Anderson Cooper Shuts Down Trump: ‘That’s the Argument of a 5-Year-Old’ (VIDEO)

Anderson Cooper Donald Trump

Anderson Cooper shut down Donald Trump during a CNN town hall on Tuesday night, saying he used “the argument of a five-year-old.”

During the conversation, Cooper asked Trump about an unflattering photo the GOP candidate retweeted of Ted Cruz’s wife Heidi next to Trump’s wife Melania. “I thought it was a nice picture of Heidi,” Trump said.

Cooper pushed back, responding, “Come on, you’re running for president of the United States.”


Corey Lewandowski Donald Trump

Donald Trump Campaign Manager Charged With Battery for Grabbing Reporter

“Look, I didn’t start it,” Trump said.

“Sir, with all due respect, that’s the argument of a five-year-old,” Cooper retorted.

Unsurprisingly, Trump protested, telling Cooper, “It is not!”

“The argument of a five-year-old is, ‘He started it’!” Cooper went on.

The feud between Trump and Cruz escalated last week, when Trump claimed that Cruz used a photo of his wife posing nude in a campaign ad and threatened to “spill the beans” about his wife, without specifying what that meant. The ad was in fact produced by anti-Trump super PAC Make America Awesome.

At the town hall, Trump again maintained that it was Cruz who was responsible for spreading the ad.

Watch the full exchange below.

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  1. Emily says:

    yeah shut him down, taking the high road by name calling.

  2. Steven Sheldon says:

    Very disappointed in Anderson Cooper’s way of treating his guest Donald Trump.I think it is appalling.
    I used to like Cooper but no more.
    I say Cooper as he and many talk show hosts mention our current President of the United States of America as Obama.Where has media respect gone.
    President Obama is no fan of mine but I am disgusted that he is not called PRESIDENT Obama.

  3. GKN says:

    Good for Cooper. Most of Trump’s arguments are.

    • Doug says:

      Cooper is only one of the liberal media clones, desperate to downgrade Trump before the gullible, Kool-Aide guzzling, liberal populace.

      • Mark Cohen says:

        No Trump’s supporters are just juvenile Slow Whites who simply can’t handle that someone finally stated point blank what the vast majority of people think of Trump and your juvenile arguments.

  4. Trump is the dumbest Blonde in the country

  5. Chara says:

    Oh Anderson, there was a night and day difference between the way you interviewed Hillary and Donald. You interviewed Hillary like a great old friend, nothing about Benghazi, or her comment in a talk that she is ‘vetted.’ In fact, she is being investigated by the FBI and her conduct with her Husband’s past girlfriends is atrocious. You were argumentative and condescending with Donald throughout the entire interview. I believe an interview should be fair and balanced, so I guess I know who you are voting for and you know who I am for, too.

    • Brown Turquoise says:

      Anderson is the ultimate professional, but in this case he just emulating the style of the other chair. Plus why would Hillary’s husband’s past need to come up? In that case, Donald has been the EXACT same!!

  6. Kash Wirt says:


  7. Violet Scott says:

    Mr. Trump told the truth!!! Cruz did start it!! And a matter of fact…Trump told the truth just as a 5 year old tells the truth…. unlike most adults!!!

    • Brown Turquoise says:

      Yeah, but most 5-year olds know how to share and say I’m sorry. Not Trump.

    • Duy says:

      The argument was not who told the truth.
      The argument was “he started it! he started it! not me! i didnt start it!” That was the point Anderson Cooper was saying.

    • TJB says:

      Violet Scott…five-year-olds typically are not considered to be viable candidates for the highest office in the land…except perhaps by you?

  8. Deborah Stachowski says:

    You, Anderson Cooper have done your best to constantly talk about Mr Trump constantly. What are you going to do if he becomes the nominee? Changed attitude and gravel, huh? You being a gay man I thought you would act in a more experienced, fair person, knowing how it is to be discriminated against. You have been a complete disappoitment. You are suppose to be neutral actor in this campaign. You are a disappointment.

