‘Damien’ Cancelled at A&E After One Season

Damien TV Review AE

A&E’s horror series “Damien” has been cancelled after one season, Variety has confirmed.

The series, which starred British thesp Bradley James, was a contemporary take on the character introduced in the iconic horror film franchise “The Omen.” “The Walking Dead” alum Glen Mazzara wrote and executive produced the series, which hailed from 44 Strong Prods. and Fineman Entertainment in association with Fox 21 Television Studios. Rounding out the cast were Megalyn Echikunwoke, Omid Abtahi, David Meunier and Barbara Hershey.

Mazzara tweeted news of the cancellation on Friday afternoon. “This hurts to say but ‘Damien’ will not be getting a second season. Thank you from all of us to our amazing fans,” he wrote. “The ‘Damien’ fandom has been the absolute best. So sorry we won’t be able to continue our story for you.”

During its 10-episode run, “Damien” averaged a low-wattage 0.32 rating in adults 18-49 and 817,000 viewers in Nielsen’s “live plus-3” estimates. It opened with 1.11 million but closed its first and only season with a season-low 705,000 on May 9.

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  1. Good news for interrupted series collectors: Hannibal, The Borgias, Damien… bussiness & bipolarity don,t mix… sad sad sad…

  2. Tracy L Wilson says:

    U can’t cancel DAMIEN!! It’s too good a show. Go to a different channel. Seriously have u seen some of the crap they put on? Please bring him back.

  3. Lisa says:

    Cancel a good series like this, but keep airing all of those moronic, brainless reality shows which require no thought process!!! That’s just great!! I’m paying a small fortune for cable, and it’s all turned to junk! Disappointing!!!

  4. Tricia says:

    Well, this sucks. I loved this show. It was so well done, and the acting was superb. It probably had low ratings because it was the advertised much. I only found it by accident when I was flipping channels. Very sorry to hear it’s not coming back. :(

  5. Heather Nolan says:

    Bad decision. The show was fantastic. Bradley James was brilliant as Damien. Networks need to give a show more time. Let people know that it’s on.

  6. Neil Louise says:

    Send it to the CW. They know how to make shows work. Marvel may even take a crack at it on Showtime. I found Damien’s new take on the Omen great.

  7. blacky says:

    La verdad que se pueden ir todos en fila, de uno en uno, bien a la concha de sus madres… Es la moda empezar una serie y terminarla en la 1er temporada.

  8. Kia says:

    Sucks. Bad decision. This was an awesome show.

  9. Bill Hoskins says:

    I really liked this show bad decision

  10. John stewart says:

    Really disappointed that your producers and A&E are cancelling Damien…. It is a good show…. You took a chance on slot of t others shows that suck …. “60 days in “is one of them…. Biggest piece of shit on tv… You can’t tell me the inmates don’t know about the cameras

  11. This show was cancelled because the advertisers did….NOTHING! I had no idea this show even existed until AFTER it was gone. I binged the entire series and LOVED IT! Seriously, who hired the ad people on this show? What a lousy job! They should return whatever pay they received. Maybe another network will recognize this shows potential and give it another shot..with REAL publicity!

  12. C McLaren says:

    Anyone I spoke to about it had no idea it existed. The advertising was just not there to let people know. Such a fantastic show and so sad it’s not coming back.

  13. Nikki Yenke says:

    That sucks! I liked the series…😒

  14. I truly devastated. I needed to see what happens next. Please bring it back!!!!

  15. Suzanne R Peckham says:

    I am so disappointed….heartbroken…love this show and anxiously waiting to see what happens next…now I’ll never know…grrrrrr…this is just wrong.

  16. Jhohn says:

    Go to bradleyjamesfan.net and lets save the show !.

  17. Oh no we are so disappointed!

  18. Donna Ginn says:

    Omg. I’m so disappointed. I was looking so forward for more.

  19. LATEINOS says:

    You cant stop me even if you made tv shows and cancelled them. I have already arrived in this time and im coming soon to USA to gather my followers.

  20. John says:

    I’m NOT happy about this decision!
    To be honest, I have not been impressed by the first episode, however, the second episode was amazing and I was hooked! And since I watched every episode with pleasure. The audience was not immediately huge and it is normal! This is a series that is not intended “all types of public” (as The Flash and Arrow), I’m sure if the series is rebroadcast in September, there will be a record audience figures.

