go! Not a fan of Harry!

  16. Barbara A. Zakreski says:

    I personnally liked Fablife better without Tyra Banks and Chrissy Teigan. Joe Zee, Leah and Lauren at least got a chance to shine without the other two. Some of the guest hosts were even more informative then Tyra and Chrissy, although I did enjoy Chrissy’s food segments.

  17. Marcia Errickson says:


  18. Francine Anders says:

    So sorry to see Fab Life end. I enjoyed everything about it.

  19. Sara says:

    Bring it back!!! This show was better without Tyra. Bring fab life back!!!!

  20. MARIA says:


  21. Kelli L. Martin says:

    I wish someone had told me this sooner. I’ve been hoping this show would go away. It’s among the worst shows on TV. I never even knew Tyra Banks was associated with it. Guess that shows how much she did for the show. But it was still just terrible programming. It was so bad you might as well have just put on another of those brain rotting soap operas. But anyway it’s gone and I couldn’t be happier. Well I guess I could if they had chosen something better than right this minute to replace it. But it’s still progress.

    Hey TV producers, I know a lot of people love soaps and celebrity gossip shows but there are other people watching during the day as well. How about a little variety?

  22. Shawne Moyer says:

    It was the one show I actually enjoyed watching in that time slot !! Please bring it back!!

  23. Delia Nelson says:

    The show didn’t need Tyra !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Lanetta says:

    Tyra didn’t make the show, Chrissy, Joe & Leah made the show what it is. Leah and her craft’s, Joe and everything he contributed to the show, and of chorse my favorite Chrissy her food time her contributions to the show on every level. I am truly hurt that I won’t be able to see my Fablife show any more. Rerun’s OK but once you have seen them that’s it. You are going to be truly missed.

  25. Dusty Halos says:

    Fablife became a much better show after Tyra and Crissy left. Sorry to see it go, local Fox5 (kvvu) will put some judge show its place next week. Sad! Best of luck to leah, lauren and joe!!!

  26. Colleen says:

    I didn’t think They needed Tyra. I Loved the show and still try looking for it!!!! Sooo dissapointed. I miss My fun time. I sit down watch my soaps, watch ma friends,then the next shift of wife mode! This Sux 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  27. Carol Mullen says:

    I thought the show was great especially after Tyra left.

  28. Antoinette says:

    I love Fablife Show and am very dissapoinTed that it’s not returning . I’m still watching the encode presentations .DISSAPOINTED ?

  29. Linda says:

    I too am very disappointed in FabLife not returning. I enjoyed how the hosts worked together and seemed to like each other rather than fight with each other. As has been the theme of other talk shows. It’s a sad commentary on what actually sells. Hope someone else picks them up!

  30. Ellie says:

    The show was the best after Tyra left! Bring back.

    • Kelly says:

      I just figured out that Fablife is not returning for a second season. I actually preferred the show after Tyra left. She was way too dramatic in everything that came out of her mouth. I am soooo disappointed!!! It is such a great show. So many things to learn and the personalities of the hosts worked so well together. Very real and down to earth which made them so relatable. I find it hard to believe that the show didn’t have excellent ratings! Seriously, I can’t believe it’s done. Big mistake!!!

      • Sherry says:

        Networks frequently take the good shows off the air and replace them with cheaply produced reality shows. Apparently, it’s the demographics that appeal to millennials. That said, I saw the writing on the wall regarding this show’s ability to sustain, not because of the content but because of many of the events happening to the hosts in their own private lives. First, the show Fablife, as I know it, was Tyra Banks show. It was her brainchild that she sold to the network(s). She was the Executive Producer as well as the Moderator. There would have been no show without her. SO…. I wish people would stop slamming her for doing her job. As I saw it, Tyra Banks decided to leave the show after she got it off and running in part because, she had so many projects going on that were demanding her attention. The most important one was, the birth of her long awaited son, York (via gestational surrogate) with her longtime partner, Norwegian photographer, Erik Asla. In the meantime, Leah Ashley got pregnant and required time off the show. Then, Chrissy Teigen got pregnant and had to bow out of the show. Then, Lauren Makk got pregnant. Gosh! Joe Zee was the only one who didn’t get pregnant! lol I think by the time it was all said and done, it was time to retire the show. By the way, Tyra Banks is a BRAND. She’s a successful entrepreneur and media mogul. She has a well known and respected business empire. After spending these past few months with her new-born son, she’s ready to go again. She is now scheduled to co-teach a class at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business, The Wall Street Journal reports. The class is entitled, “Project You: Building and Extending your Personal Brand,” a subject she is all too familiar with. So PLEASE people, stop slamming Tyra for being an outspoken energetic successful women and start appreciating her for what she does and for her kind heart, her mentoring so many, and for who she is.

  31. Janet says:

    I love this show now that Tyra has left. Her loud know it all attitude was too annoying! As soon as she left I started watching again. Please give them more time. This show is one of the best.

