Aziz Ansari Slams Donald Trump Over Proposed Muslim Ban: ‘Go F—‘ Yourself

Aziz Ansari

Aziz Ansari calls out Donald Trump for “spewing hate speech” and “prejudice” against immigrants, specifically Muslim Americans, in a New York Times op-ed.

“It’s visceral, and scary, and it affects how people live, work and pray. It makes me afraid for my family,” Ansari writes. “It also makes no sense.”

Referencing the Orlando attacks, the comedian and actor writes about the Muslim American community’s struggle to distance itself from terrorists and constantly ward off Islamophobia. He quotes Trump who said on the campaign trail that Muslims “know who the bad ones are.”

“The overwhelming number of Muslim Americans have as much in common with that monster in Orlando as any white person has with any of the white terrorists who shoot up movie theaters or schools or abortion clinics,” Ansari writes.

In one anecdote, Ansari recalls being called a terrorist while crossing the street, before he was a recognizable public figure. Tying the experience back to Trump, the actor writes, “The vitriolic and hate-filled rhetoric coming from Mr. Trump isn’t so far off from cursing at strangers from a car window.”

In the piece, Ansari also calls for gun control, and expresses frustration about what he perceives as contradictory safety precautions. “Despite sit-ins and filibusters, our lawmakers are failing us on this front and choose instead to side with the National Rifle Association. Suspected terrorists can buy assault rifles, but we’re still carrying tiny bottles of shampoo to the airport.”

Ansari wrote, “Trump wants to ban Muslim immigrants like my parents. I wrote a piece for @NYTimes telling him to go f— himself,” while posting the article on Twitter.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I went to school with Aziz….carpooled with him….we went to a private school in a small country town. His parents were saints and they all have not one hateful bone in their body. All of you bashing him and hating because he is speaking the truth….yall are simple minded and need to go f-** your damn selves!!

  2. jg says:

    i clicked on another link for aziz ansari- not to read the article, but to just make a comment about his extreme “comedy” that degrades all races and all women , but of course ! NO LINK FOR THAT
    – I hope he rots in his world that he thinks is so funny – what a piece of shit
    – and sorry for Muslims if that is what he “considers ” his hateful racist comedy is,,,,, whatever he “thinks trump, he is the mirror
    they do not exist , one without the other ,
    BUR! watch ansari’s comedy – maybe you will agree he is anti – women – just want ing to “put his cock in every hole” his own words ,,, let’s go sheeple
    see it for what his racist / bigot ass is

  3. echo sierra says:

    Aziz is awesome, but his family would be most unsafe in any country that had the Arab Spring. Places that have taken in the most refugees, Europe and Turkey, are now having the most horrendous suicide atracks. Do we really need to repeat that here? A moratorium of travel from countries with terrorist strongholds is not unreasonable.

  4. G says:

    Hit every leftist note in the musical, along with your new bandleader Variety: a publication that used to discuss upcoming projects, not get involved in the political zeitgeist. When’s the last time Asiz went to Mosque anyway? Seems like he’s only a Muslim whenever his little feelings get injured, not a full time adherent.

    • It’s called empathy and understanding for the culture he was born into. He doesn’t have to be a practicing Muslim to make a point like this.

      Besides, any overly simplistic solution to a complex problem is inherently wrong. Even if “ban all the Muslims from entering” wasn’t racist (it is, since the real issue is “people who don’t look like us”), it’s falsely assuming that a large percentage of people leaving those countries intend harm. Hint: the vast majority of them are leaving because they want the freedoms, economic stability and relative safety of the US, not because they’re trying to take the US down.

  5. Ima Right says:

    no go f yourself you no talent anti American muslim pos! along with Hellary and the rest of the left
    wing progressive SSocialist Nazi demoncrap party! what show is he on anyway who cares!

  6. Discriminator says:

    I do not care what this vile parasite “thinks” about anything. He should not be in this country.

  7. Get your facts straight says:

    Hillary says the same thing Trump does about buildling a “Barrier” to keep illegal immigrants out. She thinks borders should be controlled. Aziz Ansari doesn’t know Hillary. #HillaryClinton

  8. Rudy Mario says:

    Deport this buffoon to pakistan/Saudi arabia. Now.

  9. Iván el Conquistador says:

    Do you actually think Trump will be able to ban Muslims and build the wall? He won’t, no matter how hard he tries. It’s a megalomaniac delirium, non-viable in a political, social and economical sense.

  10. Nikki says:

    Hey Aziz why dont you go F#$ck Yourself first. If you are worried why dont you go back to your homeland where they kill gays and stone women who were raped you piece of shit. No dont bother blaming Islam at all or the maniacs that twist meanings to their liking and try to force their religion on the world. What an idiot, Cant wait for Trump to be President

    • Aziz was born in South Carolina, Nikki. And by all accounts, he’s more American than you: he actually believes in freedom and tolerance.