    • Hello says:

      Ummm …. are you foreign or did you skip school altogether?? My 4 year old writes and speaks better than you – please do not defend anyone b/c you make them look as idiotic as you obviously are. Remember the old adage it is better to keep you mouth shut and keep people guessing instead of opening it up and wiping away any doubt to you stupidity …. no offense!

  9. Kevin Thomas says:

    Yet the media runs the “wife photo” story. Anderson is a trust fund baby from one of the countries wealthiest families. Get off your soap box coop, socialism is for 5 year-olds.

  10. Della Katon says:

    Anderson Cooper I would like to send you a big big hug. It is about time someone has the ding a lings to confront the Trump. He is worse than a 5 yr. old, he can’t be sent to his room for his gross behavior and he has the money to keep him out of trouble. The only thing we the people can do to Trump is make sure he is not our President.

  11. Suzanne Mole says:

    Love you from Canada. I think you are the best. Respectfully done!

  12. Actually, Trump acts more like a 12 year old, but is it really helpful or appropriate for a “journalist” to insult a candidate with a comment like that? It shows that Cooper is no better than Trump. You can’t be righteously indignant about certain behavior and then engagge in the same behavior yourself.

  13. Guy says:

    Melania is walking. A guy is walking behind her and reaches forward, grabbing her arm and pulling her backward.
    How do you think Donald would react to that?

  14. Lucian says:

    Five year olds are more astute than every one of the establishment crooks who rob us and lie to us everyday, and especially more astute than Anderson cooper.

    • Cyn says:

      Lucian – Well said! It was shameful how Melania’s photo was used in Utah to pump up Cruz votes! Trump was just letting Cruz know that he better not do it again… and he had every right to!

  15. They have been throwing “barbs” at Mr. Trump since he announced his Candidacy. No one took him seriously. To me any person that has the stamina to even think about a life changing decision like this, taking on all the problems, and the mess, that this Country is in, and the World, and terror, and the debt we have, needs to garner the respect of all other Candidates, and the Press. I agree that, he may be inexperienced in the Political Arena, but hey, he is not the first. He has been taunted, ridiculed, and totally disrespected. But the One thing and the MOST important, thing to me, is, that he is a HUMAN BEING. He may have been born with advantages, but he still had to work like HELL, to get where is today. He has had failures, as do most Business men and women, You learn from them. Everyone, has the Bankruptcy System available to them. He has brains, he is experienced in business, he deals with people of all walks of life, everyday. He is just like the rest of us. He has done many unselfish things in his life, most of which, cost people nothing. He has helped people,with no expectation, of getting paid back. All he asks, is, they “PAY IT FORWARD”. He has gone before many Senate hearings, and Commissions, and warned them of impending doom, if they didn’t change their ways of handling things. Look at the videos, in 1988, 1991, Easy to find, Trump testifying before senate committees. The man has depth. I do not care that he has been married 3 times. His Children are a testimony to the type of MAN and FATHER, he is. They are all smart and have business smarts, just like him. They are successful. They were not brought up “affluently”. He is not beholding to anyone. No Super Pacs, no Lobbyists, no Banks, No GEORGE SOROS! He has brought the AMERICAN PEOPLE out in DROVES, to protest the WASHINGTON ELITES, who have raped and destroyed this Country, for decades. We have a voice, the “Silent Majority” has awakened. We do not want anymore Bought and PAID for Puppets in Washington anymore. They just keep getting us into more debt and will not do anything to protect us. They will not close the borders. Our Military is the weakest it has ever been. Our Vets are in dire distress. They let undocumented illegals into the Country, and they get more from the Government than our homeless, and working poor receive. The SYSTEM is UPSIDE DOWN. The Mainstream Media, and people like Cruz, Hillary and Kasich, and Sanders, need to go. The RNC is trying to cheat the AMERICAN PEOPLE out of our Votes. They are trying to destroy our 1st Amendment Right. They are denying us the right to choose our Candidate for President. The other Candidates, have attempted to demean him at every turn. They have tried to show him as a fool, and to make him explode. Under the circumstances, I believe, he has gone above and beyond, to show us he can handle things. He has surrounded himself, with the “in the know” people, to LEARN, what he doesn’t know, or is not familiar with. I call that intelligence. He has so much business and deal making experience. He has dealt with a great deal of Foreign Countries ,and their economies. In that respect, he has a hell of a lot more experience than any CANDIDATE running, “save” Kasich. So, Everyone needs to STOP all the BS. Cruz, needs to back off. His PAC started the deal with the posting of Melania’s picture., How much is a man supposed to take, especially when they bring his family, especially, his wife, who is beautiful. There was nothing about it embarrassing about it. She had an HONEST job. the picture he posted, was nothing.I could go on about Cruz. But, My point IS, that everyone Needs to BACK OFF of Mr. Trump, and instead get behind him, if they want to save our Country. Trump is NOT GOING ANYWHERE, AND NEITHER ARE HIS SUPPORTERS. STOP BULLYING HIM. PRAISE HIM, THANK HIM, AND WORK WITH HIM.

