‘The 100’ Showrunner Apologizes for Controversial Character Death

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Jason Rothenberg, the executive producer and showrunner of “The 100,” has posted an open letter to fans of the show, acknowledging the controversy that erupted when a key character, a lesbian named Lexa, was killed off in a March 3 episode.

“Knowing everything I know now, Lexa’s death would have played out differently,” Rothenberg wrote“Despite my reasons, I still write and produce television for the real world where negative and hurtful tropes exist. And I am very sorry for not recognizing this as fully as I should have.”

In recent weeks, the issue has widened out beyond “The 100,” as TV writers and fans have critiqued the violent deaths of lesbians on “The Walking Dead” and other shows as well, complaining about the “bury your gays” trope. Those who objected to Lexa’s death and the treatment of LGBT characters in general have begun coordinated campaigns pressing for better treatment, vowed to stop watching “The 100” and have made “LGBT fans deserve better” trend on Twitter, among other efforts.

Aside from one interview, Rothenberg made few public statements as the controversy grew. But in his open letter today, he noted that he has become more cognizant of the context in which the show operates and how the Lexa storyline in particular affected fans.

“The 100 is a post-apocalyptic tragedy set 130 years in the future. It’s a constant life and death struggle,” he wrote. “In our show, all relationships start with one question: ‘Can you help me survive today?’ It doesn’t matter what color you are, what gender identity you are, or whether you’re gay, bi or straight. The things that divide us as global citizens today don’t matter in this show. And that’s the beauty of science fiction. We can make a point without preaching. We can say that race, sexuality, gender and disability should not divide us. We can elevate our thinking and take you on a helluva ride at the same time.

“But I’ve been powerfully reminded that the audience takes that ride in the real world  —  where LGBTQ teens face repeated discrimination, often suffer from depression and commit suicide at a rate far higher than their straight peers. Where people still face discrimination because of the color of their skin. Where, in too many places, women are not given the same opportunities as men, especially LGBTQ women who face even tougher odds. And where television characters are still not fully representative of the diverse lives of our audience. Not even close.”

Alycia Debnam-Carey, who plays Lexa, is a series regular on “Fear the Walking Dead,” and in a March 3 interview with Variety, Rothenberg said the actress’s other commitment “was definitely in my thinking when we broke that story” of her death.

Debnam-Carey spoke out about the situation at a recent PaleyFest panel on “Fear the Walking Dead.” “I obviously had other obligations in my work life, and I hope that people know that this wasn’t a social attack on anyone or any social movement,” the actress told Variety.

As a number of critics and fans pointed out, it was widely expected that Lexa would be written out of the show in some way or other, via death, exile or some other form of absence. But many took issue with the manner of her death, which came just after the consummation of her long-simmering affair with Clarke (Eliza Taylor). Lexa catching a stray bullet fired by an angry male shortly after moment of bliss with her lover, as many pointed out, meant that her exit recalled the long-standing TV trope of lesbian and bisexual women meeting death or mayhem and rarely getting to live productive and happy lives.

To see Lexa die — after Rothenberg, via his Twitter account, had promoted her appearance in the season finale months ago — was a stunning development for many fans. For many LBGT fans and their allies, the events of the episode amounted to a betrayal by a show that had held itself out as a force for positive LGBT representation.

In his post today, Rothenberg acknowledged the missteps and mistakes that led to the controversy. “Their relationship held greater importance than even I realized. And that very important representation was taken away by one stray bullet,” he noted.

“The thinking behind having the ultimate tragedy follow the ultimate joy was to heighten the drama and underscore the universal fragility of life,” he wrote of Lexa’s death. “But the end result became something else entirely  —  the perpetuation of the disturbing ‘Bury Your Gays’ trope. Our aggressive promotion of the episode, and of this relationship, only fueled a feeling of betrayal.”

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  1. Olivia says:

    Lexa didn’t die because she was a Lesbian. That’s ridiculous. I thought it was awesome that the main power couple in the show was a lesbian couple, and that one was a badass warrior who was the leader of thousands of people. Her sexuality didn’t matter, her ability to lead did, and I thought that was awesome. Do I wish she was still alive? Hell yes. But to get offended because a gay character died… I don’t understand that… So are no gay characters ever allowed to be killed off now? Would there be this much anger over her death if Clarke was a man, and they were a straight coupel? I think not. In order to progress to a state where everyone is treated as equals means that, in film, literally anything can happen to any character – and that it doesn’t happen to them “just because they’re [black, white, gay, straight, male, female.” The mindset that Lexa only was killed because she’s gay, or that people are offended because she’s gay and was killed off, to me doesn’t foster equality. I hope that makes sense.

    • @Olivia: “In order to progress to a state where everyone is treated as equals means that, in film, literally anything can happen to any character…”

      You are right to some degree, but unless let’s say Rick on “The Walking Dead” dies an unnecessary death just to further the character development of let’s say Carl or any other character on the show, there is no real equality. It’s almost always the POC, the LGBTQ-characters or women in general which seem exposable enough for the writers/showrunners to be killed off, not the straight white male “hero” of their respective shows. So the religiously repeated “Everyone can die” is not true at all, at least not for the majority of television shows today! I hope you get what I’m trying to say, even though I’m not a native speaker.

      • Olivia says:

        Yeah I understand, wouldn’t have known you weren’t a native speaker if you hadn’t said so. But I do slightly disagree. Game of thrones is a good example of literally anyone can die. However, it can be true in other shows. It’s just, most shows anyone except the main character can die, because most shows aren’t going to kill off the main character. I’m not trying to say that there’s perfect equality right now either though. I know there isn’t. I’m just saying that’s what’s needed to display equality – when literally anyone (usually minus the main character, for obvious reasons) can die, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, religion, etc. In any event, I still don’t believe Lexa was killed because she’s gay, and that was the point I was trying to make. Choosing NOT to kill her simply because she was gay is just as bad as actually killing her. It’s not right to get angry about a character’s death just because they were gay, or demanding they not die, simply because they are gay. For there to be equality on shows, that means literally anyone can die, like I said, not “anyone except this gay character cuz she’s gay and you can’t do that.” I hope that makes sense. I’m not always good at explaining my opinions very well…

  2. Sean says:

    Instead of making such a big stink about her death, why not celebrate such an incredible character? I personally think it’s incredible how they bypassed social norms and made Clarke and Lexa’s relationship about exactly what is was – Love. It wasn’t any scandal and no one ever even brought up the relationship or used words like “gay” or “lesbian”.

    Do I wish Lexa got a better end? Yeah, I do. However I still can’t thank Jason, Alycia, and Eliza enough for creating such a fantastic character and giving us a story, not about a scandal or some other stupid drama plot, but about love.

  3. whatevs says:

    Wow… this is why art can’t be appreciated anymore… Sounds out there but here me out…. People watching this science fiction show set 120 years into the future can’t separate that from their own life. He said it perfectly when he pointed out that all the things that divide us today don’t matter when survival is your first priority. And that has been obvious throughout the whole series. And the fact that she died right after banging the love of her life was a beautiful way to send her off…. And somehow people take this personally and make it about them…. “Oh, they are saying she died because she’s a lesbian.” No, that was never one bit implied…. you made that connection in your own mind. It is so absurd. The movies and tv you watch, the music you listen to. It is not about you!! I can’t wait for a day when artists can be themselves again.

