Watch: Bill Maher Endorses Bernie Sanders With an Emphatic ‘F— Yeah’

Outspoken political pundit Bill Maher has announced his support for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders using his famously zesty vernacular.

“Do you want Bernie Sanders getting off Airforce One and making a deal with… Seriously. On foreign policy, do you think he’s at the level that we need?” MSNBC analyst Alex Wagner asked Maher on the Friday edition of “Real Time With Bill Maher” on HBO.

“F— yeah,” Maher said with gusto. “The guy who voted right on the Iraq War? Yeah, I do.”

He went on to defend Sanders further. “Doesn’t Bernie deserve this?” Maher said. “He has proved — I think, at this point — that this is a year when anything can happen. I think the rules are out the window until proven otherwise.”

Sanders received another high-profile endorsement from the Red Hot Chili Peppers Friday evening as they performed a special fundraising concert for the candidate in Los Angeles.

“Real Time With Bill Maher” airs Fridays at 10 p.m. on HBO.

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  1. Ed Moose says:

    This is a no-brainer. Trump’s a stunted fascist pimp, as are the rest of the GOP Clown Car of Misery. Hillary’s bought and owned by the banks, and is a soulless war-profiteering shill for dual-citizen zionists in the military industrial complex guilty of countless war crimes. The only one of these “candidates” who’s devoted their lives to advancing the causes of ordinary working families, regardless of color, sexual preferences or ethnicity in the United States has been Bernie Sanders. You folks ignorant of history or unenlightened about “The New Deal” really should open a book or several dozen about your country.

  2. JoJo says:

    The three worst presidential candidates I have seen in my lifetime are Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

  3. Jacques Strappe says:

    Unicorns for everyone! Fear the Berne.

  4. First cracks to the establishment by the American people

  5. Donald says:

    When Bill gives a million dollars to Bernie like he did to Obama then I’ll believe it. Otherwise it’s just BS and a easy way to seem hip.

    • Chase says:

      Yep! Easy way to seem hip should be Bernie Sanders true political slogan because nothing he says is ever going to happen! He is not electable! I hope all these “hip” people realize how uncool it is going to be with a President Trump, or President Cruz, or President Rubio, at the helm! Good luck being hip!

    • Zachariot says:

      But if Bernie operates without a Super PAC, wouldn’t Maher only be able to contribute $2700 for the primary season, and then again for the general election?

      • Donald says:

        He’s got supporters forming their own Super PAC’s without him. Nothing he can do to stop it. One nurses group has spent $500K plus in ads for him.

        Bill Maher could set up his own Super PAC like Stephen Colbert did and self-fund it with however much money he wanted.

      • You are correct, Donald doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

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