Fox News Blasts Donald Trump for ‘Sexist’ Attack on Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly Fox special
Courtesy of Fox New

Fox News has fired back at Donald Trump for his latest remarks about anchor Megyn Kelly, who has been the target of repeated attacks by the GOP frontrunner for the presidential nomination.

Fox News condemned Trump’s “vitriolic attacks” and “sick obsession” with Kelly, one of the network’s most prominent anchors and host of the 9 p.m. nightly news talk show “The Kelly File.” The no-holds-barred statement came after Trump sent a tweet once again criticizing Kelly and calling for viewers to stop watching her program.

“Donald Trump’s vitriolic attacks against Megyn Kelly and his extreme, sick obsession with her is beneath the dignity of a presidential candidate who wants to occupy the highest office in the land,” Fox News said in a statement. “Megyn is an exemplary journalist and one of the leading anchors in America – we’re extremely proud of her phenomenal work and continue to fully support her throughout every day of Trump’s endless barrage of crude and sexist verbal assaults. As the mother of three young children, with a successful law career and the second highest rated show in cable news, it’s especially deplorable for her to be repeatedly abused just for doing her job.”


Donald Trump Megyn Kelly

Donald Trump Tells Megyn Kelly She’s ‘Looking Well’ as Showdown Fizzles

Sources said Fox News insiders were unclear what prompted Trump’s Twitter slam against Kelly on Friday. But Trump has unleashed a steady stream of tweets this week attacking Kelly for what he characterized as unfair coverage of his campaign.

“Everybody should boycott the Megyn Kelly show,” Trump tweeted. “She is sick and the most overrated person on TV.”

Trump’s campaign fired back at Fox News’ comments on Friday evening: “Megyn Kelly is a highly overrated reporter and anchor that constantly disparages Mr. Trump with negative and inaccurate reports. Despite the fact he wants nothing to do with her and will not appear on her show due to her extremely biased reporting, much of the program is about him anyway on a nightly basis. In fact, FOX News has begged Mr. Trump to do a prime time special to be broadcast on the FOX Network, not cable, with Megyn Kelly. He has turned them down.”

They added, “Likewise, they recently called for an unsolicited and unplanned debate with Kelly as a featured moderator. He turned them down and they immediately canceled. On the FOX debate that Mr. Trump did not do, they received by far their lowest rating. Unlike Megyn Kelly, who resorts to putting out statements via FOX News, Mr. Trump will continue to defend himself against the inordinate amount of unfair and inaccurate coverage he receives on her second-rate show each night.”

Fox News officials are growing increasingly concerned for Kelly’s safety as Trump continues to target the anchor for comments that would be unthinkable coming from virtually any other contender for the White House.

The outbreaks of violence at Trump campaign events in recent weeks have spurred much commentary about a rising tide of anger among Trump supporters, fueled by the candidate’s stances on immigration, Muslims entering the U.S. and his general savaging of the existing political establishment. The unpredictability of Trump’s comments on Kelly has also become unnerving to Fox News staffers.


Donald Trump Protests

Donald Trump: No Apologies, But Damage Control Over Megyn Kelly Remarks

On Thursday, Trump derided the Fox News anchor for “always complaining” about his campaign, hours after calling her “crazy” and again, “highly overrated.”

Trump and Kelly first tangled last August when she was one of the moderators of a Republican candidates debate hosted by Fox News. Trump slammed her for being unfair to him after tough questioning about his past derogatory statements about women.

Since then, Trump and Fox News have had a roller coaster relationship, with both sides trading barbs at times and Trump engaging in an on-again, off-again boycott of the channel. The situation is all the more remarkable given Fox News’ long-standing profile as a friendly outlet to conservatives in its opinion programming with hosts such as Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity.

On March 3, Trump faced off against Kelly in another Fox News hosted debate, without any fireworks. But earlier this week Trump said he would not take part in a Fox News debate that had been scheduled for March 22 in Salt Lake City, citing a prior speaking engagement. Trump’s decision prompted Fox News to table the debate.


Variety Power of Women New York 2016

Megyn Kelly, Lupita Nyong’o, Julianne Moore Among Honorees at Variety’s NY Power of Women

Kelly’s star has been rising at Fox during the past few years. She is set to host a primetime Barbara Walters-style interview special on Fox in May. And she will be feted as one of Variety‘s honorees at the April 8 Power of Women New York luncheon highlighting prominent industry women and their charitable endeavors.

