Caitlyn Jenner Talks Trans Issues, Politics, Media Criticism: ‘I Am Not a Spokesman for This Community’

Caitlyn Jenner I Am Cait Season
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“I really felt like we opened up this conversation, like it’s okay to talk about trans issues. That was by far probably the most important thing we did in season one,” Caitlyn Jenner said Thursday at the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena, Calif., where she was on a panel to promote the second season of her E! docuseries “I Am Cait.”

“There are so many issues in this community that we really need to deal with and talk about in the future, and that’s what season two is,” Jenner continued.

Now that the conversation has been started, aside from putting trans issues into mainstream media, Jenner, along with the show’s cast and exec producer Andrea Metz, explained that the new episodes will have room to focus more on Jenner living her life — Jenner will take a road trip with her girlfriends and will embark on dating in the sophomore season.

However, Jenner is proud to be at the forefront of the conversation, and wants to continue to spread the word. “This is not an issue that has borders. This is an issue that is all over the world,” she said, proposing an idea for a possible third season: “I would love to take this show global. I want to see what trans issues are all around the world.”

Despite carrying the flag for the trans community by way of her E! series, Jenner admits, “I am not a spokesman for this community.”

“Everyone in the media kind of puts me at that because obviously, I’m in the media a lot. But I am only a spokesman for me and my story,” she continued. “I have so much to learn in this community, much to learn about trans issues, so much to learn about women’s issues. I’m only nine months out.”

Asked by a reporter how she reacts to negative coverage in the media, Jenner — who admitted to reading most of what’s written about her — responded honestly, “Yes, I do see it. It is tough.” She said she’s “famous for calling people who write articles” and no matter what they write about her, “My only criticism of that is you don’t know me, you never talked to me, and you don’t know what my intentions are and what type of person I am,” she said, noting that it’s easy for the media to focus on negative issues.

Questioned about her very public coming-out and splashing her new-found life on reality TV, Jenner explained, “I was getting destroyed in the tabloids for years and I had to address it at some point.”

Since addressing the issue and living life as her true self, Jenner explains she’s learned to have more fun — something that will be showcased in “I Am Cait’s” second season. “To be honest with you, for almost my entire life, I never really liked going out. I never really felt like I fit in anywhere. I was always kind of more of a loner. Now, after transitioning, I actually really enjoy going out. I have so many fun things to do and all the girls [cast members on her show] have helped me out getting past the tough part… Now I am just really comfortable with myself to have a social life.”

While the girls’ social life will be showcased on “I Am Cait” when it returns in March, don’t expect the series to turn into something like “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” — though Jenner did reveal at TCA she just filmed a scene for that show with her daughter Kendall Jenner.

“It was a conscious decision that I wanted this show to be about the issues,” Jenner answered when asked to compare her show with “KUWTK.” Speaking about her “Cait” cast of transgender women, she continued, “Sure, we all love good clothes and all that kind of stuff, but I really wanted the people to get to know all of my girls… I love my kids. I have a great relationship with all of my children, but this is a different show. This is about a serious issue. I wanted to somewhat keep that distance although Kris has been on the show, Kim has been on the show… My kids are great and I love them to death and the success of the show is unbelievable. It’s been highly successful.”

Still, the upcoming “Cait” season will feature even more Kardashian and Jenner visits, said Metz, who stressed the importance of an entire family transition in Jenner’s situation. “You are going to see a lot more of the Kardashians and Caitlyn’s ever-changing relationship with the kids and Kris.”

Despite being an Olympic superstar and reality star, Jenner admitted, “I have never sought fame and all that kind of stuff — that’s just not me. The only thing I have struggled with in my life is inner peace. I have found that. I had long talks about how I can do this and do it properly… I knew I had to do it publicly just because I was being trashed so bad.”

Besides the Kardashians, another splashy subject that came up during the TCA panel was Jenner’s politics — she’s a Republican — which will be featured in the new season of “I Am Cait.”

“I really don’t want to heavily get into politics because certainly, we have enough politics going on in the U.S. right now,” Jenner said before speaking about her hope to change conservative views on LGBT issues. “Isn’t it good that they have an ally? Somebody on the team who can maybe go and change their minds… We have our fingers crossed that we can win them over.”

Whether Jenner ends up pursuing social change this election cycle, politics aside, she said everything she does in the public eye is for the benefit of transgenders. “This platform is not for me — it is for this community,” the reality star told the room. “I have been very blessed. People every day of my life come up and thank me so I’ve been very, very blessed, but I know it’s not that way for everyone in this community.”

