Billy Bush Apologizes for Lewd Donald Trump Conversation: ‘I’m Embarrassed & Ashamed’

Billy Bush Reaction to Donald Trump
Courtesy Washington Post

Billy Bush has broken his silence amid the firestorm stirred by the release of a recording from 2005 of the “Today” anchor and Donald Trump discussing women and sexual conquests in vulgar terms.

In the video, Bush, who was then a co-anchor of NBC’s “Access Hollywood,” and Trump were caught on hot mics, speaking in lewd terms about a female TV personality, now identified as former “Access Hollywood” co-host Nancy O’Dell. Trump and Bush also spoke about using the power of celebrity to achieve sexual conquests, comments that have drawn vociferous condemnation of Trump, the Republican candidate for president.

The fallout from the recording has also been swift for Bush, who is heard agreeing and laughing with Trump. Trump and Bush were together for an “Access Hollywood” segment on Trump’s cameo on the NBC daytime soap “Days of Our Lives.”

Bush issued an apology Friday evening.

“Obviously I’m embarrassed and ashamed. It’s no excuse, but this happened eleven years ago — I was younger, less mature, and acted foolishly in playing along. I’m very sorry,” Bush said in a statement.


Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s Vulgar 2005 Conversation With Billy Bush About Women With Caught on Hot Mic

In the video, Trump is heard speaking about a woman, saying, “I did try and f— her. She was married.”

Speaking about “Days of Our Lives” actress Arianne Zucker, Bush makes a comment about her being “hot as s—.”

Trump, who was about to share a scene with Zucker, says: “I’ve gotta use some Tic Tacs, just in case I start kissing her. You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful…I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait…And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything.”

Bush replied, “Whatever you want.”

Bush worked for “Access Hollywood” from 2001 to 2016. He departed the newsmagazine show earlier this year for a permanent gig on NBC’s “Today”as host of the show’s 9 a.m. hour. Bush got off to a rocky start on “Today” when his interview with Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte was discredited after Lochte admitted to having fabricated the story of being robbed at gunpoint while in Rio.

“Today” has not responded to Variety‘s request for comment, nor has “Access Hollywood.”

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  1. petiehottytoddy says:


  2. No way can he deny that he tricked Donald. This was part of a larger Demoncrat plot to discredit him. This has been in the works for decades. Shame.

  3. Eileen says:

    billy was talking this way with Mr. Trump 11 yrs. ago and first now you are doing something ??? This crazy notion that you will always have perfect people on your station is in sane. he is an asset to your station and as a female he was to me always a real fine wine! I WILL so much miss him in the morning.
    he was a real waker upper!!!

  4. Paul says:

    Billy Bush isn’t sorry he’s embarrassed he got caught that’s all, I hope NBC cans his ass and no network or sponsor should dare support of give this creep a job or it will be a boycott revolt like you’ve never seen before!

    • William Wagner says:

      He isn’t sorry, eh? You have anything from 11 years ago that you’re sorry about? Or you don’t grow and look back and regret?

  5. Poppy says:

    Wake the f##k up Tuesday. How much Christian propaganda do u actually believe???

    • Kelly says:

      I think donald trump is sick and he thinks he can just call woman names well he is woung because when he does that it is meet for every lady in the world not just a few and in my book know candit like him should be in the white

  6. ermma says:

    Billy you knew what was going on 11 years ago. you had this as a set up for Donald and you locked it away for 11 yrs and now you’re tell all of us you’re sorry. Why didn’t you tell Donald 11 years you were taping him

  7. He’s embarrassed and apologetic 11 years too late

  8. Tuesday says:

    Having worked for a Fortune 500 company with the top executives, I can tell you Trump is talking about a certain kind of woman. Rich and powerful men get sex thrown at them by gold digging loose women who are willing to do anything to be with them and men talk about them like this. Ladies talk about them too, but just differently. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had women try to close the office door while talking to the CEO, fortunately, he was a really smart man and told them just leave the door open. However, many other executives did not. And, I must mention the executives didn’t talk about the “ladies” in the organization like this, in fact, many times they stopped other guys from making remarks about them. So, if you dress, talk, act provocatively, often with a reputation proceeding you, expect these type of comments about you and know they rarely marry good diggers/groupies type women, they want classy, not trashy. Look at the picture, again.

  9. Yesterday on the Today show Bush was pulling his pants down trying on some kind of a girdle. This guy is total sleaze and whenever he’s on we turn the channel.

  10. Apology excepted Mr. Trump, lets see do I vote for a women who has 2 policies on every issue, and lie’s to you america right in the face, so Hillary tells you 1 thing you want to here, and then she uses her own policy she believes …okay so Trump said some horrible things , as a guy we all have , don’t lie guys , we all have weather it’s in your man cave in a sports bar , or hanging with the bro’s you have all said things similar…..

    • Bernardo Espi says:

      The correct word is “whether,” not “weather,” unless you’re talking about the weather between your macho legs when insulting women sexually.

