Charles Osgood Preparing To Leave ‘CBS Sunday Morning’

Charles Osgood Preparing To Leave 'CBS
Courtesy of CBS News

For many Sunday-morning TV viewers, Charles Osgood has become a habit so ingrained that missing his “CBS Sunday Morning” would be like forgoing eggs and coffee. At some point in the not-too-distant future, however, the ritual of watching the veteran may come to a close.

CBS News and Osgood have begun discussing when he might leave the show, according to a person familiar with the situation. There is no set date when the newsman might step down, this person cautioned, though he is scheduled to be absent from the program for a few weeks due to knee surgery. Osgood’s negotiations were previously reported by the New York Daily News.

CBS declined to make executives available for comment.

Among the pool of potential successors would be Jane Pauley, the former “Today” anchor who joined the Sunday program as a contributor in 2014. No one has been signed as a new host of the program, according to the person familiar with the situation.

CBS has reason to consider any transition carefully. “CBS This Morning” provides a lead-in to “Face The Nation,” the Sunday-morning public-affairs program that is the network news unit’s entry in that battle to win the attention of senior government officials and influencers. CBS last year instilled John Dickerson as the host of that show, replacing a retiring Bob Schieffer.Osgood, long considered one of the TV-news business’ brightest writers,  has anchored the program since 1994, when he took the reins of the 90-minute program from its original host, Charles Kuralt.He joined CBS News in 1971 and has been an anchor and reporter for every broadcast on the network, including the “CBS Morning News,” the “CBS Evening News With Dan Rather” and the “CBS Sunday Night News.” He also anchors and writes “The Osgood File,” his daily news commentaries broadcast on the CBS Radio Network.Osgood’s voice is so distinctive that he served as the narrator of Dr. Seuss’ “Horton Hears a Who,” the animated feature film adaptation of the beloved children’s book. 

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  1. Donald L. Winemann says:

    I agree with the comment below by Mr. or Ms. Fritze. Lee Cowan would have been the best choice to replace Charles Osgood. I have been watching Sunday Morning of many years – back to the Charles Kuralt days. I love it. Wouldn’t be Sunday morning without it. Indeed, IMO, Lee Cowan had (has) the perfect demeanor to be host. Nothing against Jane Pauly. But Mr. Cowan would have been superb in the role. He is smooth, engaging, and presents himself exceptionally well. Looks like someone you would like to meet. Would not be surprised to see him move on to another network.

  2. Kris Fritze says:

    I lived for CBS Sunday Morning every week. Informative, fun, feel good journalism brought to us by the best, Charles Osgood. I only wish the nod would have gone to Lee Cowan. His segment is done so professionally, his demeanor calming, a beautiful smile. Jane Pauley will do well but I like promoting from one of the Sunday morning regulars. Lee fit perfectly in my book.

  3. Donna Costello says:

    It is through tears that I write to say that Sunday Morning will not be the same. Thank you for all of the Sunday mornings and your exquisite talent as a news reporter and broadcaster. See you on the radio for sure!

  4. Ron lewis says:

    may god continue to bless you on this unknown journey.

  5. Lynell Buckley says:

    Please NO Jane Pauley!!!

  6. Jim says:

    Everyone will miss Charles as his personally made the show such a success. I great replacement for him would be Anthony Mason who already host the CBS Saturday morning show. He has the personally and the right temperament to carry on the shows success.

    Best of luck in your retirement Charles.

  7. Bonnie Healey says:

    I wish Mr. Osgood all he best wishes on his well-deserved retirement. I would like to see Jane Pauley as his replacement. She has the news qualifications, and she has such a wonderful pleasant personality. I missed her when she left the Today Show, and still do.

  8. Ann says:

    I wish Charles Osgood a wonderful and happy retirement from his Sunday Morning run. I will miss you. A Canadian fan, I had coffee with you and your show most every Sunday morning for a very long time.

  9. Barbara says:

    Please make Jane Pauley the host to replace Charles Osgood. She’s the best choice!!!!

  10. Elizabeth Couch says:

    Ill quit watching CBS Sunday Morning if Jane Pauly is the host.

    • Cindy says:

      I almost quit when Osgood took over. But I watch it for the stories and was able to fast forward through his singing and poetry.

  11. Phyllis Commisso says:

    I love this show and it will just not be the same without Charles Osgood. He is a calming, rational presence who brings order to a chaotic world. I just hope that his departure is truly his own idea, rather than a cold hearted decision by the network heads. When I watched Mr. Osgood’s announcement this Sunday, it did not seem as if his heart was really into his retirement; he seemed pained. This show belongs to him. I don’t see anyone else on the horizon that could take his place.

  12. Robert says:

    I have been watching the show for over thirty years. I remember when Charles Kuralt first started. I think Jane would be good. I will miss Charles Osgood. May God bless and keep him.