  4. Jen says:

    For those people keep telling this LGBT community to “fuckin move on” “have a life” “it’s just a tv show” “stop whining”and so on. Get a life too people, for the longest time these people are being quiet every time a lesbian has been killed on tv shows. But history keeps repeating itself, it’s about time to raise their voices and be heard. I am a straight woman but I understand where they are coming from. I’ve seen lesbian deaths before on tv shows but that doesn’t bother me as much as they do. Those queer kids hiding from their parents? This is their only outlet, you cannot feed these kids with joy and after a minute you’ll take that happiness in them. How brutal and insensitive Is that? If you don’t care about them, their lives and their troubling experience then do not engage or write something that will add on their depression. You hated these people for whining but you people are also a bunch of bullies, that’s why a lot of kids in school are harming themselves because adults also doing it.

    If you don’t want to read a bunch of lesbos whining around, quit reading blogs, tweets or news that u know it will be purely rage to the writers and the show. Stay away and Push your MUTE button.

  5. TT says:

    Just because the gays shout louder doesn’t mean they are right or that anyone has to listen to them.
    Get a damn backbone and stop apolgizing.

  6. Jay K says:

    If you want equal treatment, you get it. “Your” characters die. As it is, TV is disproportionately populated. At some point, “your” characters will meet tragic ends as do “ours.”

  7. so this is where we have come as a society right. Blaming a tv show for your own problems. I’m a married straight black guy but every time i see a cop show and a black guy dies i don’t feel any way about it. Its a tv show people. why some of you invest your energy into your own kids and your own lives then maybe we will see change.i was personally shocked that lexa died and i didn’t like it but these shows have a right to kill off who ever they want. if you don’t like it then don’t watch. in the very first season when the very first person who died in the entire show was a young black kid i didn’t feel like the show was showing favoritism for white people. i said to myself wow the black kid dies first right. its a perception that needs to be felt as well. but i didn’t see you guys taking about not watching the show or boycotting or going on strike lol really. why not put your energy into something that matters like kids, your community,elderly,the homeless, the mentally unhealthy , the overweight unhealthy kids and not a fucking Tv show. Grow up people. stop driving blind and go make a real difference.

  8. Sue says:

    I am also a (married) straight female. I am still hoping that Jason will Undo Lexa’s death and bring back Alycia Debnam-Cary. It is my understanding that there is a way that Alycia could be on both shows, The 100 and Fear the Walking Dead. The 100 fan’s rather have Lexa (Alycia) appear less often than never again because of her death. Lexa brings an enormous dynamic to the show. She is beloved by ALL fans. The struggle Lexa and Clarke face of defending their own people in spite of how they feel about one another is a story that still has much life.

  9. Some comments in here are so insensitive I can’t even….

    I can’t believe the number of “get over it” “it’s just a tv show” “the fans had no right to do that, say that” “It Jason’s show he can do what he want” “those fans complaining are crazy etc.” Seriously, you people know NOTHING.First let me start by saying that I’m a straight white girl so in “theory” this isn’t something that should “concern” me……………. except that it does.

    Because I have some decency, sensitivity and empathy in me. Because I work with teenagers, because I have gay students, gay friends, gay family members, because I happen to have two f/f ships in my OTPs so I follow (on twitter and Tumblr) a lot of queer fans, because I see how important some things are to them and how badly they are treated in the industry and in life in general.For the sake of it, I will get behind the straight white (female) regular viewer angle. Yes Lexa dying was a strong possibility. Yes, because of the importance of Lexa in the story, not having her for several ep without killing her was going to be difficult. Yes, a lot of people died on that show (and it’s not over)…So yes, her death wasn’t a surprise and for a lot of straight/queer casual viewers and yes, they think the “show must go on”.

    But now let’s look at this in a different point of view. First a a true fan of the 100 since S1. This season’s writing except the Polis stuff is just awful. What they did to Bellamy (my favorite male character), to Gina, (will do) to Lincoln, the Pike story, the treatment of POC, it’s just awful…. And as a fan since early S1, I saw that BUT the Lexa/Polis/Clarke plot (and some other stuff like 3×03, the grounders, Queen Nia, Prince Roan, Kane/Abby, Octavia, Indra and Raven) saved the show for me and still made it great. Lexa was an amazing character, a badass, a leader and a queer woman. She did what none of the previous commanders could do, she survived the battle with Roan, she united the 12 clans etc. and then…… she died the lamest death ever for a character with this magnitude, by a stray f ******* bullet. Not in a fight, not by protecting someone/Clarke, not in a twisted trahison plot by the ambassadors/Onitari etc. She just walk into a room and died (by the hand of her protector) just 5 f****** minutes after having sex with Clarke. That’s the laziest and stupidest writing I’ve seen in a long time. It wasn’t awesome or mind blowing, it was just lame.

    Now let’s see this in a invested (queer) fan point of view (by invested I mean someone who’s active in the fandom, who follows everything about the show, the actors, the writers, the spoilers, fanarts, fanfics etc.) and let’s see how disgusting the situation was for them. Because casual watchers don’t know about that, they don’t care that much about that, they don’t even know how it is for those fans, they don’t know what happen behind the scene and judging by what I’m reading here, they don’t even care to know.The writers (Jason) baited them, they used them, the 100 was a show nobody talked about… (I know that…. I’m a fan since the first ep) but after Lexa came along (and Clexa) it was everywhere, on every sites, because of how groundbreaking it was to have a main queer character and a main queer relationship. They hyped the thing so much, everything was about Lexa/Clexa and about how progressive the show was. Jason knowingly invited people to the set so they could see Lexa was in the final (have you ever saw a writer inviting people to sets so fans could spread spoilers??). He promoted Lexa like hell and used the hype created by queer people to promote his show and get a season 4). He promoted 3×07 as the best episode EVER that everyone should watch live even after seeing how much Lexa meant for so many of his fans. He reassured them every other days about Lexa dying. One of the writers literally infiltrated a lesbian forum (!!seriously?!) to reassure them about Lexa. And then, “Boom, guess nobody saw that coming” -> Lexa died. (and let’s not even talk about HOW AWFUL Jason was to Ricky Whittle and how racist his behavior toward some of his actors trully is)

    Real people cared about Lexa and how the story of this queer character was told, those fans doesn’t have any other show to watch to “get over it” because there isn’t any interesting real main queer relationships on TV right now. Real people were hurt, real people are still hurting but a lot of you in here just don’t care and call those fans stupid and childish (and I quote :“they have a serious PROBLEM if they let a TV show get to them like that”). Well good for you, Lexa’s death changes nothing for your little person but guess what, you’re not able to judge that for others. I’m not gay, I don’t know how it’s really is but I f***** care about other human being, I understand and I will never tell someone that they’re not allowed to be angry about something they have the right to be angry for. Jason and his ego screwed up, he deserves what he’s getting….. (critics, anger, sadness, reproach but yeah no violence, never violence no matter the situation) and if some people don’t care to understand that…. then too bad because it’s happening and I’m happy it is.PS : sorry for the english“