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  1. Lynn Young says:

    I really can’t wait until she is gone!

  2. tk says:

    Bias in 2016 election with Megan, I’m done

  3. Bob Podratz says:

    Im sick and tired of megan kelly,I dont watch fox news when shes on

  4. The question is why does Megan Kelly have it in for Donald Trump. She is either being honest or she is trying to capitalize on the current situation. I personally don’t like her as she thinks she can do what ever she wants because she is pretty. I think it’s a cheap shot on her part.

  5. Rosie says:

    She should have been let go at the beginning. #2 on cable, who voted that in?

  6. says:

    It’s interesting that despite all the vitriolic attacks, I like both Megan Kelly and Donald Trump for almost the same reasons. Both are people who do not hold punches and speak their mind without fear. I admire Megan Kelly going after both Cruz and Trump. They can take it. Unlike Cruz, they both seem sincere and open.

  7. Peggy Basham says:

    Megan Kelly was much nicer and more mature on her daytime show..seems to have let success go to her head which is not becoming. She is disrespectful to her guest; calling Chris Stirewalt by his last name; whispering things as if she has a secret, such silly stuff not becoming to a successful show host.
    As a news person, ‘gotcha’ moments and ‘one-up’ on you are not appropriate, especially when you are supposed to be fair and balanced. Is she looking for a promotion to MSNBC?

  8. SimpleAmerican says:

    Megyn Kelly show is totally a garbage. I stopped watching since beginning of this year. There are lot of sober Women anchors to watch in Foxnews are Greta, Andrea, Judge pirro , Kenedy and Monica Crowley. This lady has a pinching habit of scratching Donald Trump. I tell you Kelly you mess with a wrong guy. Her deliveries were very rude to many politicians. I am pretty much stripped down to watching shows of these anchors LouDobbs, Hannity, no-spin , Judge pirro and Andrea .

  9. phil bryan says:

    No more for me WE THE PEOPLE, Meagan Kelly has been deleted from my daily viewing of fair and balanced. What a joke! What kind of fool do you play us for. You best swallow your medicine and support the candidate thats about to change America. Seems to me your in bed with all the others that think the americas need to be directed on what candidate to vote for. My crystal ball shows you and many others will be looking for a new job in the near future. Sorry kid I too just like trump calls it like it is . PS girl-there is reason why Mr. Trump is none stoppable-its called TRUTH GOD WILL BLESS AMERICA -JUSTICE IS COMING-COMING SOON!!!

  10. anthony says:

    Megyn Kelly is the queen of egotistical arrogance!! One need not look any further than to surmise or fathom by watching the cunning manipulative Megyn, set up her ongoing underhanded deceptive question to Trump, regarding women in her first interview debate. How stupid does Fox network believe that the TV audience are, including when all the butt kissing co-commentators keep defending and addressing the subject of how badly and insulting Trump was to the self-seeking publicity scheming Megyn? To add additional insult, please count the numerous times since the first debate including the subsequent debates that the duplicitous princesses of political manipulation keeps repeating how all the women in the country are very upset and hate Trump. It’s blatantly clear with her new hair cut and all the fake make-up which can’t hide Megyn’s unscrupulous personal disdain for Trump. Her pompous, narcissistic is also obvious by spelling her name, Megyn!! As oppose to being compared to other women with the spelling of Megan. Her venal treatment of Trump was her obvious Machiavellian stepping stone by getting her own Fox TV show and also hiring an agent to represent her in commercial’s, books etc. One thing is for sure she can’t convince anyone of her professional so call talent because her inability to act by her phony smile in order to hide her ongoing selfish self-serving reason to replace the shoes of the honest Diane Sawyer! Lassie has better acting ability than she’s have including her lack of loyalty to the truth.

    • That is funny. You just described Trump. And when did you become the arbiter of name spelling. This is her birth name. That is a ride post. This is a laughable thread. I feel sorry for the disenfranchised and the uneducated. I really do. Vote Trump and then go to Applebee’s and talk to your buddies about how bummed you are that Clinton won.

