Channing Dungey Named ABC Entertainment President, Replacing Paul Lee

Channing Dungey ABC Entertainment
Courtesy of ABC

Channing Dungey, executive VP of drama at ABC, has been named entertainment president of ABC, replacing Paul Lee, who was ousted in a power struggle with Ben Sherwood, president of Disney/ABC Television. She’s the first African-American to head programming at a major broadcast network. Dungey will now report directly to Sherwood.

“Channing is a gifted leader and a proven magnet for top creative talent, with an impressive record of developing compelling, breakthrough programming that resonates with viewers,” said Sherwood. “We thank Paul for his many accomplishments at ABC and his devotion to the ABC brand, and we wish him continued success in the future.”

Dungey, who’s been with the network since 2009 (and its affiliated studio since 2004), is credited with developing many of the Alphabet’s successful dramas, including “Scandal,” “Quantico,” “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD,” “How to Get Away With Murder” and “American Crime.”

Dungey said: “I’m thrilled and humbled that Ben has entrusted me with this tremendous opportunity. And I am truly grateful to Paul for being a valued mentor and friend. I’ve had the great honor of working alongside the talented team at ABC for many years and look forward to starting this exciting new chapter with them.”

Lee has held the position of entertainment president since 2010, having moved over from ABC Family. “Leading ABC has been a fantastic experience,” he said. “I’m especially proud of the incredible team I built and the strategic, creative vision we established and successfully executed for both the network and studio.”

As part of the transition, Patrick Moran, executive VP of ABC Studios, will now oversee day-to-day operations. The well-liked exec is poised for a career boost as well. His contract is up at the end of this season, so a title bump is likely. He’ll now report directly to Sherwood, so a layer has been removed.

Dungey began her career as a development assistant for Davis Entertainment at 20th Century Fox. She then became story editor at Steamroller Productions, where she worked on the development and production of such films as “Under Siege” and “On Deadly Ground.” Following that, she joined Warner Bros. as a production executive, helping to develop films including “Bridges of Madison County,” “Heat,” “The Matrix” and “Practical Magic.”

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  1. M Neebs says:

    Sorry abc programs are the worst out there I avoid abc, very racist

  2. ken says:

    Channing Dungey is the new roger ailes! she will single handedly take abc out of the running with stupid decisions. Maybe she should go be ceo of sears next and finish driving them into the ground also. This in my opinion was a direct political ploy and that was the last show i watched on abc anyway so it’s not hard for me to not watch abc at all anymore. I hope another network picks this show up and let abc put another stupid show like agents of shield.

  3. Mary Cantwell says:

    We are LIVID over the cancellation of Last Man Standing. Although it was the ONLY sitcom that had a conservative leaning on television, it also produced balance and more importantly, ended each show with an important message, which was usually based around family values. ABC has made a HUGE mistake. I can only assume with the new President of ABC Entertainment, she made it her mission to remove ANY conservative message for public consumption. ABC has now been turned off in our household.

  4. Paula says:

    If Last Man Standing goes, so do I. We don’t need ABC, ABC needs us as an audience!! There are too many other stations and/or channels to watch! It’s a shame that Last Man Standing has been cancelled because it “stepped on some toes” politically, and you will never make me believe that isn’t the reason! So bye bye ABC , I’m done with all of your shows!

  5. Joe says:

    IMO… ABC is just becoming sad. From morning to evening. Unicorns and butterflies. And they just threw away the only reason I watched there channel at all. Channing…get a grip on reality…grow a larger pair, and put Last Man Standing back in your line up.

  6. terrie Collins says:

    Last Man Standing is a stress reliever after a hard day’s work!! It is funny, you can laugh and forget your worried of the day!! KEEP IT ON! Even love the reruns!

  7. gal says:

    I can’t STAND the View, so negative!!!! Also, Last Man Standing is a great show and should not be cancelled. Apparently, some people can say anything on TV and get away with it! Get over it people! Trump won the election, get some respect!!!

  8. Carmine says:

    I can’t watch the view anymore. All they talk about is president D Trump. All one sided against him. Have respect for the President of the USA. He won get over it. Obama was in for eight years and did nothing. Who made Whoopie and Joy experts on politics. This kind of talk will devide the country.

  9. Debbie says:

    Congratulations Channing don’t make Paul’s mistakes – how about delivering that Revenge spin-off that was much talked about and make a lot of viewers very happy?

    • Ann Bernhard says:

      Please please get Joy Bahard and Whopping off The View. They are a disgrace ti America. Numbers have to be down as no one I know watch it any more

  10. Joseph says:

    Seriously, does Steve Harvey need to host ANOTHER show?? Michael Straihan? Anthony Anderson? How about some diversity and actually employ capable hosts.

  11. If Channing Dungey is so gifted, then why shake up the viewers like she is. That doesn’t make any sense at all. People will leave prime time TV for more cable shows. Even reruns of Nashville and Castle would be far superior to more mindless talk shows or survivor style shows.

