3-Day Ratings: ‘People vs. O.J. Simpson’ is Tuesday’s No. 1 Show in Key Demos

American Crime Story the People v
Courtesy of FX

FX Drama More Than Doubles Same-Day Viewership

In another example of how much viewing of a scripted series takes place after its regularly scheduled episode, last week’s episode of FX’s “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story” more than doubled its same-day delivery of young adults in just three days to vault to a No. 1 ranking among all programs for the night.

According to Nielsen’s “live plus-3” estimates, the season’s second episode of “The People v. O.J. Simpson” averaged a 3.07 rating in adults 18-49 and 7.42 million total viewers — surging 103% in the demo and 48% in overall audience from its same-day ratings (1.51 and 3.89 million). As a result, a same-day decline of 23% was trimmed to just 6% (3.07 vs. 3.27) in L+3. And of course, this decline could disappear — or even flip to the plus column — when all viewing is registered in approximately 60 days.

The FX anthology series ranked No. 1 among all Tuesday series in L+3 demo rating, moving ahead of five shows that had beaten it in same-day: “NCIS” (3.04 in L+3), “Chicago Fire” (2.55), “NCIS: New Orleans” (2.38), “Chicago Med” (2.24) and “The Flash” (2.23).

Week-to-week in L+3, “The People v. O.J. Simpson” held steady in adults 18-34 rating (1.87) while growing in all three men demos: men 25-54 (up 4%), men 18-49 (up 3%) and men 18-34 (up 13%). Of these categories, it stood as Tuesday’s No. 1 program on television in adults 18-34, men 18-34 and men 18-49, and was a close second to CBS vet “NCIS” in men 25-54.

According to FX, the L+3 delivery for the first two episodes of the series “illustrates the increasing irrelevance and incomplete picture of Live+Same Day rating compared to the ultimate viewership of an FX original series and most scripted entertainment programs.”

“The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story” continues its 10-episode season tonight. The series has garnered universal acclaim from critics and currently ranks No. 1 of all series in 2016 on Metacritic with an average score of 90, and is 97% Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.



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  1. Ann Olson says:

    Watched once and never again. Lies (such as Kardashian stories) and frankly. Same old information . Case is closed we all know he killed innocent people and shame on the actors who wouldn’t admit this; profiting from this sick crazy man. Also sooooo BORING!

  2. Giovanni says:

    There should be a special Emmy Award created for Best Caricature just for John Travolta’s portrayal of the very weird Robert Shapiro. As odd as the performance is, you just can’t take your eyes off of him. Bob Shapiro is the embodiment of Hollyweird power culture, and I have met many guys in LA who are just like him. Otherwise the acting in this mini-series is so spot-on it’s eerie; the Marcia Clark, Johnnie Cochran and Rob Karadshain characters really stand out. David Schwimmer has added such a nuanced level of sensitivity to this role I might even have to start watching Friends.

    Cuba Gooding, jr. is doing OJ like no one has before, and the show would not be working so well, or getting such high ratings, if he wasn’t hitting a nerve by showing OJ’s darker side. The public is used to seeing OJ’s smooth celebrity pitchman side, but if you watch OJ in old news and documentary clips and hear the 911 calls, he was a boiling cauldron of rage, entitlement, manipulation, and insecurity. Like most good sociopaths, he could be quite charming, but we are watching this mini-series to see what is really behind the veneer of LA celebrity, and so far it is delivering.

  3. Nikki says:

    I’d watch it live if it didn’t air at 10pm. Some of us have work early in the morning!

  4. This miniseries won’t turn out as good as the best tv real crime dramas ever made—Helter Skelter about Manson, and Fatal Vision about Jeff McDonald–but so far it’s doing an adequate job of recapping the highlights and highlighting the main themes of this game changing and history altering murder and trial. For people who weren’t born or old enough to remember this, it’s pretty darn realistic. Complaining that Cuba Gooding doesn’t look close enough to OJ is silly and misses the point. He’s close enough and he’s a good actor. The Cochran and Kardashian portrayals are spot on. Who knew that Schwimmer could act? It will be interesting to see how they handle the tedium of a 9 month trial and how they handle the attack on the blood evidence. No doubt there will be a lot of focus on Fuhrman. The drama lies in how the LA prosecuters focked up an airtight case.

  5. I have never seen so many commercials breaking up a program in my life! Terrible! Bad casting of Simpson. Everyone knows what he looks like and Gooding Jr. does not even approximate his looks. OJ was a terrible actor. They should have gotten an unknown who at least looks like him. He could have been a terrible actor but still believable as O.J. Travolta’s makeup is ridiculous. This program is about nothing but making a ton of money by inflicting the maximum number of commercial breaks upon its audience.

  6. Jimmy Bob says:

    Surprising. This show sucks.

    • Strangest thing-last night about 2:00 a.m. I was watching a show-on spyke or spike tv i think the show was called Jail, they showed an old episode where Simpson was arrested for violating parole they showed bringing him into the jail and booking him-he had to change into orange top and pants and orange crock type shoes-it was in vegas-they put him into jail cell #32 or #34-which the cops said was his jersey number-i think it was #32-i was tired…Simpson was extremely cooperative and mannerly, then thanked them and asked for reading material-he could most definitely sell you some swamp land…

    • Jim Bob, you suck. Now quit porking your sis Daisy Mae and go empty your stills.

      • Cali says:

        Gooding sucks. Travolta sucks. And Schwimmer REALLY sucks. What an awful actor. Paulson is great. Vance is great. Choi is great as Ito and Sterling K. Brown is also terrific as Darden. For someone who watched every second of the real trial this is a prettty boring and bad dramatiation of the actual trial. For those who haven’t seen it and would like a watered down Cliff notes version . . . this is perfect light, fluffy entertainment. And ONCE again the victims Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown are totally lost in the telling of this story. Once again it’s all about OJ! He had he ratings back then and he has them now. That is until Donald Trump appears on TV. Pop culture is pathetic and addicting…

      • The trial took 9 months. They can’t recreate the whole trial. It’s a TV show, they hit the important highlights. It’s gotten universally good reviews even from jaded TV critics. It’s going to win some Emmys. I’ve only seen 2 made for TV crime dramas that were better–Helter Skelter and Fatal Vision.
        If they actually tried to recreate the tedious minutiae of a 9 month long complex criminal trial, most of which revolved around scientific blood analysis, people would turn it off after 15 minutes. Get a clue.

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