Sharon Tate’s Sister Calls for ‘Aquarius’ Boycott: ‘It’s Extremely Insensitive’

David Duchovny's 'Aquarius': Sharon Tate's Sister

Aquarius,” starring David Duchovny, returned to NBC for a second season earlier this week. But Sharon Tate’s sister, Debra Tate, is unhappy with the way the series depicts the her sister’s brutal murder, which takes place in this season of “Aquarius.” She is calling for a boycott of the show to raise awareness of how victims of real-life crimes are depicted onscreen.

One of the teaser trailers for the show, for example, shows a dead Sharon Tate on the ground and a close-up of her face as Manson walks over her. Debra Tate was given no warning of the trailer’s explicit nature and was very distraught.

“If it were our dead bodies lying on the floor, you don’t want the world witnessing that,” she added.

Tate said she requested a sit-down with NBC but was “completely ignored.” So although it seems unlikely the network would take the show off the air as she would prefer, she would like NBC to at least apologize.

“Do it tastefully, or at least give us courtesy of knowing what you guys are doing,” she asked. “It’s extremely insensitive to be portraying people in an untruthful manner.”

Tate has also been gathering signatures on a petition objecting to the potential parole of Leslie Van Houten, the  Manson family member who was convicted for the murders of Leno and Rosemary LaBianca. On Monday, without an appointment, Tate is going to deliver just short of 140,000 signatures to Governor Jerry Brown.

Van Houten has been denied parole 19 times but this time around a California review board recommended her for parole. If the ruling is upheld, it will be forwarded to Gov. Brown, who then has the option to block her parole.

“These people will be free to move around the country if we don’t do anything about it,” said Tate.

“Governor Jerry Brown must know that society cannot trust someone who committed such a heinous murder without showing any remorse for years,” wrote Tate on her petition website.

Tate feels that the entertainment industry goes way too far in its dramatization of true crime. She has been trying to bring awareness by speaking out with her friend Kim Goldman, sister of Ron Goldman, who felt similarly about “American Crime Story” and the way the events were portrayed on the FX anthology.

“I would like to see the industry take a different attitude. At the very least they could apologize,” Tate said.


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  1. Linda T. says:

    I see some of you commenting on here, were still between your father’s brains when the Tate / La Bianca murders by the Manson family happened. Let me tell you, I lived in S.F. at a time when we could leave our doors unlocked at night, and left open all night during hot Indian Summer nights to let in some cool air, but when these heinous murders in L.A. took place, EVERYBODY locked their doors and windows. D.A. Vincent Bugliosi (now deceased), who wrote about these crimes in his book, “Helter Skelter”, did his job to put these cultist murderers in prison, and the jury did their job to grant the Death Penalty, unfortunately, California is run by a bunch of whining government liberal left wing bureaucrats, who think THEIR job is permanent, while they break all the rules, including going against a 12 member jury of their peers decision, which is what California Supreme Court Justice Rose Bird did, when she overturned the jury’s sentencing from death to life; a quick way to keep Manson and his followers from being executed for their crimes, and therefore, ‘justice’ was NOT served. Those of you who were not around back then, should curtail your comments, because you know nothing at all about what happened on that August summer night in 1969 when a hideous group of hippies committing crimes on innocent people, and carrying out ‘orders’ from one hypnotic devil who was in and out of prison since he was a child, had their final fun to kill episode, using whatever means possible to extract as many blood-curdling screams as they could from each of their victims; one who was happily due to have a baby boy, while she suffered begging for the life of her baby.
    If you don’t know what you’re commenting about, don’t comment at all, otherwise, try to find a copy of the book, “Helter Skelter” and read it all the way through before you write about something no one has ever told you about, that you don’t know, that when it happened, sent shivers up and down everyone’s spine.
    Now California left wing bureaucrats, including Governor Jerry Brown, is once again, showing mercy to these killers who should have been dead years ago! The Death Penalty is a joke in California!

    • Adon Bluu says:

      A country gets the criminals it deserves, its ironic that debra tate, says “It’s extremely insensitive to be portraying people in an untruthful manner” because the prosecuter and the media protrayed Charles Manson as guilty and a psychopath.

    • USAF RN says:

      During my 50 years in California the voters voted 2 or 3 times for the Death Penalty for Hideous Crimes.
      The 9th Court of Appeals reversed the voters choice. This same court has a Fail Record of 50% of their decisions are reversed later by Supreme Court.
      Reminding the general public…sentencing is for the Crime Committed…not what criminal says or
      does later on (in an effort to get out of jail!)

      This group of individuals slaughtered five people in a home and a week later, an older couple in their home. Cold blooded vicious murder while the victims pled for their lives. If today’s population is so desensitized by Hollywood’s violent movies and videos, that they don’t care what is shown on tv, we
      have sick society.

