Andrea Tantaros Refuses ‘Seven Figure’ Settlement Offer From Fox News to Drop Harassment Case

Andrea Tantaros sues Fox News
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The attorney for former Fox News Channel personality Andrea Tantaros said Wednesday the host had turned down a settlement offer in the  “seven figures” and would continue to press her case alleging harassment by senior executives at the 21st Century Fox-owned cable-news outlet.

The legal development threatens to fan the flames of a controversy that the network and its parent hope to extinguish: Roger Ailes, the leader of the network and architect of its popular and influential programming, was ousted in July in the wake of a lawsuit filed by former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson alleging sexual harassment by the executive. He has denied the charges, but multiple female Ailes employees both current and former stepped forward alleging similar charges of unwelcome and sexually charged behavior by Ailes.

“As has been widely reported, Fox News previously offered Ms. Tantaros seven figures to renounce her harassment claims against Ailes (and others) in exchange for her eternal silence,” said Judd Burstein, a lawyer representing Tantaros in the matter, in a statement. ” She summarily refused their offer, and believes that any settlement must provide for the cleaning up of Fox News, a task that has regrettably fallen squarely on her shoulders.”

“We stand by our earlier motion to compel arbitration,” Fox News said in a statement.

Tantaros in August filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court of the State of New York alleging senior executives at the network retaliated against her after she complained about being inappropriate remarks made to her by Ailes, the former chairman and chief executive of the network. In the document, the former co-host of Fox News shows like “The Five” and “Outnumbered”alleged Ailes made demeaning remarks to her, such as “I bet you look good in a bikini,” and also asked inappropriate questions about her romantic life as well as the lives of other Fox News staffers. When Tarantos and her representatives complained to senior Fox News executives, the suit alleges, the anchor was first moved to the daytime program “Outnumbered’ from “The Five,” and was told to cease her complaints because it was likely she would not prevail. The suit seeks as much as $23 million, as well as $26 million in punitive damages and reimbursement of attorney fees.

The attorney released a deposition from Dr. Michele Burdy, a clinical psychologist who once treated Tantaros, and who related a number of instances from her sessions with the news personality in which she detailed some of the allegations she made in her suit.

21st Century Fox reached a settlement said to be valued at around $20 million with Carlson earlier this month.

Women in the Media Who Have Accused Roger Ailes of Sexual Harassment


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  1. james jackson says:


    • You a sick puppy there SKIPPY—–leave Bill O’Rielly alone—-

      • In the first place he did not have sex with anyone nor did he try and force that upon anyone so get ur facts straight.

      • Sharon Bowen-Campbell says:

        How do you know that? Just because someone settles a case it does not mean they are guilty. People and companies with a lot of money do it all the time because it is cheaper than a long drawn out court case, even if the accused kwnows that in the end he/she would win?

        Why didn’t article mention what Fox had to say? Look it up there are always too sides to a story and anyone at anytime can be accussed.

  2. frank says:

    i only watch lou dobbs and charles payne all the other women shows are a waste of time.

  3. BillUSA says:

    Since we don’t know if Andrea will accept a larger settlement in the future, her refusal might turn out to be more about her financial well-being than anything else. If that proves to be what happens, then she’ll be doing more harm for any measures taken to prohibit sexual harassment in the workplace.

    Unscrupulous women see a big payday and manipulate their way into lawsuits with unsuspecting male executives because of such high-profile cases and diminishes the credibility of women who are actually sexually harassed, theoretically making it more difficult to convince people of their accusations.

    The awarding of millions of dollars to these famous victims always left doubt in my mind about the veracity of the woman involved. We will never know how every single exchange between the people involved evolved, or what was said or inferred. A woman could be unaware of how her mannerisms can be interpreted as innuendo to a male who can’t control his desires. I always felt that every woman should hold herself in check in that regard, but they don’t like being told what to do with their bodies and my suggestions to that effect are met with torchlight-and-pitchfork fervor. But I still believe I’m correct.

    That doesn’t mean that males should be allowed to free-wheel it in the workplace either. The norm seems to be that a male in a position of power uses that station as a means of accruing playmates. While that may be the case in more than half of all instances [an assumption], real MEN wouldn’t lower themselves to disrespect a real WOMAN. Especially if he appreciates all that he has accomplished. Yet, when two bad actors get together, something bad always follows.

    Me? I’m lucky in that I never needed the workplace to meet/pick up women. I took my career seriously and found such dalliances with co-workers to be distracting and problematic. Not just from what I’ve heard about other co-workers but from my own experiences with two females I dated from work. I’ve been sexually harassed by women who weren’t higher-ups. But the damage I could have caused would have been irreparable to them and myself if I pursued any actions. I know that because one of those harassing women caused one of my male co-workers to report her. He didn’t care what it meant to his reputation, he cared about principles.

  4. What a world we live in. Someone says a few sexist words to a person and boom, financially the person is set for life. Well played AT, well played. Particularly since you were at best a mediocre opinion journalist.