      • And she already had a show and an agent. This is standard for anyone on tv, writing, etcetera. You clearly don’t understand how things work and how Trump supporters are viewed by Repubs, Democrats and Independent voters. You all are the laughing stock of the world. Seriously. Watch BBC news. Or any other news.

  11. Fuku Meggie says:

    Megan Kelly is as her first husband revealed:
    “Megan didn’t need a husband, she needed a wife”.

    It’s obvious that Megyn Kelly has gone to the gay side. Looking more like Rachael Maddow every day. She should be fired for impersonating a reporter. I stopped watching her long ago and when she does the debates, I tune out!

  12. Vieda says:

    Whether you like or agree with President Obama or not, and if you watch Fox News…or even work for Fox News; does anyone want to concede that the behavior displayed by Trump would never, I mean NEVER be behavior you would witness from President Obama – can anyone admit that they are going to miss the conduct of a true gentleman/statesman/family-man if a President Trump ends up being the leader of the free(?) world?!!

  13. RobRmh says:

    Trumps hatred toward Women especially reporters needs to be addressed by ALL networks who could demand in an open letter signed by each of them for Trump to cease his damming slander and character assaults again women, or, be ignored by the Press. Nothing he would hate more is to be “forgotten”. You the Media have given him huge ratings promoting his brand name, this indicates your own lack of responsibility to the important issues for the United States that has become critical.

  14. Glenn Rung says:

    Megyn Kelly has continuously attacked Trump with her line of questioning of Trump and when she talks to guests about Trump–she is absolutely not fair and balanced. I used to watch her program until she started treating Trump the way she has and I agree with Trump’s tweets. Maybe Megyn needs to seriously reconsider the way she is treating Trump or she is going to lose many more viewers. I for one, will never watch her program again!

  15. Steve Hawkins says:

    I watch a lot of Fox News programing, but I flip the channel when biased Kelly’s show comes on, can’t stand her reporting…if that is what it’s called.

  16. Bill B. says:

    Never thought I’d see the day that I’d agree with Fox News, but that has arrived. This orange dude is nuts.

  17. paulstewart2 says:

    Hmm, most of the posts on this site are somewhere between tacit and rabid approval of Trump’s actions. I ask you all one question – would it be okay for Trump to attack you personally like he is attacking Megyn Kelly? And you wonder, why do I ask that.. well, simple, Trump will attack anyone, anytime, and all the time. For anything he likes… So you are quite likely to be next, either individually, or God forbid, if he were elected, then collectively. Everyone is an enemy and / or an idiot that is not Trump, in the eyes of Lord Trump. Time to move on to a better candidate.

    • Zander says:

      Fox News touts Ms. Kelly’s successful law practice and that she is an outstanding objective unbiased journalist, which is nothing more than an example of the media trying to tell us what they believe we are gullible enough to believe. An attorney is professionally trained to be an advocate. Advocates cannot be unbiased and objective. Their singular purpose is to represent their client’s side of the case. Ms. Kelly’s professional training and professional practice clashes with the journalist’s job of being fair, unbiased and objective. A classic example of Ms. Kelly’s professional training vs objective journalism and serving the needs of the viewer to learn Trump’s stand on issues rather than Ms. Kelly’s misguided personal vendetta against Trump[ would be Ms. Kelly’s incessant vitriolic and hateful attack on Trump during the Fox News first debate. Fox News is the great liar and instigator and Donald Trump is spot on in his attacks vs Kelly, especially when you consider this hateful biased lawyer who is the farthest thing from a journalist you can imagine started it all.

    • Kelly is not a journalist. She is an self-centered, opinionated news reader and gloater. Trump is just bringing her down a peg or two. Somebody needs to get that smirk off her face.

  18. Alex Wolf says:

    Without for now commenting on Trump’s words, I must note that Megyn Kelly shows bias against Trump, while pretending to be even-handed. . She is more careful with her words than Trump is, but certainly is not fair to him.

    A biased press is bad thing for the nation.

  19. MIKE says:

    Megyn Kelly..the best of the best !

  20. IT--2--IT says:

    ‘MAY—-EGG – – -UN’ – – —–‘CULL- – -LEE’
    ——————–has already been UNMASKED as
    —————————–a 100% INTEL scripted, directed and RUN
    ————————————–empathy whore and debasement op.

