Alec Baldwin-Hosted ‘Match Game’ to Cap ABC’s Sunday Summer Gameshow Lineup

Alex Baldwin
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ABC is betting big on gameshows this summer, on Thursday adding a revival of “The Match Game” hosted by Alec Baldwin to its slate.

Sundays in particular will be heavy on classic game reboots, with the network creatings what it’s calling a “Sunday Fun & Games Block.” Following encores of “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” ABC’s Sunday lineup starting June 26 will feature the Steve Harvey-hosted “Celebrity Family Feud” at 8 p.m., the Michael Strahan-fronted “$100,000 Pyramid” at 9 and now “Match Game” at 10.

“Match Game,” produced by FremantleMedia North America, is a panel gameshow that features two contestants as they attempt to match the answers of six celebrities in a game of fill-in the missing blank. It will be executive produced by Alec Baldwin and FMNA’s Jennifer Mullin. ABC ordered 10 hourlong installments.

“I am beyond grateful to ABC and FremantleMedia for the chance to host a summer series of the legendary ‘Match Game,’ ” said Baldwin. “Hilaria and I are thrilled to donate this fee to arts-related charities. And we look forward to having a lot of fun.”

The list of celebrity contestants will be announced at a later date. “Match Game” began on NBC in 1962 but didn’t take off until it moved to CBS in the ’70s. Charles Nelson Reilly, Brett Somers and Richard Dawson were among the regular panelists during Gene Rayburn’s lengthy run as host.

ABC’s summer programming will also include a revival of “To Tell the Truth,” hosted by Anthony Anderson and featuring Betty White, NeNe Leakes and NBA star Jalen Rose as special guests. Also from Fremantle North America, it will air for six weeks on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. starting June 13.

And a second season of “500 Questions” will premiere Thursday, May 26. “Nightline” co-anchor Dan Harris will host the show from Mark Burnett and Mike Darnell, which is produced by MGM Television in association with Warner Horizon Television.


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  1. mjloehrer says:

    Maybe he’ll become upset with a contestant and beat them up

  2. Frances Rairdon says:

    Alec Baldwin used to be an amazing actor. Too bad he had to stoop to hosting this trashy show.

  3. Beverly Turner says:

    On Sunday August 21, 2016 on Match Game a question was asked about Donald Trump which I think was inappropriate due to the fact that Rosie ODonald was one of the celebrities. It is well documented that the two have a negative past relationship. Have similar questions been asked about Hillary Clinton or Obama? Other than this , I love the show and the new host, Alec Baldwin!

  4. I love Match game show host Alex. Is it on thur day with alex host. My mom would like to see it they have demand ch. Too even if its a re peat. Thank you.

  5. Bring back Rosie as a regular please, I may stop watching if you choose not to because she is the energetic, smart one. You really have some bad ones in her place.

  6. Al Retd says:

    loser host

  7. Teri says:

    Alec is the best! Laugh my ass off every week!

  8. Marion best known as Lady M says:

    As with most of posted comments I read, this has to be the worst remake of a very funny and fun show from the 70’s. Although the show from the 70’s had just a smattering of off color suggestive comments, if a young 10 or 11 year old was watching they would not pick it up as vulgar. This awful, awful show is outright vulgar and disgusting! I tried to watch it but just could not sit through something that made my stomach turn over with all their disgust and vulgarity. I agree with a prior commenter, where were the political hits on old Hillary, the liar and untrustworthy candidate for President of this once great country???? The MSM no longer tries to hide the outrageousness of their bias “opinions”, they are now outright blatant on how much they despise Republicans and Conservatives. Are they unaware of just how many people in this country are in that group and that they constantly offend millions of wonderful Americans who love their country and believe in what our forefathers gave us? They and their group of “progressives” are very close to destroying this country, just read the words of Cloward & Piven, who you can see in pictures of Bill Clinton signing some bill removing more of the peoples freedoms in promises of the “Big Government” hand out(s). Cloward & Piven were social democrats who came about during the anti-Vietnam era and the revolution for “Social Democracy”, which is nothing more than a bunch of Marxist teachings for outright Marxism and some say communism and they and their kind love Saul Alinsky and his “Rules for Radicals” which is still being taught in our colleges today. Just google the Cloward & Piven Strategy, it’s self-explanatory!! It was either Ben Franklin or Thomas Jefferson who made a statement that basically said they were afraid that over time the citizens of this country would be willing to give up more and more of their freedoms in order to receive “handouts” from the Government, does this look and sound like current events???
    Gene Rayburn must be turning over in his grave wishing he could come back and wring a bunch of the low life necks of such a group of untalented idiots of the far left liberal wacko’s in Hollywood. These people can not even come up with anything new to attract a TV audience much less the movie audience, they have to try and bring back successful shows of the past and they are failing in that regard miserably!!! THEY STINK!!! Thank goodness for cable, Netflix, Hulu etc., at least with now we have options and getting more and more as time goes on. Sorry, NBC. CBS and ABC you just don’t have what it takes to be successful at programming anymore, you should just give it up!!! Who can trust you anymore, you can’t even tell the truth!!