  13. Paula Moore says:

    I hope Jane Pauley isn’t the replacement. She has 0 personality. I don’t like it when she does a segment let alone take Charles place. Anthony Mason or Lee Cowan are so good.

  14. Pamela K Reuben says:

    That is a really hard act to follow, he is just such a GREAT journalist and very likable and in such a relaxing way, he brings so MUCH to the table. I am 70 and I can remember watching it from day one with
    Mr. Kuralt. I am disappointed to see him go and did not realize he was 84…SO….I say to you Mr. Osgood…THANKS FOR ALLLL THE WONDERFUL MEMORIES! You will be missed, but NEVER forgotten!!!!!! My 37 year old son will miss you too because you have become a SUNDAY MORNING tradition in our household….love you to the moon and back!

  15. Dorothy Janetzke says:

    Thank you Charles Osgood! From your familiar tone of voice, bow ties, mannerisms, to see you on the radio; you will sincerely be missed by me. Truly this is an end of his era and hopefully I will still see you on the radio.

  16. Cindy redden says:

    Charles Osgood just confirmed that he will be leaving. His voice will be sorely missed. Thank you for having Sunday morning coffee with us all these years. You deserve to enjoy your retirement. I just don’t know how I will be able to relax on Sunday morning without watching you. The times that you weren’t on and others were covering for you, I wouldn’t watch. Thank you Charles and good luck with all the endeavors you choose.

  17. profm2 says:

    I hope it could be Mo Rocca — bright, curious, a man of all seasons. Not Jane Pauley — we need a younger face, but with the soul of Kuralt.

  18. Heather Cardinal says:

    Good Sunday Morning to you,
    I am from North Bay Ontario Canada.
    I have to say that I love Charles and Sunday Morning! I love his voice and presentations. I watch the
    show regularly and will miss him coming into my living room each week.
    However I wish him all the best in his new adventures! Cheers Charkes!

  19. Betty Acierno says:

    My God! People are cruel! Love Mr. Osgood and he obviously loves his job. Sunday mornings won’t be the same without him.

  20. Jessica Banner says:

    It is time for Mr. Osgood to step down. “I’ll see you on the radio” makes no sense at all and is confusing to children. His continually referring to 2016 as Twenty O six is irritating, no one talks like that. Last week a feature was on “Mr. PostMAN” and he continued to say “Mr. Postmon” pronouncing it incorrectly. He tries his hand a poetry with rhymes, that’s not really poetry today. He tries to sing, and it is certainly not Frank Sinatra. Stick to what you know. It is time.

    • Cindy says:

      Well said, Jessica. His singing makes me cringe. Thankfully I DVR the show and can fast forward through the songs and poetry.

  21. Kay says:

    NOT Jane Pauley !!!!!

  22. It Charles Osgood goes so Will We.
    Jane os NO option Mo might work. NO Jane!
    Big mistake.

  23. John Baker says:

    Our favorite !!! Please keep it on!

  24. Linda Koons says:

    It will be strange not to see Charles Osgood on Sunday Morning…but that’s how I felt when Charles Kuralt left too. I’d be happy to see Anthony Mason or Lee Cowan take over.

  25. Dee says:

    If Mo Rocco can’t be the replacement please get someone new we don’t see all the time. All hosts are very nice people I’m sure. Let’s get someone new, I’m not referring to age. Just someone that is refreshing, smart and worldly.

  26. Dee says:

    I’m dating myself…..I still miss Charles Karult. When Karult left us, Osgood took over. I think Mo Rocco, would be a great replacement.

  27. Cindy says:

    Time for Osgood to retire. It’s painful to listen to him and his shaky voice. Can’t stand his poetry or singing. Lee or Anthony would be great replacements.

    • Carol Ann says:

      It’s his heart we all listen to…remember your remark when your own voice becomes shaky, as it most certainly will. I will miss his rational soothing voice of reason.

    • ASAC says:

      Cindy, so why do you? Instead of leaving insulting comments..Get a LIFE! I cannot imagine Sunday morning life without him. He is a role model…one thing you obviously never picked up on. But then again you can not be shallow in order to understand.

  28. Judith Corbin says:

    say it isn’t so Charles. I’ve watched you forever. will not continue to watch if Nancy Giles is ever on again after her hateful remark about Donald Trump. she is no journalist-always thought she was too liberal and racist as well. will not buy from any sponsers if she continues on show guess I’ll have to go church and pray for our country. never Hillary what’s Bill doing meeting with atty gen


    I’ve Enjoyed Charles Osgood through the years , He’s Great.My comment is I think know that MO Rocco, Would be Great for Charles Job

  30. Tell It says:

    Well, he better not wait too much longer or he’ll die on air. Maybe that’s what he wants.