    Not only did she shamelessly uphold the Sandy Hook FRAUD,
    but she even out did that with her PUMP of –forced— EUGENICS injections of children.

    We personally know 4 children who were –WRECKED– by ‘VAC–scenes’./

    STRANGE judgements await ‘MAY–EGG–UN’.


  21. Here we go again, Megyn has been trying to single handedly take down Trump and because he fights back, it’s sexist; I’m so sick of this labeling people for fight back.

  22. Enword says:

    Trump is just being proactive in diffusing her attacks on him prior to her show each night. It’s a brilliant media strategy.

  23. BillUSA says:

    This media hype just serves to help Trump. Kelly is bringing more unwanted attention upon herself for the sake of ratings. So pardon me if I don’t get caught up in the faux offense marketed by Kelly.

  24. Brock says:

    The title said “Sexist” but I cannot find anywhere in the article where Trump said anything sexist. He said she was crazy and overrated. Not sure those qualify as sexist remarks.

  25. taffy says:

    I turned on Megyn’s show on Friday night (the same night this statement from Fox News came out). Guess what she was on about. That’s right. Bashing Trump. It’s all she does. Every night. It’s all she’s done ever since the first debate. And then she goes on the late night talk show circuit and does the same thing. And then she does magazine interviews and does the same thing. She’s the one who is obsessed. She can’t stop bashing Trump. She’s like the dumped spouse who still bitterly brings up her ex years later every single day to the point her own family and friends have stopped inviting her out because they’re sick and tired of hearing her go on about that damn ex. I expect Megyn is still bashing Trump even when her husband is giving her one in bed.

  26. Guitarsam says:

    Megyn is Trumpsessed! She wants & needs an Alpha male.

    Is she a serious journalist/reporter/ entertainer?

    “Santa is WHITE he just IS” – Megyn K. (youtube)

    “Jesus is WHITE” – Megyn K. (youtube)

    Megyn was supposed to be a defense attorney I believe, before becoming “Miss Megyn” on Fox. Apparently, she didn’t learn the 1st Amendment very well.

    She sided with 2 liberal groups, & BLM members poor behavior, over Donald Trump’s right to speak. This occurred at a place HE rented for a huge rally. It’s not protesting when they got on stage, it’s called trespassing. Trump won 5 of the 6 primaries the following Tuesday. Megyn Failyng to convince anyone.

    But she’s a serious reporter now, which can be seen by her new Dutch Boy haircut. Can she possibly say the word essentially even more? Fox News, Fair & Balynced.

  27. colmandk says:

    Wow, there’s some really bad grammar and spelling and racism on this site. Aren’t we supposed to be smart, idealistic, forward-looking showbiz people on here?

  28. colmandk says:

    Good for Megyn Kelly staying classy. I’ve never respected a Fox News reporter as much as her before, but —

    This man is certifiable and — if he’s not elected — should get locked in a room where he won’t be a danger to himself or others.

    • Michael says:

      Classy??????!!!!!! Apparently, you haven’t listened to her Howard Stern interview. She’s full of something but it sure as hell ain’t class.

      • Robin says:

        Truth,,,,classy women do not go on any show and discuss the size of their breast. I’m quoting her”killer beez”,also anyone with an ounce of class doesn’t appear on Howard Stern. Least we forget her GQ interview. Fox news wants to bring her children into the discussion, so please tell us how this makes her children proud of their mother. Why do women feel the need to belittle themselves to be sexy?

  29. Richard says:

    Every cable news show highlights and discusses the Trumps stupidity and outrageousness where are his supporters going to tune into to see any credible news coverage not appalled by his antics. Trump will have to start his own network to get uncritical coverage … but like most every business venture he slaps his name on it will fail in about a year.

  30. JP Hernandez says:

    I am a poor American Mexican, 52/with a adult disable son/ lost job o 25 yrs in 2008 when they found I was a conservative then processed a 4 year in a row audit by the IRS/ remember i am poor,13000.00 yr/wanted to die , I am just now coming out of my depression thanks to TRUMP!!! GO TRUMP!!!THIS MEXICAN SAYS BUILD THAT WALL!!!!Everyone of those Mexican are illegal that you see protesting at OUR EVENT? Maybe I should start a TRUMP LIVES MATTER MOVEMENT!!!YAYA!!!!

