Donald Trump Suggests Debate Moderators Favored Hillary Clinton

Trump Clinton roundtable Debate Martha Raddatz
AP Photo/Julio Cortez

A debate full of personal swipes exchanged by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton also included Trump’s snarky suggestion that moderators Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz were favoring Clinton.

Early on, Raddatz pressed Democratic presidential nominee Clinton on the controversy over her use of private email account during her time as Secretary of State and her decision to delete some 33,000 emails. “You don’t call that extremely careless?” Raddatz said to Clinton.

After Clinton’s two-minute response, Cooper moved the next question on to a new topic. But Trump, the Republican candidate, interjected: “Why haven’t you brought up the emails?”

Cooper replied: “We did bring up the emails.” As he moved to the fate of Obamacare, Trump said with sarcasm: “It’s nice — one on three.” That comment was interpreted as Trump claiming that Raddatz and Cooper were supporting Clinton at his expense.

Trump’s suggestion of bias by the debate moderators is in keeping with his past claims that the “mainstream” media coverage of his presidential campaign has been unfair. As his campaign was rocked during the past 48 hours by the revelation of his lewd and aggressive comments about women captured on a hot-mic recording from 2005, Trump supporters have increasingly pointed the finger at media bias.

Given the upheaval among Republicans since the recording surfaced on Friday evening, the stakes were even higher for Trump and Hillary and the moderators at Sunday’s meeting, the second of three presidential debates scheduled for Clinton and Trump.

The town hall format of Sunday’s debate had the effect of de-emphasizing the role of the moderators. Most questions were posed to the candidates by undecided voters selected for the event by the Gallup polling organization and from online submissions.

Cooper, of CNN, and Raddatz, of ABC News, were stern task-masters in moving the questioning along and keeping the candidates to their two-minute response limits. They tried, mostly in vain, to keep Trump and Clinton from interrupting each other. They pressed both candidates on hot-button issues but neither Raddatz or Cooper were aggressive in fact-checking either candidate.

The task of questioning Trump on his 2005 comments — in which he boasted of using his star power to force himself on women — fell to Cooper as the second question of the 90-minute session. He framed the question in forceful terms, noting that Trump’s statement of apology sought to dismiss the significance of his bragging about being able to simply “grab their p—-” because of his celebrity.

“You called what you said ‘locker room banter.’ That is sexual assault. You bragged that you sexually assaulted women. Do you understand that?” Cooper said.

Trump’s answer continued to downplay the remarks as “locker room talk.” He quickly veered into the need for the U.S. to stop ISIS and blaming the Obama administration for allowing the terrorist group to flourish.

Cooper cut off that tangent by pushing Trump to answer whether he had actually groped women as he described in his conversation with “Access Hollywood'” anchor Billy Bush. Bush, who recently moved the 9 a.m. anchor slot on “Today,” was suspended earlier in the day by NBC News for his part of the conversation.

“You did not kiss or grope women without consent?”” Cooper said. “Have you ever done those things.”

Finally, Trump gave a straightforward answer: “No I have not.”

Raddatz grilled Trump on whether or not he had changed his stance on his plan to issue a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States out of concern for terroist activity. Mike Pence, Trump’s running mate, has suggested. Moments later, Raddatz interrupted Trump’s tangent about the Obama administration’s handling of war in the Middle East to ask the question in an even more direct way the second time.

“Would you please explain whether or not the Muslim ban still stands,” Raddatz said. To which Trump replied: “Why don’t you interrupt her?”

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  1. Jacques Strappe says:

    Trump the victim all the time, poor baby. Moderators are supposed to fact check the candidates to the best of their ability and make sure the format is followed, questioned answered and the allotted response times are followed. Every organization that fact checked this debate revealed that Trump lied or gave wildly inaccurate responses the majority of the time. The pathological liar complaining about mistreatment should surprise no one.

  2. Jeremy says:

    When one of the “moderators” starts arguing policy with Trump, it’s pretty much a given.

    • Jacques Strappe says:

      What you view as arguing the rest of the world sees as calling Trump out for either giving a factually inaccurate response about the military or not answering the question altogether Trump’s entire debate performance was a fraud, never answering questions but instead bashing Mrs. Clinton on every issue that has no connection to the original question. Moderators have a job other than being decorative set pieces.

  3. Ruth J. Hodapp says:

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  4. Lex says:

    Of course, he’s invading their safe place. Even without the controversies he would be shunned. It’s not like there was any other sleazy politician in that room. Certain not any sleazier… unless you count SLICK WILLY! :)

    I voted for that pervert.:)

  5. Trump always blames some else for his short comings, if he would just answer the question instead of all this who shot John nonsense the moderators would not have to interject. For a guy who has got more free advertising than anyone why is he complaining about them now.

