David Letterman: ‘I Don’t Know Why They Didn’t Give My Show to a Woman’

David Letterman Talks Putting More Women
Aurora Rose/Variety/REX/Shutterstock

David Letterman, the former late-night host, said television networks should be more employing women. In fact, he was surprised that CBS didn’t hire a female successor at “The Late Show.”

“I don’t know why they didn’t give my show to a woman,”he said. Letterman made the remarks during an upcoming interview with NBC News’ Tom Brokaw.

The former CBS host was asked if he missed hosting the “Late Show,” which he “thought for sure” he would; but the first day Stephen Colbert took over, the show brought a different “energy.”

“When he went on the air, an energy left me and I felt like, ‘You know, that’s not my problem anymore,”‘ he said. “I devoted so much time, to the damage of other aspects of my life. The concentrated, fixated, focusing on that…it’s good now to not have that.”

While Letterman said he “couldn’t care less about late-night television,” there were some changes he would have liked to see.

“I’m happy for the guys—men and women—there should be more women. And I don’t know why they didn’t give my show to a woman,” Letterman continued. “That would have been fine. You know, I’m happy for their success. And they’re doing things I couldn’t do. So that’s great.”

The entire interview will air Sunday night at 7 p.m. and is part of the upcoming limited series “On Assignment” from NBC.

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  1. John Sorger says:

    Because broads aren’t funny. That’s why.

  2. selrahce says:

    Wanted a woman to succeed him? So he could prey on her? What a pig. A predator.

  3. Bonnie Hagan says:

    the first day Stephen Colbert took over, the show brought a different “energy.”A woman NEVER would have done that for po’lil’ Dave. I’m SO happy he stfu! So, now, keep it shut!

  4. Jack Roberts says:

    The reason why there aren’t many women talk show hosts is because women aren’t that funny. In fact, most of the female comedians suck. But, they are successful only because they are women.

  5. 007nightowl says:

    Shut up, David. Give it to the best qualified regardless of “Race, Creed, Color, Religion or Gender.” You sexist egoistic tub-thumper.

  6. Robert Amon says:

    Hey, David, giving the show to a woman because she’s a woman is sexist. Yep, that’s right, and it’s not an arguable point so don’t try. If you single her out and choose her based on her reproductive organs, whether for a positive or a negative, you’re doing that thing that you California Libs like to accuse everyone else of doing.

  7. What do Letterman and Obama have in common. They both hope a woman succeeds them.

  8. bob smithy says:

    You sucked for 30 years. Who could help destroy your ridiculous legacy more?

  9. gregory colt says:

    WHY is this STUPID, BIASED, UGLY, IRRELEVANT DUMBASS still spouting? He NEVER understood that he was a TALK SHOW HOST, a Johnny Carson wannabee who got kicked between networks. In the bargain this POS is a RICH LIBERAL, CHEAP, OPINIONATED, UNTKAY, who married a backyard fence. ONLY in American can a NOTHING like this DUNCE thrive.

    • Geof Fagan says:

      Oh my goodness (OMG) you are completely right. I appreciate your candid view. However, watch out! When “public figures” exhibit that candor, they are viewed as bigots and racists. Nobody is perfect, and we should pay the costs for our views. But when someone shares their views and they are distorted to an extreme . . . to serve another’s agenda. . . .

  10. Gwen says:

    Samantha Bee would have been perfect! TBS hired her on and she’s wickedly funny. I do like Stephen Colbert, though, and I’m happy with the choice CBS made. Outside of his musical talents, Jimmy Fallon annoys me. He laughs at his own jokes, which gets on my nerves. He’s just not that funny, to warrant doing so.

    • Samantha Bee has her own show, it’s on once a week …any idea why? HINT (and possible trigger warning): Women aren’t as funny as men, especially over the long term.

  11. moon pie says:

    Letterman’s “support for women,” given his skeleton-filled history, isn’t half clever.
    BTW, CBS did give the show to a very effeminate man, does that count?