      • Rrags says:

        @Jon Fingas: This is not Freedom of Speech. Ansari is in this country and he just cannot use profanities against a Presidential Candidate. He just cannot use the term to “F**K Yourself in any country. He is a comedian, no more intellectual than the next person with a brain. His job is to say funny stuff about stuff he agrees with or disagrees with. Someone else writes his lines, and a director tells him where to stand when he reads them.

      • jsm1963 says:

        Is there a test he has to pass in order to use the profanity?

        I read the op-ed. The profanity wasn’t in there. It was only in his tweet about it

      • Petra: In the real world, it means not trying to deport someone who disagrees with you (especially when it’s really just because you’re frightened of people who don’t look like you).

      • Petra says:

        Tolerance, Jon? Isn’t that liberal code for veiled hate?

  11. Lake Eriehouse says:

    I oppose “open, unchecked immigration”.
    And your use of 4letter words shows me that you have not been raised well—you think that is smart— to me it is low class.

    • jsm1963 says:

      We don’t have open, unchecked immigration and Aziz didn’t actually use any vulgar words in his op-ed.

    • Dantes342 says:

      Only in your weird, twisted Fox-News mandated dictionary, Petra.

      • Ima Right says:

        another left wing nutjob has to mention Fox news. they really hate that channel that has the highest
        ratings! go back to MSNBC or they may lose the 10 or less viewers they still have left.

  12. John Connor says:

    The thing about being a Muslim is that its a choice. Being a muslim means that you choose that religion. And that is pure evil.

    The thing I don’t like about Christians is that they hate muslims and fail to see that they are the same as them: religious idiots that live by evil. All religion should be banned.

    • Because christians are going around forcing people to convert or be killed, and they’re killing gays….

      • Dantes342 says:

        Many of them want to, Samuel Robinson. You haven’t seen the numerous videos of “christian” preachers who applaud the Orlando shooter to choruses of “amen”. They just don’t have the balls to do it themselves, I guess. Even faith has its limits, for some.

  13. millerfilm says:

    It’s hilarious when the Hillary drones lose their @#$%! (which is, of course, all the time).

  14. Observer says:

    Can’t even get the facts straight yet still condems someone without them.

    Uh, moron, he has nothing against ‘immigrants’, it’s “Illegal” immigrants. Lawbreakers.
    And no hate involved. Only for those that want to ‘murder us’ for not being Islamic. You know, the one’s murdering and raping people all over the world you dolt.

    Educate yourself on what you speak first.
    Last time I watch anything this moron is in. My country is too important to suffer such ignorance and intolerance.

    • joeypeepee says:

      Actually, Trump wants to bar ALL Muslims from entering the U.S. Not just the evil ones, all of them. Maybe it is you who needs to get facts straight.

      • Dantes342 says:

        Nothing like someone who’s completely wrong telling someone else to get their facts straight.

  15. Argos Wolf says:

    I’ve never seen a muslim fully and sincerly condemn a bombing, a decapitation, etc. It’s always tongue in cheek and there’s always a but after their “condemnation”, even with so called muslim-americans.They don’t condemn how muslims treat women like crap, why? because they know they’ll be marked by their fellow “religion of peace” devotees. Go F yourself too, you untalented overrated “celebrity”.

  16. Steve Bridges says:

    …And “actors” wonder why we don’t consider them for parts in our projects. I’m sure his agent is ecstatic that their chemically altered client regurgitated this.

  17. Reel Injun says:

    White people shoot Americans every day, so I think we should ban all white people from the US.

    Also, who are you people commenting on this? This is a trade publication- do any of you actually work in entertainment?

  18. Jimmy Green says:

    screw this unfunny turd

  19. AtillaThehun says:

    Hey Ansari: If it was blue and green people from Antarctica shooting Americans, I’d be in favor of banning blue and green people from Antarctica until we can figure out who has good intentions and who doesn’t. Can you connect the dots? Probably not.

  20. gofyourself says:

    go f ….. yourself, Ansari

  21. Why not appeal to your Muslim brothers and sisters to stop hurting their wives and daughters? To stop executing gays? To stop buying little girls from poor families as common practice? Nah, you’d rather just shout bigot in this confused, vague liberal diatribe from your luxury surroundings.

    Q: So why don’t you practice the religion of peace of your parents, Aziz?

    A: Uuhhh, well…


  22. >>>>>>>>>>>>> says:

    A muslim ban could’ve saved us from your “comedy”, you unfunny little toad.

  23. Tripp Fell says:

    Well Aziz, what about the Muslims who are not Americans? Are you actually sitting there on your unjustified, unwarranted soapbox thinking that there isn’t an alarmingly large percentage – far too large of a percentage, actually – of Muslims worldwide who sympathize (and let’s be honest, implicitly condone) the actions of Islamic terrorists? You can, and should, be as embarrassed as I am about by Trump’s ascendancy as a potential occupant of the White House but it surely should not be because Trump is one of the few people with a public soapbox (much like yours) who is willing to state what is obvious to most people: Islam is a scourge on this planet.

  24. Ron Don says:

    Back at ya, Aziz. You’re an immigrant, no?

  25. Nathaniel says:

    Spewing hate…gun control…yeah, all the usual Hollywood liberal platitudes are there. Yawn.

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