  6. Kent Dazey says:

    This reporting by Variety on the moderators is appaling. Martha Radditx started engaging in the debate herself during one segment. The percentage of times Trump was cut-off frm speaking as opposed to Hilary was somewhere in the range of 10 to 1. The moderators did ask about Hillary’s lost 33,000 emails, but they did not ask a direct, firm follow-up question like Martha did on the Syria discussion. The media did go easy on Hilliary,but they continually pressed Trump.

    It is terrible obvious that mainstream media, and particularly these moderators, were predisposed to Hillary. The best thing about the debate, that despite all the media hype and the anticipated crucification of Trump for his unacceptable, vulgar language (for which he apologized), is that he still won the debate. He was stronger, more focused and Presidential than Hillary.

    Hillary, who also apologized for her email scandal, has been minimally called out on the issue, but not with the the severity that this breach involves. These were not just family emails that were deleted, these weres national security emails. This is the lives of soldiers, Ambassadors and othere who were put at risk by Hillary, all because she wanted hide something. She broke the terms of the subpona to protect herself, and a judge could find this a prosecutable offence. Why did she do it? She broke the law to protect herself. Again, why?? More importantly, why aren’t the journalists chasing down that story? That’s the real story of this election.

    They say that Trump’s womanizing is the elephent in the room, but i would say that the real elephant is the unbridled ambition of Hillary Clinton who will do anything to further her political career. She is incapable of knowing right from wrong. All she knows is what will further her political career. The ends justify the means. The cancer of the political insider. If nearly half of her email can disappear, who knows what else she is capable of doing. This scares me more than Trump’s inexperience. Trump won my vote tonight. It is a vote for Trump and a vote against Hillary and the media.

    • SK says:

      Despite the DESPICABLE BIAS of the lame liberal mainstream media, the liberal bias of this terrible “reporting” by this author who supposedly watched the same debate I saw—I am so impressed with all of the above comments. So here’s a news flash media & author of this article—-LIBERAL MEDIA WE SEE WHAT YOU’RE DOING—making EVERY attempt to get Hillary in the White House! DO YOUR FRICKEN JOB & REPORT THE FACTS AS THEY REALLY ARE —
      NOT AS YOU WANT THEM TO BE! You are supposed to “police” the government–for we the people– NOT CHOOSE SIDES! Hahahaha but it’s okay cause we SEE what you’re doing!!

      TRUMP W-O-N hands down, not even the slightest questions! #hillarysucks #BILL-IS-A-RAPIST

  7. jack says:

    Raddatz was very caustic to Mr. Trump with her nasal interruptions. Anderson wasn’t much better insinuating Trump was a sexual predator. Anderson Cooper is a self admitted gay man and so by definition he is a pervert, and a sexual deviant. Performing gay acts on another mans anus is perverted and filthy dirty, we have a name for it…Sodomy Anderson is a sodomite. He acts like one, and laughs like a little girl. Ganging up on Trump was noticeable and caustic especially coming from these two miscreants. The public sees this as an prepared attack from the media against Trump and will be the reason that fair playing Americans will elect Trump

  8. IT--II--IT says:

    ALLL the ‘important’ and –deployed— SEX HEX and INTEL RUN media trivia.

    And the FULLY ACHIEVED handover to globalist mafia RED CHINA
    doesn’t rate a single mention.

    NOT even in passing.

    – – – — The “EYE CONs’ really ARE there to TAKE you to HELL.

    ——————— – – – And HELL is the REAL of REAL

    ————————————- – – for ALLLLL ETERNITY

  9. Stacia Keel says:

    Yes,im watching the debate and the two journalist hosting this debate are really pissing me off.they let Hillary Give her circulatory responses for however long she has non circumstantial or subject matter.and rudely interrupt Trump over and over and over.when he’s answering a question or stating his views,concerns,facts both Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz cut him off immediately and don’t give him the same respect and floor time as they do Hillary.shut up your journalist and not speaking for anyone but your ignorance when shhing Trump!!! Let him speak and finish already no one is tunning in to hear anything either of you have to say.Im for the first time voting and watching and following the presidential debates because of Donald shut up and let us hear them talk.

  10. Sandy Anderson says:

    I’m not surprised to see the liberal biased media say that Clinton won the debate when it was overwhelmingly obvious that Trump was the winner. The DNC strategy of putting Donald Trump on the defense by digging up old tired news and trying to make him waste his time and energy defending himself is obvious to anyone who is informed. They will do anything to keep Hillary in and the establishment well fed. Anyone who doubts this should read Michael Savage’s book, scorched-earth.

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