  11. Shandi Taylor says:

    His open letter to FANS wasn’t an apology at all. It was a PR move that was most likely requested by The CW and others. It isnt a letter meant for us. It was sent out for the sole purpose of getting article writers like Variety to spread the news of his “apologetic nature.” Even throughout this letter he runs more circles around other statements he has made regarding his killing off Lexa. (Trust me when I say that we the fans are keeping track of every single statement he has made regarding the Clexa relationship, Lexa and Alycia Debnam-Carey.) Jason Rothenberg will do whatever he deems necessary to try to save his own burning rear end. As well, Wondercon is coming up and my bet is on him being downright terrified of what is going to go down there. He only cares about himself. He doesn’t care about the fans, viewers or even the actors he has cast for his show. Our movement isn’t even about just him anymore. It isn’t just about Lexa’s death. However, he did start this mess and will continue to be in the thick midst of it while we continue. You and other media may see this as a “heartfelt apology” but we the fans, Leskru, all we see is more lies. He can try as much as he wants to pretend he’s understanding and apologetic; but I promise you this. WE WILL NOT STOP!!!! We will continue to spread fire on social media. We will continue to write letters to television networks and PR specialist and the companies that sponsor all of the shows that have participated in the BURY YOUR GAYS TROPE. Jason in particular, will remain a high target of our passion beause he continues to talk only to backtrack statements, contradict himself and show himself to be careless, thoughtless and a bully. He is constantly placing blame on Alycia Debnam-Carey and AMC. When we all know better. We have done our research. We are not idly sitting here just tweeting our fingers to death. We are more active than people fail to realize at this point. Eventually, however, we will be heard to the full extent. Until then, we fight. We fight for ourselves. We fight for other LGBT across the world. We fight for our sons and daughters so that one day when they are our age they won’t have to. There won’t have to be writers of shows sending out suicide hotlines to fans because they messed up. There won’t have to be all this war.YES I say war. That is exactly what this is. We are waging war for equality in all areas of life. The fight continues until we have won or someone surrenders.

    • Murphy says:

      I agree with much of what you write here, but Jason wasn’t blaming ADC and AMC. She would only have seven episodes each season, which means that he would either have to kill the character or hide her away for over half the season. The fact that he chose the first option wasn’t the issue, it was how she died, due to the stray bullet. With her talk of reincarnation since season 2, she was eventually going to die.

  12. Lex says:

    Seems like there are many straight audiences here not grasping the concept of the controversy.
    The movement is not taking away his rights for art expression- but the way he handled was incredibly awful- right after the sex scene, a queer character was murdered by a stray bullet. In real life (no matter how you debate about the special universe not being homophobic), 30%-40% of lgbt youth attempt suicide, seeing another queer-punishment and death scenario only deepen that trauma. After engaging with an oppressed, vulnerable group with one whole year of intensive marketing and still going ahead with a emotionally traumatizing storyline. Yes he can do that, but SHOULD he? As he creates the art there is an incredibly negative social consequence for LGBT community. Art does exist in a vaccum, but the audiences watching don’t. If the creator wants to claim the show to be ‘progressive’ and thus include a LGBT storyline, he should educate himself on the social and political context, otherwise the traumatized community have every right to protest and tell him to stop hurting us. The freedom of expression is there, but so will the consequences for the expression, and artists do need to be responsible for that.
    Let me give you an example, in the US you do have the constitutional rights to own guns. But if you shoot someone intentionally or unintentionally, you still need to face the consequences of that action, although you had every right to own it in the first place. The showrunners of the 100 of course was ‘allowed’ for expression (that’s why it’s out and circulating), but I hope you understand if you haven’t truly lived as a member as LGBTQ , you will never understand how it feels like to have so few representation in pop culture that’s actually ALIVE. Most of our icons end up with deaths, illnesses, or other awful tragedies. It’s just putting more salt onto the wounds of this community. So please, just listen, because you are far from understanding the social and political context of this issue, and that’s called privilege.
    You can check out LGBTfansdeservebetter.com to understand the context of the controversy.

    • Maverick says:

      Okay, after reading several news coverage on the issue of the 100, I understand it better now. I guess as a straight guy I never needed to see myself being represented on tv or fictions to feel validated. So here, sorry on the behalf of my fellow straight population who never experience those things and are ignorant here. I hope one day you guys will face less oppression and everything is much closer to our goal of equality, including media representations.

      Fellow straight people, stop embarrassing yourself, LGBT community is trying to something really important for their own cause, we are not even close to understanding their daily struggles (all the homophobic shit they deal with everyday) so let’s not stand in their ways of fighting something important for themselves. Media representations matter. There are some LGBT teens out there feeling isolated and suicidal, living in homophobic environments and needing icons for hope. People need positive representations for a reason maybe you and I will never understand because we don’t face those problems.
      Stop being ignorant dickheads and saying they are ‘entitled’ or ‘ignorant.’
      Comments like this only show that you are the entitled and ignorant one here thinking you know better than those who actually live their lives as minorities and face way more challenges than we do.

      Let’s help them by 1) Try to understand and learn from their perspectives, or 2) Shut up.

      • I am so grateful for people like you. It is important to realize that many people don’t understand the issue simply because they never had any reason to engage in this topic. And that is not their fault.

        You are part of the group we are most desperately trying to reach, because not only does it broaden the discussion but it also gives us an unfathomable feeling of validation.

      • J says:

        Maverick thank you very much, it is great to see people like yourselves listening and trying to understand. I don’t blame anyone for not seeing the issue, I just wish that when it is explained they would listen instead of keeping their head in the sand.

        So thank you for listen, it honestly means a lot. Thanks for opening your heart and speaking up for us. From your comments I think you’d say it’s the right thing to do but most don’t so every voice like yours warms my heart and there have been quite some straight people that have defended us (thanks to them too).

      • Melissa says:

        Thank you for being awesome!

  13. nate le says:

    Try being Asian. Apparently only one out of billions of us survive somehow.

  14. AL says:

    “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

    Seeing this apology three weeks late, I will give this quotes to Jason ROTHENBERG and the 100 team.

    Perhaps you didn’t mean it or meant “well”, perhaps you didn’t have the awareness of what you internalized, perhaps you were too careless or too confident trying to be creative.

    But it is a fact now that many people are hurt and feel disrespected by a creative decision you made, individually or collectively. A decision that could been created with more careful planning and variables, to just not repeat this brutal psychological, graphic conditioning of a harmful trope that kills the queer characters, who are already of rare numbers that can be counted with names, in a way you just would never do to your straight main roles. A discriminating trope that was started in history – reasoned legally as “demoralizing act” to the queer population.

    This apology, sincere or not, is necessary for people to possibly have a closure and heal. Your other writers like Javi have been communicating with people eloquently online actively and with compassion. Yours is late. But still it’s crucial as you are the responsible one who made the wrong call of the writing and the misleading marketing. This apology shall be a part of the lesson for the whole global industry to take, as a part of this revolt sparked by Lexa. Anyone with a brain can see the irregularity and scale of this movement proves this is a long-due movement and something of more than one character’s impact. It’s about Lexa, it’s about racial minorities, it’s about ALL minorities really. We deserve good and real and healthy stories. Give us a chance, we will prove you that we can be the happy, healthy, alive heroes/heroines. Give us a chance that’s more than 70 seconds at least.

