30 TV Relationships That Redefine Love

Once Upon a Time renewed season
Courtesy of ABC

Love comes in many forms — on TV just as in life — and since February is the month for sharing our feelings, this year, we decided to spotlight 30 small-screen relationships that have captured our hearts, whether they’re family, friends or something more.

From the dedicated Villanueva women of “Jane the Virgin” to a fairy-tale romance on “Once Upon a Time,” from pairings nicknamed “Spoby” and “Clexa” to enduring friendships like “Better Call Saul’s” Jimmy and Mike or “Homeland’s” Carrie and Saul, these relationships might be complex (and occasionally antagonistic), but they still make it impossible for us to change the channel.

Click through our gallery to see if your favorite relationship made the list, then hit the comments to tell us which TV connections give you that loving feeling.

30 TV Relationships We Love

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  1. Patricia Vanover says:

    I personally don’t believe in love but the TV couple who makes me want to believe in it is John Crichton and Aeryn Sun of Farscape. How could you not include them in any story about TV land true love?

  2. unknown says:

    is it just me, or Clark says everything is for her people, when she does it for Lexa, because she cares about her, and love her, i mean Clark we’re not stupid. (the 100)
    #Clexa #DoLexaForYourPeople

  3. Regina says:

    Hey, if Hook gets you all hot, I bet you cream yourself over Killgrave.

  4. Fangirl630 says:

    LOVE that Mr. Robot & Elliot are on here!! …Though I wonder your reasoning xD Their relationship is more than a bit bizarre and EXTREMELY confusing, but both characters are amazing and that show was a wild ride!

  5. Lisa says:

    Hook and Emma! ❤ Beautiful couple! ❤ EPIC Love Story! ❤

  6. andre says:

    Maggie and Glenn are relationship goals and they’re back today of all days!!

  7. niloofar22 says:

    Saul & Carrie’s estrangement wasn’t brutal it was boring , his disappointment in her choices, they were great for the first 2 seasons, their fights & reconciliations are meh.It’s all aboutCarrie&Quinn now, shame for not including them. Carrie&Quinn were brutal this season

  8. Glen says:

    I hope someday a woman beating misogynist who plies women with alcohol to get them to have sex with him decides to make me want him by stalking and lying to me, perpetually endangering my child, calling me names, and saying I’m useless. Ah, Captain Hook, nothing says true love like misogyny.

    • A OUAT viewer says:

      but when was it ever said that he “plies women with alcohol to get them to have sex with him” I hope you’re not talking about the comment made in the season 3 finale which if you watched you would know wasn’t a gender specific comment and mentioned nothing about sex, and I love how everything else you said never happened or happened before they got together(“and saying I’m useless”) …ahh yes someone who either doesn’t watch the show or watches through bitter hate goggles just spewing out bitterness just makes smile and feel me with joy to know my life isn’t sad like that

  9. Linus says:

    Yeees, Clarke and Lexa all the way! What a wonderfull couple, glad to see they are getting some recognition :-)

  10. Angel says:

    I agree for:

    – Philip & Elizabeth
    – Clarke & Lexa
    – Liza & Josh
    – Mulder & Scully
    – Jonah & Amy
    – Hook & Emma
    – Claire & Jamie

    For the others, either I don’t watch the show or I simply don’t like the relationship.

  11. The 100 Fan says:

    Clarke and Lexa? LOL. Only if betrayal is part of your relationship goals. If anything, the relationship between the core four (Clarke, Bellamy, Raven, and Octavia) is one that would make you believe in love. All four of those people started from very different places and have grown and gone through so much together to become a family-like unit who would give their lives for each other in a heartbeat and aren’t afraid of setting the others straight.

    • Jaime says:

      Yeah, the Lexa and Clarke dynamic is a classic romance. And, in all fairness, it must be construed it in the context of post apocolypse Earth too. There are no good guys on this show. None. That’s what every character on this show has in common with the other. And that’s actually one of the major reasons people are so addicted to this show. C & L relationship —with all the ugliness that comes in relationships—seems to be developing to deeper depths over time. Very lovely to watch. We’ll have to stay tuned. But, I do love the dynamics between the four characters you mentioned.

    • george says:

      Jeez you obviously watching a different show than the rest of us and nothing you just said pertains to anything romantic, which is what this article is about. Clexa is the real deal so bellarke shippers just need to deal with that. Lexa and Clarke will be together as a couple. The showrunner and writers keep telling you all that Clarke and Bellamy are just friends and that is how its gonna stay.

      • Fangirl630 says:

        I agree that Clexa is great and deserves to be on this list, but “romantic, which is what this article is about.” Are you kidding? Did you see ANY of the other relationships? Here are just the ones from TV shows I watch:

        -Annalise and Wes (weird; definitely not romantic; tbh why are they on this list he killed her husband and shot her what even)
        -Alex and Kara (sisters)
        -Jane, Xiomara, and Alba (grandmother/mother/daughter)
        -Tyrion and Varys (best friends)
        -Peggy and Jarvis (best friends)
        -Joe, Barry, and Iris (family)
        -Sarah, Alison, Cosima, and Helena (sisters?? clones??)
        -Meredith and Karev (best friends)
        -Sam and Dean (brothers)
        -Titus and Kimmy (best friends)
        -Mr. Robot and Elliot (son/hallucination of dead father) (don’t ask)

        None of those are romantic, and the ones I recognized that are romantic totaled about 3 or 4, so obviously the goal of this article was NOT romantic love, there was TONS of platonic love and familial love!

    • Jason says:

      I think we must be watching a different show. Yeah, the Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia and Raven’s dynamics are great to watch and are maybe even central to the overall storyline, but Clarke and Lexa’s relationship is a classic romance! Like Romeo and Juliet, but hopefully not so tragic. And it’s amazing to see it down so well with 2 great looking female characters. More please.

    • Jordan says:

      Clarke did the exact same thing to Maya of the mountain men. They wouldn’t have gotten as far as they did without her & the others. When push comes to shove you pick your people first. Lexa wasn’t about to get more of her own killed trying to infiltrate the mountain when they’ve lost so many being bled to death for decades. Head over heart. She alluded to this when she talked about Costia.

  12. Vari says:

    Emma & Hook are beautiful.
    Alex & Meredith have a lovely friendship

  13. ArJones says:

    My favourite is Emma and Hook <3

  14. …Capt Rapist & Stupid Girl? Are you serious? How many times has he alluded to rape? How many times did he try and murder Emma & her family, just last season? You disgust me.

    • Lisa says:

      What are you talking about? You are imagining things! Get help ASAP!!! Regina is a rapist!
      Hook NEVER forced any woman to sleep with him,God look at him – he doesn’t need to!!!… lmao

    • ArJones says:

      hello kyle the basher. Here to spread some disgusting vile thoughts. You are disgusting. and very much in some deep denial. Butthurt shipper!

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