ESPN’s Brian Windhorst Denies Falling Asleep During SportsCenter

SportsCenter: ESPN's Brian Windhorst Denies Falling
Courtesy of ESPN

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst found himself at the center of a social-media flurry on Tuesday after the spread of a video appearing to show him falling asleep mid-question during an appearance on a live “SportsCenter” segment.

As ESPN anchor Cari Champion presents the sports journalist with a question about Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook, Windhorst averts his gaze downward and pauses — appearing to have briefly nodded off — before offering up a response.

The episode ignited Internet rumors that he’d fallen asleep during the on-air interview. Windhorst was quick to set the record straight, taking to his Twitter account to clarify that he was not sleeping, but glancing down at his phone during the lapse in his speech and eye contact.

“When Adam Schefter looks at his phone on TV he gets endorsement deals. When I do people think I have narcolepsy. #SportsCenterProblems,” Windhorst joked in his tweet.

A SportsCenter rep insisted to Variety that “he was looking at his notes” during the incident in question. Champion also took to Twitter to clear the air.



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  1. The best thing in regards to the test is that
    it doesn’t harm in any respect. After all, you sleep right by way of it!

  2. rhughsirius says:

    I’ll say one thing for Windhorst, his NBA reporting is good and even if it weren’t: there’s no wind big enough to blow him away.

  3. joeypeepee says:

    Doing 4 minute interviews 3x a day can be very taxing on the human body.

  4. Roxanne says:

    he gettin his nod on!

  5. Jack SELLER+ 7 Day $ 1.99 Using a Credit/Debit Card * says:

    What the heck is some womern doing as anchor on a men’s sports network?

  6. Who me? says:

    I think he finally saw the monitor and was focusing on Ms. Champions’ muffins. I noticed she tightened up her “laces” later in the show. Maybe if more anchors dressed like that espn would get their viewers back.

  7. CPAP says:

    He looks dead tired. Given his physical stature, sleep apnea diagnosis may be likely.

  8. Most likely this guy has sleep apnea. A guy in my workplace had it and would randomly fall asleep at his desk throughout the day. He finally got tested and was diagnosed and got treatment for it.

  9. looneytoonsindville says:

    He recovered quickly and seemed to understand the question. I learned how to sleep with my eyes open while in the Navy at ET”A” school and always knew what the correct answer was when questioned, even though essentially asleep. Who knows what was going on in his head! I have never used drugs in my life and was in a random drug testing program for most of my adult life. I am not convinced that drugs were involved.

  10. Guy Green says:

    If the nation were actually honest with itself, we would all realize how much better off we would be if ALL media would simply nod off and go to sleep for a while. I’d say about six years ought to give us enough time to pull what is left of our republic together.

  11. Adam says:

    Thats not falling asleep, that dude is nodding. He’s high on some kind of opiate and he’s on a nod. When people nod out and in the middle of speaking they aren’t even aware of it. He’s either popping some blues or doing some dope.

  12. Looneytoonsindville says:

    He recovered quickly and seemed to understand the question. I learned how to sleep with my eyes open while in the Navy at ET”A” school and always knew what the correct answer was when questioned, even though essentially asleep. Who knows what was going on in his head!

  13. Andy Howe says:

    ESPN puts me to sleep as well.

    • looneytoonsindville says:

      I think you may have hit the nail on its head. ESPN can put anybody to sleep, right next to CSPAN!!!

  14. Really? nothing, what a waste of time

  15. Glornt says:

    If they were talking about soccer or golf, he should be commended for not snoring.

  16. Dave Rafferty says:

    He should’ve focused on her cleavage.

  17. No wonder he fell asleep they were talking about the NBA……….zzzzzzzzzzzz…

  18. mc7e says:

    The line of questioning was so boring I nodded off.

  19. Ben Kabak says:

    That’s what happens when you’re overweight. Sad to see.

  20. anon says:

    She was asking a stupid question. He fell asleep. This is the natural way of the world.

  21. WallytheDog says:

    97% of everything besides the actual games on ESPSN is boring useless dribble and filler.

  22. Jim Spencer says:

    If he was sleeping he would not have been able to answer the question.

  23. John W says:

    I’ve seen Sports Center. I, too, have drifted off.

  24. Medical condition for sure

  25. ilovevictoriasbows says:

    What’s with the plunging tie blouse?

  26. jnsesq says:

    Hell, I just dozed off listening to this drivel. People get paid for this?

  27. jvjj says:

    What kind of a sports “talent” would sit and look at his phone during a LIVE telecast?? What a rank amateur. Whoever hired that novice should be ashamed.