    To the straight population who don’t get the situation and are here slurring out some homophobic comments or calling this movement names and trivializing it with a hypothetical illusion that it’s made with “crazy gay teens”, please have some basic knowledge and human empathy before you speak. People are not crying out of fan behaviors nor passion, people are crying out of hurt from a structural violence. There is a difference. And if you have never been in minorities shoes’, you can never understand that easily. Try to listen and understand. Read more and learn, there are many good analysis, websites amd fundraising actions such as lgbtfansdeservebetter.com and http://www.classy.org/fundraise?fcid=625415. Learn first before you join in the discussion. Just “opinions” without understanding are of no use in the conversation people are trying to have. It may not your town that gets destroyed by this tornado, but you can shed some light to other humans in that town.

    • J says:

      Thanks AL, I’ve been trying to shed light on things for people in the comment sections of these articles for 3 weeks now and sometimes it gets tiring. So I’m glad when I see other patient well thought out comments like this, gives me the energy to keep engaging in conversations (how will they understand if no one explains it right?). You hit the nail on the head in the last paragraph shouting homophobic slurs help no one and doesn’t contribute to any of the conversations that are being held.

      Since there is no upvote, take this comment as one

    • Frank Blakley says:

      An author should not have to apologize for the story they tell. They should not be pressured into copitulation to others. They have a right to create. I don’t want to be in a society that censors art to appease a politically correct set of ideals. Please don’t try to twist my words or put any into my mouth. I support the rights of the lgbt community. We are humans and should share the rights we all deserve.

      • AL says:

        Hi, to clarify. None of the creator’s artistic freedom is taken away? The episode aired, the editing is done and the action is done. They still have the guns and they can still shoot. Who’s there to feel threatened?

        “An author should not have to apologize for the story they tell. They should not be pressured into copitulation to others. They have a right to create. I don’t want to be in a society that censors art to appease a politically correct set of ideals.”

        May I ask you why did the Oscars Academy apologize for making fun of the Asian minorities in Chris Rock’s joke? Why then do we make certain racial pronouns/name illegal and inappropriate? Please learn more about the fundamentals of freedom of speech in a democratic society to further this discussion.

  15. TS says:

    I just cannot accept this apology. This looks like nothing other than forced damage control. Not even a mention of the queer baiting. What they participated wasn’t just queer baiting. It was aggressive guerrilla style manipulation. They actively infiltrated LGBT+ safe spaces and proceeded to guide the conversation in order to assuange the legitimate fears of a vulnerable audience. They repeatedly engaged in conversation over Twitter very publicly about the lesbian death trope for an entire YEAR. And apparently were feeding fake spoilers to people who could share with the fandom in order to keep us around. Yes, this is his story. But when you are built up as some beacon of representation and make a bunch of promises to a vulnerable oppressed group of people you better damn well make sure to handle that responsibly. We all agree that the conversation about burying your gays is important, but what these people engaged in was an affront to an entire community, not to mention offensive and harmful. An apology is not enough in my opinion. Jason Rothenberg and Shawna Benson at least need to be investigated further and held accountable for their actions against the LGBT+ community. Quite frankly what I have learned so far is nothing less than disturbing.

  16. Jacques Strappe says:

    Pretty much everyone who gets close to Clarke gets knocked off on this show. The 100 has evolved into a real downer of a show, Lexa or no Lexa. I get it that the future is bleak and brutal but it’s just not entertaining to watch the same moribund story each week. This show is even less fun and more dour than Batman v Superman. I’m out.

    PS: I worry for your safety Mr. Rothenberg with so many insane lesbians wishing you harm or worse. What a sad sorry state for fiction story tellers. If I were you, I’d never include an lesbian character in any of your future shows..

  17. What a heartening development. It’s only a matter of time now before TV writers seek fan input on Twitter before penning each new episode — let the fans write the show! Artistic integrity be damned!

  18. ray says:

    Just write her back in the show. It’s a silly show. They could even create a spin off, maybe a prequel. Then they could make a movie too. They just need to make sure the sequel is set up in the first movie. This is brilliant, they should create an entire movie franchise around her character. YES!

  19. MAndy says:

    This is stupid. He decided what he decided and obviously meant no disrespect to the LGBTQ community. The fans shouldn’t be so obsessed with Lexa’s death, I agree that the way she was killed off was pathetic, but to make it seem like a personal attack on the LGBTQ community is ignorant.

  20. Anal Penn says:

    Why are you apologizing. It is your show. I love the show. im a straight male. does it matter? if you give a fuck then your priorities are fucked. dont entitle the “community” tell em to just toon in next week. Stop giving these people as if theyre different. it makes you all hipocrits. “we want to be treated fairly” but absolutely wont shut the fuck up about it. stop the whining you embiciles and be a role model and show people that you can instead of complaining about it.

  21. GK says:

    You can’t truly apologize for something until you explain what you’re apologizing for. We don’t want a forced and transparent “apology”. We want consequences for avoidable actions. He spent a year premeditating all the ways you could bait us, many of us whom are vulnerable, at-risk LGBT+ youths: constant tweets discussing and hyping #Clexa, a dozen episode teasers featuring Lexa/Clexa, leaked spoilers, invading LGBT spaces to spread false rumours, inviting us to the finale shoot, the list goes on. All for publicity and ratings for his ailing show.

    If anyone can die on his show, why have only prominent minority characters (Lexa, Wells, Lincoln, Anya, Maya, and a ton of other grounders) died? Oh, except for Finn. The guy who gunned down a bunch of innocent children and elders. That one white guy from a dozen other non-minority cast members. Maybe when Clarke, Octavia, Abby, Jasper, Murphy, etc. die we’ll believe you.

    “The best transcend cliché, opening our eyes to new ways of thinking, and welcome new audiences in.” Jesus, Jason is such an egotistical narcissist. Sorry, his horribly trite writing did not transcend cliché, it just became one.

    From his AfterEllen interview —  “I said to them, “You guys I just had an idea that is either the most ridiculous, shark-jumping idea of all time and I will be done with the show and they’ll fire me, or it’s brilliant.””

    Jason should be fired because it was anything but brilliant. Uploading your consciousness is not a new idea. It’s unoriginal and recurring theme in almost every scifi film/tv show/novel.

    And can he stop hiding behind Alycia? We already have the receipts that she was able and willing to come back for season 4. He just chose to kill her off for “shock value” and out of laziness. Wow, so creative that it was done a decade ago to Tara on Buffy.

  22. Ren says:

    This reminds me of the director of ‘Teen Wolf’ when he would always play on fans’ demands for Derek and Stiles to become romantically involved. He baited the fans, telling them it could happen in the future. Well, it’s the future and Derek isn’t even on the show anymore. Apparently these things happen on several shows. Most recently it happened on MTV’s ‘Shannara Chronicles’ where it was stated that two main-cast female characters could potentially enter a romantic relationship, but it never happened, and ended with one of the female characters ‘dying’.

  23. Solarys says:

    So uh, Lexa was my favorite character on the show next to Clarke. I was shipping them so hard from S2 onward.
    I obviously was very shocked and upset about her death.

    But I approached it in the way that it was MEANT to be approached. It’s a TV show about a very hostile world where literally anyone can die at any moment. The death of Lexa was meant to remind viewers of that and I definitely took it for what it was.

    And of course, I was already expecting something bad to happen to Lexa, as she was defying all of the traditions of her people and was blinded by her love for Clarke. I thought it would have went down in some crazy revolution or something, as I’m sure others did as well. But it is what it is, folks.