  5. Dave H. says:

    Fox looked the other way for years while this womanizer hit up everything in high heels. Time to pay up for hiding Ailes under the cover. Great TV ratings for Ailes does not give him unlimited power to harass, embarrass, sexually assault and denigrate women. He is a creep and I only hope that millions come from his piggy bank.

  6. Erica says:

    24 million I wish I had her problems.

    • Dunstan says:

      Erica, we all do. But the plain truth is her suit has merit, given the number of women who’ve come forward at Fox News. Ailes was, and I’m sure, remains a pig. And yes, the culture at Fox News is beyond out of whack.

      This legal action and others may do the trick.

  7. Sam Shoemaker says:

    All You Guys Might as Well Quit making statements.Everyone knows that the Only Comments That Count are a Womans.Nuff Said! You Have to Be a Shoveness Sexual Perverted Scum to be a Man!

  8. Joseph says:

    Its really too bad that she really looks bad in a bikini. Guess getting a compliment is sexual harassment now. Well andrea, you do look good in a bikini. But dont sue me I have no money. Or would you like to be called Fat instead. This bullshit is why no one wants to compliment women.

  9. Igor Davis says:

    Common practice at Fox. This is a common practice that ANY female professional in this country doesn’t have to put up with anymore. Like Bill Cosby, I don’t think we’ve seen the end of this. Fox wanted to settle because Ailes is involved with the election. Too bad. I was certified in training in California on sexual harassment in the ’90s. It just doesn’t work anymore and for people on here who say she knew what she was getting into is BS. Yes, all people in the media are forced to look attractive, but what goes on off camera is another story. On Fox and Friends, you can find a montage of Gretchen Carlson being harassed by her two cohorts on camera.

  10. Bill Beech says:

    She needs to press this suit all the way, a settlement is the easy way to cover up and continue to abuse women. Fox needs to clean up and she needs 100m

  11. Art Carney says:

    to be I would be surprised she was not hit on often. Man she is a goodlooking female

  12. STEVE LINDNER says:

    There is a saying, “life isn’t always fair, get used to it”. Many people do not get treated fairly in the workplace. This woman tried to use her sex appeal to her advantage and it worked! An opening came along and she is trying to cash in. I don’t blame her, but she is wrong. She wanted to be profiled as a hot sexy journalist and she got her wish. However, along with that title comes the responsibility of being able to handle the sexy profile. When you are seeking attention and then you receive it, what did you expect? I’m sorry, but dangling a carrot in front of a horse’s not is the only way to get ahead. It’s usually easier and quicker

    • STEVE LINDNER says:


      • bee shepard says:

        She came across as a know it all, opinionated, aggressive, brusque,self righteous, snarky and hypocritical.women. . First of all, Andrea Tantaros is not a sex goddess instead she is an opportunist plain and simple. Roger Ailes was a 70+ year old man who is harmless and she certainly took advantage of exploiting the situation to reap personal benefits. I hope after turning down money offered to her once it gets to court she loses case and walks away with not even a penny.
        I hope all men realize there are tons of women which have this mind set especially these gender equality empowerment women my advice is run as fast as possible the opposite direction and whatever you do stay away from them before they attempt to ruin your life.

  13. She probably would look good in a bikini. And this is now multi-million dollar harassment? Probably the biggest problem in all of this are the lawyers as those suing have no downside and get their 40% upon winning while those defending also get paid overly well. If it were her alone would she accept a million dollars? Hell yes.

  14. John Olsrud says:

    meanwhile, the common girls get raped and the attacker might get a slap on the wrist. women calling for equal rights is a joke.

  15. Arlan Godthaab says:

    Can’t wait to see how Brit Hume belly-flops a comment into this one…

  16. John Isbell says:

    It’s always a roll of the dice when your suing in court. You might get more or you might get less. In her case the man who is at the center of this controversy has already been fired, and no one has said she couldn’t come back. To get that kind of money, you need to prove to a jury that your ability to find employment has been seriously damaged.

  17. John says:

    After she “got into journalism”, at some point she realized she wasn’t going to be the next Barbara Walters, Katie Couric, Jane Pauley, et al. She saw an opportunity to make a lot of money and she acted on it. She is a smart woman with moderate talent. She understood her limitations and made the most of the opportunity created by Carlson. Alone, she would have been kicked to the curb.

  18. John Petz says:

    Its hilarious reading comments from the Hillary and Obama haters who loved this woman when she was spewing similar dislike. But now that she has revealed Fox news for what it is – a beauty show masquerading as a credible news org suddenly she isn’t so popular.

  19. Michael says:

    Tantaros was moved from the Five to Outnumbered because she wasn’t as good as Guilfoyle. She failed as a Five presenter, just the same as her book failed.

  20. Drumdog says:

    The greed of her and her lawyers is really showing through now.

  21. SE_Wisconsin says:

    Not a bad looking lady, but I got tired of her mouth. Meaning, she doesn’t know when to shut up and she thinks she’s bigger than who she is.