  32. Linda Kilass says:

    I’m sooo sad!! I am not normally a daytime TV watcher but after having back surgery and having to be confined for a few months and came across , FABLife. I absolutely love it! The hosts are awesome and after only 3 shows I put it on record so that I wouldnt miss any!!
    I mentioned this show to a couple of GFs..some that work and some that are retired. They reaction was just like mine, the love it also! Now we’re wondering if there’s ANY chance of it coming back???
    If there’s any kind of a petition that’s going around ..please contact us!!!
    Thank you,
    Linda K.

  33. Gerry says:

    Tyra is the weakest link on this show in my opinion. She seems to be an expert on every thing interrupting her other her cohost and guests on a consistent bases. The show is refreshing when she is not there. Disney find her another day job

  34. Cooper S says:

    thank God, AWFUL show – fab life or “fake life”. Right this Minute isn’t great either. I guess no one wants thought provoking afternoon TV anymore.

  35. Linda Eaton says:

    I will really miss fablife. I love this show.It sure is better than most daytime shows.Hope some other network will pick them up. This show is very informative to make things for your house & makeup tips.I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT>

  36. LilMesican says:

    The show flowed better without Tyra.

  37. Carol J Davis says:

    Sorry to see this show leave. One of best women’s shows to be on daytime TV. Tyrant is really not needed. In fact the show is at its best with the 3 that have it under control now. Too bad it wasn’t left up to the public to choose if we wanted it or not. Good luck to Ashley, Lauren and Joe Zee. Joe has hid future set for him but wondering if the 2 girls are going to stay in the entetraining business.

  38. Linda Stuteville says:

    I love this show. Why can;t it go on without Tyra. She didn’t add that much to it anyway.

  39. Tammy says:

    Today was my first time watching this show and I loved it and learned a lot. I am sad that they cancelled it, didn’t give it a chance.

  40. Linda Weatherly says:

    So bummed. Finally a talk show where no one talks over each other. Best chemistry on any show ever. Big mistake ABC.

  41. Predator Kingdom says:

    OMG! I didn’t know the ratings were that low that’s really laughable as the soaps barely even touched below 2 million viewers on its worst days this show is not even reaching a million. The show was crap anyways and can easily be replaced with local programming like in my market local programming and news replaced its hour.

    ABC really needs to suck it up and admit that everything outside of The Chew that replaced the soaps failed on them and they should either do what NBC did and give that hour back to the affiliates permanently or bring back AMC or OLTL. I think PR wise bringing back one of those two soaps will really help ABC. It’s not like they would be trying to program 3 hours like they did before just 2 hours as General Hospital seems to still be doing well these days.

  42. Rachele Alexander says:

    I loved the show I can’t believe it’s cancelled. I quit watching when Tyra Banks entered the picture. I can’t stand watching her,she thinks she’s better than Joe she’s wrong. Just saying.

  43. Kathryn says:

    I will never watch any show on ABC that is placed in the time slots of All My Children and One Life to Live. Additionally, I have never watched the Chew, Fab Life and the other show that was cancelled after a year.

    • Predator Kingdom says:

      Same here I never watched those shows, I just watch cable TV or listen to sports radio during that hour. I have caught The Chew a few times it’s not a bad show but I would rather have a soap there. I wish ABC would just bring back one of the two soaps to fill that hour and give GH a partner. PR wise this would be really great for them.

  44. EmmeCay says:

    So sad this show was cancelled. Finally, a good show catering to a wide, diverse audience and a great cast too, BOOM!! GONE! I looked forward to Fab Life every afternoon because of Chrissy, Joe Zee, Leah and Lauren. They all had great talents to share with us and everything they gave us was valuable and informative. Everyone of these talented hosts deserve the opportunity to give us a daily show! Never considered Tyra an asset and was happy to see her go! Please rethink your decision and let these wonderful people continue to entertain everyone with their brilliant ideas and knowledge!

  45. Terry Gunderson says:

    I’m upset of the cancellation of FabLife. It’s a very good, funny and informative variety show.
    Tyra shame on you woman. I really didn’t like you on the show, you did not carry the show.

  46. robin Bevers says:

    While fab life has not been all that bad. I do not want to dee it replaced with Right this Minute. I want the soap operas returned. No more judge shows, talk shows, or extra news. Adults need the soaps back and the children need cartoons after school and weekends. There are alot of people who are unable to afford cable.

  47. Eileen Tarpy says:

    Terribly disappointed. I loved the show & all the participants

  48. Rhonfa says:

    I am very sad to hear that fab life is cancelled. It is one of my favorite shows, I loved all the host’s also the DIY projects. It would be nice if another station would pick it up.

  49. km says:

    glad it’s gone could not stand it either but give us something other than 3hrs of news

  50. dpbfl says:

    The show was as nacisstic as its co-hosts and had very little value. Their website reflects the format of the show as well. Try to navigate through tons of narcisstic video pics of the hosts, before being able to see a recipe. So uncomfortable!

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