Multiple Bidders In Talks For Daniel Craig Drama ‘Purity’ From Scott Rudin, Todd Field (EXCLUSIVE)

Purity Showtime

Multiple bidders — including Showtime, Netflix and others — are in talks for a big commitment to a limited series starring Daniel Craig in an adaptation of Jonathan Franzen’s novel “Purity,” to be produced by Scott Rudin and written by Todd Field and Franzen. Field is also set to direct.

Rudin is said to have held a round of meetings with Showtime, Netflix, FX and at least three other outlets earlier this week in search of a straight-to-series order.

Given the auspices, the project generated significant heat and multiple bidders. Industry sources said producers were seeking a 20-episode order. Sources cautioned that the talks were early and the project could land at any outlet.  

“Purity,” published in September, tells the story of an aimless young woman named Purity but known as Pip. She was raised in unusual circumstances in Northern California and winds up bouncing around after college from Oakland to Bolivia to Denver in a series of jobs and relationships with equally offbeat characters.

Craig has said in interviews that he’s ready to wrap his run as James Bond. His tenure as Agent 007 has to date spanned four films starting in 2006 with “Casino Royale” through the most recent Bond pic, “Spectre,” released in November.

“Purity” would mark Craig’s first TV series in the U.S., although the actor worked regularly in TV in his native U.K. before his film career took off in the late 1990s.

Rudin has stepped up his TV activity in the past few years. His Scott Rudin Productions banner signed an expansive first-look deal with Fox Networks Group last year. At present Rudin has development projects percolating at Fox, FX and National Geographic Channel. The seasoned film and legit producer was also an exec producer of HBO’s Aaron Sorkin drama series “The Newsroom.”

Field earned Oscar nominations as the screenwriter of 2001’s “In the Bedroom” and 2006’s “Little Children.” He’s been active in TV development in recent years with projects at HBO, SundanceTV and Showtime.

Franzen’s widely praised 2001 novel “The Corrections,” which won a National Book Award for fiction, was developed as a series at HBO with Rudin producing, but the project didn’t move forward after a pilot was shot in 2012.

Rudin is repped by WME. Craig and Field are with CAA.

Debra Birnbaum contributed to this report.

(Pictured: Daniel Craig, Scott Rudin)

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  1. Mike says:

    Hmmm… “Big Dick Emily” thinks people who don’t like Craig as Bond are trolling. Are we surprised? Wonder if her username is supposed to tell us she’s secretly a well endowed tranny or just a feminist with huge penis envy. LOL! Either way I can see why she wouldn’t like a real alpha male playing Bond instead of her weak, tortured, crybaby Craig.

  2. Jason Bourne says:

    Who cares, Bond has been so boringly bland under Craig he’s lost any relevance to Millennials. He’s proven that anybody average can play 007 in whatever nonsensical plot and some number of sheeple will still buy a ticket to see it. That’s why people seriously suggest his next replacement be a black guy, a woman, or a gay guy. The point is Bond has been allowed to become so everyman that he is no one any more. JJ Abrams, please rescue this insipidly off track series!

  3. jorgen says:

    Good. While he is good at the action stuff, I never found him the right person to play James Bond.

  4. Big Dick Emily says:

    The trolls on this board are pathetic.

  5. Penis McDickle says:

    Never trust a guy who has a first name for a last name.

  6. A Sperger says:

    Sounds boring. That’s the best story line you can come up with for Daniel Craig? What a waste. What has happened to the casting profession? Putting Daniel Craig in that role would be like casting John Wayne as Mr. Whipple in the Charmin spots.

    • Vincent J. says:

      Looks like Craig is doing what Sean Connery did: Connery took various movie roles between Bond movies to avoid becoming type cast.

  7. Neo says:

    Wow, Jonathan Franzen. How hip. How happening. How NOW. This book is so trite it would float like a balloon if the prose weren’t so leaden. From Bond to obscurity.

  8. We just watched Spectre last night. I enjoyed it. The thing I like about Craig is that he is not the pretty boy that other Bonds have been. Craig is handsome in a more rugged way. Anyway, I enjoy Craig’s acting quite a bit and I like his Bond character.

  9. Ian Fleming says:

    Daniel Craig has never played a believable Bond. He’s simply a feminist producer’s interpretation of a neutered 007 faking it as a tough guy but fundamentally subservient to women and completely decoupled from the raw machismo and charm of Connery’s Bond. Today’s beta-males can’t tell the difference so are happy to adore this ordinary buffoon… but sorry, Craigs films can’t hold a candle to the Bond our fathers and the grandfathers knew and loved. That was an alpha male in the age where misogyny wasn’t politically incorrect.

  10. wuwei_meteor says:

    Good. Seriously, good. Craig was an awesome Bond, but for some reason he had to wail about the opportunity almost the entire time. Fine. Let him remake “The Mother,” or “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” or this nonsense on Showtime no one will watch, or some other bilge until he appreciates the chance he was given and squandered. Enough with ungrateful people.

    • Bunky says:

      You got that right.
      What the h–l is so impressive about a girl wandering around California?

      • Tom says:

        Purity is an excellent book. The short summary in the article doesn’t do it justice. It has love, sex, murder, cover ups, madness, East German communists, internet whistle-blowers, and an amusing dog who likes eating lemons. It’s really good fun and exciting. Craig would be well cast as Andreas Wolf. Give it a chance!

    • ScottinTexas says:

      Craig hardly squandered the opportunity and restored Bond to a more “Sean Connery style” character that was more serious yet still offering a touch of humor at the right times. He was without doubt the second best Bond and possibly as good as Connery (although admittedly Connery has charisma enough for all the other Bond actors combined). I don’t think he was wailing about the opportunity but the control and abuse that comes from the Broccoli regime that controls the Bond empire now.

  11. alexb says:

    I thought Spectre was supposed to be the last Bond movie anyway. Didn’t Bond walk off into the “happily ever after” with Madeleine at the end of the movie?

  12. FN-21007 says:

    This sounds sitcom.

  13. TjDuff says:

    Let’s be honest, when was there a last Bond that has been memberable? Oh where has Sean Connery gone? Old age. Oh well

  14. Susan Borden says:

    Craig turned out to be my favorite all around Bond. The smarmy banter to achieve a few chuckles was replaced with pure machismo and serious action/stunts. (Doesn’t hurt to be drop dead gorgeous with the best arse in the business either). Yup, he’s my Bond!

  15. Doug1961 says:

    I rented Spectre on Amazon last night.
    I requested my money refunded.
    Craig has never portrayed a believable Bond and needs to go.

    • Susan Borden says:

      Craig was so publicly critical of Spectre, the studio publicly told him to shut up or be sued. So he would agree with you. I LOVED it, though.

  16. jgdp says:

    Major YAWN!!!

  17. b.mclane says:

    Does no one get the story straight anymore? It’s all rumors. Craig suffered numbers injuries and had surgery on his knee and hand making Spectre so while promoting it he said he’d not want to do another …right away. Not that he never wanted to make another. Just take a break. He’s under contract to do another. Nothing mysterious about this.

  18. Tony Tads says:

    he should do two more but, on his own time table.
    make the money when you can

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