  9. Renie Olson says:

    my husband and I watched 2 episodes, first king of iffy, second was tastless and stupid, won’t watch again. Does everything need to be suggestive or sex related? Can’t come up with anything else? Really a turn off.

  10. Barbara Durette says:

    I take it back, finally a Clinton joke.

  11. Barbara durette says:

    Funny how they have Trump jokes/questions. No Clinton jokes/questions. Let’s hear some good clinton ones because I can come up with some amazing answers. I won’t be watching anymore.

  12. Barbara durette says:

    Noticed they are doing Trump type questions but no Clinton. Hmmmm mm. Will not be watching it anymore. Not that good anyway

  13. Sabrina says:

    Total garbage……. NOT family friendly!

  14. Brian says:

    I’m pleasantly surprised about this game show reboot. Alec is doing a pretty ok job and, over time, better chemistry between the host and regular panel guests (coupled with more alcohol backstage) should provide for enhanced entertainment.

    In comparison to Canada’s Match Game reboot, this one is much truer to the original and more entertaining.

  15. We were so looking forward to Match Game coming back, but ABC managed to ruin it with an awful cast and topics of question that should be R rated.

  16. agnes pack says:

    Who gives these low lives the right to comment about Trump. This is the worst game show I have ever seen. The nerve of these people only to bash Trump when the criminal gets away with everything. Hillary is their friend they are all in the same thought process (crooked) they are all finished don’t even know who most of the so call stars are. Rosie the pig mouth and Alec the angry nasty pig who do they think they are will NEVER watch again it was horrible. The person that produced this garbage should be fired for such crap

    • HowardB says:

      The right to comment about Trump??? Trump is the ULTIMATE low-life. His parody of a presidential campaign is downright shocking, and what’s even more shocking is the people that buy into the narcissistic loudmouth liar’s incoherent blabber.
      BTW…Alec Baldwin is great at host!

  17. Watched a few minuets of the show. It’s garbage. Can’t see it lasting since most of the celebs are leaving after the election.

  18. Tina M. says:

    The new Match Game is a disgrace. The questions and answers are to dirty for TV. Every question has a sexual content to it, and Alec Baldwin is Horrible as the host. I am by no means a prune but this show is horrible.

  19. ann says:

    Thought it would have been better, and then to throw in their liberal politics turned off. Who makes Rosie so perfect heard she is doing a bang up job raising adopted children. Tired of politics being decided by presidential wives dancing on Ellen. Unfortunately these people don’t know what a real family value shows that a normal family can watch and enjoy.

  20. Laura Anderson says:

    Very disappointed in this show. I had high expectations but it turned out to be a Donald Trump bashing. Not cool

  21. Sherrie Loughlin says:

    Hoping for a comic relief on a Sunday night… was terrible….the questions were so stupid. Answers were even worse. The “stars” we’re disappointing & of course throw some liberal Hollywood politics in & it is nothing new. Baldwin just did not pull it off….back in the day the show pushed the envelope but I think we have nothing more to challenge. Won’t watch again…..kinda boring.