  11. Your apology means nothing. You released it at the behest of your uncle and you are a worse scumbag than Donald. This was a private conversation! Women have the same conversations about men but your Uncle wanted this released because you are all bought and support the Crooked & Criminal Clintons! Shame on you all! I’ll never vote for another Bush! Ever!

    All Donald Trump wants to do is get America back on the right track to prosper again.

    • ItsJo says:

      correct post, as this “Little Bushie, was doing the Bush-Globalists’ Whacking of Trump, because Trump disagrees with Their ‘ONE WORLD ORDER’ agenda with NO BORDERS for America plus, they agree
      with the “CORRUPT, MONEY-LAUNDERING CLINTONS, who LIE to American Citizens-when telling Wall St. Donors the Truth how they REALLY Feel(about the ‘little people)

      btw: JEB==Loser, along w/Other Rino’s Against ‘Trump from Day One-as

      • Look, Its: I’m a RINO (the local Tea Party members call me a RINO) but I’m Trump all the way. So PLEASE, let’s take one for The Donald and TRY to get him elected, and, to try to get ALL the Republicans we can to vote for him, so let’s STOP CALLING FOLKS WHO VOTE A STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN TICKET and are good Republicans, “RINO.” That word has SO many connotations, that it has no meaning anymore. It’s just a nasty bad habit that was pushed by the Tea Party to label everyone they wanted OUT of the Party. Yeah, they were going to elect “their” Republicans (that were really libertarians or worse) by having a SMALLER party. We all know how successful they were. Democrats encourage the use of the word; anything that divides Republicans, so let’s just STOP IT altogether. It was “funny” maybe once, maybe 20 years ago, but it’s not funny anymore. It has become predictable, laborious, boring, and meaningless. And, it is harmful. WHY insult someone who votes a straight Republican ticket by calling them “not real Republicans?” And, the people who are calling ME a RINO have worse voting records than I do (yes, I checked the voting records).

  12. JM says:

    Notice that Trump backed off when told “no.” That’s the difference between a boor and a rapist.

    • JB says:

      JM, you are 100% right! Good point and of course that is not focused on because Hillary’s husband doesn’t take “No” and an answer. Apparently neither does Hillary.

  13. LM says:

    Gross. I bet this is one time Trump wishes he his mic had audio problems. But we all know what type of ‘man’ Trump is since he married to a model who can’t write her own speeches and is basically a walking Barbie – just like those in his Miss Universe pageants. Trump could never marry or stay married to anyone with real brains and ambition – it would reaffirm his insecurities involving his small appendages.
    The question why Bush hid this all this time is not a mystery since some guys call this ‘locker room talk’. I’ve been in locker rooms and it’s usually the second and third string players who talk like that. The real men don’t speak that way about women.

    • Wow, LM: So only YOU know how “real men” talk about women? That’s laughable. I suppose you are in favor of Bill Clinton?

      • glinnda says:

        Hey, fool, how many languages do you speak, besides the language of idiots? Melanie is fluent in 5 languages. What do YOU for a living. No doubt sucking off the taxpayers’ teat. Melanie is a a successful business woman who actually contributes to the economy. Oh, and REAL men don’t talk like that about women? Seriously? Only gay men. We ALL talk about the opposite sex in crude terms sometimes. It’s just that us REAL men and women know that nothing is meant by it haven’t got a stick so far up our backsides that we don’t have a sense of humour.

  14. disgusted woman says:

    Hope NBC cancels your host gig. You knew this, hid it and you are a disgusting man.

  15. Constable Plod says:

    The tape obviously came from someone on the Bush crew.
    Whoever leaked the tape has done a public service, thank you.
    Over to you, America.

  16. loco73 says:

    Does anybody believe a man whose name is Billy Bush?!?! Let’s listen and see how respectful Billy really is…

  17. Hey Billy, now we respect you even less. Learn to be a real man like the Donald. You are a back-stabbing weak girly-man loser!

  18. Deanna Buchholz says:

    Really the most corrupt candidate ever HRC
    And we are worried about
    Trump 10 years ago making inappropriate
    Comments about women.
    I am a 59 year old woman!!!
    The press is pushing it
    I’m totally disgusted

  19. IT--II--IT says:

    INTEL RUN ‘reality creation’ and its ever shrinking narratives.



    A nation of SCABs reaches for its –given– franchise slum 90s show ‘choice’.

    • disgusted woman says:

      You must have very low self esteem for yourself. And corruption. Prove it. So far it is rumor and innuendo Find the tapes, or publish the documentation. Lady value you and any females in your family.

  20. Stephanie Thumbtzen says:

    KARMA, Always comes back around Billy Busch.

  21. Carlos Shabo says:

    “Hot as sh*t”…really? thats what he’s apologizing for….me and my friends will be looked at as the worst humans on earth if they look at our group chat…

  22. Andrew nelson says:

    What about the horrible interview with the Olympian where Bush asked if he got the “urge” in the middle of the night maybe his hand might drift over to the other male athlete he was sharing a room with
    He’s the reason I stopped watching Today after years of enjoyment. Today has gone down hill fast. Still love Al and Tamron

  23. Sarah Wil says:

    I won’t be watching Bush on television any more. His words and behavior were also inexcusable.