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  1. AGio says:

    The comments here are showing this supposed spokesperson for us the tanscommunity as the media and her publicist portray her to be are full of crap?? This should be titled, ‘all about Cait’,
    Frankly, she has done equally as much harm than good for her own peri snow Benefit.
    Living in the most liberal state in the country ( not Cali ), she has caused a change in atmosphere for the trans community here and it’s not been so positive.

    • I think any way you slice it, it IS all about Cait or Bruce. Some of her kids are still confused. The episode where she and her insta-friends feels so forced and awkward. She and Candis are already separate from the others and even leave the others up north and fly back privately together. I would have been so insulted if I were the transwomen in that situation. And then watching it back, Cait is so snide about it. It’s so clear that they are not all friends when the cameras are off. Cait and Candis head to Barney’s and the others are off to Marshall’s. In short, Cait talks more about clothes, designers, makeup and anything superficial than she does about REAL trans issues. She lives in a bubble and not in the real trans world. She’s not as nice as she used to be. I think her own daughters point that out.

  2. Phaedra says:

    Lets just try this. Suppose Rogers Hartmann and Alison B fall in love with each other, and want to get married. After marriage Alison B can never say, she is mrs Rogers Hartmann, because she never was born to be Rogers Hartmann, she was born as Alison B. And Rogers Hartmann can also never be mr. Alison B, because Rogers was not born as Alison B.
    Thats exactly how the transphobic people think. Right?
    Through marriage she can say she is mrs Alison Hartmann or she just can keep her name and call herself mrs. Allison B, but thats her choice.

    So if you understand all this too well, then why can’t a woman born in the body of a man who always have felt she was a woman, become happy with herself to be the woman she always have felt to be. It’s just about being happy to become who you really are.

    Your dad probably told you to go to Harvard, but you felt better to go to Cambridge. The other wanted to be an artist. Her parents didn’t want her to ask for money all the time, so she had to become a nurse.

    Why can’t you allow people to be happy with what they really want to be. You’re a big fan of David Bowie, he was a gender fluid person, but you accepted him. Then you can also accept Caitlyn.

  3. tlsnyder42 says:

    Feelings don’t make a man a woman, or make a dog a cat, or make a bunny rabbit a snake.

  4. tlsnyder42 says:

    That’s not a woman, folks. Stop the Trans-Madness!!!

  5. Allison B says:

    “she said everything she does in the public eye is for the benefit of transgenders”

    “…for the benefit of transgender people” is what this should say. Don’t refer to trans people as “transgenders”. It’s awkward and wrong.

    • T0rchwood says:

      Especially until he gets the “low hanging fruit” removed. Until that point, he is a transvestite. If he were in Thailand, he would be referred to as a “ladyboy” Most Ladyboys aren’t this scary looking, though.

  6. AYU_Dyah says:

    What? This Bruce Jenner things got season 2? Did anybody watch the first season? LOL.

    Dear, whatever producer behind this Bruce Jenner series thing, you’d better investing your money to another tv series, or perhaps donating your money to the real transgender with the real issue. Bruce Jenner only did it for money and publicity stunts. He will only last for what? 2 or three years maximum, before he’s going back to what he used to be.

    I mean, u can track his lies. Last year, he was busy campaigning himself as a representative for transgender communities.

    Now he says he is not the spokesperson? Prove that he’s only greedy, attention, and sensation whore , just like ALL THE REST OF KAR-TRASH-IANS.

    • She is clearly a confused person who started a show WAY too quickly. Can you imagine having gender dysmorphia, having surgeries, taking hormones, talking with your family about it? She clearly didn’t know which end was up. She became so obsessed with materialistic crap. Very unlikable. Very snooty. Very Kardashian. Not good. Dare I say, very bitchy in a Queeny way. All of a sudden, he seemed like a Gay man trapped in a partial woman’s body. It was odd. Not a great spokeswoman. I would have waited to do a show.

      • AYU_Dyah says:

        Yes. Bruce Jenner is a greedy, corrupt, and attention-whore like his talentless Kar-trash-ians affiliation.

        I’m not against transgender or Gender Dismorphya or anything. I refused to believe him, or called him with Caitlyn, or acknowledge him as a woman, because I don’t trust him. His motive was and is always money and popularity.

        We’ll see what he’ll do in the next 2 or 3 years, when his transgender issue become a un-selling commodity.

  7. T0rchwood says:

    If you don’t want to be a “spokesperson”, then turn the damn cameras off and go back to living under what ever rock you crawled out from under 9 months ago. Just don’t put any ones life at risk by getting behind the wheel of another car.

  8. Robbie says:

    Apparently Variety didn’t get the memo. Jenner is over.

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