    • Dunstan says:

      Donald Drumpf is a national embarrassment. His entire campaign consists of a slogan on a baseball hat. He’s not interested in making America great again; he’s interested in making American white again. He has a completely distorted view of the legislative process, wants to restrict freedom of the press, threatens lawsuits when someone doesn’t agree with his warped world view, and is easily one of the most dangerous men in America not currently in prison.

      He is a bully, a racist, a misogynist and has no idea what the Constitution says or what it means; likewise the Bill of Rights.

      He has had multiple business failures including his Trump University scam and his casinos. In short, he’s nothing but a con man. He thinks everything in government can be solved by his alleged knowledge of negotiating. That’s another myth. Scotland saw right through his b.s. and refused to cave in on his golf course plan. The UK has contemplated banning him from their country. He is incompetent, unaware and unfit for the presidency or any other office.

      All he cares about is himself.

      To those who support him, read his inane comments about world trade. His plans would ignite a world wide trade war resulting in higher prices for almost every American. How does that help anyone? His plan to deport millions, build a wall and other such insanity would balloon the deficit in ways you can’t begin to imagine.

      So please do continue to extol his “virtues.” Because come Election Day, he’ll not only be “fired,” he’ll be the Biggest Loser.

    • David Nicholson says:

      Wow, I tip my hat to you and your post. Couldn’t have said it better myself. I voted for him, BTW.

  16. John Winters says:

    Go Donald Trump
    USA lives on!

  17. Gary says:

    Can’t wait to see this donkey to be President, it will be funny, what surprise me the most is that there are a lot of ignorant people in USA, I wasn’t expecting that, but there is and seems to be most,
    Stupid racist people deserve this, who should be worried the most is the people that live in USA, I mean Gringo’s, a rich five year old is the worst

    • BillUSA says:

      Racist…as in those who voted for Obama because he is black?

      You also used a racist term “gringo’s” in your hypocritical diatribe.

      Stupid people exist on both sides of the aisle – no moreso than those who continue to vote for them.

    • Photographess says:

      I Can Wait.

  18. Linder evans says:

    I know that the reporter was out of bounds and needed to be stopped by someone. The media is having a feeding frenzy with desire to increase ratings at someone else’s expense. MR. DONALD J TRUMP has been abused because he is outside the political establishment , he is bullied at every turn of events. I would like to see all adults be adults and respectful of others.

  19. Robert Brandzen says:

    Anderson Cooper and CNN,what did you expect? Just another soldier of the Clinton soap opera!

  20. Dan says:

    5 year olds dont have the monopoly on acting like 5 year olds. Show me an adult that won’t react when provoked.

    I also appreciate Mr. Trump sticking with his campaign manager, that’s the type of person you want with you in a foxhole.

  21. Plus, saying “He started it” is just an admission that Trump did play dirty by following up on it.

  22. markbarmes says:

    Great job by Anderson Cooper, calling Trump out on his pseudo-maturity

    • BillUSA says:

      Ooh, I’ll bet Mr. Trump lost a lot of sleep over a waifish pantywaist suggesting his retort was that of a five-year-old.

