‘Castle’ Cancelled at ABC After Stana Katic Departure

Castle cancelled
Courtesy of ABC

Castle” has been cancelled.

The long-running procedural will not return for a ninth season at ABCVariety has learned.

The season finale next week on May 16 will serve as the series ender.


Castle cancelled

‘Castle’ Shakeup: Star Stana Katic to Leave in Season 9

The news comes somewhat of a shock. Even though star Stana Katic is leaving the series, “Castle” has long been a staple on ABC’s schedule with a rabid fanbase.

Though the ratings have been the lowest this season than ever before, and ratings have declined over the past few seasons, the numbers have stabilized through the current run as interest has seemed to peak this season.

The cancellation comes weeks after news broke that leading lady Katic nor series regular Tamala Jones would return to “Castle,” if it were renewed for a ninth season. However, Katic’s co-star Nathan Fillion, who played the titular Rick Castle, recently signed a new deal to return, should the series come back.

Premiering midseason in 2009, “Castle” was created by Andrew Marlowe. The series saw a showrunner shuffle with David Amann taking over for just Seven 7, and then Alexi Hawley and Terence Paul Winter stepping in for Season 8. Marlowe remained close to the show, after he stepped down as showrunner.

Today, Marlowe took to Twitter after the show was cancelled.

This season’s in-flux cast contracts were nothing new to “Castle.” Ahead of Season 8, Katic’s deal remained unclear leading up to the show’s renewal. This year, sources close to the show maintained that the drama still could return, even without Katic. However, the fan backlash since her departure was announced has been overwhelming on social media.

This season, “Castle” is averaging a 1.8 rating in adults 18-49 and 9.1 million total viewers.

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  1. Commander says:

    A Very Bad Move on Her Part, on a Great Show

  2. Helen says:

    I’m not too surprised. To me it felt the dynamics between Kate and Castle was different once they got married. It wasn’t the same for me and I wasn’t watching it every week like I had before. Nathan was the real star in that show – loved him and his wacky sense of humor. I would love to see him in another series – perhaps a comedy show.

  3. Ann mason says:

    I wait before I go to bed to see Castle every Monday night and now that it’s not coming on that sucks I can’t believe that you took castle off TV that was the best show ever

    • Christine says:

      Wow! So upset I love castle and now it has come to an abrupt end. It should have at least went out with one really great ,never to be forgotten end episode. Instead we are left with alot of unanswered questions and plots, absolute worst ending last season. So disappointed

  4. Joan Dias says:

    I’m very sorry to see Castle go off the air, I just wish there was a way to have kept it on even if it was without Kate It really is a shame what our children are watching today.

  5. Alice Looney says:

    I have enjoyed Castle for a lot of years and loved it. Surely your writers could have come up with something to ease Kate out (have her shot) and kept the show running. I will very much miss new ones. Still watch reruns.

  6. Lisa whitman says:

    Well I knew it sucked and it probably wouldn’t be a good show anymore after the ladies left…. I’m heartbroken. I was at least going to give it a try to see what they could come up with..

  7. lisa afams says:

    I think it sucks !! There is really nothing left to watch on t.v. anymore !!!

  8. Barb I says:

    I’m so sad to see this show end but I saw it coming. After last year Stana taking her time to sign back on and then the episodes this year. it drove me crazy this year with the “I love you but let’s separate….” The story line this season was lame and boring and so stretched out! You can see Nathan and Stana didn’t like each other much anymore. The sparkle was gone. The chemistry was gone. Their expressions towards each other was off. They were on screen together all the time before but this season barely. After the first few episodes I knew it was the end. I hate when im right. I am just heart broken. They can still do Castle without Kate or even replace the actress. (sigh) I am at least happy how they “ended” it. The last 3 minutes of the show that is. Glad they found closure but honestly season 8 was the worst! They should cancel the writers instead of the show.
    Too many good shows canceled. Less DVR and more real life this summer. #bringbackCastle!!

  9. PJ says:

    I’m sorry to see the “Castle” show cancelled. I watched, despite Mr. Fillion, and purely to see how well Ms. Stanic wore her beauty, talent, and intelligence all in equal measure.