  31. E. Lemke says:

    I love Sunday Morning…but I LOVE Charles Osgood. I noticed he was holding his right hand on today’s show. I hope it’s not his heart. Watching him is like visiting with an intelligent, warm, serene…uncle. I hope he’ll continue with Sunday Morning, after all, George Burns worked till he was 100! :-)

  32. Cynthia says:

    Lee Cowan would be an excellent replacement. Charges Osgood has stayed too long at the party.

  33. rosey colautti says:

    what charles kuralt and charles osgood have in common is a grace of expression, a poet’s soul. change is difficult but inevitable i thought kuralt was irreplaceable, but osgood has been his equal. lee cowan and anthony mason are calm and reflective enough to inherit this treasure of a show. but i’m afraid that jane pauley-much as we like her-is too stiff to welcome us to the charming world of sunday morning. please don’t ruin this show.

  34. Shawn Moran says:

    I will miss Charles Osgood immensely. Jane Pauley does not work as a replacement. I watch the daily CBS morning team and really like the three of them. They have such a great onstage relationship and are very professional. Gayle Kimg is a pleasant surprise because I didn’t care for her show on the Oprah network.

  35. Cathy Young says:

    I had just recently become a fan of the Sunday morning show mainly because of Charles Osgood so disturbing to know he’s planning to retire he’s so unique I have been racking my brain For a possible successor and I just have no idea. this makes me very sad that he’s leaving but I LOVE the show and think the writers are WONDERFUL. I remember how upset I was when Alex Trebek replaced Art Fleming and I love Alex now so I’m sure you will pick a good replacement

  36. Judith Douglas says:

    Charles please don’t leave I miss you it isn’t the same and don’t have Jane Pauley take it over she’s not the one I’m sorry please Charles come back

  37. Madison says:

    Please don’t leave Charles!!!!!! I’ve already missed him so much these past few weeks. I’ve watched him for years on Sunday Morning and treasure my Sunday’s with him show. If he does leave he will be truly missed. Hope he’s doing well with surgery and will reconsider…..please:)

  38. Paula Fisher says:

    Charles Osgood makes the CBS Sunday morning program. I get up early just to watch his smooth, quiet delivery which almost makes it a spiritual experience. I cannot see any of his fill ins meeting his delivery.

  39. Ian Ornstein says:

    I am missing him already!!

  40. Pauline Maybury says:

    Oh No! Save Charles Osgood….love the show….it would not be the same without him…he has a calming effect with his beautiful voice….

  41. Patricia Lewis says:

    Lee Cowan was outstanding today. He has a Sunday morning personality.

  42. Patricia Lewis says:

    Please not Jane Pauley.

  43. pontefractious says:

    The key to Sunday Morning’s success is the low key soft news approach. A lot of it is “feel good” but the subject matter is often unusual and interesting, the correspondents are highly professional and the production is seamless. It is exactly the kind of show that Jane Pauley would excel at – indeed she has already demonstrated that in filling in for Osgood. Pauley, 65, will lend that special kind of “gravitas” that has distinguished the hosting of Kuralt and Osgood.

  44. Judy says:

    How about an update on Charles’ condition? Did surgery go ok? I’m curious because, although I am a little younger than he, I am having the same surgery in a week and want to know how it went for him.

    • pontefractious says:

      Jane Pauley said on Sunday that the operation had been successfully completed and that Osgood is already back home.

  45. Joan says:

    I watch CBS Sunday Morning every week (sometimes via DVR). It’s one of the best shows on the air and Charles Osgood is great on it. I hope he’s not being pushed out because of his age – it may be that he wants to retire, in which case he will be missed but this show will survive. The diversity of topics covered is so egalitarian.

  46. Kylie says:

    Not Jane Pauly…she is so annoying. Need someone more trustworthy please.

  47. Patty Henry says:

    Noooooo not yet please. All of us were just talking about you at work the other day and how we were comfortable with the transition from Charles Kuralt to Charles Osgood. I own a hair salon and you were our conversation of the day we love you don’t go yet♡

  48. Good Vibes says:

    DO NOT FIRE CHARLES OSGOOD! How can CBS be so heartless and stupid? Sunday Morning is a perfect show, due in large part to Charles’ presence. Let him decide when he’s ready to go. The New York Daily News agrees.

    • Zach says:

      They’re not firing him. I think he just wants to move on & let someone else take over. He will be greatly missed though.

    • Shay DeShade says:

      I wouldn’t trust a rag like the Daily News. I don’t think he’s being “fired.”

      I love Osgood’s work, but he’s been ill and visibly more frail lately. Hopefully CBS talks to him about a logical transition plan, where we still see him on air every week.

  49. Toby Singer says:

    This is a great show. Both hosts were and are icons – sad to see Mr. Osgood move on. Lee Cowan seems to be the likely choice. He seems to substitute for Charles a lot. The show must go own!

  50. Pat says:

    Why don’t people like Jane Pauley, she is great !!!! I want Jane

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