  12. How many funny women you know Letterman?

  13. Doug says:

    Because we’re sick of bitches running everything

  14. Des says:

    “I Don’t Know Why They Didn’t Give My Show to a Woman”

    Because women aren’t funny.

  15. James Lehr says:

    It should be AMY SCHUMER but it has to be a quasi-Burlesque show.

  16. Phil Powell says:

    Funny, I don’t remember him fighting so hard for the job to go to a woman when HE was trying to get the gig …

    • greg says:

      You said it. He feels guilty now that he has all that money, so this is how he evolves into a better human being. It is so easy to be generous and liberal once you get yours. Forget the fact that so many people get screwed out of the jobs they are qualified for because of economical competition. People have no problem stepping over bodies if someone gets in the way of their desires. It brings out the worst In people where large groups of people are marginalized while some would reach for the golden ring though some would have it this is the best.

  17. commentor says:

    Well if there is a single person reading this that isn’t a sexist pig misogynist, they certainly chose not to comment! BTW fire your moderator, they are bad at their job.

  18. mike says:

    Why would anyone believe a word this man says….

  19. Lisa says:

    I guess his hands were tied even though it was his show.

  20. Gar says:

    News for the hard of hearing: HE IS EXPLAINING THAT COLBERT STILL SUCKS!

  21. Gary DelAbate says:

    Night show television is complete garbage with Kimmel & Conan being the exception. Craig Ferguson as well when he was on. Ba-ba booey! Howard Sterns penis! KC is gay. Robin Quivers likes anal.

  22. man oh man I miss Dave. His calm almost detached demeanor was so relaxing to watch and his comic sensibility . We both just seemed to find the same things absurd. He could be funny whiie at the same time obviously aware if just how stupid all the show business stuff is at its heart

  23. John says:

    Letterman is a national treasure. He was the best and is missed. He would have skewered Trump. His interviews were thoughtful and had more intelligence than most late night hosts.

    • Alex says:

      Davey was running on empty for the last couple of years he was on, he’s just pissed to discover no one misses him. We’re living just fine without you furball.

  24. millerfilm says:

    So, just have a woman for the sake of having a woman? Isn’t that how the new “Ghostbusters” happened?

    • Beetlejuice says:

      Listen to the king of all media on sirusxm. Baba booey to you sir! I host my own show in Howard Johnson’s daily

  25. I miss Jay Leno most and wish he didn’t have to leave the Tonight Show, it was really a great loss for me and still is. Fallon is a nice man but he doesn’t have right timing and presentation in giving jokes, etc., just not as good as Leno and sure miss him a lot.

  26. No thanks, no woman on the network late night tv talk shows. I value men being on these shows and the tradition and hope it stays that way forever.

  27. If you believe that Letterman had no input as to his replacement I’d like to sell you some beachfront property in Vegas…. He is such an opportunistic slime sometimes

  28. Jimmy Green says:

    hopefully he has more time now to get professional psychiatric help

  29. EricJ says:

    Because women can’t find the irony-for-its-own-sake in Stupid Pet Tricks or Network Time-Killers.
    Only guys know what it’s -truly- like to watch TV at 11:30 at night.

    (And Dave…you were NEVER born to wear a beard, let alone a Pete Seeger one. If that’s more irony too, please stop it.)

  30. Alex says:

    He looks like he lives under a bridge.

  31. Jim says:

    Sorry, but the dude who has gotten in trouble for sexually harassing women in the workplace doesn’t get to pass judgment on others on this topic, lol.

    • Ken says:

      Well, he fessed up, didn’t he…felt and expressed enormous private and public shame and remorse…and now has the time to spend his retirement years with his wife and son whom he undoubtedly loves. Also: he had many women working on the show, in producing capacities etc. If anyone knows the late night arena, he does. We miss you Dave, and wish you all the best!

    • Yes lord knows nobody wants to have sex with young women, yuck – guess you just do not have the opportunity he did haha

    • millerfilm says:

      Well, Letterman is an interesting source when it comes to advocating for women, given his history with them.

    • Jake says:

      Yes, only you can pass judgement.

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