    Not some underhanded attempt at belittling LGBT or women, or some other silly reason people want to concoct. It’s just a story in a TV show where her death is a direct consequence of her choice to be so strongly swayed by Clarke, in a post-apocalyptic world where *gasp* people die all the time!

    And just FYI, I’m woman who loves women.
    I’m not up in arms about this and I don’t see why anyone should be.

    Also props to Jason for the apology, I thought it was well written and anyone that still has something to say after that needs to realize that we can’t ask for every single LGBT couple on screen or in other forms of media to live happily ever after. That’s completely unreasonable, and you know it.

  24. adfd says:

    I’m sick of gay-whining.

  25. It’s a damn show about survival after post apocalyptic war and new warring factions are you kidding me? and you idiots are screaming about inequality? This is why civilizations destroy themselves we have fools like you that can’t take your sympathetic or empathetic heads out of your asses and grow a pair (Left hemisphere/Right hemisphere) you know that thing between your eyes (Because clearly only one side is ever being used) -Maybe you should all just walk around with blinders on that way noooo one ever offends anyone ever again. Then when you bump around each other in the dark you won’t know if your meeting someone’s ass to their face. Because lets face it HUMANITY if this is all it takes to offend our “delicate senses” holy hell people we are in serious trouble. No we are beyond the point of no return.

    Lets live in reality their is a real war out there. Where real survival is a daily occurrence/Real lives matter/We need eco action to save our waning resources and regardless of whether you think it deserves precedence or not we need better defenses from foreign legions. We as a people also need to be looking at ways of finding alternate energy sources, better motivations for food other than GMO’d creations. -wake from your delusional American soap opera’s – this is happening right now. your delicate senses can wait. Stop labeling people and people will just be people.

  26. I think my main issue with this apology is that he does not deal in specifics of how harmful his practices were with respect to fandom engagement. What he did was reprehensible and he completely downplays it.

    He baited people. He invited people to show up to the finale. He encouraged people to vote in online shipper polls and support the ship by offering up BTS pics as incentives. The very damning evidence of Shawna Benson going into a lesbian message board to quell the fans, the tweets he himself sent out to assure the fans to trust him, AND the fact that his professed ignorance runs contrary to Javi’s statement that they knew about the trope, discussed and chose to move forward– all of that points to this being nothing more than a PR stunt.

    If he was really sincere about listening to the fans, he would have been just as apologetic about his personal culpability in playing with the fandom. He would have acknowledged the good things that have come out of this like the Trevor Project fundraiser and signal boosted it (either in his tweets or in this letter itself) – if not donating to it outright like Devon Bostick (Jasper) and one of his staff members (Layne Morgan) did.

    And as a writer? He shouldn’t have used the passive voice. He took away the representation. It wasn’t randomly caused by a stray bullet.

    Apologizing for just the Bury Your Gays trope is not enough. He also has to own up to his 3 weeks of silence, using the actors as human shields to do his damage control, and apologize to the fans for using them so terribly — intentions or not, he still hurt them.

    • MAndy says:

      Seriously?? He did this all for publicity, because that’s what tv is. Trying to get more ratings, views. Every single director has toyed with their fans ITS WHAT THEY DO. The fact that he had to apologize for the Bury Your Gays trope is ridiculous, why people have to make a death on a fictional television show personal is beyond me. The only reason he set out an apology is to get the fans he lost back. Otherwise why wouldn’t he have sent out a letter when Finn died? When Maya died?

    • Bootsnboards says:

      That is right… all writers and artists should be beholden to Misery Chastain type fans!

      • Okay I am going to go out on a limb here going by your language (“beholden”) and some of your comments below that you don’t think an apology is necessary.

        I’m going to set that aside for a moment, because whether or not one thinks he should have made this statement (a matter I actually don’t care about), JRoth has made it– and I am interested in WHY.

        What exactly is the purpose of an apology that only addresses half the issue?

        When you look at the pros and cons of making the apology at all, there was a danger there. He ran the risk of alienating fans like yourself who wonder why fans of Finn or Maya or Wells or Anya never got a letter. (Particularly Wells- he was yet another Black character killed off for shock value. Another troubling media trope). There’s the risk of angering fans of other ships or who didn’t like Lexa at all and felt like the character got preferential treatment in the show narrative already. It’s admittedly not as large of a risk as ignoring the media storm that has descended due to Lexa’s death, but you’re still talking about fickle fanbases.

        And yet he still chose to do it, in the most puzzling of ways if he was really trying to win back the fans he lost.

        Surely if the purpose was to win hurt fans back and regain their trust, you would want to address the whole issue, right? Because from what I have I heard from the majority of the hurt fans, the death itself was only part of the problem. The Bury Your Gays trope was hurtful, yes, but I hear as much about how “he used us for ratings” and “we did so much social media marketing for him” as I do about the stray bullet. And that is a much more personal affront than just the narrative choice he made, because he did it directly to the fans.

        Twitter has obliterated the fourth wall between creators and fans and now they share the same spaces whether they want to or not. The question of how much a creator should step into fan discourses and ships and whatnot is still something that showrunners are trying to figure out, and JRoth was completely engaged in it. He was VERY much so involved in encouraging fans to stan for the show, to generate buzz and do the kind of marketing on social media that studios still don’t grasp because younger fans are more adept at the platform. I’d give receipts on this, but Mo already covered it in a past article.

        Because his level of fandom engagement was so personal, so then was the hurt that he did to that portion of fandom. And yet the apology does not address this. So why half ass an apology at all?

        From what I can see, the answer is because it is less of a response to the fans and more to his critics in the media. His show and this creative decision to kill Lexa to facilitate ADC’s exit has been brought up many times in a negative light, past the airing of the episode because it’s being compared to other shows falling into the Bury Your Gays trope. So this is JRoth saving face among his industry peers and going mea culpa to the extent that he’s been called out on by the mainstream media. That is why it’s the focus of his article, because that is what the media is talking about.

        If it were to the fans then it would have been more specific about how he hurt them with fandom engagement. Since it doesn’t include it, the cynical, marketing student who has been tracking this for a case study feels like I must conclude that the target audience isn’t the fans who feel like they’ve been wronged but everyone else who has been listening to them.

        It was a PR move, and a good one, calculated to change the narrative to focus on the creative decision and downplay personal culpability on the fandom engagement side – because it’s working. You’re a great example of that. It’s just also sad how transparent the move really is.

      • Apologies for the ignorance, but I’m afraid I am missing the reference/context of your statement. Care to clarify?

  27. Dave says:

    Apparently the only people allowed to die are straight white men

  28. Bootsnboards says:

    Nothing in her death should have been changed. People take the show in a context that isn’t intended… totallying up LGBT characters across the entire range of unrelated shows. The reality is, NO ONE gets a happy ending in the 100. Total up the number of straight affairs and relationships that have ended in The 100… to name a few: Jasper and his Mountain girl, Finn (I know that is with Clarke, who is portrayed as bi, but that wasn’t the portrayal or context of his death at the time), Bellamy’s GF… barely after her introduction, Clarke’s father…

    I mean come on, the whole “movement” damages it’s own credibility and creates it’s own cliche in the process by issuing statements demands, and the endless, ENDLESS list of blogs and complaints about a death which, in the context of the show itself, made total sense, pushed the plot forward in a logical way, met the demand of finding a dramatic ending that allowed Lexa to exit the show so she could fulfill her contractual obligations elsewhere…

    The question here is, why SHOULD an LGBT couple be treated any differently than every other couple heretofore portrayed on the show? Simply because there are some people who are getting WAY too wrapped up in TV show relationships? I think those who are so “damaged and hurt” by this “betrayal” would do well to look at themselves a little bit and question what is going on with them that they have become so prone to over project themselves and take fantasy characters so seriously in this way.