  12. James Balsover says:

    Please bring Nashville back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • joyce says:

      why does a great show like Nashville get canceled. yet the networks put all these unintelligent, mindless reality shows it be ouse its so much cheaper. character driven shows are soo much better .please bring Nashville back.

  13. Steve Lewin says:

    whatever you do lady, Leave Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D ALONE. it is the best show on ABC!!! AND, BRING BACK ~~~~> Agent Carter ~~~
    You should NOT have axed NASHVILLE!!!

  14. Tami Oie says:

    ABC was doing so well, it’s to bad this upheaval is in the works, are they not looking at the age dems?? Nashville is truly going to be missed. With any change a few eggs get broke….. if it isn’t broke, you shouldn’t try to fix it….. Hopefully you’ll leave AOS alone, all sitcoms and no weekly drama’s other than Shondaland is a bad idea.

  15. Betty says:

    I say get rid of The Bachelor & Bachelorette and KEEP ‘Nashville’ & ‘The Family’, really enjoy both shows!

  16. Riff says:

    Bob: Congratulations, Paul! You are today’s big winner on “How to Get Away from ABC After Murdering It!” We have some lovely parting gifts for you! Ben, tell our lucky winner what he’s won!

    Ben: Yes, Paul, you’ll soon be flying in style. With your very own golden parachute! This 24 karat gold parachute is perfect for those Hollywood executives who have failed miserably at their jobs time and time again, yet still, for some inexplicable reason, are entitled to a huge payout as their reward for consistent failure. And you’ll surely want to have something to listen to while sailing away for greener pastures. How’s a brand new record album sound? Why, it’s “Paul Lee’s Greatest UnHits” on 180 gram vinyl! Yesiree, Paul, each and every one of your greatest unhits are collected here in one tidy 18-volume set! From “Work It” and “Lucky 7” to “Wicked City” and “My Diet Is Better than Yours,” you’ll be getting them all to treasure again and again! But, Paul, that’s not all! Perhaps you might want to read something while listening to your new record set in your new golden parachute? Say, how about a signed, autographed copy of “What I Really Wanted to Do Was Direct” by Anne Sweeney! This delightful hardcover book is wonderful reading for every failed exec out there who thought to themselves, “Gee, this 7-figure annual salary is nice and all, but my life would be so much more fulfilling if I didn’t have a job at all, in hopes someone maybe someday will let me direct a late-night commercial or something of equal or lesser value!” And, wait, there’s more! We’ve saved the best for last, Paul. Since you clearly love sailing and failing and since you clearly hate white people, what say you to handing your job over to one of your beloved non-whites? Paul, you’ll be getting away from ABC after murdering it, and while you’re out there learning how to direct in your luxurious new golden parachute while listening to all of your glorious unhits, you can rest easy knowing that ABC is going to be SUPER diverse in your absence! Thanks for playing, Paul, and see you all next week on “How to Get Away from ABC After Murdering It!”

  17. DougW says:

    As someone who was once caught up in this kind of situation, please, Ms. Dungey, let the writer-producers do the pilots they sold. It’s too late to make big changes, and no one is going to blame you for shows you didn’t order.

  18. Her first order of business should be to get Selfie back on the air.

  19. WORK! says:

    The one mind boggling thing about ABC is that they only ordered soap opera style dramas for their primetime schedule, which are hit-and-miss with the public on an audience consistency watch basis, as well as having ancillary value/syndication profitability that is suspect at best. ABC, itself regularly purchased syndicated CBS procedurals to fill its programming needs outside of primetime. So, why did Paul Lee never purchase quality procedurals in bulk to try and buffer the low rated quirky crap he ordered ad nauseum. Hope sista Dungey is smart enough to create a rolodex full of the following names for future ABC dramas; DONALD BELLISARIO, ANTHONY ZUIKER, ANN DONAHUE, CAROL MENDELSOHN, JEFF DAVIS ALEX GARLAND, STEVEN LEVITAN, CHRISTOPHER LLOYD, JACK BURDITT MARTA KAUFMAN, DAVID CRANE, ERIC KRIPKE, and RYAN COOGLER.

  20. Cat says:

    She might want to look at other producers besides Rimes, who is becoming all-too familiar with her writing and is losing viewers in droves.

    • Josh P says:

      true. there should be a balance of shows and diversity. they seem to be hiring kerry washington clones after scandal sucesss. one of the shows has an actress that looks like kerry washington’s young sister. how’s it diversity if only rimes and company get to play? they went from no female leads of color to excess female leads of color. excess of rimes aka too much of a good thing. shows now make me miss roseanne and the diverse practice

  21. Moni Desir says:

    Fabulous! A gifted woman with an outstanding resume and great shows she’s helped to put ABC back in the juggernaut seat. Congratulations Ms. Dungey.

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