  10. Andrea says:

    Can’t people read? Stana didn’t want to leave and she didn’t ask to be let go, ABC didn’t ask her back. Blame ABC for Castle’s cancellation.

  11. Mary says:

    No Stana Katic & Tamara Jones no Castle. It wouldn’t be right not to have Stana Katic as Beckett and Tamara Jones as Lanier.
    ABC renew Castle for Season 9 with all the same people

  12. Jane E Cappiello says:

    When the connection between the characters is gone! The show is over! I think the connection between Castle and Beckett was lost some time ago! I loved the show, but it was apparently over. Sad!
    Stana Katic wanted to leave. Hopefully, she will find what she is looking for! I think Nathan Filion and the other supporting actors should go on!

  13. Jessie P says:

    stana katic. what the heccccccckkkkkkkkkk. how could u quit castle!!!! that is so messed up. i will never ever forgive u stana!!!! that was the only show i liked on the tv. THANKS A LOTTTTTTT!!!!! u could’ve done the show for at least another year or 2. your so selfish!!!

  14. Rita vecchio says:

    I hope that castle will return. I am so devastated of this cancellation. I hope that ABC will bring castle back. Please ABC. Watching this show and the cast was like family. Nathan filion is a great actor. I will miss seeing him

  15. Lynn says:

    I am so sad that castle will not be returning next season.I have been a fan of
    this show since it first came on,eight seasons ago.Never missed an episode.
    Why take good shows and cancel them and put some ridiculous reality show
    or a show that has no meaning to anyone.Castle will truly be missed.

  16. Rosemarie says:

    So sad that Castle won’t be returning, loved the program, won’t be the same on Monday night

  17. Not a fan says:

    Another show falling victim to the ravings of lunatics… all those “fans” of SK causing the ratings to drop so the show would cancel are sheep. The story lines you hated this last season? Beckett and Castle’s separation? Alexis and Hailey’s increased screen time? All of that was because SK made ridiculous demands in exchange for signing a contract. She didn’t WANT to come back for this season so her fake distress over not being asked for next season was pure manipulation of her fans and they all fell for it. The reality is that her ego wouldn’t allow for her to just walk away and let the show go on without her – if she wasn’t on the show, no one would be. It wasn’t a coincidence that she tweeted about her forced exit in the way she did – knowing that if they asked her to stay she would have either refused or just continued making demands that were ruining the show’s chemistry and storylines. I for one was happy to see her go and I will gladly sit back and watch as her career dies as a result of the nasty reputation she built for herself the last 8 years. #karma

  18. ann scales says:

    i can’t believe it going off i love love love castle even tho i like Kate and she was leaving i still would of watch it. she could of went off or something and he could of made it look like he was talking to her. plus the other cast member are fabulous as well so it would of still been good.

  19. Sandra K. Hall says:

    The show would have survived Katic’s departure. It was the Castle character, his humor and his relationship with his daughter and mother that led me to fill my vcr with episodes. The romance was a plus, but Castle was who made it fun. NCIS proved that even major characters could be replaced. I feel as though I have lost a long time friend and could not believe that they put that much importance on her. I never thought they would give up on such a wonderful show. It took me by surprise, and I won’t lie…when I realized that the news commentator came in after the last commercial and said “coming up after the series finale”, my heart sank. The show always picked me up on a down day. It will be sorely missed.

  20. Diana weisenberger says:

    I still would have watched castle. I love that show. It’s not right for it to end this way.

  21. Patricia Witko says:

    Say it’s not true!! So sorry to hear that “Castle” season 9 has been canceled. I will go through some major Castle with drawl={ Thanks for entertaining us for 8 seasons…

  22. Gary says:

    Well I would have given Season 9 a try regardless of Beckett not being there. Not everyone sees CASTLE just for Casket. Sure it wouldn’t have been the same show as the last 8 Seasons but there’s always a chance it could still be interesting.

  23. B MZ says:

    BOOOOO hisss why do all the good shows get cancelled or lose one of the leading characters, so tired of reality crap tv….will be sorely missed, now i know why more and more people using net flicks etc as TV is getting old, tired and cancells all the good shows to keep such trash reruns and reality shows running boooo hisss

  24. Michael Williams says:

    Browncoats Forever!