  28. smokehouse56 says:

    Of course he denies it. They (liberals) all lie through their teeth, all the time. Brian Williams, anyone. Hillary? Obama? All proven liars.

  29. NBA talk will put me to sleep every time. Give the guy a break.

  30. rebrad2014 says:

    ESPN has become so boring it puts me asleep when nothing else will.

  31. jnobfan says:

    Fat drunk and stupid are no way to go through life son

  32. Sportscenter SUCKS. I would fall asleep too its the worst show on the planet!

    • I agree. I watch it at the gym in the mornings and there’s just too much sexuality. The women all wear very form fitting outfits, sky high heels and there’s just too much giggling and silly bantering back and forth. The woman are trying to be too sexy.

  33. Barker says:

    Dude has sleep apnea. Sure of it. It’s so easy to get checked.

  34. Duke Sweden says:

    I didn’t notice. Too busy looking at Cari’s champions.

    • Yes, there’s too much emphasis on the women’s sexuality. In my opinion, Cari Champion’s top was a little too revealing. So my question is do you want people to watch because of what you have to offer intellectually or to see your cleavage?

  35. donttreadonme says:

    Cleavage draws viewers; or aren’t we supposed to notice that?

  36. AJ Franz says:

    He’s a fat guy with low blood pressure, and fell asleep.

  37. HA A says:


  38. fukface says:

    Heroin does that to people

  39. Sherry Lee says:

    He was looking at a ‘take out’ menu.

  40. Team USA says:

    How the heck do you fall asleep when Cari Champion is looking at and speaking with you?

    Message to Mr. Windhorst—So I’m saying, there’s still a chance!

  41. Scott L. says:

    He was doing both. At first he was clearly looking at his phone, probably in a veiled attempt to fight closing his eyes (been there, done that,) then he looked up for a few seconds, then looked down again, closed his eyes and dozed off for eight or so seconds. This is not uncommon for people who are sleep deprived with untreated sleep apnea. We’ll doze off for a number of seconds right in the middle of a conversation because we’re sleep deprived. And no, it’s not always about being overweight, although that’s a significant risk factor. Still, 10 to 20% of people with sleep apnea have normal BMIs. I know a lady who’s as thin as a rail and she has severe sleep apnea.

    Anyhow, this guy needs to treat his apnea since it’s clearly affecting his career, his denial is just him trying to save his job. Which is fine, get the apnea treated and he’ll not have to worry about it affecting his job anymore.

  42. I care about this. Only not very much.

  43. James says:

    He is very fat. He probably has a sleep disorder, falling asleeep during the day is the norm.

    • Ed Burman says:

      You nailed it. I fit this profile, and have fallen asleep at the switch like this guy. I was looking to see if anyone picked up on the sleep disorders angle. I would definitely be having myself checked out by a sleep disorders specialist were I this guy. I fixed my issue, I hope this guy does too.

  44. Miguel526 says:

    Our household no longer watches anything ESPN, and we are much happier that we no longer vegetate in front of over-hyped “Sports” shows. High school & college ball is much better, since they aren’t message-controlled by PC servants to their college professors’ hatred for everything American!! Try just turning off ESPN! You will LOVE it! We sure do!

  45. says:

    how anyone DOESN’T fall asleep talking about “sports” is beyond me

  46. smokehouse56 says:

    Why does ESPN hire more blacks than white people when blacks make up on 13% of the population. You guessed it. PC and the protected black class.

    • Chow says:

      Take a look at the jew ratio….it’s off the chart

    • getwiththetimes says:

      That may be true, but the sports they are talking about are majority played by black athletes. I doubt they have many black writers working golf tournaments.

    • skip bayliss says:

      I might also guess you are a bigot, especially when the subject matter is about Windhorst.

    • SMH says:

      Lots of black women too, who are only 6% of the population and not exactly the demographic coveted by sports teams or their sponsors (since a lot of them are poor, single mothers). Such propaganda by ESPN made me stop watching them a decade or more ago.

      • skip bayliss says:

        Another equally brain-dead bigot who can only look at one thing even when the question is about something else. Whatever you are, you are no socioeconomist, and you only speak from hear say. You stopped watching ESPN simply because of you did not see more of you, and now you want to tender your complaint and disdain. Must not be too much going on at the south corner of the trailer park these days so you make up something you can believe in even when it is ignorant at its face.

  47. hijackthemic says:

    Dude does that like every interview. 4 srs.

  48. Chris haddad says:

    He will answer when Cari answers about wearing fake glasses to look intelligent .

  49. James Benoit says:

    He’s perusing the on-line menu for the local Ruth’s Chris…ESPN is paying.

  50. e santos says:

    That’s okay I fall asleep during ESPN all the time.

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