‘Agent Carter’ Cancelled, Hayley Atwell’s New Series Greenlit at ABC

Agent Carter cancelled
Courtesy of ABC

“Agent Carter” has been cancelled at ABC after two seasons, Variety has learned.

However, “Agent Carter” star Hayley Atwell has landed another series at the network, the drama “Conviction,” which has officially been greenlit for the 2016-2017 season.


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In “Conviction,” Atwell stars as a lawyer and the former First Daughter Hayes Morrison, who is about to accept a job offered from her sexy nemesis, NY District Attorney Wayne Wallis (Eddie Cahill), to avoid jail time for cocaine possession and avoid hurting her mother’s Senate campaign. Working with his team at the new Conviction Integrity Unit will let her use her brilliant mind to turn over cases where there is credible suspicion of wrongful conviction, and give her a chance to turn things around with her high-powered political family.

Shawn Ashmore, Merrin Dungey, Emily Kinney, Manny Montana and Daniel DiTomasso also star. The series was created by Liz Friedman (“Elementary,” “Marvel’s Jessica Jones”) and director Liz Friedlander (“The Following”), and will be exec produced by Mark Gordon and Nick Pepper. ABC Studios and The Mark Gordon Company are producing the drama. “Conviction” marks the second order for Mark Gordon Co. this week, following Kiefer Sutherland’s “Designated Survivor.” The company is also behind ABC’s “Quantico” and “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Airing as a bridge during “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” hiatus again this season, “Agent Carter” averaged a 1.4 rating in adults 18-49 and 4.4 million viewers overall in “live plus-7” estimates from Nielsen — down sharply from its first year.

Meanwhile, another Marvel project is in the works at ABC: “Marvel’s Most Wanted,” a spinoff of “Agents of SHIELD,” which has been renewed for Season 4.

Here’s the first look at Hayley Atwell in “Conviction,” which has been greenlight for the 2-16-2017 season:

CONVICTION - ABC's "Conviction" stars Hayley Atwell as Hayes Morrison. (ABC/Bob D'Amico)

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  1. Sarah wood says:

    Please can you bring this show back for female’s its the best show necause it shows a women can do anything and marvel doesnt have many female heroes

  2. jack Thomas says:

    I love story Agent Carter, it was smart, sexy and well done I love the cast I love the era and not just because she was a beautiful woman because she stood for don’t give up. please continue with this show.

  3. Kay says:

    Alright, has feminism gone to far? Yes. They are questioning abc for cutting shows xD They have a limit to the amount of shows they can have up, not like they can air 10 shows at the same time, theres a schedule to be made. So “m” go take your crap were people care.

  4. m says:

    pretty weak ABC, canceling your MOST feminist show. as a feminist, this makes me a little bit wary of your content …

  5. Sharon Cameron says:

    I loved the Agent Carter series. So sorry to hear it is cancelled.

  6. KahLeeb says:

    Sarcastic woot! ..Interesting story lines directly connected to the most popular and successful film franchise in our time.. and look, its been cancelled in favor of some show that i find so uninteresting that i didn’t even bother to finish reading the shows description.

  7. Boo says:

    Television Networks aren’t charities. They’re corporations with shareholders. If a show isn’t pulling in ratings or viewers – the two things they’re created for – they can’t keep producing them. It wasn’t a “wrong decision” for them. And anyone asking “why??!” – it is clearly stated in the article. It wasn’t ABC who didn’t recognize a great show – it was the audience or, rather, the lack of audience.

    • loco73 says:

      No, it was the lack of any meaningful marketing, the terrible scheduling problems…and the overall all lack of support from the network for the cast, crew and producers as well as a new management and network president who had no clue how to handle a show like this…

  8. Debra Wells says:

    I completely agree with all that KansasGuest has said. This was a great show and Hayley Atwell, well, if they ever opt for a female Bond, I can’t think of any other actress who could pull it off believably. It was, indeed, unique and interesting because of its differences. Fie upon thee, ABC, for not recognizing what a “super” program this was.

  9. KansasGuest says:

    Although I’m glad Hayley Atwell will be onscreen with CONVICTION, the premise of a lawyer team fighting crime in a “special unit” is pretty common these days. I hope it does go well for her. But, the thing about AGENT CARTER is that it was *UNIQUE.* There was no other show on tv or the web that was like it. IMO, it was a throwback to WONDER WOMAN if you think about it…but, really much better.