  25. Jay says:

    Oh the many faces of greed takes another victim. Alas, a show with leaves the airwaves too soon. What would have been a nice finale would have been to team up with the tv show this one will billed up to be like, Moonlighting. Would have love to see Bruce Willis as the wise cracking lost cousin or uncle of castle teaming up on a mystery!

  26. Brenda says:

    So sorry to hear the show has been cancelled. We never miss an episode and really like all the characters.

  27. Lindsey D says:

    Shows run their course, and 8 years is a loooong time. I adore Nathan Fillion – which is what brought me to the show. I love all the characters, but the whole premise was Beckett as the muse so I can’t imagine the show without her. It would ruin it. My husband and my engagement and marriage paralleled theirs (by accident, not design) and it made it that much more fun. He finally got the girl…and it was harder and harder to keep the writing fresh. If ABC is smart, they will find another great vehicle for Nathan Fillion. I think Stana Katic needs to try and do some film work and stretch her wings after a long time in this cage. But the comments that this was one of the only things worth watching on TV are so very true: Sophomoric sitcoms and reality TV are the WORST and having this incredibly light-hearted, fun break from all the misery in the world was a gift. There is NOTHING ELSE worth watching on Monday night. Or just about any other night. We will miss our weekly Castle fix…but wishing much luck to all the actors and hoping this will not be the last we see of them.

  28. tom says:

    the word canceled has one “l” in it, not two. Please.

    • Eric E. says:

      Actually the word, “canceled” can have one or two “ll”s in it. Your choice, and you don’t need to be British to write it that way either.

  29. Ralfy says:

    Either #SaveBeckett or #CancelCastle and they chose the ladder. I prefer that to a show without Beckett

  30. I would watch it without her. I loved Castle and Espositio Aand Ryan I also loved the daughter and mother more. I loved Castles so much I will miss it I love Nathan so much

  31. Halliwell says:

    She is the reason we won’t have a good proper ending (such as in the Charmed series). Let us hope we don’t get into this position with her again. As the old saying goes, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. I love her character and walking away is walking away from your fans, period.

    • Ralfy says:

      He didn’t leave. She was told by ABC that they wouldn’t be asking her back. Read the details…

      • Not a fan says:

        You should read the details – further back than yesterday. She wasn’t asked back because she didn’t want to come back for this season but reluctantly agreed… and then went on to hold the writers hostage with her childish demands. She IS the reason the show ended and she IS the reason for some of the worst storylines in the shows history.

  32. Debbie Fischer says:

    Yes, the backlash to Stana’s departure has been overwhelming on social media. This just proves that she was a vital part of Castle and the fans did not want the series to continue without her.

  33. Lois Haraguchi says:

    Love Castle it is one of the more interesting shows on tv and not one of those stupid sophomoric sit coms.

  34. Anne Price says:

    This is truly one of the best shows ever produced. It is a crying shame that a program so entertaining can be cut while others with no plot and bad acting can be sustained by the network. ABC is not the only network to put money ahead of viewer enjoyment. Personally this is about the ONLY show on ABC that I enjoy. thank goodness there are reruns of Castle on other channels. They are much smarter than whoever is in charge of programing for ABC!! I have never written a comment, but I sincerely hope that ABC will read these. The program would be worthless without all of the current characters especially Castle and Becket.

  35. Martin says:

    American TV audience is dumb as fukc! 99% don’t get it that the real star of the show and the one who single- handedly carried it through the years was Nathan Fillion. ABC may have gotten all things wrong but they got one thing right – it’s called Castle for a reason! Gee!

  36. Alex says:

    Best scenario: Rick Castle continues his journey of exploring the mysteries and wanders of this and other worlds through his books and PI spin-off and finally finds a real, nice, intelligent woman to compliment him along the journey. Beckett? Dies in a crocodile accident or falls down a shaft – couldn’t care less! But I don’t think anyone has the balls to give the series the end it deserves!

  37. Mel5431 says:

    I don’t know if they plan to kill of Kate Beckett or not…but here’s my thought: “Richard Castle lives in New York with his wife, Senator Beckett, and their three children.” That’s how they should have ended the series…as the Time Traveler indicated their future would be…and every true fan would have loved to see happen.