  24. jan carne says:

    billy Bush such a pig, his excuse of being young is pitteful, he was 33yrs old. if he was so immature at that age he does not belong in news casting. NBC should get rid of him ASAP. he’s useless anyway but with his sleesy character we dont need him on air.

  25. Mike says:

    “Playing along”…really?

  26. Freda Deskin says:

    I won’t be watching NBC News after learning more about Billy Bush. He sounds as disgusting as Trump. Enough!

  27. 66muds99 says:

    Billy Bush will lose his national job over this, at least. He simply will not be accepted by NBC’s audience. Now if he can survive on TV at all, that’s the real question.

  28. Alex says:

    This is REALLY dirty, I didn’t think Hillary and her whores in the media would even stoop to this. This is lower then low.

  29. goldfalcon82 says:

    Why, Variety, is there no mention of the far more vulgar and disturbing comments Trump made about grabbing women by their genitals without being asked? That isn’t lewd, that’s sexual assault and it’s the most newsworthy part of the story.

  30. SassyLass says:

    Billy, just like the case with Mr. Lochte, you were in your 30’s and there’s no excuse for this behavior. Not only that but you had daughters by this point. How can a man with daughters speak about women in such a way? You’d better hope and pray they don’t end up with disrespectful men like you or Trump.

    Sure, we know how men are when in certain company but when you’re in the public eye you are expected to act with a least some decorum.

  31. me says:

    It’s hard to believe that 2 world-class, stand-up guys like Frump and Bush-league would act like this.

  32. Cath says:

    Ah, the young and stupid “apology” and excuse. That makes it okay. What was Trump’s excuse?

  33. ragnbag says:

    Elizabeth – does nobody edit your work before you post it? There are several typos – “department” instead of departed. Either instead of neither. Let me have your job if you and Variety can’t bother to proofread a short article like this.

  34. Kim Lewis says:

    I don’t know who these guys worship….but (yeah I said it just like you Billy) when your judgement day comes……Both of them have daughters. Money may buy power; it obviously doesn’t buy morales. Really, really sad. #nomorenbc4me

  35. Michelle says:

    Why do you think Nancy O’Dell left the show? Because of Bush. This isn’t new for him.

  36. Michelle says:

    He should be ashamed; laughing at the sexist pig making vulgar comments about women. He’s no better.

  37. Tripp Fell says:

    This is just plain awesome. You can’t even make this stuff up, it’s too good. But go ahead America (i.e. American Media), keep reporting on this clown like he’s actually credible. Everything is a reality show to you people. So sad… Oh, and Billy B., nice try pal….

  38. Amanda says:

    Really? So what! That’s how guys talk when they are together… any guy who says they don’t they are Lying!! People you need to look at the big picture here!!!

    • Jeez, Louise says:

      You are acting against your own best interests with your comment. Your presidential candidate objectifies women. How can you support this? What is wrong with people?

      • steiner says:

        Really? Your candidate enables women to be sexually assaulted and has done so for the last 30 yrs all the while saying every women has the right to be heard, yeah right except for Bill’s women they never had the right to be heard they got to be bullied by yours truly – Hillary. I have no candidate in this race and I’m certainly not justify any of Trumps behavior, but dear God this self righteous moral indignation towards Trump is so utterly ridiculous. If your going to hold Trump to one set of moral standards please hold the corrupt Hillary to the same standards or your moral outrage towards Trump is stupidly laughable. So Jeez, Louise, yes what is wrong with Hillary supporters?

    • The Truth says:

      The big picture is that Trump is an admitted serial groper of women and worse. Many women have come forward alleging sexual harassment by Trump during the production of The Apprentice and the Miss Universe Pageant. He is currently charged in a case pending trial for the rape of a 13-year-old. Even his first wife, Ivana, accused him of sexual violation. If that picture isn’t clear enough for you, it’s because you’ve got your head up your ass.

  39. Woodie says:

    “Obviously I’m embarrassed and ashamed. It’s no excuse, but this happened eleven years ago…”

    Really Really? BUT! BUT!!???

    You should have stopped at, “It’s no excuse.” There IS NO EXCUSE. When you continue with the word “But” you try to qualify your apology. You know better, Billy. And, you’re NO BETTER than Trump in his “apology” when he said, “I apologize IF I offended…” Not, I apologize. PERIOD!!!

  40. Uhhh…Billy, you were 34, a-hole!

  41. Barbara says:

    After that conversation he still asked the actress to give Trump a hug, WTF was that about????

  42. Bif says:

    So disgusting. His behavior. Your behavior. Really, really gross.

  43. jimmy says:

    Interesting statement coming from Bush. Remember when he was caught naked & having sex in a car?

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