  22. Kelly Martin says:

    Once again a show used to BASH Donald Trump! Your bashing me then and the other people who voted for him and plan to vote again for him!!!! Rosie O’Donnel is POISEN. Anyone who doesn’t agree with her politics is pure evil! She’s mentally ill and needs to be banned from television forever. She’s a has been. Couldn’t even have a fun renewed talkshow without her bulls*it!!!! It never ends. What about Killary Clinton who’s been around with her cheating POS husband for 25 years and never did a thing! Game show.. …get it!!!! I wish Rosie woulda kicked when she caught that “widow maker”!!!! Aand Alec who I like egged it on and went along with it. Don Trump is trying to better the country. You rich has been celebrities live live live to make sure all your low paying Mexican help stays!!! You will never see them otherwise. A few are fine we don’t need the whole country here stomping on my flag!!! I will watch Family Fued and Pyramid…….but not with that dispicable POS Rosie on!!!!! So they need to keep her away from that unpolitical show Pyramid. Let’s not ruin that happy show too! It was depressing watching that has been and her discussing no place for them politics. I dispise her!!!!!

    • HowardB says:

      But Donald trump is so bash-worthy. Kudos to them for calling out his phony, pandering nonsense disguised as a Presidential campaign.

  23. Abby welsh says:

    I tuned into this show to enjoy a game I have always liked. But what I saw is political nonsense mixed in. Nothing about hillary but aimed at Donald trump. I will not be watching this again.

  24. littlefilly says:

    I like the Match Game very much but only with Gene Rayburn. Monotone Alec Baldwin is an awful choice, I didn’t know any of the celebrities except for Rosie, and the racy questions for prime time TV is disgusting. The set was beautiful. I would replace the host and the panel!

  25. Sandy Rogers says:

    I just wanted to know the people of the cast of the new match game. Never heard of the 3 men on first show. Than you

  26. Linda Davis says:

    Hilarious cannot wait under next week

  27. mikeblaszczak says:

    “Hoooow drunk was he??”

  28. amm says:

    I hope they play the origional music during the game It wouldnt be match game without it!

  29. Tommy Dennison says:

    So excited about the new Match Game! Cannot wait! I hope that it is a permanent addition to ABC’s line-up for Fall!

  30. David Johnson says:

    “Didn’t take off until the ’70s”? The original version ran from the last day of 1962 until September 1969. I’d call that a good run.

  31. Henry says:

    Good clean family fun from ABC? I stunned!

  32. Nancy says:

    Odd career choice for Baldwin

  33. Bill B. says:

    They must be paying him a fortune. Why else on earth would this man be taking his career in this direction?!

    • EricJ says:

      Alec and Hilaria are active in arts-related charities, and since it’s only a summer-replacement stunt, he’s reportedly claimed he’s donating his proceeds to a few of their favorite causes.

      If it does get picked up as a fall series, we’ll probably see a change of hosts.

  34. I am more than delighted that we will be seeing something a little more mind-stretching and entertaining than some of the “sitcoms” that have filled the airwaves for the past few years, I am old but still like to use my mind, at the moment I cling to “Jeopardy” both on TV and also play on-line, and we wonder what happened to the network movies that entertained us. We are already paying through the nose just so we can see up-to-date network news and the network morning news shows are more show than news! If we want to see a movie on TV we have to pay extra for that, and a lot of today’s movies are more puzzling than entertaining. I have already expressed my shock and disgust at the idea of a supposed comedian making a movie about President Reagan’s suffering, as well as his family’s. I see that there is going to be a remake of “The $100,000 Pyramid”, which was also good for those of us who like to use our minds – perhaps before I leave this world I shall be able to see some TV worth watching again – remain hopeful, anyway.

  35. EricJ says:

    We’ve had Ironside and Hawaii Five-O revived because we missed 70’s cop shows.
    We’ve had Full House revived because we missed 80’s sitcoms.
    And now we’re into the new trend: We miss 70’s game shows. (Real game shows, back when B-list network stars needed the part-time work–Not the highbrow Jeopardy, the 80’s white-trash Wheel of Fortune, or the morning-housewife-club of whatever The Price is Right has now become.)

    Admit it, America: We miss TV.

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