      • JOHN LUCKETT says:

        This is a great speech.You’re absolutely right.I couldn’t agree with you further.I saw the movie “HELTER SKELTER’ when I was about 8 YRS. old.It has hoiified me for life.I am now 50 YRS. old.My heart goes out to all the poor helpless victims.

      • Gary Lockley says:

        I was living in California in 1969 and I remember it well. And you’re correct, most people commenting have no idea what they’re talking about and think of murder as only some TV plot for Castle or Murder She Wrote. But isn’t that the norm for most of the “younger” generation now days? I watch Watters World on Fox every now and then and just laugh at the really gross ignorance of those he interviews. I’ve seen people not know who we won our independence from, what Memorial Day is all about and and other examples of our pathetic iPhone fixated shallow thinking losers set to run this country one day. The sad part is they actually think they have skills. Oh well, the school of hard knocks bashes a new class every year about this time.

  2. Fernando says:

    If Debra Tate cannot tell the difference between fiction and reality, she should stop watching tv (and stop reading books et cetera) and see a psychiatrist.

    • Angharad says:

      How dare you judge her under these circumstances. This was her sister and her nephew whow ere brutally murdered. Maybe you need the professional help if you have so little compassion for her loss. may it never visit you and yours in such a fashion. Because you just set in motion some powerful karma.

    • Kimberly says:

      I agree!

      • Mike Keith says:

        If we are going to be so ‘sensitive’ about every little thing, well we might as well ban all media news outlets. The constant barrage of media every time some wacko decides to shoot up something that goes one for weeks or even months while the victims could not even turn on a TV or go to the internet without seeing something about it. We are talking about something that happened nearly 50 years ago. I think the time has past to not worry about the sister of one of the victims of the Manson cult. People have the right to watch whatever depravity they see fit. You guys keep talking how this is america and the freedom fighters and police that keep this country safe, well it gives us the right to say and do, and see whatever we damn well want. This is America.

    • Fernando says:

      I am sorry for her loss, but as soon as we start to censor media as Debra Tate proposes, we start a Thought Police that will never end.

  3. Ding Dong Daddy says:

    I saw Aquarius and it was terrible. The chicks were hot though

    • Leslie says:

      When was the last time you watched a commercial free network show? This show has a lot of history in it and I was around during this time period

  4. lawson1974 says:

    We can’t just not show any historical death, murder, rape, or mayhem because somebody somewhere has a connection to it. It would essentially ban the re-telling of any negative history or its use in any historical fiction.

  5. Earnest Lee Beauvine says:

    What I don’t get is that Manson was not present at the Tate murder(s). I’ve never seen the show, though, so I don’t know what their angle is….

    • BettyBoop says:

      The angle is that there is a rumor that Manson went to the house after the deed was done. Rumors that Sharon and Jay’s bodies had been moved. It’s actually consistent with the blood smears on Sharon; it did look like she had been moved and then returned to the location she was originally in. Rumors, though. No one knows the truth of it except Manson himself.

    • Leslie says:

      You see in real life Manson was not present at eather murder

      • samskaramandala says:

        Manson was present the night of the LaBianca’s murder. He was in the Ford with Atkins, Krenwinkel, Van Houten, Kasabian, Watson and Grogan. It was Manson who went into the LaBianca house, tied them both up with a leather thong he wore around his neck, he put pillow cases over their heads, then came back out and instructed Watson, Krenwinkel and Van Houten to go in and murder them. The thong was identified by Straight Satan Danny DeCarlo as the one that was tied around Leno LaBianca’s wrists.

      • samskaramandala says:

        The smears on Sharon’s body were because of when Atkins, Watson and Krenwinkle were stabbing her, the blood was shooting out due to to the fatal stab to the lower chamber of the heart Sharon suffered. That chamber is where the blood comes down then shoots down through the body to be fed down through the femoral artery, then back up the body. It’s like cutting the carotid artery in the neck. When Atkins, Watson and Krenwinkel dropped her, their clothes were saturated in her blood. Due to the fact that Sharon had no clothes no to absorb the blood like Abigail Folger’s nightgown, or Voytek Frykowski’s vest, shirt, pants, etc,, the blood was left to smear over her bare skin. Manson had no time to return. I’ve done the research on this and the time it would have taken for Watson, Atkins, Krenwinkel, and Kasabian to return to Spahn, would have left very little time for Manson to return to the house before the paperboy left the paper in the mailbox at 4:45 that morning.

      • Grant Stedman says:

        Leslie, Charles Manson was not present during the Tate murders. He was outside in a car waiting. Manson WAS present at the LaBianca murders.

  6. Ben says:

    Base on the ratings I think the boycott is working!

  7. Jason says:

    Too soon?

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