  22. why is FOX eager to settle cases that can’t be proven. Odd; it’s not rape we’re talking about here; how is that worth making them millionaires; I believe that’s why Gretta quit; she’s making her money and Gretchen got 20 million for nothing.

  23. Russ says:

    OMG – $20 million for saying “I’ll bet you look good in a bikini?” I like Andrea but I think this is way over done. It seems she is on a mission that won’t easily be resolved. Stay tuned.

  24. George L. Randle says:

    It is high time that women and men, who do the same job are protected in the same way and treated as human beings and not just pawns for some CEO and his or her staff. We get this when we purposely omit using the values they were taught, which were the values our God has given us.

  25. Sonny_d says:

    Take the cash peanut

  26. John A Smith says:

    Good ol American greed rears its ugly head. That, and a low life , scum bag, POS lawyer…..and what do you get????? Early retirement and The American Dream!!!!!

  27. Lenny Caron says:

    so dress sleazy for the newscasts in lowcut blouses, and short skirts then get offended when someone makes a comment give me a break

  28. TONY says:

    Yeah, she MILKED him like MOST women would do, knowing she was going to bust his butt later on, thats why she let him carry on the way he did.

    • bee shepard says:

      She dressed like a vixen in a workplace dresses/skirts up to her booty, enormous fake boobs hanging out in low cut blouses and cannot understand why the old man was talking to her in this manner let alone never touched her at all. She is an opportunist women looking for a free meal ticket for life!

  29. john says:

    Ive always been skeptical of commenters who make up words to insult people like the word “foxscum” I would be that guy if I referred to jake holman as “assholman”

  30. topt says:

    I hope she gets everything she is demanding. I only wish that KG from the Five would make an apology to her for not believing the allegations.

  31. Nathan Burks says:

    She is a doll..I love her

  32. Jay says:

    Guess they believed their brains were why they were hired. Glad the Bimbo Squad is History

  33. Jake Holman says:

    I see all the Foxscum are here defending their favorite right-wing cabal. Yes, she is “not as pretty” as the other Fox women (you mean, the blondes), she was “asking for it” because she was “too provocatively dressed” (now where have I heard that one before)? If she took the settlement, then she would have been a “money-hungry bimbo”. I’m glad she didn’t. You misogynists are pathetic.

  34. James Thompson says:

    That should cure what ” Ailes ” her ?

  35. Jolly Rodger says:

    In Ailes defense, I’ll bet she looks awesome in a bikini. But I liked her on both The Five and Outnumbered and miss her presence.

  36. Joseph Fattal says:

    Fox news need to play their game. Take them to court let them prove sexual harassment. The amount of money they will have to pay to hire an attorney to sue Fox news is about as much if they win, so they’ll come out even. Some of them needs to wear a skirt not half a skirt. And some of them show more than they talk.

  37. crbenker says:

    She really IS a bimbo!!

  38. Merrel says:

    She and all the other ‘ladies’ on FOX dress much too provactively for the TV camera. Too much chest, cleavage and skits way, way too short. These ‘ladies’ really encourage this male behavoir and then cash in on it.

  39. Show me the MONEY!! What a life!

  40. Tommy says:

    Andrea’s career has ended. She is not as pretty nor as bright as the other Fox News women.

  41. Carl Stitzel says:

    I miss Andrea, she was a asset to fox news

  42. She didn’t seem to mind flaunting it around to get and keep her job. Why all of a sudden did she decide to bring this up? Was she being squeezed out by real talented people?

  43. no1hd says:

    If she has a case, bring it and quit trolling for a jury. She could care less about the woman thing, her ego and a failing news person is killing her.

  44. It’s an alleging harassment suit. She’ s pushing a string that isn’t going any further. Soon, with her misguided attitude, the string will begin to turn back on her. The longer the case goes on the more time she’s exposed to discovery against her. Have seen this happen many times.

  45. jerry parker says:

    Thought she was a nicer lady than this. If not for Fox news she’d be a small station weather girl. In my humble opinion.

    • Mark kacop says:

      I hope you don’t have a daughter.

    • Blanche says:

      You’re right Jerry. She should just shut up like a good woman would and take it. What’s a little sexual harrassment to get to the big time. What’s the saying? Boys will be boys.. Give me a friggen break. She should fight this and make them pay for it could be your daughter, sister, wife that it happens to next.

  46. Frank Gambardella says:

    I’m a big fan of Andrea, but I would give her Zero (0).

  47. Paul says:

    She shouldn’t settle for any less than 50 million.

    If all the Fox women did that it would be the end of perverted propaganda peddling machine.

  48. laura bordas says:

    I use to like Tarantino a great deal. There never seemed to be an issue before when she was around Oreilly. I tend to believe this is not true and if it is the sexual slights were certainly a group of people who knew each other well just being one of the group. She never gave any ques she didn’t like the conversations.

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