DNC Beats RNC for Third Straight Night in Early TV Ratings

Barack Obama Hillary Clinton Democratic National
AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

Early ratings results for Night 3 of the Democratic National Convention are in, and once again the DNC appears to have beat out the Republican National Convention. Across live coverage on NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and Fox News from 10 p.m. on, 24.03 million people tuned in to hear vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine and President Barack Obama address the convention.

The equivalent night of the 2016 RNC drew 23.4 million pairs of eyeballs last week. In a move that may or may not be related to the DNC’s third night of ratings wins over the RNC, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump sent an e-mail to his supporters urging them not to watch Hillary Clinton deliver her nomination acceptance speech on the final night of the Democratic convention.

CNN won the coverage race with 6.17 million total viewers, followed by MSNBC with 4.92 million. The three broadcast networks that carried live coverage from 10 p.m. on — ABC, NBC and CBS — drew a combined audience of 10.58 million viewers. Fox News delivered 2.39 million viewers.

Last night’s results require even more context than usual. Headline speaker President Barack Obama didn’t hit the stage until around 10:55 p.m., after Tim Kaine spoke and inspired a fun Twitter game. (Kaine was preceded by current VP Joe Biden.) The president’s speech ran until about 11:40 p.m., and upon the speech’s end Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton stepped out to join him, extending coverage another several minutes.

It’s also nearly impossible to make any kind of comparison with the 2012 DNC. Last election, the DNC occurred over only three nights. Comparing the audience of 2016’s Night 3 with 2012’s Night 3 (35.72 million total viewers across 13 networks) means comparing a middle night with a final night; the audience for the final night of any party convention generally dwarfs that of the previous evenings. But comparing 2016’s Night 3 with 2012’s Night 2 (25.12 million across seven networks) is also not quite an apples-to-apples affair.

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  1. jerry lincoln says:

    So nice to see Trumpkin get one heck of a Big slap in the face, That Arrogant Racist must be seething over Hillary doing so Great’ Slink Away Trumpkin You Dispicable Creep’

  2. Randy says:

    As a homosexual, I don’t want Shar’ia law. I hope people start getting our agenda straight.

  3. Brandon Barrett says:

    The only fact Trump has proven is that America is still full of racists, bigots, misogynists and those willing to worship a demigod. ? Oh how sad for americans if he wins..he will leave everyone, especially those who support him, eating his dust..He truly cares about no one but himself and is a liar to the core..nothing he says is the truth, nothing..he is another billionaire who got rich on the backs of slaves while refusing to pay anyone, including the banks he borrowed from..He is truly scary and definitely mentally deranged..God help us all if he becomes the man with the numbers to the nuclear codes..

  4. Lex says:

    So, it was actually less than the RNC then.

  5. Obama Rules says:

    Limbaugh said today that the RNC beat the DNC on their respective third nights. What he did not say was that the final stats were not in yet and this probably explains his mistake or intention to mislead his listeners.

  6. Jack says:

    More lies. The ratings for the DNC last night were down from the same night of the RNC.

  7. William Joseph says:

    Im happy the DNC is beating the RNC this year…Donald Trump appeals to the fears of our nation to secure support rather than providing feasible solutions to our problems, both domestic and abroad. More people need to be made aware of that…Hillary Clinton, although not a perfect candidate(noone is), has the credentials and ideas to make her a phenomenal Commander in Chief and a fantastic inspiration to women all over the world…

  8. JOE S HILL says:

    Who gives a shit about how successful the DNC TV coverage is doing,,this bullshit isn’t about TV ratings,,this is about who’ll be the Nation’s next CIC-and the liberal media is hard at work,trying to feed us more serious lies,while the soon to be finishing his undeserved term President Obama,was on TV last night,greasing and stroking off his “partner in crime”,selling our divided Nation on the unholy lies that
    Hillary Rodham Clinton will guide and lead America to greater days,,what serious bullshit!! liberals have a pretty huge opinion about themselves,and it shows! the America that these people want to promote,are the Homosexuals,Transgenders,Atheists,the illegals,and the Islamic religions,who seek to plant Sharia Law in America,while we are dangerously gambling with potential terrorists,who’ll act and kill innocent Americans in the name of their “Allah” deity,,and THIS is the liberal left’s idea of making America great again? i don’t care what kind of socialist propaganda that the liberal media is trying to push,but Donald Trump,like him or hate him,is the man i’ll be voting for-and whatever TV ratings that the DNC wishes to gain here,will be so very unimportant,if Trump’s party successfully changes this campaign in their favor,,i’ll gamble with HIS ideas of “Making America Great Again”,before i swallow another liberal lie,again! if this country puts another Clinton in the White House,then our Nation will enter a whole other ball game,and that will hurt honest and innocent Americans,who don’t need the likes of self chosen Homosexuals,Transgenders,and lying Muslim Islamics,who worship a satanic diety,or a lying former 1st lady,who has flaunted her arrogance and contempt of our country’s due process,.along with the four dead US Diplomats in Benghazi,Libya,and the “what difference does this make” remark,that’s supposed to convince us of her innocense,,right! this campaign cannot be dominated by liberal liars,and an ass covering President,trying to endorse a criminally negligent woman into the White House,,that’s THE ultimate fraud,and it will have dire consequences to our Nation,and our American public!!

    • Bill B. says:

      Well buckle up. Your worst nightmare is going to happen as that sociopath doesn’t give a shit about you, me or this country. It’s all about being the winner. The people of this country will never let a man who really wants to be a dictator sit in the White House. The demagogue’s definition of Making America Great Again (which it already is) is making it more like Russia, a country he admires more than this one. Why don’t you move there if you don’t like the way it is here? I used to know a man named Joe Hill. He was an asshole too.

    • Justin says:

      Well, it is an issue, because Trump uses his yuuuge ratings as the reason why he has America behind him. He predicted No one would watch the DNC, cause well, everyone was on his side. hmmm.

    • Karen Tahir says:

      Obviously you care because you took the time to comment….just saying. Typical jealous Trump supporter.

    • Sam says:

      ‘and the liberal media is hard at work,trying to feed us more serious lies’ — Stopped reading there. Thanks for identifying yourself as a crazy person early in your rant.

    • Bob says:

      Good Lord, Joe, how can you manage to type with that white hood on your head and one finger in your nostril?? You are INDEED a Trumpterrorist.

      • schlafcat says:

        “Sorry, but the KKK was started by the Democrats and support Hillary.”
        Sorry, but the GOP recruited those Democrats in the late 1960s. Look up Nizon and Atwater’s Southern Strategy.

        If you have any sense, you’ll be sorry you mentioned the KKK. They’re yours now.

      • Sorry, but the KKK was started by the Democrats and support Hillary.

  9. Appearing Tonight says:

    FOX ‘News’ looks like the real loser for the night, conservatives politics are now just bad for business . . . .

  10. punjab says:

    Conservatives, Republicans and independents are too busy creating successful lives; no doubt the liberals, transgenders, homosexuals, terrorists and gangsta thugs luv to watch a good freak show on tv.

  11. tlsnyder42 says:

    I total 630,000 viewers more. What about 18-49???

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