      I’m not bowled over by his campaigning, but I would love to see the faces of those who’d rather have the crook or the codger win when Trump is announced as President of the United States.

      It would be a priceless moment.

    • Robert Brandzen says:

      Trump has accomplished a lot,what about you???

  23. Arnie Tracey says:



  24. Traci says:

    Trump even looked like a 5 year old with that grumpy down turned frown. In most of his pictures he looks like he is throwing a temper tantrum. Trump never answers a question directly just tries to turn the tables. Trump never says HOW he plans to make all these miracles happen. Trump just tells people what he thinks they want to hear. Geez, he seems an awful lot like a politician to me.

    • BillUSA says:

      He looks the way he does in his pictures because the establishment knows they can slip hand-chosen images past most observers. I’ve noticed a lot of unflattering pictures of him everywhere.

    • Tim says:

      Donald Trump doesn’t need to consult with you or Anderson Cooper about how he plans to do anything. He has been very successful keeping his own council. If he says what he intends to do, that simply opens the door for pinheads to criticize him. If he is quiet people criticize, if he opens his mouth people criticize. I wish all of you haters had been as critical regarding Obama as you are to Trump. He is your next president! Get used to it!

    • Robert Brandzen says:

      How adult of you,name calling,is that the best you can do?

      • Carly JB says:

        Unless you are referring to “an awful lot like a politician” to be name-calling, Traci did nothing of the sort. She said his expression was like that of a grumpy five-year-old [it was, and frequently is], and her biggest point was calling out his lack of substance in HOW he is going to enact his grandiose plans.
        Which is actually the biggest criticism of the established politicians – they are two-faced.
        Aside from personal attacks on those critical of Trump, what substantive reason do you have for supporting him? Or is that the best YOU can do?

  25. James says:

    With grievances against King George III of England, the signers of the American Declaration of Independence basically said, ‘He started it.’ Why did the U.S. Declare war on Japan after December 7, 1941? They started it. Why did the United States join the allied forces to go after Adolph Hitler during WWII? He started it. Why did Navy Seal Team 6 invade a compound in Pakistan and kill Osama bin Laden? He started it. I guess, sometimes, a 5 year old’s argument has logical justification. I know it did when I was five. I grew up with two older brothers, and they usually started it. Perhaps Mr. Trump is just accustomed to explaining things to reporters who have a 5 year old’s mentality. Maybe we could just use a more judicial explanation such as “He opened the door to this line of evidence,” or “They set the precedence for this.” Personally, I don’t really care. It’s just picture. I say we should leave the spouses and family members out of political campaigns unless there is some current, legal issue which is relevant.

    • Traci says:

      Carly JB – Thank you! I’m so glad that someone actually understood what I wrote.

    • Gregory Caliguiri says:

      You sir get it. Unlike the script reading schill Anderson Cooper and the Joos at this magazine who are looking to place their next puppet in the White House.

      • dannyofphilly says:

        100%. I was just thinking of many of the exact same issues. “He started it” is a legal justification/defense in our court system and it goes hand and hand with the Golden Rule that we all are taught. This is just more of the pompous media being pompous.

      • Gregory Caliguiri says:


  26. dzignr says:

    Anderson cooper just made my day!

    • Carly JB says:

      What a disgusting comment. No surprise someone so hateful supports a hatemonger like Trump.
      No empathy, I think something is missing from your wiring sir.

  27. Tim Osman says:

    Anderson Cooper is just another establishment stooge….TRUMP 2016

  28. Connie says:

    Argument of a five year old and yet this guy, Donald trump, not Ted Cruz is the guy that can beat Hillary Clinton. Why not high light this moment?

    • Robert Brandzen says:

      Anderson Cooper just another Hit Man for the Left and doing a mighty fine Goose Step! Just another reason I don’t watch cnn.

  29. David Price says:

    So much for the “full” exchange …. where the rest of it !?!?!?!

    • Walt says:

      Connie whatever you are smoking is clouding your brain,he will not win,put the pipe down and live in reality.He will lose in the genegeneral election to Hilary,Trump is not fit to lead this country… Count on it.

