Caitlyn Jenner Responds to Ricky Gervais’ Golden Globes Comments

Ricky Gervais Caitlyn Jenner
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Days after Ricky Gervais took aim at Caitlyn Jenner, while hosting the Golden Globes, the former Olympian broke her silence, finally responding to the award show host’s comments.

While hosting the Golden Globes on Sunday, Gervais joked about Jenner, saying, “I’m going to be nice tonight. I’ve changed — not as much as Bruce Jenner. Obviously. Now Caitlyn Jenner, of course … What a year she’s had! She became a role model for trans people everywhere, showing great bravery in breaking down barriers and destroying stereotypes. She didn’t do a lot for women drivers. But you can’t have everything, can ya? Not at the same time.”

The “women drivers” comment was referring to a fatal car accident in which Jenner was involved, which left a woman dead. Gervais’ joke was not widely well-received, earning him a fair amount of backlash.

Though Gervais took to Twitter to offer an apology of sorts — tweeting, “Suggesting a joke about Caitlin Jenner is automatically transphobic is like suggesting a joke about Bill Cosby is automatically racist” — Jenner has some words for the comedian.

Asked by a reporter at the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena, Calif. on Thursday what she thinks about Gervais’ Golden Globes jokes, Jenner offered up a solution to avoid the controversy.

“On Ricky, I think what I’m going to do is call the Golden Globes and see if they need a new host for next year,” she said. “And we’ll solve that problem.”

Jenner may have a chance at the gig — during NBC’s TCA session on Wednesday, the network’s entertainment chair Bob Greenblatt was asked if Gervais will be asked back as Golden Globes next year to which he replied, “I think Ricky made a decision about returning, but we haven’t.”

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  1. marc says:

    The PC world is disgusting. Gervais is not transphobic, he’s a comedian, making an observation.

  2. Movie Man says:

    Ask any expert on mental illness – Bruce is NOT a transgender. Bruce is a very demented individual who got a boob job. That does not make you a woman. The truth is Bruce is a great Olympic euro and we should all be heartbroken at his mental illness. Pray for him.

  3. steveyuhas says:

    Asked what his reaction is to Ricky Gervais’ joke about him at the Golden Globes, Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner thinks Gervais should not return as host of the Globes because he didn’t like one of the jokes? That is tolerance and understanding. How can Jenner get offended by anything when you think about just how the Kardashian/Jenner clan became the media moguls they are today: a whorish film with one of the daughters, peddled by the mother. When it comes to class, this is hardly the family that should be asked for advice or opinions on it.

  4. Adelise Berger says:

    The LGBT community feels they are untouchable.We can joke about being black, fat, latin or heterosexual…but when you say something about them there is always an issue. Is time to put a Stop on this.

    • Lisa says:

      He was also poking fun at ‘women drivers’ but that got lost in the shuffle. As if the women driver joke was the springboard to make any jokes out of.

  5. Ken says:

    Mr. Gervais’s shtick is getting real old. Worse, he’s become boring and predictable. Time for NBC and the HFPA to look for a new host.

  6. Tony says:

    There is something about a person who has no boundaries or filters.
    They will say and do anything for attention or a laugh.

    Its basically insecurity and ignorance and lack of respect for others.

  7. Tony says:

    You put lipstick on a pig, its still a pig.

  8. Freddie says:

    I could not stand Bruce Jenner so it’s very hard for me to like Caitlyn. Bruce was a neglectful father to his children and a self centered jerk for the most part, so just because we is now a she he shouldn’t automaticly be this great role model! We shouldn’t be forced to like her!

  9. Cole says:

    Bruce Jenner is a man. Always was, always will be. A sheep in wolf’s clothing is still a sheep.

  10. Sal U. Lloyd says:

    Jenner is a Republican. Changed dress and hair but not party.

  11. Jimmy Green says:

    Ricky was the ONLY reason to watch.

  12. Juelz says:

    If the world truly desired equality, Bruce would be in the penitentiary for vehicular homicide. Who cares about the backlash over a joke when Trans Max killed somebody.

    • Sal U. Lloyd says:

      I laughed. It was funny. If Jenner can’t stand the heat, he/she should stay out of the kitchen.

      Yes, a cowardly “prosecutor” decided not to prosecute.

  13. Craig says:

    When Jenner was an Olympic he was a man and still is. Cutting off something on the outside or adding something on the outside does not change your sex. There are a lot more differences between a man and a woman than what is between the legs and on the chest. Internal differences are more than that.

    • Suzan says:

      Is someone born of indeterminate gender similarly indeterminately gendered all their lives regardless of medical interventions?

      Internal differences ARE more than that. The human body is very complex with plenty of room for variation in between determinately male or female, or indeterminately neither.

      That said, I would have expected people to take greater exception to Gervais making light of someone’s death. His joke didn’t seem transphobic but it was insensitive toward the victim and their surviving loved ones.

      • Lisa says:

        Mostly everyone is so caught up in trying to dodge the Political Correctness trap that its difficult to make comments on anyone.
        This all seems like a bunch of bullying both ways. Caitlyn Jenner killed someone, that has nothing to do with gender as Gervais suggested. It was easy for Caitlyn to say Gervais is prejudiced because Gervais set himself up by combining the two situations. They have nothing to do with one another.
        That said, I do believe Jenner should be in prison for vehicular homicide, but instead, thanks to Gervais, Jenner will, apparently, be hosting the Oscars next year.

      • Eliza says:

        Hey Suzan, there is no such thing as “indeterminate gender.” There is male and female, and that’s that. Anything else is confusion either in the mind of the beholder, or in the minds of people like you.

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