  31. Lindy says:

    Kelly gets five hours a week to bash Trump. Trump then attacks with “sick”. So tell us if you are attacked do sit and take it? Do you have a Megyn’s lackey call you “sexist” if you question someone’s sanity?
    If you watch FOX NEWS at all you may see Hayes, Will, Krauthammer, Kelly with a barrage of Trump attacks. Don’t like the return fire Fox News? T.S.

  32. Kelly Megyn says:

    Who’s the dumb blonde now !

    • Lisa Baker says:

      Seriously Megan I thought more of you than a comment like that. I used to really respect you and watch you. I don’t care for your behavior at all anymore. You are just adding fuel to the fire. From a woman who has worked hard like I do and very intelligent as you are and I also care about my appearance I think you are acting beneath yourself. Very disappointed in you and Fox News . Ashamed that you feel it’s ok to stoop to a level that does not become you.

    • Are you seriously pro Trump? Not even Repubs want him.

      • Lisa Baker says:

        Quite obviously you have nothing better to do but insult people without actually reading their message fully. Perhaps it is time you find a different hobby,maybe knitting. I respect the process where people formulate their own opinions whether right or wrong

      • I’m actually on set, killing time and laughing and the idiocy out there. How do you take offense to what I wrote. It has nothing to do with you. Or your opinion.

  33. Hamid Ansari says:

    America look to Toronto and its flirtation with Rob Ford. Trump is Ford on a national scale and that is really it. Just look at Youtube footage and see where you are heading.

  34. Stating the obvious. Trump IS a sick and twisted man. There’s no shock that he continues to feed his ridiculous narrative to the misguided, disenfranchised and idiotic American people here. He will never be president and anyone who thinks that is delusional.

    • Harman is really hurting. We can help someone who hurts by hugging a neighbor in need.

      • Are you referring to Hartmann? That is my last name. I am great. Sitting here with my very kind, large Republican family. I think you need the hug. And need to see the orange man for what he was and is. I wish you the best. If you make another reference to me, you will have a problem.

  35. Jeniffer Mei says:

    I watched Megyn Kelly show about protesters in Chicago. She was indeed very unfair. At a time, I thought I was watching MSNBC’s Rachel Madden show. Few days later, I saw her still blaming Mr. Trump for the Chicago protest. From then on, I never watch her show again.

    • He constantly encourages violence. Are you aware of this?

      • CM says:

        No, he does not. But the fraud (and hired) pritestors do. There is no place for their sort of nonsense in a civil society. They came looking for a fight.

      • Do you really want me to type out direct quotes from Trump encouraging his ignorant followers to punch people? There are so many instances when he has done this that I would be typing them up for hours. I’m not going to waste my time on someone who clearly doesn’t do their homework. You should be kind of embarrassed that you don’t know this. Even Trump has admitted it.

  36. Donna says:

    Is it possible that consistantly going after Donald Trump is an attempt to position herself for a staff position if, (please “no”) , Clinton was elected.

  37. Sherree says:

    Yes! I’m glad to see that finally your wewsite & network has taken a stand on such a serious racious attack on a woman (I am a woman too) I consider this man a nasty low life, not fit to run for our presidient! But I also think like a lot of others, that Megyn Kelly is giving Donald Trump far too much media coverage. She seems to be some what fascinated or charmed with him. Maybe if she stops giving him so much coverage, & & gives some of the other delegates some of her air time in all fairness, he’ll simply go away, like most of us want. It would be the worst for ‘America’ if he wins! I know for a fact that Europe is laughing at us for this nightmare w/him, as I’ve lived in parts of Eurpope & Canada, & have been told so!

  38. jen says:

    Go Trump Go, refreshing to see a genuine successful American fire back at the nasty liberals and media elites. We all know Obama was elected due to the color of his skin – the biggest disaster and joke of a president since Bill Clinton.

  39. all I can say is by what I see is that Megyn Kelly is enjoying the attention too. I’m not a fan of hers I think she is self centered but then Trump and her are 2 peas in a pod…

  40. potvin99 says:

    Funny, I find Fox News and Megyn Kelly in particular has an extreme and sickly obsession with Trump. She goes after him every night. Check under your bed, Donald, Megyn might be there.