  38. Mey Najera says:

    There is not a Stana Katic departure, it was a non renewed contract to her by ABC, this is the true !!!

    • Not a fan says:

      Mindless sheep. All of you are mindless sheep. She didn’t have her contract renewed for a reason – she didn’t even want to come back for this season. She faked her sadness and you fell for it. We had horrible storylines this season because she held the writers hostage in exchange for signing into season 8. PAY ATTENTION.

  39. Linda Leonard says:

    Can’t stand those reality shows that Argue over everything Too much DRAMA in really life need a show that can be funny..but gives you a story…Castle was that…too bad $$$$ always takes away from entertainment …Love all the actors….feelings get hurt over whose better…arguments do occur…Too bad…Loved this show…Life needs getaways..not places and shows that hype you all up all day. That was my take.. this show gave some mystery..but not the blood and guts that families want to see..Don’t CANCELL THIS SHOW…. !!!!

  40. john marshall says:

    First Ziva, then Kate. What’s this world coming to?

  41. Funky Monkey says:

    IT had nothing to do with the departure of Stana. Sensationalism much?

    • Lets review cancellations and upheavals! Castle-Gone, Rizzoli and Isles- Gone, Michael Weatherly–Gone from NCIS (although I do love all the actors, without him, CBS might as well cancel! ) I’m sure others, that are really entertaining will be gone also! Other than maybe 3 or 4 shows, what we are left with is reality b–#%$^&$^$^ and really unfunny and ridiculous sitcoms.

  42. Lily says:

    Wow! Monday night prime time will never be the same. Castle is/was the only show that I found entertaining enough to SIT and watch for an entire hour without distraction. It was smart and funny minus all the trash that seems to flood ABC and every other network with the same predictable and boring story lines. #MourningCastle

    • Sandra K. Hall says:

      I totally agree. I seldom watch ABC. Castle was the only reason that I tuned in….I guess now it’s back to CBS….sigh

  43. Steve Lewis says:

    Why does the network always destroy the good shows while leaving crap on the air. This was one of my wife’s and my favorite shows. You will be deeply missed. I hope that another network picks Castle up and leaves the cast as is

  44. L. Lorenzo says:

    This was a fun, fun show. It’s one of the very few that we ever watch period. We’ll miss it. The stories were always fun. We got really tired of the conspiracy stuff in Beckett’s past, became tiresome (like Red John on the Mentalist); on the whole though this was a gem of a show.

  45. Carolyn says:

    Ego problems gets you everytime

  46. B. Dubour says:

    I have been a fan of Castle from the beginning and will miss the talented ensemble cast. I know Mr.
    Fillion was cast as the lead, and HE certainly believes he was the star, but my attraction to the show was always the Beckett character, her story line, and the way Stana Katic portrayed her. I’m sad it’s cancelled but the show simply is not as good without Beckett/Stana, as witnessed by a simply awful Season 8.

  47. Whenever the American audience finds a show they like and follows on a regular basis, some new “executive” comes along and has to put “their stamp” on the line-up. Wow. Such a shame a good show is being canceled. I only watch two shows on ABC – now I’m done to one. ABC should be grateful to Shonda Rhimes. Without her, the station would not have an audience.

  48. Ian Maxwell says:

    No Stana = no Castle.

  49. Why Cancel!!! If she wants to leave let her …and the coroner!!! The show can get tons of Hot ladies to cast in her place!!!

    • Vo says:

      Maybe before you comment on a show YOU SHOULD ACTUALLY WATCH THE SHOW FIRST!

      You might think they could get hot ladies but they wouldn’t be able to act, not like Stana can act and she was amazingly HOT! – AND GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT—she didn’t leave ABC—ABC didn’t even try to negotiate a new contract with her when her contract was up this year.

      Talk about not being in touch with your fan base TPTB at ABC and some of the cast thought that she wouldn’t be missed. What they didn’t realize was that without her there was no story/show because the story was about a writer and his muse and the story that he wrote about was HER (Kate Beckett’s) story not the writer’s story and then it became about their LOVE story.

  50. rhapsody says:

    OH NO! This is one of my favorite shows!!! We love Castle and it doesn’t matter if he ends up with a new love interest………oh I so hate this and will be watching another station when Castle no longer takes this time slot. ;(

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