    I think picking the situation with Lexa and Clarke of all things to instigate this, and singling out the writers of THIS show is just silly. And demonstrating that something as frivolous as a TV show where EVERY supporting character is likely to die, and then complaining that a key death of an LGBT character occured in a dramatic way (which imo gives PROPS to the community that such time and effort would be invested to ensure that Lexa’s death was moving, emotional, meaningul… all while placing her at the heart of several major plot points, her death being the means of them being pushed forward).

    But, g’head… complain to the people actually showing props and respect to you. That ALWAYS helps movements.

    • Alex says:

      Hi, there! I would like to address one very particular point in your post. You ask us, LGBT+ people (and Lexa stans in particular) to “look at [ourselves] a little bit and question what is going on with [us] that [we] have become so prone to project [ourselves] and take fantasy characters so seriously this way”.

      I am here to tell you we’ve all done that. In fact, we all know exactly what is going on. You see, it just so happens that the majority of us live extremely shitty lives! Because a lot of us know from when were very young that people will hate us our whole lives because of who we are. Some of us were born into conservative households/communities and have had to endure silent suffering and so much loneliness because society thinks we are sick perverts, sinners, victims of psychological damage or just liars seeking attention. A lot of us were faced with real discrimination and violence from a very young age. It’s not just having to listen to your grandparents and aunts and PARENTS rant about how LGBT+ people should not exist, how WE don’t deserve to have the rights everyone “normal” has; that we deserve to be punished, put in jail, killed and raped because we somehow “go against” nature.

      So picture this 10 year old finally figuring out that they’re not like the rest of their friends. That they are not attracted to the opposite gender, and no one else is. Picture this little kid having to endure entire lectures at school about how gay people don’t deserve to get married and they should all just die. This kid has no one in their life they can trust; no one that will not harm them in some way if they reveal themselves. No support from their families, their friends or the people in charge of protecting them. What do they do besides cry themselves to sleep and not think about just ending their lives?

      They look to fiction. They look for themselves in magical worlds and universes, so different from reality that there’s people like them that can be happy. They read fanfic of two characters who would never be together in reality, and through those stories some people even find friends that are like them!

      But some don’t! Some are too shy, too afraid and too guilty to even leave a comment on someone’s feed or try to send a message an open up to strangers on the internet. Some of us stay alone and all we have is that one story, that one fictional character that gives us strenght to pussh through and continue to live. That story gives us hope. Its makes us want to me it true. It makes us happy, if even for a small amount of time. And, trust me, we Know its NOT REAL! We know it’s JUST a TV show, but we still like to see ourselves be happy even if it’s in a fake world. It makes having to endure the real world a little bit less depressing.

      I wrote this for you. So you would know that you are right in thinking there’s something wrong with us. There is. There are so many things wrong with us we have to cope somehow. And there are so many things wrong we are starting to get angry. We are starting to call bullshit on people who make us believe we just deserve to die. No. We deserve better.

      And you can write all you want. Make as many comments on this article as possible. You are not changing anything. You aren’t even discouraging us or somehow fighting the movement. We are taking action and you can’t stop that, and I feel pity that you think your opinion is in any way relevant :) So I’m telling you you’re right in that part. To make you feel better. Now sit down and stop pretending you know what this is about.

  29. Riley says:

    I love good old fashioned un-genuine apologies. The only thing Jason is sorry for is that the character he thought nobody GAF about overshadowed his big “reveal”. This is at least two weeks late at best and reeks of an attempt to quell things for the con this weekend. He baited those fans into thinking Lexa was alive & then had the lesbian punished for her sexuality in a world where that doesn’t matter. It him 3 weeks to understand something Javi (who wrote 13) seemingly understood 3 days after that maybe just maybe her death should have been handled differently. The writing went to shit this season and even with this the firestorm is far from over in my opinion.

  30. intd2001gdn says:

    This is so funny, the only reason we got an apology was to ensure that the show does not lose viewers. Lexa was a great character, with a lot of story left to tell. Even if they had to get rid of her due to the actress having other priorities, they should have been more considerate. How can the cast, producers, and writers promote their show as a positive LGBT representation, and not take the time to ensure that no fans were hurt. I have not watched the show since that episode, and will not watch it again due to the lack of respect this show has had for their fan base.

    • Bootsnboards says:

      You’re telling me that making her the center of several plot points and making her death an enormously emotional, meaningful, dramatic occurrence which ultimately pushes several key plot points forward wasn’t a case of showing ENORMOUS deference and respect to an LGBT character?

      People like you just can’t be pleased. THere is NOTHING they could have done to ensure that “no fans would be hurt”. Why? BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE ARE DETERMINED TO BE HURT NO MATTER WHAT!!!

      What people like you SHOULD be doing is taking a good hard look at why you over project yourself onto characters in a GD television show and let it affect you so deeply in the first place.

      Stop seeing people, whether in real life or in television shows, primarily as their SEXUALITY first. Human BEINGS are dying in dramatic ways all the time. What, you think it would have been better to have had Lexa just fade away and have her character essentially die with a whimper? Isn’t it far better that her death had real IMPACT? Are you more concerned about your little pet First World Issues, or are you interested in a bigger picture and context of good story writing?

      It actually really concerns me that people like you would take no issue with every other dramatic death in a show like this, but then single out Lexa’s simply due to her sexuality. That is just bizarre and sick, tbh.

      • [People like you] should be reading up on male white privilege.

      • annenoet says:

        Sexuality is important to LGBT people, yeah – because it influences our DAILY LIVES EVERYDAY. I always have in the back of my mind the idea that I should be careful where to go on vacation with my partner, wether or not we can hold hands, wether I can be open about it at work, or if it will cost me my job and when I was a teen – if it would cost me my family and even school friends. Once all those things are no longer an issue, than maybe sexuality will not be an issue. Out of all the LGBT characters on tv 85% of them DIE. DIE VIOLENTLY. Maybe when I don’t have to worry about my girlfriend, who lives in South America ACTUALLY DYING, then maybe we can talk. What people like YOU should do is get off your high horse and assume that because your experience in the world is catered to you doesn’t mean others is.
        Media representation is important, because it can change people’s hearts. And showing a world where we are always dying isn’t going to do that.

      • Melissa says:

        You are Jason on Day 1. Go ahead and educate yourself, we’ll give you 4 weeks. Also, we forgive you. Can’t be too mad at ignorance.

  31. I began watching The 100 on Netflix over the summer of last year. I’m not your typical viewer, demographically speaking. I’m a Midwestern, middle-aged, married mother of two who found herself captivated by the show’s premise (post-apocalypse/sci-fi drama) and the beautiful slow-burning love affair of Clarke and Lexa. Of all of the tragedies that have come to fruition, from the sadistic queerbaiting by the staff and writers, to the ridiculously obvious misogyny surrounding the storyline of Lexa’s death, the saddest takeaway from all of this is a quote from Elizabeth Bridges of “The Uncanny Valley,” who said,“I can’t believe how completely they ruined this show in one scene.” My sentiments exactly.