  41. Jumbo says:

    EVERYWHERE I GOT, IM SURROUNDED BY TRUMP IDIOTS. man he’s got you by the balls and you don’t even know it. Sad ..

  42. Cheylin C Dutra says:

    I agree with Lynn “Not a fan of Megan Kelly. Just because you don’t like Trump. You don’t think every politician is worried because Trump hasn’t been bought. Trump doesn’t need to be President. He has all the money he needs. He has a beautiful family. He wants to fix this mess we have had for the past 8 years. Shame on you Megan. I am watching 1 American News now. You are not a godess. You are just supposed to report the news not try and change a Presidential election!! you and Romney. Unbelievable!”
    Megyn you need to sit down and actually think about what you say before you say it. Instead of bashing on Trump all the time report on something with reporting on. Ted Cruz bashed Trump, report on that instead of reporting overtime Donald takes a dump.
    Has the media realized that if Megan would get rid of her obsession with Trump ant her attempts to bring him down on a nightly basis that Trump might not even be mentioning her? Reporters have a right to report news, but when they become advocates or commentators then they can no longer hide behind “I’m a ‘journalist,’ you’re not suppose to fight back”
    She is manipulative and everyone is right IF YOU QUIT TALKING TRASH ABOUT YOU HE WONT MENTION YOU.
    You are trying to blame him for making sexist remarks when you pushed him to do so.
    Quit being a bully and do your damn job. Be a reporter. Report something worth reporting.

  43. Lisa Baker says:

    I no longer watch Megan Kelly. I used to like her but she is a journalist and quite obviously does not care for Trump. Cutting your hair doesn’t make you a tough journalist … Being fair does I just watched her with Jorge Ramos on a Trump put down fest . Not professional …she is fueling the fire and that is unfortunate that she is continuing her feud with Trump. I thought better of her and Fox

  44. Lynn says:

    Not a fan of Megan Kelly. Just because you don’t like Trump. You don’t think every politician is worried because Trump hasn’t been bought. Trump doesn’t need to be President. He has all the money he needs. He has a beautiful family. He wants to fix this mess we have had for the past 8 years. Shame on you Megan. I am watching 1 American News now. You are not a godess. You are just supposed to report the news not try and change a Presidential election!! you and Romney. Unbelievable!

  45. Leslie says:

    Has the media realized that if Megan would get rid of her obsession with Trump ant her attempts to bring him down on a nightly basis that Trump might not even be mentioning her? Reporters have a right to report news, but when they become advocates or commentators then they can no longer hide behind “I’m a ‘journalist,’ you’re not suppose to fight back”

  46. Arvind says:

    I have seen and heard Megan Kelly, she is ” NO ANGLE “. She is definitely manipulative. She loves to twist and tweak the facts and that is not a good reporting of news.

  47. KittyMack says:

    When are people going to wake up to the fact that Donald Trump uses the media with his “say anything” nonsense to get attention at the expense of others, and attacks anyone who is not afraid to say the truth about. As time passes, we are seeing more disturbing elements about his character — or lack thereof. Something is very wrong with this man. He is behaving more and more like a high-functioning sociopath.

    • Cath says:

      Problem is: do we want a President who takes all of this so personally. After all, taking verbal hits is what politics is about. Trump seems to be able to dish it out but can’t seem to take it, or laugh it off, or ignore it. Or maybe he thinks it is positive to say horrid things for the publicity, just to get attention. It is certainly getting old.

  48. Genice says:

    Manhood size is EXACTLY what MEGAN KELLY SPOKE ABOUT ON HOWARD STERN! Specifically about her husband’s maleness. She is NO DIANE SAWYER. I find nothing ‘sexist’ in the remarks quoted, what I do see is FOX NEWS CONCERN FOR RATINGS when Trump asks to boycott her show. I do, however, agree that it is high time he leave her alone with his comments. Let her talk about him negatively every single night as is proven if you watch her its always a bash Trump hour, but he must be too busy to care about her silliness. He should move on.

  49. BillUSA says:

    There are traits which I can give and take about both Kelly and Trump. The more important thing is how something so meaningless as Trump being upset with Kelly and FOX being upset with Trump gets so much attention. There are more important news stories out there.

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