  30. Nicole Taylor says:

    5 yr old….how cute cooper……Trump finishes things! Cruz cowardly attacked trumps wife…..and trump sledgehammered him back……so badly cruz is crying and stunned what do next to save his sinking ship. Attack trump and you get squashed……attack america under president trump and you will be exterminated! American exceptualism is Trump 2016……im proud of it!

    • An Amused Reader says:

      “American exceptualism”?? Wow. Sub-literates for Trump!!!

    • Kevin Simms says:

      ‘Nicole Taylor’ – low information voter!

    • Laura says:

      A- If you bothered to notice facts, you’d see that it was reported almost immediately that the Melania picture was used by an anti-Trump SuperPAC that was not affiliated in any way with Cruz. B- America’s obsession with military force and ‘extermination’ is precisely what has landed us in our current predicament (see GWB’s tenure). And C- What on earth is exceptualism? I presume you mean exceptionalism, though given that you aren’t even familiar with the proper term, perhaps you shouldn’t be proud of exhibiting it. America is woefully behind the curve against many other progressive, first-world nations. We should focus on bettering ourselves rather than tearing down everyone else for suggesting we’re not the best anymore. Because we’re not.

    • Eduardo Love says:

      Trump failed all things he started…. do your research

      • Robert Brandzen says:

        The first multimillionaire failure,is that what you are trying to say?

      • Walt says:

        Nichole he does act like a child,and people like you who votes for a disgusting person like Trump says what type of person you are,no standards.

    • Freedom Supporter says:

      How did Cruz attack Trumps wife? The Anti Trump PAc was in contact with the Cruz campaign. You know that has legal ramifications, why isn’t Trump talking about it (because it never happened, just like Trump is too pussy to bring up a lawsuit about Ted’s birth certificate that he would lose.) I don’t even like Ted Cuz, but Trump is a bum, born to money and the biggest snot ball stooge you’ll ever see. America will crumble faster under him than Hitlery. This election has gotten so low, I feel like I’m watching reality TV. My wife is better looking than yours, my penis is larger than yours… Like really the Republican primary in this election cycle has become such a joke!

    • Learn wordz says:

      Exceptualism isn’t a word.

  31. blenderrecipes says:

    Well it does seem that Trump doesn’t start things but does respond without hesitation.

    If he wins his PC’s will be Must See TV

  32. EricJ says:

    “Sir, you’re acting like a 5-yo.”
    “…I AM NOT!!” :)

    • Jan Bobda says:

      So, if someone stabbed you with a knife, would you not do anything due to being afraid of using a “5 year olds argument?” I think that retaliating when someone has started something is appropriate and it is even an excuse for justified homicide in the U.S, but some how it is still the argument of a 5 year old? I don’t support Donald Drumpf but Anderson is being a real moron here.

  33. Nancy Burris says:

    Thank Goodness we have some thinking men in this country! Go Anderson!

    • freddie says:

      Cooper is gay. So he doesn’t understand that a husband would defend his wife.

      • Tally says:

        I guess you’re unaware that gay people are actual humans, and have relationships just like straight people. They’re even parents. And have jobs. IMAGINE! Trump is the one who has zero experience with 5-yr olds because I’m sure once his kids were born, they were sent off to nannies and private schools so he wouldn’t have to change a single nappy.

  34. 1support says:

    Way To Go Anderson, tell him; he (Trump) is his own Achilles Heel.

  35. Mr. Cooper isn’t wrong earlier I said that I’ve known 6 year olds who are less whiny and bratty then Trump

  36. Arnie Tracey says:

    Donald = A giantic, empty, shallow, humanoid, overstuffed piece of candy-corn

  37. Charlesmm says:

    Cooper means: When we are at 60+, we can’t make a simple answer at any condition.

  38. lucky day says:


  39. Armored says:

    Did Anderson giggle like a five year old?

  40. Ultimate Tennis Blog says:


  41. Warren says:

    What has that got to do with the story?????

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