    • annenoet says:

      Valerie, don’t listen to these people. You are someone with rare insight at the moment. Many of your demographic are as ignorant as the vitriolic examples shown below, so I just wanted to thank and commend you.

    • Coco Lopez says:

      Was watching the show your “secret pleasure”? (That and of course 50 Shades of Grey like every other idiot housewife in America.)

      You were watching a post-apocalyptic sci-fi action/adventure show for the PG-rated gay sex scenes? Geez! Talk about repressed!!!

      You know, they have porno on the internet now…

    • Bootsnboards says:

      Huh? The “obvious misogyny surrounding the storyline of Lexa’s death’? Wtf are you talking about? If it is so obvious, then please, why don’t you elaborate for us who don’t see it?

      Is there a man in the picture trying to control Lexa? Certainly. It is pretty normal for a show to portray a “gray area” character who sometimes ends up villanous, sometimes not so much. Is it the fact that the “villain” in the context of the death of Lexa happens to behave in a villainous way that you are taking issue with?

      I know.. in the post-apocalyptic world of The 100, where a woman is shown as rising to enormous power over all over an entire section of manking, attributed with being the first human being to unite 13 different clans that were heretofore at odds with each other… And all the heroic backstory that can be presumed there, the thing to focus on is this single reality. Everyone gets treated brutally, lovers end up finding their deaths, (Jasper and his Mountain Girl… the entire rest of the kids killed by the mountain men for their bone marrow, Clarke’s dad, Finn, Bellamy’s GF, the list goes on…) EXCEPT a lesbian woman portrayed in a relationship with a main character. Nope, that is OFF LIMITS and she must be treated with kid’s gloves!

      Do you even recognize how unreasonable and weird your attitude about this sounds?

  32. Audrey says:

    This is not a true and sincere apology. Especially just 3 days ago he said he wouldnt change a thing about Lexa’s death. Are we supposed to believe that he has miraculously seen the light. Wondercon is coming up and this is just a pr move to tidy up his image. I dont want a fake apology. He invited people to watch the filming of the finale, where ADC was present and made people believe she was still on the show. Giving us hope only to rip it away. I was hurt by this and others were too. He needs to sincerely apologize for this. If he doesnt, I’d rather he keep his mouth shut.

  33. bobsutan says:

    What. A. Wimp. I can’t believe anyone would give these crybullies the time of day, let alone take them seriously and apologize to them.

  34. Edward says:

    Catering to the zealots is never a good idea, obviously.

  35. John smith says:

    What a joke. People these days are pathetic my god…

  36. @susanwhen says:

    Okay, but that ~apology~ reads like he just cut/pasted major points from various think pieces/articles/blog posts. The LGBTQ+ community are the people spearheading this movement and we’ve read all the articles and posts; hell, we WROTE most of those posts. Why is he STILL insulting our intelligence? There is nothing insightful nor thoughtful in his letter. He’s just writing a summary of what he read and thinks we want to hear. Regurgitation is not repentance. That was not a sincere apology. Apologies are not riddled with excuses. He chose to perpetuate a harmful trope despite knowing about it; despite people raising their concerns to him. That was an inadequate response. That was damage control. Genuine remorse doesn’t have a 3-week waiting period.

    I realize this was an attempt at reconciliation, albeit a poorly constructed one that is flimsy at best and offensive otherwise especially for someone who purports to be a “professional writer” for television, but it has only enraged me (and the fandom as well) further. He just demonstrated that he has learned absolutely nothing about the “uproar”. He still doesn’t understand after all this time. I am disgusted.

    • Bootsnboards says:

      You, my dear, are determining to be pissed/hurt no matter what is done with this. Honestly, he shouldn’t have said anything to you in the first place. Your manner of viewing the world in terms of everyone’s sexuality is bizarre and sick.

      I probably have more actual, real, legitimate respect and empathy for the LGBT community than you do, so don’t I’m just a hater. Clearly, that is all you are… You single out probably the BEST example of positive portrayal of an LGBT woman in a current TV show and then take issue with the fact that her death was meaningful, dramatic, emotional, and served to push several major plot points foward? How can you honestly complain about this?

      I’ll call it like i see it… you over projected onto a character, fell in love with her, and now are going all Misery Chastain about it. How about you slow down a little bit and give that some consideration?

      • annenoet says:

        If you have so much empathyfor the LGBT community, then why don’t you just sod off? Your comments are all over this article, going hard against every individual here – you clearly do not have our best interests at heart. We don’t need you to tell us how to feel, and we don’t need you to analyze our feelings for us. We don’t need empathy from condescending people like you, who will not try to listen, but only want to give their opinion. Kindly take a hike, because your empathy isn’t doing anyone much good.

    • Murphy says:

      I’m not sure I understand fully what you’re saying here. What exactly would you have had him say other than this. What would he need to do to show actual repentance. He obviously thought his writing was fantastic when the episode came out, and was stupidly shocked by the backlash. It does appear as though he’s become remorseful about the situation over time, as he’s read all of the responses, which is what so many people wanted from him. I just don’t see how you can say that he doesn’t understand after all this time, when everything he wrote was what everyone was waiting to hear.

      • @sw says:

        Read his interview from a couple of days ago. Then compare it to his open letter. Then factor in that WonderCon is on Sunday. Take in the disparity between the two. He is very proud of his “plot twist” (not to mention that he used a beloved minority character as a literal plot device, which is abhorrently dehumanizing). Hopefully you’ll see how this apology was obviously mandated by CW PR or even written by the PR team themselves. It’s damage control. They know how embarrassing the Q&A portion at the panel will be if they don’t try to quell the rage.

        What would have shown that he was sincere and that he was remorseful was if, instead of exclusively retweeting several interviews/reviews that praised him and excused his use of the Bury Your Gays trope immediately after the episode and for weeks after, he actually acknowledged the harm he’d done even if he didn’t understand; if he’d apologized for the pain he caused. He shouldn’t have brushed it off. ‘If someone tells you that you’ve hurt them, you don’t get to decide that you didn’t’, to paraphrase Louis CK. He shouldn’t have called the [mostly young queer] fans bullies. He waited 3 weeks largely ignoring the movement. He had a chance to recognize and affirm that yes, LGBT fans deserve better. He could have retweeted the fundraiser for the Trevor Project.

        I’ve been following and participating in this movement since day 1, and I’ve seen the evidence of his despicable efforts to lure in fans consisting of members of a vulnerable and already psychologically traumatized community. So, this? This apology? Inadequate. Too little, too late.

        Learn more at wedeservedbetter.com and lgbtfansdeservebetter.com if you’d like.

  37. CC says:

    Where is the sincere apology? He still doesn’t get it and doesn’t own up to what he did. It’s sad really doing this before wondercon and before the new episodes start back again. Really bad PR move because we see right through it! Copy and paste fake apology. Shame on them and on him. Go to lgbtfansdeservebetter and wedeservedbetter website to see the receipts on them and him on how they USED the community to get a season 4. He really needs to step down as showrunner and learn from the mess he created.