    Set in the late 40’s-early 50’s, it had a highly intelligent, capable, gorgeous female lead character in Peggy Carter, who no one doubted could found a covert spy organization like the future SHIELD. The woman was even able to knock Howard Stark into line. Honestly, she was a step up from Wonder Woman’s Diana Prince – who had to hide her capable nature so Steve Trevor wouldn’t know what she was up to (and I am a WW fan). I think ABC will honestly regret cancelling this series. It was just getting to the good part – when Peggy & Stark set the foundation for SHIELD, when Stark probably begins to create the Jarvis computer in baby steps, and when the Winter Soldier program gets up & running in the USSR. They could have even introduced more youthful versions of Hank Pym & Janet Van Dyne with a forward jump in time. It took 3 seasons for THE BIG BANG THEORY to find solid, consistent viewership. I really wish ABC had given AGENT CARTER one more season to do the same.

  10. C says:

    They CANCELLED Agent Carter? WHY??? For gods sake, why are these TV networks so dumb???? First an awesome show like Forever gets cancelled and now Agent Carter? For what, a show where the actress is probably going to play a character that is simply going to be utilized to drive forward her “sexy nemesis” story line? Un-freakin-believable. Agent Carter was a fantastic show with so much potential. I was so hoping to see Peggy start S.H.I.E.L.D up. Way to go, idiot TV network people.

  11. Maxine Nicholson says:

    Conviction lost me at “her sexy nemesis” -_- We lost Agent Carter and get this crap instead?

  12. One of the few tv shows I watched. Very disappointing. Very sick of seeing Donald Trump 24/7.

  13. Alex says:

    The problem with the show is that it’s a 1940s story about an agent going after a big back blob. Nobody knows or cares what that is. It was advertised as a spy-type show. Why not make a spy-type show. Comic books used to be about a lot of different things before the ‘seduction of the innocent’ garbage. Cowboys. Spies. Romance. It was a very diverse medium. You have to go indie comics to read different things.

  14. Ale says:

    Nooooo! Agent Carter was a great show! We needed to see her founding S.H.I.E.L.D.

  15. I hope this doesn’t mean the end for the characters like Peggy Carter and young Howard Stark. I really enjoyed this show and wish we could see at least one more half-season to address season 2’s cliff hanger and show the founding of SHIELD. I honestly felt season 2 was more entertaining than the first season, despite its clunky writing. I think season one was a bit slow and scattered. I had a hard time watching it week to week and would often let episodes pile up on the DVR and binge.

    Anyway, it’s a shame. I hope this doesn’t mean this is the last we’ll see of the characters.

  16. loco73 says:

    If there was a mistake with the second season of the show, it was that, the setting shouldn’t have been changed to LA, and the storyline should have pushed forward to the founding of SHIELD, it would have been nice to see that, instead of the plot that echoed Chinatown quite vividly…and even having said that, I actually enjoyed the second season of the show, although not as much as the first. And we needed more Dottie!

  17. loco73 says:

    So they cancelled “Agent Carter” and took someone with Hayley Atwell’s charisma and talent and shoved her into a show whose premise is:

    “In “Conviction,” Atwell stars as a lawyer and the former First Daughter Hayes Morrison, who is about to accept a job offered from her sexy nemesis, NY District Attorney Wayne Wallis (Eddie Cahill), to avoid jail time for cocaine possession and avoid hurting her mother’s Senate campaign.”

    Yeah…that is soo much better…At least they could have given the green light for another limited season to show how SHIELD was founded and the role she played in it…

    Speaking for myself, I thought “Agent Carter” was entertaining and it just looked soo good, the damn cinematography, especially during the first season, rivalled that of many big budged movies, never mind that a single episode of that show was often times more pleasurable to see than many feature films, including most of the garbage Marvel’s been churning out for the past few years.

    So I guess that in “Captain America: Civil War” they buried Peggy Carter literally and figuratively. Too bad because Atwell was a great presence in Marvel’s television and movie universe, which has now been rendered that much more anemic and uninteresting…I am curious if she will ever be involved with any other Marvel project…

  18. MimiB says:

    Atwell’s new show sounds formulaic and just another “brilliant outsiders fight crime”. I liked Agent Carter, even though the writing could have been better season 2, there were some great characters and loved the period setting.

  19. Mark Graham says:

    Boo, I want more Agent Carter.

  20. Jane says:

    Absolutely the wrong decision to cancel Agent Carter :( The writing for season two was terrible and deserved another shot. They had a great cast and a fantastic leading lady. What role models are young women supposed to cheer for anymore. Now it’s back to Jessica Jones, thank god for her!

    • CelluloidFan35mm says:

      So going by that statement, you are more than comfortable with accepting terrible writing and putting out a terrible product in order to have a role model for young women to cheer for?

      No wonder movies and TV shows suck these days.

    • Mark Graham says:

      You are sooo right. Despite poor writing, the Agent Carter character is wonderful!

  21. ME says:

    Well, her chest is saved.

  22. Chuck says:

    Nooo!!!!! I Love agent Carter

  23. Joyce Tyler says:

    I’ll watch that.

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