  21. Amanda says:

    Are you kidding me, ugh. Not happy!!! I really liked the show. Dang it. There are way more crappy tv shows that should have been cut. smh

  22. Daune Endreas says:

    I must admit that I am really disappointed Damient it’s cancelled already. I didn’t enjoy it for the first couple of episodes, but it kept getting better and better. I didnt enjoy the first 10 episodes of Seinfeld and look where that led…… Very disappointed in Wisconsin

  23. Laura says:

    This is beyond disappointing! The advertisement department is to blame for this. You idiots. I have never been so upset over a show cancellation as I am now. You had a brilliant show and brilliant cast, directors, producers and you threw it away – why??? Because YOU didn’t hire the right bunch to advertise it??? I really hope another station picks this up. Let’s go back to the show Married with Children. It took that show time to gather it’s audience and look how large of an audience it acquired with time. This is a problem these days. You guys remind of a child that wants what it wants right NOW. Give me now attitude is a sorry excuse. How about giving a great show a chance to grow and having the proper advertisement it deserves. Bunch of idiots you are. I am so very SICK of this Sh&t.

  24. Olga says:

    One of your better shows hate to see it go. Personally never seen any promotions of this show and came across it by accident. I just cancelled DirectTv this decision by A&E just made me more comfortable with my decision. Too many commercials it was getting too much.That was the only show that brought me to A&E lately. Hope you reconsider.

  25. omar says:

    A good show but the slow start made it okeyish

  26. I really wanted to like this show but I fell asleep almost every episode. I would always go back and rewatch it. All the episodes had their moments and I really don’t mind a slow pace at all but something about this show made me sleepy. Not that it was necessarily bad though it wasn’t amazing either. It was at least an above average show. I think the dark environments and the long lulls combined led to lethargy. In otherwords it had some good ideas but the pacing was off.

    As for everyone saying they didn’t promote the show? That is complete bs. Bates Motel was it’s lead in. Every episode of bates motel advertised Damien before during and after during commercials. Every promo that had bates motel said something like “and catch a new episode of damien afterwords.

    Bates Motel is one of A&E’s most successful shows Damien was promoted. The problem is cable networks excluding someone like USA or AMC (who are owned by much larger companies) cannot afford the advertising required for heavy promotion of serial shows. This is why you see so much reality show garbage. This series had some great moments but it was never what I would call an amazing show. It was promoted pretty heavily for a cable show. They even had inside look’s in theaters month’s before it aired so ya anyone saying they didn’t promote this is full of it.

  27. Angie says:

    You NEVER PROMOTED THIS SHOW. That’s why. You’re fan base might be small but it’s reliable and I looked forward to this show and hadn’t looked forward to a show…. Ever. This it a terrible thing your network decided to do, shame on you. Sometimes the smallest cliques make the most loyal followers. I thought the show was great- what a shame America.

  28. eddie says:

    Im glad its cancelled wake up ppl devil is everywhere dnt feel bad lol in this sick world u wanted views to sympathize with a satan character thank u jesus exodus damien thorn

  29. Amy Elsner says:

    Wow! I can’t believe this one was cancelled so quickly. It had a good storyline, character progression, good tempo, and great actors/acting. I wanted to rewatch it right after it finished it was so amazing. I convinced a number of my friends to watch it and they’ll be equally disappointed at this cancellation.

  30. Mess says:

    Really wish this show wasn’t cancelled

  31. Satan prayer says:

    Another (good) network or Netflix needs to seriously consider picking up this show. You can’t let it end this way. I haven’t been this angry since ABC canceled “The Gates” leaving us with a major cliffhanger. Next time try a stronger promotion and you’ll get your stupid ratings numbers.

  32. l says:

    The cancellation really bothers me. It is a great show with some interesting themes and characters, The plot was moving along and making you think ‘what is next!’ I looked forward to this show and looked forward to the creativity every week. Bring it back. Give it another season. Please! (write in campaign!)

  33. Seth says:

    Too bad. The show had an awkward start but got really good in the end. (The tie in the escalator was kind of corny) I think it started to slow to keep viewers interested before it got to the good parts. It would be a good series for Netflix to take over. One can hope.