    • Shea says:

      So would you rather him get down on his knees and lick your feet? Would that level of suck up kiss-assery prove to you that he is sincere in his apology? Does he need to send every Clexa fan a personal hand-written letter? He made an apology that touched on every point that the LGBT community has made since Lexa’s death, and yet you still don’t believe him.
      At this point, the LGBT fans seem petty and childish.

  38. Jethro says:

    Absolutely ridiculous. Hollywood has become a parody of itself.

  39. jmenon270 says:

    Sometimes it takes people a while to understand why they have hurt someone. Has anyone here every experienced that? That you’ve made such a bad mistake that you have hurt someone seriously, and it has taken you at least 17 days to understand why, come to terms with it, and then try to mend the situation as best you can, even though you know it is unmendable? Now imagine if you had hurt tens of thousands seriously. Don’t you think 17 days would be a short period of time to sort out it all your confusion and do something?

    I understand how bad what he did is, I understand how painful and upsetting this whole thing has been to tens of thousands of people, and I understand why there is so much anger. I understand and I don’t fault that. What I do believe is that people need to be forgiven, and people will be able to find it in their hearts to do that. Eventually.

  40. Violet says:

    You people seriously need to get a life. The original story ends with Clarke and Bellamy..all the director did was throw in some more love interests to keep tensions high for the end game. And people tripping about Lexa dying. That was inevitable. Did you guys forget Finn??? He died. Lexa had a better reason to die. 1) she betrayed Clarke and the sky people=traitors should be hung, and 2)she has another awesome show that shes starring in. good for her. She had to ditch one of the shows. Get over it.

    They didn’t kill Lexa cuz she was gay. There are a number of gay characters still in the show. They killed lexa cuz the actress had better things to do. The writers probably thought they were brilliant in the killing execution(which i’ll admit..it pretty much sucked), but other than bad writing..there is really no outrage. It’s not the first time i’m getting really annoyed and rolling my eyes at character actions or stupidity or horrible writing in this show. It’s happened a number of times before, it will happen again.
    Move on. Just because she was gay did not mean she deserved the right to not die. You people are now officially asking for special treatment. You’re not special. If you want happy endings, this is not your show. From day 1, this show has been about main characters dying.

    • J says:

      First of all, Clarke and Bellamy were never together in the books, and the show runners and cast have repeated time and time again that they are a friendship. Sure, they may hook up or date briefly in the imminent future, but I seriously doubt they’re endgame. Second of all, her being a lesbian and dying is only a small part of the reason people are upset. They killed off one of the most badass characters in the show, the COMMANDER, in the most pointless way possible. A stray bullet that wasn’t meant for her? Really? Her death was pointless. Not to mention, she died less than 5 minutes after the Clexa sex scene. The show runners let the fans be happy for 5 minutes before they crush them. That’s straight up sadistic. Also, the fans were worried and expected Lexa’s death, but Jason gave them hope that she wouldn’t die, by reassuring us constantly. He even let people watch the filming of the finale, where ADC was present, to make sure people knew she was still on the show. He gave us hope, just to rip it away. That is not okay, and we will not stand for it anymore.

  41. hairy man says:


  42. analeyda says:

    Just before WonderCon? Copy-pasted from every article written about this? It doesn’t take a genius to see this is not a genuine “apology”, just the PR team finally waking up. Way too little – way too late.

  43. SA says:

    Sorry, not buying it. He’s been hiding behind ADC for three weeks, she even had to be the first to speak publicly about it. Just two days ago he did an “interview” that contradicts everything he just said, denied queerbaiting and proceeded to continue to queer bait throughout the “interview”. This is just some kind of copy paste job, conveniently placed 3 days before Wondercon. That plus the disgusting information we now have on Shawna Benson going into one of our safe places to manipulate and control the conversation. No, just no. An apology is not enough.

  44. Mike Salt says:

    Could someone explain to me what exactly is he apologizing for here (IF he even apologize). He definitely did NOT apologize for the massive QUEERBAITING, which I believe enraged the fans the most. It seems to me like he’s just trying to save face for the upcoming Wondercon. Seriously, he’s expecting people to accept this? After days of media silence? He thinks people will accept his “apology”, after he hid behind Alycia (the actress that played Lexa) who had to deal with the backslash questions and apologize for the show that SHE ISN’T A PART OF ANYMORE? After he let his writers, who had to be approved by him do (little) damage control? Unbelieavable, unprofessional, and unacceptable.

  45. Jaiden Everett says:

    Maybe people should stop being offended by every little thing, especially on television. Go out and improve the lives of LGBT people in real life. You’re wasting your time and your passion here.

    • Mike Salt says:

      Our “wasted” time and passion had raised more that $65,000 for the LGBT youth charity called the Trevor Project, which WILL improve the lives of LGBT people in real life. Check your facts before you embarrassed yourself publicly. You can donate online

    • Ana L. says:

      How about the fact that this movement, born from the death of this character that meant so much for REAL LGBT people, has raised $65.000 in the past weeks for the Trevor Project, a charity to help LGBTQ youth? Obviously you shouldn’t talk about what you don’t know. Oh and go and donate: https://www.classy.org/fundraise?fcid=625415

  46. Pete says:

    This is just blatant PR control. Just two days ago he released an interview that dug his grave deeper and now they are desperate to fix it before Wondercon.

  47. Mach says:

    Oh, it’s only controversial because a LESBIAN died, and Hollywood does not want homosexuals and lesbians to die on TV. Got it.

  48. Jy says:

    Just go on tumblr & you could see the fandom raging again. honestly on behalf of the fandom, we just want Jroth to keep really quiet & stop talking. that would be a really nice change. the damage he has done is just irreparable.

    • Shea says:

      That’s absolute bull, because if he didn’t say anything, the fandom would be in an even bigger uproar. At least he made a pretty decent attempt at an apology, but by this point, it just seems like Clexa fans are mad to be mad. The argument is getting lost in all of the vitriol.

  49. Oh, you know it's true! says:

    You people are hopeless.

    “Waaah! We don’t accept his apology! We demand special treatment!”.

    • Actually, with this statement you hit the nail on the head. Many of us have lost hope because of how we are being misrepresented on TV over and over again. But with the little hope left and immense determination we try to force change. And before that change can happen, we need people to gain understanding.

  50. Jacques Strappe says:

    I still don’t fully grasp the outrage here. Likeable characters being killed on The 100 is how the show operates from day one which is kinda what sets it apart from other shows. Why would or should one character be spared from death because of their character’s sexuality? Now the outrage will no doubt result in the creation of another lesbian character whether ntended or not by the writers/show runner which will just scream token. Show runners everywhere will be afraid to even cast LGBT characters and if they do they will now all have to be saints. Uggghhhh.

    • Mel says:

      Well, the fact that they hyped up their relationship a lot, praised their show for being oh so ‘progressive’ when the lesbian gets killed by a stray bullet and the latina lives in constant torture (not counting the otger racist shit they’ve pulled), the fact that he invited fans to where they were filming the finale and lexa was there ?? to assure the people that were watching for her, that she would be in the finale…. Who does that lmao

      • Shea says:

        It’s still progressive even though Lexa died. Clarke is openly bi and canonically bi (which Clexa fans just love to look over), Murphy and his boyfriend are in an openly gay interracial relationship, the former leader of the entire Skaikru civilization is black, the Grounders are a wide mix of races.
        The show doesn’t just stop being progressive because a lesbian died.

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