  34. John Smith says:

    The problem for me is he never turned evil. Too many shows play around to much trying to drag out more episodes. There is nothing wrong with having a couple of great seasons and that’s it.They drag things out and they never get and ending. I was hoping after about ,5 or 6 episodes he would of embraced that he was the Antichrist. It didn’t happen so I stopped watching. It could of been a slow transformation. But it should of started happening by then. If

  35. Velnias Crypt says:

    man so pissed D:

  36. It was fantastic! Thank you to Glen Mazzara for a fine job! And it was nice to see another side of Bradley James! I’m absolutely gutted that it’s been cancelled. I don’t watch much TV at all but Damien and Bates motel have been fantastic! Will miss you Damien! It’s all for you! 😀 thanks very much from a very satisfied but sad 😔 lady from the UK

  37. AntonyM says:

    Sad news indeed. Bradley James was awesome as Damien, the effects were cool and each episode was exciting….. Need to re think & bring it back for another shot…. PLEASE

  38. sherrylea says:

    this totally sucks. Only thing on A&E worth watching

  39. Buddy Derry says:

    A&E cancelled Longmire so I had a feeling Damien wouldn’t be back.The duck family must have something on the big shots at A&E to keep getting renewed.Be nice if Netflix would pick it up.

  40. Allie says:

    Nooo!I only just finished watching it a few days ago (late finding it.) People were petitioning for it to come back as well.:/

  41. Mill says:

    This was the only show I watched on A&E. I stopped watching the Bates Motel after the second season. Hopefully another network will pick it up. I noticed biblical based series/shows are usually cancelled for “low ratings” and a lot of crappy boring shows are renewed.

  42. Eric B says:

    I saw it coming. I enjoyed the show to much. I’m beyond sick and tired of starting shows to have them end after one season.

    • Mill says:

      Please tell me why to good shows get cancelled and the shows with the same boring story-line without creativity are renewed.

  43. Greg Sponaugle says:

    The show was not advertised enough for people to know it was airing. Many of my friends that are very into the horror/supernatural genre were not even aware of the show. Very poor promotion.

  44. JR says:

    The series got better and better as it went along. Please… Find another Network for the show. This along with Bates Motel are the only times that I ever turn into A&E

  45. Stevil3000 says:

    This is too bad; it was an exceptionally well-done and creepy show. I didn’t feel it was well suited for A&E and might have done better on another network. I often watched via On-Demand but couldn’t get the last show for some reason so I bought it and watched it on Amazon, and so glad I did, it was really good. So many unanswered questions, so sad it’s cancelled. Barbara Hershey, Bradley James along with the rest of the cast were awesome.

    • Nicole says:

      I agree this show just kept getting better and better. It was on a channel many people do not watch. It was poorly promoted. I found it by accident. This was one of the better shows on TV for those of us who love supernatural and paranormal events. The acting was excellent, the story line just kept getting better and you leave us hanging after what happened in the finale!!! A&E instead of promoting it, or at least giving it another 6 episodes to end the series with some closure just leave us hanging. I know many people do not even watch a first season of many shows knowing they might be canceled and only start watching at season 2. Supernatural goes on after a horrendous finale and yet Damien is canceled without even trying to build an audience. However, that is how life is today, you must be an instant success or you are thrown away no matter how good you are. Very Very sad! Yes, Barbara Hershey, Bradley James along with the rest of the cast were awesome.

  46. Teresa says:

    Noooooo! Can’t cancel!!! Loved this show!!! Hope another Network or Netflix picks it up because I became totally hooked!!!!

  47. Tiffany Jefferson says:

    Damien was an amazing show. Would be a travesty for it to end this soon. Any chances of it being picked up by another network?

  48. EricJ says:

    So, that’s what happened to Damien after military school, then? (Just waiting to see who even SAW the ’78 movie sequel.)
    And there is no way that guy is EVER going to turn into Sam Neill. It’s just not going to happen.

    • millerfilm says:

      I love the hell out of “Damien: Omen II!” The third film sucked incredibly.

      • Marty Hunt says:

        I disagree.The third was better than the second film.The second film was all about ‘don’t look at me the wrong way or I’ll kill you’ type stuff.It was just an excuse to show gory deaths.At least the third had more story and brought it back to a more religious tone.

      • Micah Awk says:

        This first two Damien films, Omen I & II achieved wide success not only for the innovative storytelling and quality production but also because of it’s relevance to the mainstream’s Christian biblical beliefs and understanding at the time. That was the 1970’s and it all worked quite well with that psyche. Today however so much of what interested the masses in Damien (conventional spiritual beliefs and fears, biblical understanding and knowledge, concept of god|good and devil|evil) back then has significantly changed, been debunked, or disintegrated and therefore has very little relevance in America today where science and technology drive the psyche.

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